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Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 2 & 3 Palette Review

Hey Beauties again apologies for the lack of posts I have to wait yet another week for my new laptop which is not my fault but the companies grrrrrrr.  I have so much stuff to share with you its not even right but as soon as I get the laptop I will be booming with posts for you all.  
Today I am going to share with you my review on the Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 & 3 Palettes together :)  You may remember me sharing my thoughts on the Iconic 1 which was the exact match to the Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 To refresh your memories check out my post here.  
Iconic 2 & 3 is supposed to be the exact dupe of the Naked Palette 2 & 3 but unfortunately I can not do a comparison post on either as I dont own The Naked palette 2 & 3.  I can however share with you my thoughts on them and also show you my swatches :) :) 

Each Palette costs only £4 which If you were to buy the 3 together would only be a 1/3 of the price of 1 Naked Palette.  Each palette contains 12 shadows the exact same as the Naked Palettes.  Each palette comes with a sponged tipped applicator.  
So let me show you the 2nd palette :) 
The Iconic 2 
I often wondered why the Naked Palette 2 was less spoken about (correct me if I am wrong) but to me it wasn't as popular as the Naked 1 & 3.  Well to be honest if this is the exact dupe to the NP2 I wouldnt be rushing out there to get the real deal and thats for sure.  Not that I do not like it I do but its not as exciting as the 1 & 3 and I do see now why its not as hyped.  
I have to admit I am very impressed with the shadows in this palette.  This palette comes with 4 matte shades which I know I am very pleased with as its great to see matte shades amongst shimmers.  It saves so much time have all in one :) 
These shades are more cool toned shades unlike the Iconic 1 which is more warm toned.  

So lets talk shades :) 
1st shade:  Is the perfect matte highlight, A nice peach and quite pigmented for a light shade 
2nd shade:  This is a lovely satin peach perfect for the lid this is very pigmented also and a little goes a long way 
3rd Shade:  This is another champagne but with more of a satin finish.  This is alot more pigmented than the first and is perfect for that shimmer looking highlight or even on the lid for that wide eyed look :) :) 
4th shade:  This is a stunning copper gold again with a satin finish and again very pigmented 
5th shade:  Is another matte.  This is a taupe shade and perfect for blending I have to admit this isnt as pigmented as the rest of the shades but you can still make it work 
6th shade:  A fabulous Bronze Brown with a satin/metallic finish oh my gosh this is highly pigmented you really only need a tiny amount to achieve a look :) Be warned though this shade will give a little fall out as it doesnt seem as compressed as the rest of the shades so use the brush with a light hand 
7th Shade:  This is another shade I have found very chalky so use with a light hand.  This is a stunning shade and perfect for the lid.  Even though it looks a little darker in the pan than what it looks like on the eye.  This is yet another champagne shade but gives more of a golden champagne finish this too has a slight metallic finish
8th shade:  This shade is a light gunmetal veering towards a silver.  A metallic finish and very pigmented.
9th shade:  A cool toned champagne shade with a metallic finish a perfect on its own shade for days you need to look more awake 
10th shade:  My favourite shade of all a rose gold I absolutely love this on the lid as it really makes my hazel eyes pop.  Hugely pigmented and has a slight metallic finish to it amazing !!!!
11th shade:  This next shade is stunning its a deep brown it hints of purple going through it and also has hints of gold.  When swatched its very unique.  This has a satin finish and is very pigmented 
12th shade:  This is the last matte shade and I was really hoping it would be a nice one but unfortunately I am not happy with this one.  Not only is it not the blackest of black its also very hard to work with.  At first when swatching with my fingers I got a nice bit of pigmentation but When swatching with a brush I barely got any on the bristles i even had to go to the stage of scrapping it with the bottom of the brush to break up the shadow a little its just too compacted in the pan :( 

This picture was taken in normal light with no primer underneath 
Dupe or not this palette is well worth adding to your neutral palettes.  Not only is it very pigmented, the shadows are very easy to blend.  I have seen swatches of the Naked 2 and to be honest looking at this I am sure its a great match.  For the price you can go wrong :) This is a look I did with this palette and you will see yourself the shades are so vibrant all I used for a base was concealer :) 

Next up is The Iconic 3 Palette 

Now since the Naked Palette 3 came out I wanted to get my hands on it after all it contains alot of pinks and purples which I absolutely love and adore :)  To be honest since it came out its been hard to raise the funds and I soon was starting to think I would never get my hands on it.  Thanks to Makeup Revolution I may well and truly got my hands on it only in a much affordable price :)   I know for a fact that this palette matches up to the NP3 as I have been keep my eye on comparison posts and judging by the swatches i am quite happy to stick to this palette rather than part with the big buck :) 

The shades look stunning in the pan dont they :) :)
1st shade:  This is a simple matte cream highlight brilliant for the brow bone, inner corner or even for blending this is less pigmented than I thought it would be but buildable
2nd shade:  Now this shade I am in love it :)  Its a beautiful Metallic pale pink shade with shimmer I have to admit the shimmer is chunky but its works :) I love this all over the lid as it makes my hazel eyes pop.  
3rd shade:  Another perfect highlight/lid shade this would be some what like the 2nd shade only a shade darker and no shimmer :) 
4th shade:  Another matte shade this time a perfect blending out shade or a perfect shade for the crease for a daytime look.  This pinky beige is very pigmented and so easy to work with 
5th shade:  In LOVE with this stunning rose gold shade and boy oh boy the green in my hazel eyes I find are drawn out while wearing this shade on the lid love it !!!!
6th shade:  Copper gold as you have never seen before the pigmentation from this beauty is amazing and you need very little to achieve your look 
7th shade:  This is the perfect transition shade a matte medium brown with a soft hint of purple in it I love using this with my pinks and its highly pigmented 
8th shade:  A light bronzed brown I love a little less pigmented but is buildable 
9th shade:  A Deep and Pigmented brown with a golden hint through it :) wow is my word 
10th shade:  A very very deep taupe which can also give the illusion of a grey finish amazing shade and amazing pigmented 
11th shade:  A much deep darker taupe hugely pigmented and very easy to work it and also to blend out.  This has a satin finish 
12th shade:  Oh my gosh one of my favourites for sure.  In the pan you think you are getting a deep purple with red shimmers but no you are getting a a deep brown almost black shade with burgundy shimmer leaving you with a blackened burgundy shade the more you build it up.  Highly pigmented and is a little chalky but stunning 

Ok do I shouldnt have to tell you but I will....... These swatches are made with no primer underneath.  Yes I know FABULOUS right :) :) here is a look I created with this palette 

Need I say more about these palettes :) They are full on amazing especially for the price and the pigmentation is shocking.  I do use these with primer as its just habit that I have something on my lid before doing any make-up look sometimes I just put concealer on my lids.  I find the they eye shadows lasted all day long on me.  
Have you tried these eye shadows yet?
What's your thoughts on them :) 
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


luvbugg137 said...

Oh how I want these. I love your blogs because it makes me aware of cosmetics I have never heard of!! I was just looking to buy #3 but as I live in the states the mailing fee is so high. I also want to try Catrice but don't know how to get it. Looked on and the prices were ridiculous!!! Thanks for your blogs. If you would ever like to do a swap of some sort, let me know!!! Lori

Shannon Boyce said...

Wow, that pigmentation looks absolutely beautiful! What a gorgeous set of colours. Love the makeup looks you created. So so stunning!

instabeauty89 said...

i totally love your reviews!!!!
im in love with my iconic 2 & 3 i could use them thank to you!!! ;)
lots of love!!!! keep rocking those looks and reviews!!
btw those t2o looks are gorgeous!!!!!!! i love them, you look amazing!!

Nishu S said...

Love the reviews! Been thinking of buying them and your review has certainly made my decision easier! Thank you!

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