Thursday, 27 December 2012

Santa's Been :) :) Christmas 2012

Hey My Beauties 
How are you all doing?
I hope you had an amazing Christmas :) 
Today Is a sort of different post for you all :) 
As Requested by some of my lovely readers I am doing a little Christmas Post 
The reason its different is because some of you asked me to do a blog post of how Christmas day went in my house with all my kiddies and also some of you requested I make a video like I did last year so I am putting the 2 in one :) 
Christmas morning as you can imagine was crazy in my house lol but I wouldn't have had it any other way.  You see up until Christmas day I found it hard to feel the Christmas Spirit and when I was on facebook Christmas Eve I found I wasnt the only on.  I think it was the fact Christmas came way to quick this year or maybe it was the fact it wasnt even frosty never mind no snow.  Once Christmas morning came that all changed for me thanks to my lovely kiddies :)  There was so much excitement it was priceless.  To see my kiddies face light up was all I needed to get in the mood :) 
So without further ado Here i a little video of just the start of the day :) 
So as you can see there was plenty of excitement and plenty to play with.  Following that amazingly crazy day we had a great dinner and of course plenty of family visits.  Even though at one stage there was about 13 people in the one room it was lovely to have family together and enjoying the the moments :) 
There was plenty of presents handed out too :) 

With Plenty of mess and fun we had a great day and I really hope you all had a great day too 
What did you all get up to on Christmas day tell me all :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Inglot Face Blush #27

Hey My beauties :) :) 
How are you all doing?  
Well today I am finally getting to review a blush I have been reaching for alot lately and that is the Inglot Face Blush in number 27 
I got this at the time of the Inglot Bloggers event infact I noticed at the time I bought two of them that night somehow and I was giving out about it but thought aww it will do someone for a present at some stage as Christmas is near and Birthdays of course but emmmmm I think I will be actually keeping it myself as I absolutely love it :) :)  My sister came with me to the bloggers event and ended up buying the exact shade and she too loves it.  It looks stunning on her :) 
The packaging is actually very straight forward but very handy and sturdy too.  It has a twist off lid so its well protected.  Its plastic and very light weight and fits into you bag nicely.  You can also get these blushes in a rectangle shape and put it into your freedom palette if you wish.  There is such a wide collection of shades that you will surely find your perfect shade.  I think and correct me if I am wrong that there is about 24 shades of the face blushes available and it took me a while to choose only one :) 
This blush cost me 15 euro for 2.5g.  Yes it is a little on the expensive side especially when you buy 2 of the same blush like i did and believe me I was in two minds because of the price tag after all there is plenty of drugstore blushes out there more affordable, maybe the exact dupes and quite possibly the same lasting power as this one but there is no harm in splurging now and again is there??? You just have to especially when you have a blog and you just got buy for the sake of comp arising right?? hehehehe ok ok I just couldnt help it they just looked too appealing and my curiosity got the better of me.  
Shade 27 is an absolutely fantastic shade I really couldnt be more pleased with my choice.  Its a beautiful rosey/pink shade.  It is matte but somehow ends p giving you a love slightly shiny hue to your cheeks.  You are left glowing :)  The shade gives you a beautiful healthy look a very natural finish 
It really does not take alot of this blush to give you that fantastic colour to your cheeks.  Its pigmented yet light enough to build.  What i was amazed at is you only literately need one dip of the brush to cover one cheek you dont have to keep going back for more to achieve the finish you want.  It blend super amazingly.  Its not at all powdery so you wont have a mess after your finished or lose too much product.  
I 100% think that this blush is well worth the price no shadow of a doubt!!! I am so glad i have 2 shades and i quite possibly will go back to pick another for my collection in the new year.  The lasting powder is amazing on the blush I have worn this for 10 hours straight on me and I saw no fading whatsoever.  My sister is in love with hers too.  I have been wearing this constantly especially on days I know i will be away from the house all day.  I remember my first time trying this blush i dipped my brush well in like i would with some cheaper blushes BIG MISTAKE lol I looked like a clown and i was only going for a light flushed cheek.  I really can not recommend Inglots blushes enough seriously you will be more than delighted to part with 15 euro for them and i can tell I will have this a long time before I hit pan.  
Here is a picture of me wearing it lightly :) 
Just one word of warning while using these blushes is please use a light hand or you will find you will waste more product than using it :) Apart from that I say "Go out a buy one" you will not regret it I am hooked !!!!
I really hope you enjoyed with review and again I welcome any new readers to my blog and thank for clicking the follow button.  I am hoping I get another review up for you all before Christmas day but if you dont as i have lots of wrapping presents, peeling spuds, preparing the vegetable, making my stuffing for my family and of course i have 3 other orders of my stuffing to make for other people, cleaning over the house to prep for santa and of course spend time with my very bored kiddies because the weather is too cold wet and windy for them to go out and play 
I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas I hope you all get what you ask for but if you dont just remember there is alot of people in this world who are less fortunate than you and some do not even get to celebrate Christmas.

Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina :) :) 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bloggers Digest #2

Hey my beautifuls :) how are you all doing OMG I can not believe its only 2 days to Christmas tomorrow night Santa is coming wahooooooo :) 
So This is Bloggers Digest #2.  If you do not know that bloggers digest is click here to see my first one 
Thanks to Nykki from Nykki Talks Beauty who thought of this idea she is amazing I absolutely love the way she puts herself out there to help everyone in the blogging world and I absolutely love her blog.  Check out her blog by clicking the picture above :) 
The whole idea of this is absolutely genius.  Every week I will post up a "Bloggers Digest" post which contains everything i have done on my blog that week and a little catch up chat in case you missed out on any of them :) 
So lets get started shall we :) 

So this week has been a CRAZY week.  I started it off great with a blog post Monday and Tuesday then chores, shopping, last minute shopping, Santa and other things got in the way as they do !!!
The Santa Trip was Lovely.  It was set up in a very old house dates back to the 11th Century :) 
St. Colmcilles House
I thought it was a great Idea.  It let people have a chance to have a look around as it really did feel like Santa's little grotto.  The kiddies were so excited to see Santa as it really is only this year the twins understand Christmas.  Santa arrived in a fire engine lol.  
After about an hour and half of queuing and crying with no patience waiting for Santa we finally got to see him  :) 
Their faces say it all :) :) 
That was the highlight of mine and their week the rest follows.  
So with the busy week I had i only got two blog posts done which I feel so bad for because i missed blogging so much even during the week it felt like something was missing.  
The First blog post I did was on Catrice LE Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties
The most recent Limited Edition from Catrice which I was overall impressed with .
The second post this week was on the December Glossybox 
This Glossybox has to have been one of the best boxes of the year.  We got 3 full sized products which were all makeup products :) and 2 very good sized beauty products which I am loving :) Well done to glossybox as everyone seems happy with this months :) 
I have already started my next review and today plan on getting it finished as I am not leaving the house lol 
I hope you are all well and not too stressed with the coming few days.  Relax and enjoy the end of this year and take a moment to remember the year that has pasted and be thankful you are all alive a well.  Think of all of those who didnt make it to this years Christmas and say a little prayer for their families and friends.  This is where I am extra grateful for having my family around me and that again this year I can enjoy yet another Christmas.  i want to Thank you all for been so so supportive and leaving me such wonderful kind words it really does brighten up my day :)  You are all amazing and Can I also welcome all my new readers you are all amazing too for clicking that follow button and I hope you enjoy my blog.  I promise the New Year is going to bring even better blog posts :) Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas xxxxxxxx
Love you all 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

December Glossybox 2012

Hey My Beauties :) 
Today I am showing you what I got in the Last Glossybox of the year :) :) 
I can tell you now that this box is one of the most impressive boxes I have gotten all year :) 
I was Actually expecting a red box like last year for Christmas but instead we got a lovely silver box with lovely star decorated wrapping on the inside :) This box is going to be even more perfect for my box of goodies I plan to fill for my mum for Christmas like I do every year and which she loves to get :) 
This months box is aimed at "Festive Celebrations" and has even come with an extra gift for all subscribers :) 
Even the normal card with a little description as been replaced with a booklet with more details about the products and information on some discount codes on some products featured on the Glossybox website :) 
So Let me show you what I got :) 
Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream 100ml sample which originally comes in 200ml & Costs £14.79
Oh My goodness the Smell Is good enough to eat.  It literally smells like vanilla Milkshake.  This comes in a moose like form and feels really soft and fluffy.  The morning I got this I had actually only washed my hair so I immediately applied some to my hair.  Goodbye to the scent of my shampoo hello to vanilla scented hair :)  I cant of yet tell you if it had or has made any effect to my hair obviously as i have only used it twice but will keep you updated :) 
This brand also does shampoos etc 
here is their website 
Next Item I noticed straight away was 
Seche Nail Laquer in shade "Enamored" we got full sized of this which is 14ml and costs £9.95 
I have to admit I never tried this brand before.  I was stunned by the size of the bottle this little beauty is going to last forever :)  Plus I haven't even near this shade in my huge collection so I was even more excited. I love the skinny brush as it leaves applying the nail polish so much easier and less messy 
This is a stunning Coppery/orangey/gold shade its most unusual but i love it Plus it compliments my hands and makes them look a little tanned.  After one coat I was amazed with how pigmented it was I only really applied a second coat to make it last longer as I wash alot of dishes and kiddies lol.   
Next Item 
Sebamed Anti-dry Night Intensive Cream Original size is 50mls and costs £9.99 sample is 15mls (i think )
I haven't tried this yet but I am surely looking forward to as it promises alot of things such as:
• Calms flare-ups, irritation and tension
• The rich lipids of jojoba oil support a lasting improvement in the elasticity and smoothness of the skin
• 3% rapeseed phytosterols protect against dehydration, relieving itching, tension and burning sensation in the skin
• Active ingredient phytosterol equivalent antiinflammatory effect to cortisone, but without the side effects
• Easily absorbed, no greasy residue
• Stabilizes the moisture balance of the skin
• pH 5.5
This seems to be a popular brand even though i have never heard of them but they do everything for skin including baby lotions and even feminine washes 
So I will Keep you updated on this too :) 
Next up 
Sleek Makeup True Colour Lipstick in shade "Cherry"  this costs £4.99 for full sized in which we got :) 
I am ashamed to say it but its true as much as I love Sleek especially for their eyeshadows and blushes I have never tried their lipstick (I know I know shame on me) but I was so excited I find have one in my collection.  Oh my goodness the packaging is so cute and small :)  The shade Oh wow is it pigmented :)  I will give a full review soon But I was Pleasantly Surprised by the creamy soft texture of this lipstick.  One thing i can say is you would definitely have to apply a lip liner with this to stop it bleeding :) 
Next Up 
Lemon Eau De Parfum by Mary Greenwell 1.5ml Sample original size 50mls costs £60
You surely do get the lemon scent aswell as a musky scent to this I am not sure if its my scent but its not the worst perfume I have worn.  
& Lastly our extra treat :) 
The Limited Edition Glossybox Blusher in "Rosewood" 
This is a nice little treat thank you very much Glossybox :)  Its a matte rosy pink blushe and actually nicely pigmented.  I havent tried it yet so I cant give you too much information on it but its a nice little extra treat :) 
Well now as i said earlier I am well impressed with this months glossybox and looking forward to playing around with my new products 
Do you get the Glossybox?
Did you get anything different?
:) :)

Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 17 December 2012

Catrice LE Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties

Inspired by legendary film and style icons like Katharine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergmann and Marlene Dietrich, the Limited Edition “Hollywood’s FABULOUS 40ties” by CATRICE whisks you away to the glamorous world of the 1940’s this September and October 2012. This golden era is also celebrating its comeback on the international catwalks with a modern interpretation of the feminine clothing style. As a tribute to independent women, CATRICE combines feminine, warm red shades like rosé, rosewood and cherry red with soft nude, beige and brown tones as well as purple. For a stylish appearance à la Hollywood…

Hello my beautifuls how are you all doing today :) I have to admit I am a little slow with showing you this New Limited Edition as I had a crazy week plus I hadn't realised that it arrived to my local pharmacy until a week after it arrive :( But hey most of the items were still there apart from one in which is what I wanted the most but it doesnt matter :) 
I have to say I am well impressed with the selection of this Limited Edition and the fact its aimed at 40's style and shades :)  
Now of course like always I only bought the items i thought i would use the most and again I did not got for the 5 nail polishes as I have way too many nail polishes as it is and none of them really jumped out at me even though they looked fantastic.  
There was also an Eyebrow Lifter available in which i passed on as i still have my elf one and to be honest dont even use that I prefer the good old concealer and highlight job.  
And lastly there was a High Gloss Lip Topcoat and Gloss in which was just a simple clear gloss that I also have plenty of so I decided to pass on that one too 
So let me show you what I did get :) 
 The Absolute Eye Colour Quattro in "She's a Lady" 
There was two of these Quads to get but the second one was sold out before I got to it :( which was a little disappointing because judging by the tester it looked absolutely stunning.  i love the combination in this quad 
This is actually a nice everyday eyeshadow palette 
The first shades is a lovely warm medium brown with a golden micro shimmer 
The second shade is a medium matte mauve shade 
The third is a dark brown 
and the last is a golden highlight shade 
These eyeshadows doe need a good base for them to last all day as I have found them a little harder to work with than the normal range eyeshadows from Catrice.  They are not exactly strong in pigmentation but are buildable I can tell by the other palette that it is more pigmented as it has darker more attract shades
Next item i got 
Multi Colour Blush in "Gone With the wind 
This was the first thing i went for the shade just attracted me straight away !!!
Doesnt it look amazing 
It says on the site that they combine 2 different shades to create a beautiful rosy glow to your cheeks.  This in fact turns out to be a beautiful rosy pink matte shade and very pigmented.  Its not overly strong that you will end up applying to much but it sure is buildable.  It blends brilliantly and doesnt need alot of work to make it look natural.  It is a little chalky but nothing to complain about.  This lasted a good 6 hours on me before i noticed a little fading.  For around 4 euro this is well worth trying out 
Next up is 
Velvet Lip Colour 
There are 4 shades to choose from and I chose the Marlene's Favourite and The Nuder Scene. I actually have two very different opinions about these two lipsticks in particular but since I do not have the other two I cant say if they are the same or not.  
Starting with Marlene's Favourite 
This is a stunning colour and a colour I thought might me a no no for me but infact i was wrong.  This is a stunning pinky rose shade and very pigmented.  Its soft creamy and feels sort of glossy on the lips.  i wouldnt call this matte as such but more satin as you do get the glossy look slightly from this lipstick.  It applies well and actually acts a little bit like a stain once it wears off.  
Now the next lipstick did not impress or wooo me whatsoever 
I actually thought this shade would be a lovely shade judging by looking at it in the store but boy was I wrong so wrong.  When i applied this on me first of all the shade was too light for me.  It made me look sick.  Then i tried applying this with mo makeup on and it made me look worse so anyone who is pale might not like this either.  Second of all the texture of this lipstick is all so wrong.  No matter what way i applied this it applied on my lips patchy.  Its like oil hiting water with this lipstick i cant understand why it applies different to Marlene's Favourite but it does.  I tried everything it was just horrible.  Hate it!!!  Plus its very drying !!!
& Lastly
The Eyebrow gel in Neutrally Brown 
Ok i presumed when i bought this brow gel that there was going to be a little bit of colour added to my brows hence the name but i was wrong.  In fact the colour of the gel is very very sheer and more of a gone off greeny brown shade.  It doesn't appear on the brows so dont be put off by that.  The gel itself did work for me but i still prefer the e.l.f version better than this as i have some crazy ass brows some days and when i tried this on one of my crazy days it didnt do much but for all of you who have good brows this will work for you 
The one thing I do like is the brush.  It leaves brushing my brows even easier and i will surely be keeping the brush when the product runs out :) 
Well that is it for this Months Limited Edition.  Overall I am more Impressed by this version than some of the LE.  I love the Quad and so disappointed I didnt get the other one.  The lipsticks hmmm well I love the Marlene's favourite and i have heard that the other two lipsticks are good also and more pigmented so that is a good thing.  The blush well I always have been a fan of Catrice blushes for the price they do more than their money's worth and have amazing pigmentation.  
Have you tried this Limited Edition Yet?
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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