Monday, 28 May 2012

Darling Girl - Kiss You Off Color Rich Lip Balms Review

Hey my beauties Hope you are all good :) 
Todays post is another review on the items i got from Darling Girl Cosmetics about a month ago. 
I have already reviewed the Watercolour paint pots in which i love if you missed out on that review 
So today i am reviewing the Kiss You Off Color Rich Lip Balms .  I actually thought seen as its coming into the summer it would be nice to get some lip balm with some pigmentation (not that i have enough lol) but looking at the pictures of swatches on the site they looked really pigmented which is something i dont have in the lip balms i own so curiosity got the better of me and i ordered 2 shades :) 
First of all you are getting 
a slim line tube as you see in the photo with about 0.07oz of product for $5.25 now at first i thought hmmmm its a bit small sure i will use these up in no time !!!! but im wrong and i will tell you why shortly 
The two shades i got were 
Caramelon:  This was asked of by a customer of Darling girl and the lady wanted a metallic, burnt orange shade, susan stated she wanted to make this wearable for everyone so she went with a melon-y colour :) :) this has red sparkle in it 
Heavenly:  An opaque Peachy Coral with a satin finish 
When i said above that i thought i would use these up really quick because of the fact they are skinny and they are a lip balm i was wrong.  They actually totally amazed me honestly.  The pigmentation of these is incredible i wouldnt even call these a balm i would call them more like a moisturising lipstick.  
Now i have heard some are more sheer than others but they are buildable i can tell with the two that i have.  
What i love is the ingredients in them which are all beneficial for your lips 
Ingredients: Prunus Amygdalus Dulics (Sweet Almond oil), Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter (Cocoa Butter), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Persea Gratissima oil (and) Hydrogentated Vegetable oil (Avocado Butter), Hydrogenated Polyisobutene (and) Ethylene/Propylene/Styrene Copolymer (and) Butylene/Ethylene/Styrene Copolymer, Sunflower Wax, Ozokerite Wax, Soy Lecithin, Vitamin E.
There is some that dont have Shea butter due to those who have allergies !!!
I am totally amazing at how moisturising these are and how easy they are to apply.  Word of warning though if you are getting good strong pigmented colours like red for example maybe applying a lip liner would be best as i have noticed even though they have good staying powder they do tend to bleed.  
Click on the photos for a closer look :) 
Overall These are amazing for the value, for the pigmentation the fact that these are a lip balm and give so much colour pay off is amazing.  I am already looking through more shades to get.  There is no scent on these which some people might not like but to be honest i prefer my lip products either smell/taste of nothing or smell/taste like sweets hehe so im happy :) :) 

So thats it everyone i hope you enjoyed this review 
i will surely be adding more shades and swatches to this page in the future so watch out for that 
Until Next time 
Take Care 
Nina :) 

Sunday, 27 May 2012

May Glossybox Birthday Edition 2012

Hey my Beauties 
Today as you can see by the heading i am revealing what i got from the May Glossybox.  I decided to do this one as a blog post because the weather is so good and the kiddies are a little on the narky side because they are not used to the heat so filming this video was out of the question and this is a post i want to show you ASAP :) :) So as i type this i am sunning myself and watching the kiddies play so everyone is happy :) :) Anyways :) 
This is a special box as Glossybox is celebrating their 1 year Birthday 
Now not only that but i got some shock the day i got this in my door as it came a week early :O 
Which was one of the reasons i was deciding if i wanted to continue getting it as you probably would have known from my videos 
Alot of people were very disappointed with this the April Glossybox to be honest i am happy with it even though i have had better but i also have had worse so no point complaining eh?
So i will show you what i got in mine :) 

I took the liberty of taking these photos outside in the fabulous weather that we have been having :) So as you can see the box isnt different at all but the paper on the inside is as its their birthday and inside is all the goodies i got (yes that is a balloon lol) 
 So I got 2 Perfume samples From a brand called Lolita Lempicka (in which i have never heard about) a bottle of each cost £65 for 100mls (as stated on the card i got) 
 The first Sample is 

The Intoxicating Nectar of Liquorice Flower

Lolita Lempicka's First Fragrance leads towards an object of desire, a rare olfactory emotion, unexpected yet very familiar. An enchanting, disconcerting, crisp floral fragrance.  This is probably my favourite out of the two.  I dont really see myself buying this one as its very expensive for 100mls its costing about 85 euro
 The Second sample i got 
L'Eau en Blanc
A bouquet of White Violets with a hint of Raspberry and Musk. A new floral-fruity-powdery composition.
For 50mls of this it costs 65 euro 
Visit her site for more information on her perfumes :) :) i have enjoyed reading what she has to say about each and what inspired her to create each fragrance she has to offer :) 

 Murad Clarifying Mask States thats it draws out inpurities and absorbs excess oils to control and prevent breakouts...........I havent tried this yet but i will soon and let you all know how i get on with it :) to buy this full sized its £35 for 75mls 
here is the website for more information 
 Eldora Lashes :  I got the more natural looking ones and i am excited to try these :) :) they cost from £3.50 
They have a wide range from synthetic to human hair lashes to decorated ones 
Glossybox gave us and extra little gift of a nice compact mirror which is always always handy to have in your handbag you can never have too many of them 
Uniqone All in one hair treatment:  This claims to 
  • Restores dry and damaged hair.
  • Provides shine and eliminates frizz.
  • Protects during heat styling.
  • Make your hair silky smooth and natural feeling.
  • Color Preservation with UVA / UVB protection.
  • Easier to dress up and smooth out.
  • Make your hair manageable.
  • Provides a lasting styling.
  • Prevents split ends.
  • Gives more volume.
I am super super excited to try this as i have noticed my scalp is extremely dry lately plus any volume at all would help :) This costs £13.99 for a 150ml bottle so i will keep you updated on this one :) 
Noble Isle Summer Rising Bath and Shower Gel:  An immaculate fragrance evoking the beginnings of summer, with extracts of toning elderflower and antioxidant-charged gooseberry with clean notes of orange blossom, moss and cut grass.
I am actually really excited about trying this out  as moss is said to be excellent for you skin all this along with all the other ingredients i can tell this will be a good one to try :) and also effective :) we will see in time 

So thats what i got in my May Glossybox.  I am thinking since this box came a week early that they are now starting to hear our complaints and working on it.  We will see next month if anything changes :) Happy Birthday Glossybox :) 
Until next time 
Mind yourselves 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

Friday, 25 May 2012

Essence "Marble Mania" Limited Edition Haul & Review

trendy, twisted and totally hip: inspired by spectacular marble effects, essence presents the new trend edition “marble mania” in march and april 2012. lovers of marble coloring and extraordinary textures can look forward to multi-dimensional effects. mascara, eyeshadow or lipgloss – the marbling is sure to cause a stir! several colors merge into one for a unique swirly-marble look by essence – it’s spring-time! - Essence

Hey my Beauties I hope you are all well :) 
Todays Blog Post is about Essences New Limited Edition "Marble Mania" 
As you know i am a sucker for Limited Editions as i feel companies work harder an making Limited Edition items unique and im all for that :) the only problem i suppose is that onces its Limited Edition there is only a certain amount of time to get them and if you end up loving something from that range you are not going to be able to get it again once its finish but hey. 

So on with the reviews photos and swatches and less of the rambling eh? :) 

Marble Mania LipGloss
Ok first up is the Marble Mania Lipglosses.  As you can see there is only 2 shades to choose from 
01 Coral whirl :  This is a rosy pinky cool toned shade with silver shimmer 
02 Peach and Mix :  This is obviously a peach orange warm toned shade with shimmer 

Now personally i dont like lipglosses that leave glitter on your lips after it wears off which this lipgloss does so thats a down fall in my eyes.  Even though this in my eyes would be suitable for night time.  These glosses apply pretty sheer and doesnt show alot of pigmention on my lips.  They are not sticky but do last a few hours on the lips.  I see my little sister wearing these more than me to be honest.  They have a doe foot applicator which makes applying very easy.  If i was asked would i purchase them again i would say no but thats because of my preferences.  

Marble Mania Eyeshadows 
  When i seen these on the shelf i really couldnt choose just on so i got them all dont they look fab!!!!!!  I got all 3 shades 
01 Seriously Mixed Up:  Has a mixture of dark brown, gold and pink in a marbled effect. 
02 Lets get twisted:  This is more a a very dark brown, yellowy gold and a gone of white in a marbled effect 
02 Swirl it baby:  Has a mixture of black, purple and a rosy shade in it 
When swatched dry they are pigmented but they definitely need something to clingy onto aka a good base thats where the true potential of these eyeshadows will shine :)  Now you can apply them with a dampened brush too but i prefer the good base .  Apply these eyeshadows before you apply your foundation as there will be fall out but they are fantastic :) :) and i highly recommend you try at least one :)  
These swatches are made with nothing underneath and made dry.  You can see by the swatches they are pigmented and i must say very finely milled i love the texture of baked eyeshadows :) 
The next swatches you will see are applied with a damp brush :) 
Marble Mania Blush 
This blush as i remember cost me under 4 euro which in my eyes is a steal !!!!! 
Swirlpool is a mixture of pink orange and white with very very fine shimmer.  There is only one blush available to this collect.  This feels so soft to touch and feels silky smooth on the cheek.  the one thing i have to say is that it applys fairly sheer the first time but it is buildable and gives a beautiful healthy fresh glow :) 
I see this blush a more for the winter than the summer tho as it appears more rosy than pink :) 
I found it lasting about 5 to 6 hours on my cheeks before noticing that it needed a top up which is not bad for a drugstore blush :) i highly recommend this to anyone of any skin tone.  
Marble Mania Mascara
Ok im not going to write a big essay about this mascara as such.  Basically its your typical black mascara with a twist and the twist is silver shimmer.  The brush is relatively big but not too big and the bristles do separate you lashes very well i actually like the brush very much 
The Black isnt what i call intense black but more on the lighter black to darken your lashes for everyday wear.  The shimmer isnt really noticeable on the lashes only if you get your magnified mirror to take a look haha.  The one thing i found with this is that it flakes a bit after a few hours i had to clean up a little under my eyes.  It doe lengthen my lashes so its not all that bad.  If i was asked would i purchase again i would say no simply because there are better mascaras from the essence range i would rather spend my money on them.  
Marble Mania Nail Polishes 
Well what can i say about these polishes only that they are brilliant for the price :) :) I will let the pictures speak for themselves shall I?  

The reason im showing you this shade with the cracked nail polish over it is because i hated the "Silver Twist " on its own it looked too artificial!!!! whereas with the black nail polish on top of it made it look fab!!!! 

So Thats it everyone thats finally the last of my haul :) I hope this wasnt too long for you but i wanted to get all of this haul into one blog post as this is Limited Edition and of course i had to tell you what i thought of them :) :) 
Have you tried any of these yet???
Anything in particular catch you eye???
Until next time 
Chat to you soon 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

MUA Single Eyeshadows Review & Swatches Part 3

Hey My beauties How are you all doing :) 
Today i am reviewing some more MUA Single Eyeshadows that i have added to my collection 
I Stated in my first blog post on the Single eyeshadows i already own that i wanted to get more as i loved them that much if you didnt see my 1st & 2nd blog post which has swatches also click here to check it out   
So as you can see i went shopping again :) to build up my little collection.  So far including these i have 19 shades  There is 34 single eyeshadows altogether so im not doing to bad eh?
Anyway enough chit chat and let talk about these shades as there is quite a few to get through.  As you will see all of these eyeshadows are pearl :) 

Shade 2 is a great shade is a simple white pearl eyeshadow but this is great to have in your collection.  This can be used as a highlight on the inner corner of your eyes, under the brow even on the lid.  I have used this on my cheekbones and it works really well :) 

Shade 4 is a lovely pinky-purple shade this is a perfect lid colour.  I found this one a little on the chalky side and a little sheer but it is buildable and turns out to be a beautiful shade :)

Shade 7 is on my favourites list :) This is a fantastic forest green shade.  Its so so pigmented a little goes a long way :)   They say that greens sort of clash with green eyes but not with mine as i have more hazel than green eyes so this works really well with my eye colour.  I find myself doing a great smokey eye with this shade :) 

Shade 9 is another favourite of mine of course because its purple but this purple is unique in a way because it has tiny specks of blue shimmer going through it in normal light it looks purple but if the sun hits it you see the blue tone going through it. I love it 

Shade 10 is a dark near black shade with navy and purple undertones to it.  This i found pigmented but chalky.  You will find yourself making a little mess while using one so just be careful but dont let that put you off as this shade is fab for a good smokey eye.  

Shade 15 Now this looks black in the photos but its actually a dark charcoal shade i was a little less excited about this one as its so easy to get a metallic charcoal shade anywhere practically any eyeshadow palette will have a dark charcoal in it but its very pigmented and quite handy for travel if you didnt want to bring palettes with you :) 

Shade 25 is a beautiful rosy shade with tiny specks of blue shimmer which is not noticeable when applied.  You will also notice by the swatches that this could actually be a blush shade :) great for bringing along travelling :) 

Shade 28 is a lovely pigmented coppery gold this is so highly pigmented a little goes a long wait but again i found this a little chalky so make sure to tap off before applying or you will have fall out.  Its a fantastic shade another of my favourites :)  

Shade 30 is a gold bronze shade.  This is a lighter gold than shade 28.  This shade is been compared to Urban decays Half Baked.  This is more of a warm toned shadow and i have found it a fantastic colour for my eyes another on my favourite list but this too is chalky not that it matters but just to have it in my notes :) :) 
Well thats all the eyeshadows for now.  For £1 each these are amazing value for what you are getting out of these.  If you are building up your collection you should definitely give these a try :)   I plan to depot them all and put them in my new unii palette :) i feel they will be safer as the packaging on the single eyeshadows are kind of flimzy and i have had 2 that broke and shattered on me :( but hey the cheapness is only on the packaging not on the eyeshadow itself so im happy with that :) 
These eyeshadows if used with a primer they last a good 6+ hours :) 
Well thats it from me today everyone 
I hope you found this review helpful and interesting, if you have any questions please ask away i love getting comments and always reply to them all as they are extremely important to me 

Have a great day/night 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina C
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