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Nina's Wednesday Whispers Week 2

Hey my my beauties how are you all doing :) :) 
Its week 2 already i cant believe it :) 
This week i actually just got 2 emails 
One of those emails i was asked to keep one of the emails private so i can not publish that but i have been in contact with this person and given as much advice as possible to help them out :) 
The other email i got is quite a good question its very short, sweet and straight to the point :) So here it is from a teen female

As a teen i find it really difficult dealing with the emotional roller coaster! How did you cope with your teenage years? how you dealt with teen life and how you coped with the teen emotions :)

This is a very good question and probably every teen in the world wonders the same.  I was a very different person as a teen to what i am now believe me.  I was so so quiet, kept to myself, barely talked to anyone about my feelings and emotions and found it hard at times to deal with them.  I first felt the change of my feelings when i was 11.  Life seemed to a little more serious at that time.  I found i was been treated a little different as to been given more responsibilities like doing more chores, been talked to a little different learning a little more about womanhood noticing your body changing noticing your hormones changing IT ALL SEEMS TOO MUCH AT TIMES AND VERY HARD TO TAKE IN.  
Its only a little later in my teen years i learned how to cope with some of what i was going through so i will share with you a few tips in what i learned and should help you along the hardest days :) :) 
The first tip which is vital to growing up in your teens is 

  • ACCEPT YOUR ARE GROWING UP:  Lordy its hard to do that its hard to accept that we are growing up even now i find it hard and sometimes wish i was back in the teens but girl you gotta realise you are not a little kid who can push her prams around play with dollies and have literally everything handed to you.  You are big enough now to take care of your room etc and once you except that you will find it easier the older you get.  There is no point sitting wishing you were younger because ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN :) :) 
  • LEARN TO DEAL WITH STRESS:  Yes Teens do go through stress and Anxiousness (Adults who have teens out there REMEMBER THIS) Body growing, family issues, more arguments with family, trying to fit in with all the girls who are growing with you, school, boys etc its all so new and stressful but if you try to learn to deal with the stress you can handle it alot better.  EXERCISE is great to release stress it doesnt have to be hard core maybe a run, a walk etc can clear your mind.   PUT YOURSELF IN TIMEOUT:  Some mothers use this technique with younger kids why not use it on yourself when you feel somedays are so stressful that you end up screaming and fighting with everyone and you feel like you are going to explode thats when timeout can help do it before the explosion.  Go to your room explain to your family that you need a little time to yourself put your favourite music and relax.  FIND SOMEONE/SOME PEOPLE TO TALK TO:  Finding someone you trust to talk to can be hard and yes we automatically think talking to our friends all the time will help YES IT DOES HELP AS THEY ARE GOING THROUGH THE SAME THING BUT THEY TOO ARE LEARNING SO THEY DONT ALWAYS HAVE THE ANSWERS!!!! SEEK SOMEONE WHO IS MUCH OLDER AND WISER (your mum, aunt etc you may think they dont understand but believe me they do and you may argue with them but believe me if you confided in them more they will understand more of what you are going through BELIEVE ME NOTHING IS MORE FRUSTRATING THAN NOT KNOWING WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE PERSON YOU LOVE THE MOST IN THE WORLD SO MANY MUMS HAVE SAID THEY ONLY WISH THEIR CHILD WOULD TALK TO THEM MORE) because at the end of the day they have been through it and have learned and can give great advice as they say "A PROBLEM SHARED IS A PROBLEM HALVED 
  • TRYING YOUR BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH:  Lordy i remember been a teen i was always concentrating on making my family proud of me trying to work harder than i ever did just so i could get the grades they wanted me to get or becoming a doctor like my mum wanted me to be (for instance/ for an example) or my dad wanting me to be something else (for example) we get it in our heads that we should be who people want us to be and do what people want us to do just to make them proud GIRL YOUR PARENTS AND FAMILY ARE PROUD OF YOU NO MATTER WHAT OR HOW YOU DO BECAUSE THEY LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY always remember that make aims for you and no one else 
Well i hope this helps you along your way i could write forever about this subject but id probably bore you to death lol.  If you have any question in particular about this subject please please ask me as im always here 

Well i hope you enjoyed this weeks Wednesday Whispers 
I didnt get alot of emails this week but i am hoping the people who did write to me was happy with the advice i gave.  
Dont forget if you have any questions or advice your want from me 
email me 
I love to see them coming and will answer every last one :) 
 Until next Wednesday Whispers Remember 
A Problem shared is a problem halved :) 
All the Best 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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