Disclaimer :)

 All of the products I used, I bought them with my own money, unless otherwise stated .
 I earned no monetary compensation from any company nor did they influence my opinion. 
My reviews express my personal and sincere opinions ;-D

Even if i was ever given anything to review by any company i would 110% give my honest opinion be it good or bad.  As i in no way believe in false reviews or selling anything onto anybody.
I want everyone who follows me to trust my word 100% and never ever to think i would lie to them as i would not like it done to me.  
If anyone did ask me to review an item or items for free, i would be totally honest with you all in that review and would never feel just because i got it for free i automatically have to give it a good review i in now way work like that!!!!
Also if i was given anything to review for free i would be totally honest and STATE I GOT IT FOR FREE TO REVIEW 
I would of course be more than happy with anyone contacting me to review items of any kind if you wish to contact me my email address is


Thank you all for reading this 
i hope by reading this that if you had any doubts at all about me and my reviews that this answers all your questions.  If you do have any furthers questions please ask :) :) 

lots of love

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