Friday, 30 November 2012

Pixy Bath Bombs Gift Set

Well Hello there my fantastic readers how are you all doing?  Boy oh boy its FREEEEEZING here in Ireland at the moment.  I suffer so bad with poor circulation on my hands and if i got for a walk like today with the thickest gloves on i still come home with white fingers.  So white they look dead thats the truth and each one of my fingers were pure white today so that gives you an idea just how cold it was.  Anyways Im blabbing again :) 
I just realised I havent done a review on Irish made products in a while tut tut Nina but I am making up for it today by reviewing these fantastic Bath bombs from a Company Called Pixy.  I first heard of Pixy on an Irish Morning show Ireland AM which I religiously watch every morning.  I really liked the look of the products and from then on had to try it out for myself.  
Pixy is a company based in Mallow in Cork and originated in 2010.  Their products are full of pure natural ingredients such as shea butter, coco butter, sweet almond, apricot, vitamin E, Goats milk, honey and many more all of which are doing nothing but goodness to your skin :) 
The Pixy company sell everything from moisturisers to lip balms to lotions, to bath salts to bath bombs.  This site actually reminds me of the famous Lush store which i can never get to and love only that the prices seem to be a little cheaper :) 
Pixy are now doing wonderful gift sets suitable for Christmas and to be honest I am amazed at how affordable the are.  The gift sets starts from 9.95 euro which is what this gift set of bath bombs cost :) You can get the perfect hampers containing plenty of luxuries perfect for mum, grandmother, aunt, sister or even yourself ;)  So now that I have told you a little about the company and what they offer let me go onto my review of these Bath Bombs 
First of all these bath bombs cost 2.99 some 3.70 each to buy on their own so you are actually getting one free if you buy the gift set now thats a bargain to start off with.  This gift set as you can see comes with 4 bath bombs and is beautifully wrapped up.  Oh my goodness when i recieved this gift set in the post the moment i opened the packaging some wonderful scents just trickled up my nose I instantly went and ran my bath :) :) 
Each bath bomb is a different scent Let me show you a close up of them 
LimeLight:  This was the first one I tried out and I have to say wow the zesty scent is so refreshing even before you put it into your bath.  This bath bomb consists on Grapefruit and lime scent which is so fresh and manages to wake you up at the start of the day My skin felt so so smooth and soft the moment i sat in the bath I loved the scent and found it lingered on me most of the day.  
Honey:  Look how pretty this is :) The Gold glittery mica looks so so pretty :) :) I didnt even want to use this one i was thinking of hanging it on my Christmas tree haha.  Well I instantly knew I would love this as Honey is amazing for you skin.  It smooths and softens yours skin and the fact that its a pure natural ingredient its gentle on the skin too the scent is amazing also.  
Tutti Fruity:  Oh you can only imagine the beautiful scent from this little beauty :)  I figured this one was going to be the best one of all of them so I had to save it for last.  The beautiful scent of Passion fruit and mango is so strong on this that my whole bedroom was filled with the scent as it waited for me to use it.  Again with the fact that honey is in this leaves your skin feeling so smooth and soft I love it 
Lavender:  Well now we all know at this stage that Lavender is great for relaxation.  This one was saved for night time for sure.  As it contains lavender essenial oils you are left soaking in heaven with the lavender leave floating around you and doing what they do best.  I felt so calm collected and totally ready for a good nights sleep after this one :) 
I could help but take some photos of one of these bath bombs in action :) 
These Bath Bombs are surely value for money and I will be certainly adding a few to my Christmas present list for my family.  Ireland is really coming up in the world supplying us with brilliant products and I am so glad and so proud to be Irish.  Pixy is yet another company I can see making it big as they are affordable and have brilliant natural products that are purely heaven to use.  These bath bombs are perfect for any skin type as I allowed two of my kiddies to experience a Pixy Bath Bomb bath and they loved it and had no reactions to it :) :) 
They were so excited and amazed byt the sizzling bath bomb and they smelled scrumdiddlyumptious :) 
Have you tried anything from Pixy yet?
I will surely be trying out some more of their products myself so watch out for future reviews :) 
Until next time 
Take care 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Essence The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Makeup Collection

Hey my Beauties How are you all doing :) 
Today I come to you with another Limited Edition from Essence :) 
essence presents a stunning make-up collection inspired by the twilight saga: breaking dawn – part 2. with the mysterious colors of dawn, fantastic shimmer pigments as well as dark, dramatic effects and blood-red products for your lips and cheeks, essence is offering true vampire power for all girls – until the break of dawn…
I was quite excited to see what Essence had come up with as part of this theme and I was even good enough not to have a sneak peak on their site :)  When I went to the counter literally all I could see was shimmer and glitter which I suppose is part of the Winter/Christmas season so I had to try some of them.  Now again i did not buy every shade or everything but i will let you know what i am missing as always :) 
So lets start off with the blush :) 
Breaking Dawn Blush in 01 Renesmee Red:  Now the moment i seen this I had to have it.  This is a perfect blush for the Winter season and I know i will use it on a regular basis.  There is only one blush in this collection.  Now I know what you are thinking "Gosh it looks so red I couldnt try this" But I promise its not as harsh as it looks :)  Its a orangey red shade and has little tiny tiny micro-shimmers which are not noticeable in swatches but leaves a stunning glow.  I am loving this as the blush is so soft and pigmented and easy to blend its stunning on the cheeks too :)  This cost me about 4.75 euro for 5.5 g
Nest Face product is......
Breaking Dawn Shimmer Powder 01 Bells's Secret:  Not that i have enough highlight powders in my collection I have to go and add another one lol :) What i love about this highlight is that its shimmery but not glittery :)  Its simply adds a beautiful glow to the skin :) 
This cost me under 5 euro for 11g 
Next up is......
Breaking Dawn Loose Pigment Eyeshadows:  There are 4 shades in this collection 
01 jacob’s protection, 02 alice had a vision – again, 03 a piece of forever and 04 edward’s love.
I only picked up 2 as I wanted to see what they were like first even though they were so affordable.  You are basically getting 3 blackened shades and 1 bright gold shade.  I can not believe how pigmented these are.  The pigments are so so fine.  They cost 3.79 each for 10mls which as i said before is so so affordable 
01 Jacob's Protection as you can see is a blackened emerald green with multi-coloured glitter. I love this shade 
02 Alice had a vision-again:  Oh you all know at this stage I already love this hehehe.  This is a fantastic blackened purple also with multi-coloured glitter love it!!! These pigments are so fine that they will definately need something to cling to but the above swatches are made with nothing underneath so it goes to show how pigmented they are and how fantastic they will be with either a primer or base under it :) I will surely be going back to get the other shades :) 
Next up is.......
Liquid Glitter Eyeliner:  I had high enough hopes for these as they looked jammed packed with lovely glitter.  There is only 2 shades of these available 
01 Alice had a vision-again is a lovely sparkly purple which includes multi-coloured glitter 
01 Jacob's Protection is a lovely blue shimmer 
Each one comes with the tiniest brush which makes application alot easier.  Ok there is a good thing and a bad thing.  The bad thing is well if you call that is that they need a few layers before they show their potential.  The good thing is they staying power is actually quite good when you apply they stay put you get no glitter fall out 
In all for 2.75 euro they are not at all bad :) 
Lastly ......
Nail Polish:  These bottles remind me so much of the Catrice Nail Polishes the same size same width and even have the same new brush as them.  I love the wide brushes on the Catrice nail polishes as i have big bed nails.  For people who have small bed nails this brush might be a bit of a pain to use.  So there are 4 shades of this nail polish collection and to be honest I have been very good lately on my little ban of buying nail polishes because I just have sooooo much but i couldnt help pick of 2 of these as they looked amazing 
The first shade i got is 
02 Alice had a vision-again (bet you are sick of hearing that name haha but at least you will not forget it if you like it)  This is a stunning glitter purple with a dark purple base.  The first coat is sheer but with a second coat this is the finished result :)  Stunning :) 
04 Edwards' Love:  Awwww I am loving this shade right now.  Even as i type this my nails are proudly glistening in the light.   Even though it seems like a normal black nail polish with silver shimmer its so pigmented and crying out for a new dress, shoes and handbag to match oh and maybe some shimmery accessories go along with it (oh sorry got stuck in the moment there haha)  
These nail polishes cost around 2.79 for 10mls each a bargain in my eyes :) 
Ok so there are two items i ended up leaving behind as I knew in my own heart and soul I would not use them and they were the lipstick and lipglosses. 
The Lipstick looked like it was a sheer goldy shade with shimmers not my cuppa tea but i will be interested to find out anybody elses reviews on it 
The lipglosses hmmmmmm they were a little bit too sparkly for me but they do look lovely :) 
So that is it everyone that is the Essence, The twilight saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Makeup Collection LE.  Have you tried these yet.  I know that they are available in America in stores like Ulta :) 
I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post 
I hope you are all well 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 25 November 2012

My Recent e.l.f Repurchases :)

Hey my beauties I hope you are all well :) I havent posted in a couple of days because a couple of my little ones were hit with sickness :( thats the start of the winter illnesses coming unfortunately :) But they are all on the ment thank goodness and now I can get back to business :) :) 
So today i have decided to show you my recent repurchases from e.l.f Cosmetics :) You all know at this stage that e.l.f has been a favourite of mine for quite some time as I have the reviews to prove it lol 
But there has been a few products in particular that has become a staple in my makeup draws and some I wouldnt go for often.  I have already done a video on my top favourites and most have them have been from the studio line which you can view here 
Today I am showing you my most regular bought items or in other words even more favourites from e.l.f so lets get started :) 
The Small Makeup Holder:  You just gotta love these.  I have two already and this is an additional on because i have really started up some collection of brushes lol.  I have to admit i never ever thought I would be one of those beauty gurus who has more makeup brushes than a shop itself but I have to admit I have....After all you can never have too many brushes can you like you need back ups.  Also need at least two of everything as you have to wash your brushes and wait for them to dry and so on....... The brush holder costs only £6 for the small one and £14 for the big one which is like 3 of these single ones put together :) 
Daily Brush Cleaner:  Now this Is 100% a favourite.  Its brilliant for cleaning your brushes in between deep cleans.  i practically use this everyday after using my brushes and its brilliant.  The only thing about it is the scent isnt the best as it sort of smells like antibacterial spray but i dont mind it.  Another thing i am not happy with is the new sized bottles but e.l.f had to make them smaller due to leakages but the older bottles used to be 8.5floz for £3.50 which lastest so much longer the new bottles are now 2.02floz and cost £3.75 each so there is a huge difference in size but not in price :O but i still love it as i know my brushes are cleaned well 
Eyelid Primer:  These are from the regular line which is the cheapest line on the site :)  There is now 4 shades to choose from.  I prefer the original shade "sheer"  which is a skin tone shade.  To be honest i have had my fair share of trying out eye primers even Urban Decay and I find not much of a difference in them than these only the whopping price tag!!!! Where as this cost £1.50 for 8mls of product BARGAIN at its best 
Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara:   This is the best thing is slice bread to me:) I love how this works.  One side is for the eyelashes the other is for the eyebrows.  I bought two of these this time as they always seemed to be out of stock.  I must admit i do not use the mascara part for my lashes but when i did run out i used the mascara part for my brows.  This does an excellent job of holding those stray hairs which i have alot of due to allowing my cousin badly pluck my eyebrows one time and it even went to using a razor (shivers) I highly recommend this if you havent tried it already.  The only thing is it ends up not looking attractive after a while as the gloss turns brown from your eyebrow powder lol 
This costs only £1.50 for 2.5mls  
e.l.f Essential Lipstick in "Classy" :  You would think I could do without another lipstick to my collection but no I have to admit I have had this one before and lost it and of course it was on of the shades i loved so i decided to buy another.  This lipstick is stunning its a beautiful Mauvey/pink shade a MLBB shade and perfect for the season.  This is supposed to be a Dupe for Mac "Angel" Lipstick but this is a little more cool toned These lipsticks a soft creamy and irresistible at the £1.50 price tag :)  Just on downfall is that they are likely to break if you are to harsh so handle with care.  I have depotted all of my e.l.f lipsticks and i found my house was too warm for these creamy babies and find it handier in their little tubes anyway :) 
Studio Matte Lip Color in "Nearly Nude":  I really like these lip colors by e.l.f yes they are matte and a little on the dry side but they are long lasting and so so easy to use plus they dont take up much space in your purse.  e.l.f added a couple more shades since i bought these at first as i own 3 already check out my review here  I will add the swatches of this shade in that review when i get using it :) These are so so creamy and soft and apply like a dream my tips to using this is make sure you exfoliate your lips before using them and apply a little lip balm before applying that way they wont feel so drying.  They are costing £3.75 for 1.8g bargain once again.  
e.l.f false eyelashes:  I really like these they are flexible and easy to use and only cost £1.50 each for that bargain you cant go wrong They look natural, they are easy to use ok you probably will get about 2 uses out of them no more but they are handy.  The glue on the other hand is not so good just don't expect the lashes to stay on long with it :) These are handy for your kit for doing other peoples makeup as they are cheap but good :)
 Studio Flat Eyeliner Brush:   This is a new one for me so i can not give you a review as of yet as I havent had the chance to use it yet but im excited to try it as it looks alot sturdier and percise than the one sold on the regular line this cost £3.75 and I will soon have a review up on it :) 
So thats all my repurchases for now including one new product. I think e.l.f is great when you are on a budget or starting up with makeup and I can tell my favourites will stay my favourite a long time :) 
What is your favourite e.l.f products or what do you find yourself repurchasing :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

NYC Blushable Creme Stick Review

Well hello there my beauties :) 
Once upon a time i purchased these NYC Blushable Creme Sticks used them, loved them, adored them and moved on to something else and forgot about them for a while (as you do when you have too much makeup).  I even took them too much for granted that I hadnt even got round to blogging about them because i got so used to having them in my daily routine (as you do again).  But recently I was chatting to a fellow blogger and these particular blushes came into the conversation and I was saying that i must get using them again and get more shades then she hit me with a bombshell ........She told me that they have been discontinued earlier this year :O :O I couldnt believe it.  Thats when i really needed to find out if i could get them or not.  Anywhere I searched had not got them and told me the same thing "We no longer sell them" :( 
UNTIL.......I checked up on ebay and what did i find LOTS & LOTS of sellers had them.  They must have stocked up when they heard the news :) I was thrilled and immediately stocked up.  You can also get them on Amazon :)  
This is where I decided these little beauties deserved the review I should having given them when i first got them better late than never eh?
Get the glow you'll want to show with NYC New York Color Blushable Crème Stick. It gives a natural flush to your cheeks in one quick step. Soft and creamy colors can be blended to the desired intensity and coverage. This lightweight formula provides sheer, all-over color as well as subtle, shimmering accents, contours and dynamic highlights to your cheeks. Quick, on-the-go and extremely easy to apply
As far as i can remember there was only every 6-8 shades to choose from.  The price range is different depending on where you get them but recently I paid about 14 euro including postage for all 4 shades which works out at only 3.50 euro each brilliant value !!!!!  You are getting 8g of product per tube which is alot and will last you a long long time.  
The blush comes in a plastic large sized lipstick type tube (if that makes sense haha)  Its like a lipstick as you screw the bottom to get the blush.  
Let me show you the shades :) 
Plaza Pink:  This is the very first shade I purchased :) Its a stunning shimmery pinky coral shade .  I loved this around the summer time as the shimmers gave a stunning glow.  If you do not like shimmer in your blushes this is not one for you as it does have fairly visable shimmer.  This is not as pigmented as the rest even though when swatched first it seems like you put too much on but when blended out it gives a nice little tint but it is buildable.  This is a perfect shade for anyone who has fair to medium skin tone.  
Next up 
South St. Seashell:  Now this is one or should i say was one of the more popular shades as its a stunning.  Its a unusually peachy pink brown shade.  It looks darker in the tube than it is.  I love wearing this on nights out if i have a dark smokey eye it blends in well with a smokey eye or strong lip day :) 
Berry New Yorker:  This is a stunning rosey shade and its 100% matte :) This glides on so so cream a little of this goes a long way.  This can be used too with a smokey eye or bright lip.  I think this might be a little dark for anyone with fair skin but anyone with medium to dark skin tone.  I found this blends out brilliantly and its actually quite build-able.  
And Lastly 
Pink Flash:  I was amazed by this blush in particular its so bright and cheerful :)  This is a stunning baby pink but has tints of coral believe me when i say this shade is oh so wow pigmented and you may be put off my the swatch but when blended out this shade looks stunning on the cheeks plus its matte.  I loved wearing this shade in the summer too .  
So why do i like them so much 
They are affordable for the amount you are getting in each product you are surely getting more than your moneys worth. 
They blend so so easily so they work great for people who are in a hurry in the mornings or are new to makeup. 
They work well with either applying with your fingers or stippling brush
They are so so pigmented but a little goes a long way and they are build-able
They do not clog up pores 
I found they lasted a good 4 to 5 hours before i noticed any fading and they even make you not so pigment powder blushes last longer if you use these as a base 
They are suitable for all skin types
These blushes are an amazing product for a very low drugstore product and I can not believe they have been discontinued.  I am surely going to try and get the other shades and have them in my collection.  These are amazing and hopefully NYC will bring them back.  Have you tried them at all? This is why I have done this review as i believe they deserve it plus its not too late to get them as i have linked two places you can buy them 
Heavy swatches in natural light 
This picture is of each blush blended and in Natural Sunlight 

So thats it for today everyone.  I hope you are all well 
Until next time take care 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Collection

Hello my beautifuls :) How are you all doing? Wow its only 37 sleeps to Christmas, are you all getting excited? I know I am I just cant wait to wake up Christmas morning with my 5 kiddies and seeing their little excited faces when they see what they got :) 
Anyways today I am going to show you all my Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Collection :) In the picture above I have 7 but since taking this picture I added another 2 to my collection (not that i had enough already eh?) I will add them with swatches below :) I am sure you all have heard about these little beauties more than enough times lol after all they have been so so popular since they first were released Last year within about 1 month nearly every beauty guru I watch on Youtube had them in their favourites videos and i have to admit i was pulled in on the hype as you can see :) 
So there is 20 shades available in this collection so you will find yourself overwhelmed with trying to choose which shade to go for lol this is where blog posts come in handy so one word of advice for you before you even try to go buy these do your research first check out the shades and make a note of which ones you would like to try that saves alot of time haha. 
The price range of these lip butters can certainly vary depending on where you get them from but in America they can cost in around $7 each in Ireland they cost about 10-11 euro each which is a bit pricey here but i got mine on ebay thats why i have so many :) Unfortunately the supplier i got them from on Ebay doesnt sell anymore so i cant supply a link but I am sure you could get deals with other suppliers if you wanted more than one :) 
Ok lets Talk a little about the packaging and then i will go ahead and show you my shades :) 
The packaging is lovely in my eyes it looks like a lipstick instead of a lip balm.  The lids are cute and makes it easier to find amongst my huge lipstick collection lol.  The top of the lip is clear to make it easier to see the lip shade.  On the bottom it has a huge stick stating the name of the shade which is also handy nothing too exciting but at least its not cheapy looking after all its not the cheapest lip product so im glad it looks as much as you pay for it.  
So to cut it down to size this product is:
Not a Lipstick yet not a lip balm
Its not as pigmented as a lipstick but not as sheer as a lip balm 
Its as moisturising as a lip balm 
and has ingredients such as Shea butter, Mango Butter, jojoba seed oil and Coconut Butter all those good ingredients to help your beautiful lips but is it all worth the hype that they have been given for the past year hmmmmmmmm let see shall we but first onto the shades and swatches :) 
001 Pink Truffle:  This is a beautiful Rosy pink with brownish undertones shade perfect for this time of the year it does in fact have very very fine shimmers in with but not too noticable on the lips it gives off a sort of light frost look and makes you lips look a little more plump  :) 
Next up 
015 Tutti Frutti:  I ended up buying 2 of these shades by accident I have one up on my blogsale :).  This shade is a perfect summery shade.  This is a stunning coral orange shade.  I thought this wouldn't suit me but because it is sheer to medium coverage it looks great.  
025 Peach Parfait:   This is actually quite sheer more sheer than the others.  The shade is a lovely peachy nude with golden shimmer even though it doesnt appear peachy on my lips as mine are pigmented it turned out more pinky.  It gives off a lovely sheen to your lips a perfect every day shade that would suit any look you wear.  
030 Fig Jam:  Now this shade was a shocker for me I thought it was going to be alot darker on my lips as it looks in the tube.  This is a stunning red-brown shade i actually love this shade lately as i find it perfect for everyday wear for the season.  
035 Candy Apple:  Oh I just love this shade :)  This is a stunning red with orange undertones.  This red is perfect for those who are afraid to wear red lipsticks its perfect for those date nights where you want to make those lips look sexy and kissable all at the same time.  Its also the red that does not bleed what more do you want eh? :) 
Next up is ...
045 Cotton Candy:  Awww another fav of mine i have to say Even though i have warn toned skin this really works for me its a lovely cool toned baby pink with gold shimmers and maybe its the gold shimmer that makes this shade work but it certainly has hit my favourites :) I love it with a dark smokey eye :) 
Whats Next?
050 Berry Smoothie:  Again another Favourite of mine :) This is a lovely Berry pink shade a perfect everyday wear lip shade but gives a lovely colour payoff to a simple makeup look.  
055 Cupcake:   This is another cool toned baby pink a little like "Cotton Candy" only that this is more on the cooler side it has little specks of white microshimmers which makes they lip butter more frosty looking it looks more refreshing on the lips :) I actually find this gorgeous on the lips STUNNING 
Lastly (finally lol) 
090 Sweet Tart:  One word for this one SWEEEEEEEETTTTT!!!! I love this shade I wore it alot in the summer :) Its a beautiful bubblegum pink.  I got alot of compliments wearing this as it suits my warm complexion.  Stunning
   Here is a picture of me wearing Sweet Tart :) 
These lip butters feel amazing on the lips.  They are so soft and creamy and glide on brilliantly.  The best thing about them is they literally need no effort to apply within seconds you can glide these on and go and have instant sheer-medium coverage colour on your lips.  Do i think they are worth the hype yes i certainly do i love how my lips feel so moisturised, look sexy, and have colour on them.  Do i think they are work the 10-11 euro no i don't think they are worth that for sure as the lip butter i find only lasts about 2 to 3 hours on my lips before i have to reapply.  If I am looking for long lasting colour on my lips i wouldn't go for these I would actually reach for The Revlon just bitten kissable lip balms well over these as they are moisturising and also stain the lips which lasts longer and they cost around the same price but i do love these too I do find i reach for them alot which says alot.  I love how pigmented they are even though they are a lip butter.  I have one in my bag all the time.  I would say definitely try one for sure as you wont regret it.  If they are ever on offer grab loads :) 
I still want to get one more shade if not more my aim at the start was to get "Creme Brulee" but any time I try to get it there is never any left :( 
Have you tried any of these? Whats your favourite shade? 
Until next time 
Take Care 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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