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e.l.f Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint Review

e.l.f says:  Nourish, pamper and treat lips with this super emollient, lip quenching color. Shea butter, Jojoba oil, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E impart serious moisture while SPF 8 protects lips from harmful UVA/UVB rays. This just-bitten tint of color provides immediate soothing relief to irritated chapped lips while also diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the lip area. Like all our mineral makeup this item is 100% mineral based with No Parabens, No Preservatives and No Chemical Dyes.

I am reviewing yet another new item on the US Site (click here to view them on the US Site) .  They have just arrived in the UK site today 11/01/2012.  (click here to view them on the UK site)
On the US & UK site there are 7 shades available in the Mineral Moisturising Lip Tints and they cost $3/£3.50/€4 each
The Packaging
As you can see they all come the same in a nice sleek handy black tube with the name clearly printed on the tube......also apart from some of the e.l.f regular line lip products where unless you have the package it came from you find it hard to make out what shade is on the little stickers its written on .....these have a fair nice sized sticker on the bottom with big enough writing of the shade on each one.  The lid of these tubes are great too.  When you place the lid back on the tube you get a "Click" sound which means you are guaranteed the lid is not going to fall off in your handbag i love that.......These are nice and small to even fit into your purse so handy if you are on the go.....
The Shades 

Now at the moment im actually suffering with sore lips and very chapped lips i think its either from too many lip swatches lol or the change of the weather.....Normally i dont suffer from sore lips as i have a little obsession of taking good care of i have put these to the test as in keeping my poor dry lips hydrated and moist and of course if this SPF8 really works :) :) i will let you guys be the judge on how my lips look in the photos :) :) 

Cherry:   I was thinking this was going to be more of a "Cherry" shade but it wasnt....Im not complaining tough it still gives my lips a nice natural tint it comes out more of a reddish brown shade but its nice and gives me that MLBB look :) 

Guava:  This give a beautiful frost pinkish shade to your lips......If you have pale lips it will appear more pigmented

Cinnamon:  This is alot more pigmented :).......It is a brown with a slight peachy pink undertone to really makes your lips stand out this is definitely one of my favourites 

Natural:  Now this one definitely lives to its name......This literally evens out my lip colour....Its so close to my lip colour its not even that noticeable on my lips....but again if you have pale or dark lips this would be worth buying :) 

 Rose:  This is a beautiful natural pink shade as you can see by the photo it really brightens up your lips making them irresistible.........Another of my favourites  

Pink:  This is a very light frost pink shade its nice but i prefer something a little more noticeable than this one again with this and "Natural" if you looking for any sort of pigmentation from these two you are not going to get that 

Blush:  This is perfect for anyone with fair skin its a beautiful natural pink shade again brightens up your lips making them more healthier looking.....this goes well over any pink lippie :) 

The Swatches 
"Cherry, Guava, Cinnamon, Natural, Rose, Pink & Blush" taken with flash of camera 

"Cherry, Guava, Cinnamon, Natural, Rose, Pink & Blush" in natural light
My Overall Opinion
Well i have to say i got a surprise when i received these believe me i was surprised they were as pigmented as they are....i wasn't expecting that actually i was expecting them all to be the same or disappointing as i seen a video on YouTube a while back of someone reviewing these and they stated they were in no way pigmented but as you can see yourself apart from a couple of shades(and keep in mind i'm missing one more which is "Berry") they were noticeable on my lips.
The formula on these lip tints are really creamy and so easy to apply.  They are moisturising but i did find in a way they were also drying i dont know if its because my lips were sore and chapped but it does say that these are made especially for people who have sore and chapped be honest i wouldnt rely on these in the winter months if thats the case as thats the time you would need a really good moisturising lip balm.....i will surely be reaching for my e.l.f Studio Lip Conditioning lip balms instead as i find them more moisturising.
These are very suitable for the summer because of their wee tint of colour but to be honest if i were to choose between these and the Studio Lip Conditioning Balms i wouldnt choose these.......But if you have a teenage daughter, niece, cousin etc....these would be perfect for them starting off with lipsticks :) 

In all i would give these 6/10 they are lovely and im glad i have them in my collection but as far as purchasing them again i wouldnt think i will but as i have siad before thats just my opinion :) 

Ok Girlies thats my review on these i hope it was helpful
If you have any question please comment below 

Bye for now 
lots of Irish hugs and kisses 
Nina Carry 


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These all look very pretty and my fav is the blush one :) great review xx

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aly7 said...

oh these looks sooo pretty! i love blush and natural. I ordered 4 or 5 of these in my holiday haul and I can't wait to try them!

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