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Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzer and Highlight Review :)

Well Hello Beauties :) 
I hope you are all well :) 
Todays review is on something that has been out on the market a year now and has been getting alot of hype :)  I have been wanting to try this for the longest time and finally got my hands on it when I was using up my points on my Boots Card :) :) I have always wanted to try the Bronzing powder in this version as I heard great things about it but when I seen this I thought it would be worth a try as I am getting 2 in 1 product for the same price 
Todays review is on the Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzer and Highlighting Powder :)  (I havent a clue how to pronounce the words thank goodness I write a blog and not doing a video review on it lol) 
As mentioned above I got this in Boots for €10.49 and at the moment Boots is doing an offer 3 for 2 on selected Bourjois products :) :)  

The packaging is absolutely brilliant :)  I love how this is so small and slim.  The lid is closed with a magnetic fastener that opens and closes easily yet is firm shut once closed :)  
To me it looks more like a book than a bronzer and highlighter :)  

Inside of course it looks like a book take a look :) 

Let me warn you chocoholics out there that once you open this you instantly get the cocoa scent of this amazing product :)  mmmmmmmmm it doesnt really help with the fact I have to stay well away from chocolate due to being an IBS Sufferer but hey what can I do lol 
On one side you are getting great instructions on how to use the product and on the other side you are getting what looks like a chocolate bar mmmmmm.  2 block of this "Bar" is the bronzer and the other 2 is the Highlighter :) :)  

The bronzer is a perfect bronzer for anyone with light to medium skintone.  I think if someone with very fair skin tried to use this it would look a little orange on them.  It has got a warm orangey undertone to it so it would only suit those who have neutral to yellow undertones :)  
Dont get me wrong its not hugely orange especially on me in fact its the perfect day time bronzer without looking over powering.  It creates a beautiful shadow around my face :)  The bronzer is also matte which is great I love matte bronzers and prefer them over shimmery ones :) 
You can also build this up to whatever intensity you desire.  You can use it lightly for a light tanned finish or build it up for a more daytime contoured look :) :)  The pigmentation of the bronzer is incredible a little goes a long way and the powder is so soft and creamy blending is effortless :) :)  

The highlight is some what different.  It is a gone off white highlight with golden shimmer.  The golden shimmer is not chunky with means you get a glow on those cheek bones more than looking like a disco ball.  The highlight is not as pigmented as the bronzer but I think that is a good thing more than bad :)  It means you have complete control of the amount of highlight you apply to where ever you want :)  The highlight is also very creamy and soft and effortless to apply :) Below is a light swatch of both :) :) 

I have to admit I did have higher expectations of this.  The bronzer is a little on the orange side for anyone who is fair skinned and the highlight is stunning but you do have to pack it on to be noticable :)  The scent of them is beautiful and the packaging is so so handy to carry around in your bag :)  
Over all I think its a great deal for two products in one and if you have fair to medium skintone you will love this :) :) 
Here is a close up picture of both products lightly on my face :) and a light sweep of blush inbetween Sorry about the flash as I had to use it to show the highlight :) 

I hope you enjoyed this review :) 
Have you tried this yet?
Whats you thoughts on it :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 24 May 2015

New Favourite Brush Alert - Blank Canvas Cosmetics E36 Large Concealer/Eyeshadow Brush

Hello my Gorgeous readers I hope you are all well :) 
Tell me some news What has life been like for you lately :) 
Well mine has been cray cray with raising 5 kiddies.  Been 6 months pregnant and of course been a blogger I wouldnt have it any other way :) 
Today's review is on a new brush I have not yet reviewed :)  It is not new to the site but to be honest its only in the past month I have actually started using this and I am blown away with it :) 
This brush is absolutely outstanding and makes life so much easier for me when doing my makeup!!!!  I noticed just how much I loved it the week I went on holidays especially.  My holiday was not a relaxing one and to be honest even tough I enjoyed every moment of it but my kiddies did not allow me much time to do my makeup while been there (which I didnt mind of course) but they just wanted out of the house and out all day :)  I had my needs and needed to get my makeup on in literally 5 minutes :)  
Along with the help of my other favourite brushes this brush in particular made applying my makeup in 5 minutes happen :) Especially when applying my eye makeup I really only needed this brush 

The new brush in question is the:

This brush has to be one of the best brushes that Blank Canvas Cosmetics has made without a doubt :)  I have 3 of these babies and I use each and every one of them a different way.  Its a perfect multi-tasking brush :)  Because of its synthetic fibres you can use this with both cream and powder products :)  

I absolutely adore the shape of this brush.  Its an oval shape yet turn it to the side and it looks thinner.  There is so many bristles in there I dont know how they managed to fit them all in this small brush :)  The brush is so so soft I love it 

I use this first of all for packing on shadows as its absolutely brilliant for picking up the right amount of eyeshadow to pack all over the lid.  I also love using this to pack on pigments and glitters as the bristles cling onto the loose pigments perfectly and creates less fall out :)  

This brush is also perfect for applying colour into the crease because of the shape.  I simply apply to the crease and then turn over and blend as simply as that :) 

I also use this for applying and blending out concealer :)  I love how well this brush blends out the concealer without soaking up any of the product :)  Its also small enough to fit under the eyes and even in the inner corner of my eyes :) 

Lastly I use this brush for both contouring and highlighting :) 
Contouring down the sides of my nose as its the perfect fit, contouring the crease of the eye area and even contouring the cheek bones with cream products :) 

Highlighting with this is like a dream.  Down the bridge of the nose, cheek bones, under the brow and cupids bow its just the perfect size :) 

You can now see why I adore this brush so much and what I love even more is that it only costs as little as €6.99 for each brush :)  I highly highly recommend this brush to you all its just such a handy brush to have that can be used for literally anything :)  
Washing and drying this brush is a dream also :)  It washes so quickly without shedding and is dried within an hour :) 
Love it so much :) 
Well I hope you enjoyed with review :) 
Have you tried this brush yet if you did why didnt you tell me how amazing it is (only kidding lol)  
 If you are thinking of purchasing from Blank Canvas dont forget to Enter "NINA" at the end for a little discount for all my lovely readers
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

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M.N Generation II Longlasting Lipgloss - A Lipliner, Lipgloss, Lipstick & Lip Stain all in 1

Hello Beauties I hope you are all well :) 
Todays review is on a great lipgloss that acts like a Lipliner, Lipgloss, Lipstick and Lipstain all in 1 and only cost $1 each :) 
I got them from ebay and normally I wouldnt be too quick to buy makeup from ebay especially when I do not know what is going to be in them or where they are coming from.  I firt heard about them from the wonderful and gorgeous Dyna and I knew if she loved them they have to be good :)  She has went to the extent of buy all shades available and making about 3 videos of lip swatches and her review on them :)  I knew I had to try them then :)  As I trust her 100% :)  
Obviously I didnt buy all the shades but thanks to Dynas Videos I was able to choose 5 perfect shades for myself to try out :) 

There are around 36 shades of these lip glosses to choose from and I guarantee you will find it hard to choose only a selection of these :)  Make sure to check out Dynas Videos for full swatches and lip swatches to make sure that the shades will suit you :)  As Dyna stated on her videos there is alot of shades similar to each other :) 
Dyna is also great enough to list the sellers on ebay she bought them from so I choose one of them to order mine :)  This is the link to the ebay seller I got mine from :) and can i add shipping is free :)  I just want to mention that you will be waiting about a month before you package arrives so dont worry if you do not receive them before that amount of time :) 

So lets begin with the packaging :) 

The packaging looks more like a scientific tube used for sampling doesnt it?  
Well to me it does haha.  The tube of lipgloss is a very simple plastic tube with a black twistable lid.  The want is attached to the lid and has a nice long wand which at the end has a nice sized doe foot applicator 

Also on the lid is a sticker stating what number each lip product is.  Yes I am afraid these glosses are not named they are numbered :)  But we can not complain about that too much especially because of the price we are paying for them :) 

Let me show you the shades :) 

Starting with the very first one
Number 18 

This shade is a perfect nude shade a warm neutral light peachy brown which is perfect even for the palest of skin.  On anyone who has very pale skin this will look more like a brown.  On fair to medium this will look like a MLBB lip and on anyone who has darker skintone it will look more like a concealer type lip product but will still flatter your lips with a little gloss on top the perfect nude lip for darker skin tones :) 

Next Shade is # 10 

This is a stunning shade and compliments my lips so much.  It does have a frosty finish which I know alot of people might not like but its not OTT Frosty :)  Its a stunning bronze gold shade :)  I love it and love the effect.  This will compliment every skin tone which is brilliant :)  This can be worn everyday or even on a night out :)  

Next shade is # 02 

This is another MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade and can be worn everyday or with a dark smoky This is a stunning warm rosey pink shade and is build-able :)  you can apply it as light as you want or as heavy as you want and it looks amazing on the lips :)  This shade is also perfect for every skintone.  

This next shade will look very simular to # 02 but you will see a little difference :) 

This shade as you can see is not a whole lot different #02.  Its more deeper is shade a deep golden rose shade with a slight orange finish .  The more you build on it the more deeper it gets.  It is also a little glossier than #02 which I love :)  This shade will also suit everyone :) 

Lastly we have one my favourite :) 

How beautiful is this shade :)  Its a very deep plum shade with a reddish undertone :)  Its going to suit the lightest skintone to the darkest honestly.  You can go as light as you can with a simply wash of colour or you can go as deep as you want :) 
Amazing :)  The one thing I will tell you is once you apply this shade and see it wear off you are going to be left with very pinky reddish lips even taking this off with an oil based makeup remover will not get rid of the stain.  So if you plan on wearing this make sure you are ready not to change you mind as it does instantly stain :) 

To be honest these lip glosses did surprise me.  I wasnt expecting them to be so creamy and easy to apply.  You do have to take care when applying the darker shades but once you apply you also have time to fix up before they dry completely.  What I love too is that they are buildable without getting lumpy and patch like some lip lacquers :)  I love that they do not feel over drying too :)  They do feel a little drying dont get me wrong but not that uncomfortable dryness you feel from some lip products.  I love that these are so highly pigmented too that it takes very little to apply.  They last all day long but I have found that if you eat anything with oils in it your lips will start to look patchy so be sure to bring the lip product along with you if you are away all day.  Once they dry they set.  They will not transfer whatsoever :)  I also recommend brings a wee lip balm along with you for a little dab of moisture especially if you suffer with dry lips :)  

Here are all the shades together :) 

Overall for the price these are 100% worth trying out they do exactly what they state to do They do not budge unless you eat something oily.  They feel fabulous on the lips and look amazing :) :) 
For $1 they surely bright and dazzle your lips :) 
I hope you enjoyed my review :) 
Have you tried these yet?
Whats you thoughts on them 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Places to Go in Ireland: Trabolgan Co Cork


Hello Everyone :) 
I hope you are all well :) 
This year myself and my partner decided to take our children on their first holiday :)  Not only that but it would be our first holiday together too and we needed to do it before baby #6 comes in September as we knew it would be a while before we will be able to go anywhere again :) 
So we decided browse the net and do some research until my beautiful sister told me she too was taking her kiddies on holidays before her number #3 baby arrived (see you would know we were sisters ;) 
So she told me she was thinking of Trabolgan :) in Co Cork :) 
I took a browse and liked the sound of it :) 
I decided to book it for May as it was one of the more affordable deals going :) 
We also decided to book a house to stay in there as they have a wide selection of houses to fit whatever sized families for all different prices :)  Not only was that convenient but it also worked out more affordable than staying in a hotel for 7 people :)  
First of all let me tell you What Trabalgan is all about :) 

Trabolgan is based within an idyllic and tranquil setting beside the beach in East Cork, Trabolgan Holiday Village promises memorable yet stress free holiday breaks which are great value for money.  The 140 acre holiday park venue has something for everyone -  a safe and friendly environment for toddlers, a host of indoor and outdoor activities for energetic kids and teens, and great entertainment for Mums, Dads and the grandparents with lots of opportunities to relax.   

Now we all know as mums and dads that bringing even one child on holiday to a place we dont even know ourselves can be stressful as kiddies are hard to keep an eye on and you want to be around an environment in which we feel is safe and be around other parents who feel the same way :)  Well we have 5 children plus have another on the way so this seemed to be the answer to our prays :) 

Trabolgan offers 172 Self Catering houses , Self-catering Apartments, a  Touring Caravan Park with 35 sites, welcoming over 100,000 overnight guests each year.  Of course because I was booking for 7 people I chose "Forest Oak" which sleeps 7/8 people :)  This for the week which is 7 days cost €602 but of course Trabolgan offered an amazing discount on our stay leading us to only paying €452 altogether :)  We were not only getting the self catering house for that price but also lots of activities along with that price such as :
  • Live performances from toddlers favourite TV characters- Fireman Sam, Barney the Dinosaur, Bob the Builder & Angelina Ballerina; 
  • A Fantastic Indoor Water Centre that contains a Sub Tropical Wave Pool with a Super Waterslide, wave machine and toddlers pool; 
  • 18 hole par 3 Golf Course- set within the idyllic visual backdrop of the East Cork Coast; 
  • 9 Hole Fun Crazy Golf;
  • A Indoor Sports Complex with facilities to play Badminton, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball;
  • Access to the Fitness Suite, Steam Room and Sauna
  • Great FREE adventure activities for toddlers include a variety of kids adventure clubs, indoor and outdoor playgrounds with slides, tunnels, ball ponds, rope bridges, swings, slides and climbing frames 
  • A variety of wonderful live entertainment including Karaoke, live Music Acts and family friendly shows staged by the TeamStars

After a 5 hour drive to Cork with some very excited kiddies we were exhausted but also very excited :)  Apon arrival we could not wait to get to our holiday home to unpack and get settled :)  As we arrived we were nicely welcomed and directed to where we needed to go to get checked in :)  Altogether it took only 15 minutes to be told about the place, be given our keys and directed to where our house was :)
We finally reached to our house in which was nicely heated the moment we opened the door.  The kiddies ran upstairs to see what room was theirs and what bed they wanted :)  As myself and my partner browsed around to see the rest of the house :)  The house was perfect with clean beds clean floors and clean kitchen utenstils :)  it was super cosy and super warm :)  That was one thing I really wanted as it was our first time been away from our own beds and home :) 

We got unpacked very quickly and went straight away for a walk to see what the place was like :) Of course the kiddies smelled food straight away which was a fast food place something like Super Macs and that was it they needed some food :) 

Here is some pictures of our first few hours :) 

Of course we didnt spend too long on the first day walking and took a trip into the nearest town which was about 15 minutes away to do our normal weekly shop :)  Saving money by cooking and using the house like our own ment more money for fun right?  :)  Eating out alot can cost alot especially for 7 people so it made sense to take advantage of the self catering house :)  In the town next to Trabolgan there is an Aldi, Super Valu and Tescos :) 

We did our shop and got back to Trabolgan and headed down to the Cove where all the entrainment is for the family :) We spent alot of time in the Cove as there was lots of shows and entertainment for the family and especially for the kiddies from morning to night :) 
Here is some photos of some of the activities we went to At the Cove throughout the week where the kiddies had so so so much fun and won some prizes and certificates along the way :)   I have to give a huge thumbs up and thank you to the TeamStars who work there full time entertaining :)  They work so so hard to keep the children happy and getting the children involved in so much dancing and activities while the parents can sit together to chat and watch :) :) 

Of course apart from the entertainment the kiddies got to meet some stars they knew :) 

Apart from the Cove where we spent lots of time in there was the outdoor and indoor activities to enjoys such a the playground, bowling, mini golf and of course the beautiful walk all over the place 

There is also a convinient store in there in which was very very handy especially for the small things like milk etc :)  There is an Irish pub there for the older ones to enjoy at night and also a family restaurant that serves good wholesome dinners plus chinese and indian food :) 
There is added activities in which you have to pay for such as go carting, rock climbing, arcades etc but when you do arrive you are given a coupon booklet which gives you money off everything.  The booklet even includes money off items in the shop and pub.  There is even a Costa Coffee there which is what made me very happy indeed :) 
There is another place I enjoyed and that was the Birds Of Prey section where you can experience holding an owl and get a perfessional photo taken :) 
Take a look at samples of what I mean 
Yes they are all real Owls :) :)  There is lots of other little animals to view there too :) 

Overall Trabolgan was amazing.  The staff were very friendly and very caring.  They called to us the first two days we were there to see if we needed anything and if everything was ok and then left us to our own needs for the rest of the week :)  The staff who work at all the places there were all brilliant and I am amazed at how patient they are towards the children :)  They speak to the children with such grace and kindness that the children fell in love with them all :)  
I was sorry to go to be honest and would have loved to have stayed another week as were the kiddies they enjoyed it so so much :)   I actually forgot to mention that Trabolgan offer babysitting services too for when and if parents want to go down to the entertainment on their own for a while or go for a meal.  I personally do not know what the service is like as i never used it but its just a piece of information for you all to know :) 

I will certainly go back to Trabolgan for future holidays as it was an amazing experience and I have also spoke to families who have been going there for many many years and will continue to :)  
If you want a fun filled action packed holiday for yourself and your family this is one place to go for sure :) 
I really hope you enjoyed my post and thank you so much to all the staff of Trabolgan for making our first family holiday a brilliant fun filled holiday to remember for the rest of our lives :) :) 

Let me know if you have been to Trabolgan and what your experiences where like :) 
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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