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New Limited Edition "Cucuba" by Catrice

Hey my beauties :) 
Its that time again YEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Introducing to you Catrice New Limited edition for August - September 2012
I have been a very very good girl for the last few Limited Editions and only buying what i know i will use shades I know will suit me and so on 
This time around i have been extra restrictive for example I didnt but any nail polishes as to be honest none of them really jumped out at me saying "you have to buy me" as i must at this stage have about 70 bottles of nail polishes and each one looked very familiar to ones i have already.  Of course while i will go through this selection i will tell you what I am missing and what shades but for now i will show you what I got :) 
Caribbean flair in Havana, the pastel Chevrolets and Cadillacs of the 50’s, intoxicating salsa sounds in bars and restaurants – pure joy of life! The new Limited Edition “Cucuba“ by CATRICE presents a Cuban attitude with warm brown and bronze shades, mustard yellow, bright coral and soft mint green this August and September 2012.
  First up to show you is what im sure you noticed first in the above picture :) :) as it was the first thing i noticed when i went to buy this range :) 
Viva Cuba! This Bronzing Powder is an absolute must-have for the ultimate Cuban summer style! It gives your face a naturally tanned look and is ideal for shading the contours of your face thanks to its matt texture.
Firstly I was totally amazed by the size of this bronzer you are getting 23g of product for only 4.99 euro which is a bargain in itself.  I love the packaging as its sturdy and the lid is strong.  I love the design on the lid also as it looks more expensive than what i paid for it :)
At first i thought that maybe the shade of the bronzer was going to be a little dark for my complexion as it looks dark in the pan.  I also noticed quite a substantial amount of shimmer which i actually do not like in a bronzer but the shimmer looked very fine so i took the risk and im glad i did 
  The Powder is very finely milled.  It feels very soft and somewhat creamy.  It is not at all chalky. I found it to be quite sheer at first to use which was surprising as i said before it looks darker in the pan but it is build-able   To be honest i am not sure if someone with a darker skintone will get any payoff using this which is a shame as i presumed by looking at the video that this was going to be for people with darker skin tones so in a way its sort of misleading.  I found this lovely to use as it gives a beautiful glow to my cheeks.  I have worn a pretty dark smokey eye a few times since buying this and found just using this on my cheeks worked really well.  The Shimmer does not appear like shimmer on the cheeks only creates a nice glow.  This is definitely worth 4.99 for sure I love it :) The picture below is a light swatch on the palest part of my are as you can see its sheer enough and you can see what i mean about it maybe been too light for someone with a darker complexion 
Next up 
Pure color! This highly-pigmented loose powder eye shadow guarantees intense color and gives your eyes a bright shine thanks to its metallic shimmer effects. Warm yellow, two brown-bronze shades and the two eye-catching colors mint green and coral reflect the colorful Cuban scenery.
There are 5 shades available in these i ended up just getting two.  I was a very good girl and am so proud of myself :) (round of applause please) 
There is 2g of product in each eyeshadow and costs 3.49 euro each :) 
The packaging i pretty straight forward as you can see its a little plastic jar with a brown lid.  When you open the lid you will see a sifter type top on the eyeshadow which allows only the right amount of product you want at that time :) 
I find that very hygenic and think its a great idea for the pigment to last longer without getting damp 
The first Pigment i got was the C02 Reggaeton:  I instantly fell in love with this shade :) Its a lovely chocolate brown with golden shimmer and in a way when the sun hits it you see shimmers of green.  This eyeshadows gives a metallic finish.  Picture below is with no primer underneath 
And lastly 
C05 Take it Mint:  This is a stunning stunning shade :) As you can see it is very much so a mint shade with silver shimmers going through it :) Again this eyeshadow gives a metallic finish i found Reggaeton alot more pigmented much to the fact its a darker shade 
The other 3 shades that i am missing are 
01 Sunny Side which seems to be A mustardy yellow 
03 Salsa Cubana which is a Peachy shade
and 04 Havana Drum which is bronzy brown 
Over all i found these pigments to be brilliant.  The pigment itself is not as finely milled as the pigments i already own they are more flaky not that it makes a difference.  They work brilliantly over a base/primer and they work brilliant wet over all you wont be disappointed with these as pigments if you can use them are always best :) I have used the Mint shade as an eyeliner and it looks stunning gives a great pop of colour to an everyday look 
and Lastly 
Soft Lip Colour 
The high pigmentation in the transparent gel-like texture of the Soft Lip Colour lipstick ensures bright, pure and intense color. Thanks to this special texture, it feels pleasantly light and soft on your lips – perfect for summer days at the beach or in the city.
There is only 2 shade available in these.  They cost 4.49 euro each.  The packaging isnt on the exciting side its just a plain brown tube but the lid is quite sturdy thats a plus i guess.  
When they labelled this as a soft lip colour they really did mean a soft lip colour. Wow when i swatched these first i put a little too much pressure on it and a big chunk fell off.  Now the pressure i put on it was just like applying a lipstick.  So thats just a little warning to you all before you try them.  These lip colours are so so soft and cream they apply so easy too.  When i swatched these on my hand i couldnt help but notice they were not as pigmented as catrice made out to be but when i applied them to my lips i was actually surprise as my lips are naturally pigmented i thought there wouldnt be much colour pay off and i was wrong.  Just one layer brings the colour out lovely on my lips.  My lips looked brightened up as well as luscious with its sheen 
Salsa Cubana is a lovely coral shade with teeny tiny shimmers to it to add that extra ummmph to your lips :) 
Be all Smiles is a lovely tanned browns shade also with teeny tiny shimmers which are actually not that noticeable on the lips.  I find these lovely on the lips but for moisture these dont last more that 2 hours on the lips im afraid.  There are lips balms out there around the same price that last longer and thats what you need when you are looking for moisture for the summer and winter.  But of course you could apply your normal lip balm on and then if you wanted a wash of colour to your lips then apply this over they last longer that way.  So i recommend them yes they are not bad but if you are looking for long lasting colour or moisture these are not for you 
So Thats it everyone thats all i got from this Limited Edition as i said before I am missing the nail polishes and lastly I am missing the Liquid Eyeliners which had 2 shades one was a mint green shade the same shade as the pigment and a brown which i didnt need :) 
Over all This Limited Edition as been nice to play around with I love the bronzer and the eyeshadows are worth their money.  The lip colours are ok nothing special to be honest in my eyes but if you do not own anything like these well they then are worth a try 

Have you tried any of the Cucuba Limited Edition ??
What would you like to try 
Until Next time take care 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


julien said...

pretty swatches! i dont think catrice is available in the US..

Dyna said...

Awesome review as always nina!

Sidrah!!!! said...

the lip products look gorgeous!

caramellitsa said...

the eye shadows look amazing love them :)
love the packaging of the products hadnt heard of them

very nice blog just followed you

caramellitsa blogspot

Makeup Monster said...

Wow everything looks beautiful!

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