Sunday, 26 August 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stains

Hey My Beauties How are you all doing :) 
Oh My Goodness have i been excited to do this post for a while now :) 
I have been excited since i realised i was able to get 11 out of the 12 shade of the New Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stains :) 
Since these Balms were released around May of this year in America and In Ireland they were only released around July-August but to be honest i have not spotted them in any of my pharmacies or stores near me yet  Have you?
I have read quite a few blog post on these since they have been released and to my understanding in America for one of these the cost around $6-8 each but in Ireland they cost about 11 euro which is cheap but not cheap enough to buy the whole lot :) 
So how did i manage to get all 11 of 12 shades without it hurting my purse???? I can hear that question in my ears right now i can read your minds as you read this post.  Welllllllll
I actually done some serious hunting (well my blog is not called Nina's Bargain Beauty for nothing i tell ye :) ) 
I found this fantastic lady on ebay who sells them she sell all the latest beauty products that have just been released or are very hyped up in the beauty industry and I seen she was selling bulks of these products like 6 each for a certain price so i messaged her and asked her how much for all 11 and other items i always wanted to try.  I sat waiting in complete nerves afraid to see what the final price would be and too my amazement well actually i nearly fell off the chair she quoted me a price I JUST COULD NOT REFUSE
For 11 shades of Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stains & 10 Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows (in which a review will be up very soon) I paid .......................................... 80.83 euro ................................ALTOGETHER isnt that amazing :) It was so good i done another shop with her and got an unbelievable deal with that too but thats another story anyways today i am reviewing these little beauties :) Sorry about the long but im sure you all dont mind when at the end I will share the link to this amazing shop :) 
So first up is 
So im sure all of you know about these by now but these little joys are compared to the Clinque tubby stick which cost like an arm and a leg only these are way cheaper.  This makes me even more excited than i am already which is over over excited believe me :) :) I love and adore the packaging on these they are chunky cute neat and tidy and the lid is firm tight on these babies so no fear of having a capless lippy lying around in your dresser and handbag with these :)  Whats even better is that these stick dont need to be pared as they are twistable yeeeeee happy days :)  Lastly is the scent in which i like there is a light minty scent which subsides almost straight after application but at least its not unbearable :) :) 
Now for the swatches and pictures 
First Shade is 
Honey:  This shade is a perfect my lips but better shade in short MLBB :) The is a lovely rosy pink shade and goes on quite sheer.  My lips are pigmented as it is on their own so this is litterally like a nice glossy with a little shimmer 
Crush:  Oh wowzer just look at that swatch and thats just one swipe BTW :) This is a deep berry shade.  This shade is definately more pigmented and more staining.  I applied this first thing in the morning and gave my lips a good coating which didnt take much.  I found after eating lunch it did lighten up a little but was good enough for me to not top up as it was almost too pigmented for me for an everyday wear lippie.  I found my lips still stained at 5 oclock that even before i went for my bath.  This surely ticks the box for a long long lasting colour :) 
Cherish:  This is a little beauty I love this shade.  Its a beautiful pink with a slight rose undertone to it.  When i swatched it on my hand at first i thought this shade wouldnt be that noticeable but when i applied it to my lips i fell in love :)  This is a perfect first date lip balm/stain.  The glossiness from the balm and the shade put together will leave your lips looking irresistible.  With the man paying full attention to your luscious lips (sorry got a bit carried away with the romantic scene lol) 
LoveSick:  This is another very pigment lip stain.  Its a lovely fuchsia pink with blue undertones it sort of has these tiny shimmery bits in the product but when applied the effects look amazing thats what gives the bluey undertone.  I applied this really well on my lips and again like Crush, the stain lasted a good part of the day :) 
Sweetheart:  To me Sweetheart is a light version of Lovesick.  I did find a difference in the swatch but not really on the lips especially when i applied a good helping of it to my lips.  This one i actually prefer to the Lovesick as i can wear this on a daily basic without looking over done some days so thumbs up for that :) 
Smitten:  Another Berry pinky shade this is very very pigmented and will surely stain your lips :) :) This is a perfect lip stain for big day outting such as weddings etc especially if you are one who doesnt lip reapplying all day you surely will be sorted with this shade :) :)  One word of warning dont plan to change your lip colour while wearing this little gem as you will still no matter how much you try to take it off have this shade on you all say long :) 
Charm:  Now onto a lighter note :)  To be honest i thought shade would surely not be my liking as i was afraid this would be too pale for me and make me look washed out especially when i swatched it.  I was wrong yet again !! This is a light peachy shade on the lips it looks beautiful and good enough to use as an everyday shade.  It looks frosty on the swatch but no on the lips.  It looks more glossy than frosty.  When this settled into my lips and began to stain it left a very light orangey stain which actually looks fab !! 
Rendezvous:  Now this is the shade i was most excited to try out of all of them as i seen the fabulous review by the Sunday Girl and her lip swatch of this and thought i gotta have it.  This is a beautiful bright coral shade.  I know what you are thinking as i thought it at first too ORANGE!!! but believe me as The Sunday Girl mentions when this wears off a little it does look more corally pink on the lips which is fantastic :) This little beauty has hidden secrets a changing of colour and its amazing I Love It.  I am not saying i dont like the shade when its first applies as I love it also but love the way it changes also.  This is very pigmented but if you want to keep it the shade you first applied then you will surely need a top up about 3 hours later.  
Romantic:  This name surely suits the shade.  As it is a very romantic red shade.  Red to some people is very scary and i love that this shade in particular is buildable which mean you can have a tint of red or build it to the strength you want :)   I like that this is a warm red as i do find it hard to wear cool reds especially very pigmented ones.  This is a favourite of mine I Love it. 
Precious:  Another shade I assumed would be awful on me.  Now to be honest would you not think looking at this swatch that it would make you looked drained AGAIN i was wrong :) :)  This is a great nude lip balm/stain :) Its not a wishy washy nude on the lips and it has tiny shimmers in it so it looks a little more glossy :)  It also has a little pink undertone to it which help to not wash you out.  This is a perfect everyday wear balm :) 
Adore:  This shade is beautiful :) The brown-red tone has little tiny gold shimmers which works amazing together and gives your lips a beautiful shade especially in the sun :)  This is very pigmented and i noticed after applying and then reapplying a few hours lately this stain stayed put all day :) I Love it :) 
PHEW finally at the end of them lol I am going to show you some of them altogether so you can see the differences of them all especially the ones that have a familular description :) 
Oh my goodness i love them all I really do every shade i would most definately use as you can have them a sheer or as deep as you wish.  They stay on amazingily even the more sheer ones.  The most pigmented ones are brilliant for when you want to go away for the day or have an occasion and dont want to be topping up every hour :)  The balm i found lasts about 3 hours but even when the balm wears off my lips still feel every so moisturised and not one bit dry.  Word of warning when using the most pigmented one please ensure you exfoliate your lips as this colour will seep into the cracks of your lips and it can leave you lips looking a bit odd while it wears off.  Other than that i am so so happy to have these to my collection and will surely be keeping every one haha.  I even want to finish my collection and get the one shade I am missing :) 
I highly highly recommend these to everyone they are so worth your money and more in fact i think these are actually said to be better as in lasting power than the Clinique chubby sticks.  
Sending you kisses wearing "Cherish" 
I hope you enjoyed this review and hopefully helped you along the way :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck & Laughter 

UPDATE:   The woman I got these from no longer has her ebay store but she did tell me she would let me know when she is up and running again :) 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Alisha said...

Hi Nina, great review on the lip stains. I just bought all 4 colours in the ELF range and super excited to try them out. The only difference is that I will have to put a gloss over them, but at $2 each I thought it was worth a try. The smitten and romantic look super on your lips. Will have to take a walk down to Ulta when I get my next paycheck!!


Anonymous said...

Wow that's a lot of Just Bittens, all look fab! I have Honey and Lovesick and think they're fab!

dela belle k said...

This was a great review. I have 3 of them so far.

shelley83 said...

Really Nina?? Must u find these sellers to taunt us with????? I'm crying now at the thought of the amount of cash I'm probably(...most definitely) going to spend...BUT then I Thank You for saving me a small fortune :))

FatNfab said...

Oh my! I didnt think those where as pretty as they seem! Defiantly on my "need" list now

Nina said...

Alisha Thanks so much for your comment hunny I love these because they dont dry out my lips whereas most lip stains always end up making your lips feel like your in the Sahara desert and that one thing i hate :) :) let me know how you get on with the e.l.f lip stains as i have not tried them
I agree there is alot but with the deal i got i couldnt pass it lol
dela belle k Thanks so much for your comment which 3 have you got :)
shelley83 Gurlllll you know you wanna try these out maybe not all of them like me but there is bound to be a couple of shades that are calling out to you. Its all for the love of you guys i do this lol its not for me at all ;)
FatNfab I didnt think some of them were going to be as pretty as they are either but its true what they say never judge a book by its cover and these lip stains prove that :) :)

Nina said...

makeupmonster I agree hunny there is alot but sure with a deal like that how could you pass ;)

Irene said...

the colours are so pretty, I really want to try Rendezvous - i love coral colours

MsDarkFairy88 said...

wow hun I love all them colours!! what a bargain :D

Melissa DeSan said...

Great review! I'm loving the lip swatches :) First read it on then in your blog so now I've been hunting for the Revlon Colorstay lip stain for week now haha :D One question tho, what is the perfect shade for a "white beige" woman like me Thanks!

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