Monday, 8 August 2011

e.l.f Luscious Lipstick Full collection Review

e.l.f says:   Lip therapy is here! Intensive hydrating agents along with natural pigments leave lips with long-lasting color and moisture. This luscious liquid lipstick creates wearable color that flatters a multitude of skin tones and looks.

Hey all you gorgeous people out there here is yet another review on my complete collection of e.l.f's Luscious Lipsticks available from for £1.50/$1/€1.70 each.......Now some of you are probably thinking when you see these and see the e.l.f Hypershine Lipglosses  that it doesnt look like there is much difference between the two but let me tell you there is please read on to learn more about them.....
In this photo im missing one which i found shortly after taking the picture you will see the shade further down the page :)
ok i bought these in the 50% off deal was having a while back so getting them for .75p was for nothing:

The packaging
As you can see the Luscious Lipsticks are not a whole lot different to the Hypershine Lipglosses.  Its has the same clear tube that you can see the shades.  It also has the same twist click pen that you again have to twist about 10-15 time before you get any product out.  The only difference with this packaging is the sponge tip in which i much prefer as it makes it so much easier to apply the lipstick and there is no mess job whatsoever.  I know there is still the issue with hygiene but once you are the only person using it who needs to worry plus you can alway spritz it with a bit of sanitizer.  

Swatches in normal light 
Swatches with Flash 
The Shades 

Brownie Points:  This is a beautiful reddish brown with a golden the tube and swatch it looks darker than when applied on the lips but it still gives a lovely neutral payoff to your lips

Cherry Tart:  This is a beautiful cherry-red not too strong but looks fantastic on the lips 

Pink Lemonade:  This is a rosy pink with goldy adds beauty to your lips its fantastic on a nude lip or over e.l.fs mineral lipstick "Natural Nymph".....i love it 

Bark:  This is a sheer nude gloss more than a lippie even tho its more of a gloss it gives your lips the MLBB look :) 

Strawberry:  This is one of the newer shades available.....This is a lovely sheer rosy/red have to layer it before you get a nice swatch on your lips...this again is the type of shade for one who are trying to get used to wearing red lippies :) its pretty i like it 

Candy Caramel:  I have to say when i seen this on the site and in the tube i thought oh no not going to be a colour for me now im thinking why didnt i get this sooner...This is a nice beige nude shade with a nice bit of shimmer......this looks caramely on the lips .....i love this shade its perfect to wear with a smokey eye look.

Maple Sugar:   This is a lovely neutral shade with a pinky undertone to it this is also pretty with a smokey eye look or just on its own or even over a nice lippie :)

Baby lips:  This is a pretty baby pink lippie is more of a sheer gloss......This is almost transparent....makes the lips look really pretty and plumper :) i love this one :)

Perfect Pink:   This one isnt highly pigmented at all in fact you would mistake this on as a gloss not a lipstick,  it gives you a very sheer very light pink payoff is lovely over your favourite pink lippie 

Raspberry:  This ones another new one to the pack....:) your getting a sheer berry pink and nicely pigmented and noticeable on the lip i love this shade its so pretty on its own and has a slight shimmer to it 

Ruby Slipper:  This is a fabulous dark reddish pinky shade with a little shimmer thats not OTT.....its highly pigmented so a little goes a long long way this even looks beautiful with a dark smokey eye look.....and would definately suit all skintones :) 

My overall opinion 
To be honest i much prefer these to the Hypershine lipglosses.  At first i was thinking they were going to be near enough the same.....But they are by far completely different....the pigmentation from these are more......i love the sponge tip applicator it allows you to get the lippie on so even......I love love love them.....For the price you really are getting what you paid for and more.....But in my opinion these are more of a very pigmented gloss than a lipstick....they apply like a gloss, they look like a gloss, they feel like a gloss and they wear like a gloss......most of the shades are sheer but some have a bit of shimmer to them.....
They have a scent and taste of spearmint and give a cooling sensation to the lip....not too much tough and the taste wears off after about 10 minutes.....i really love these and will surely purchase them again no doubt 

Well thats it on these creations 
until next time 
lots of Irish hugs and kisses 
Nina Carry 


PlumFoolery said...

They all seem the same to me. But if I could choose, I would go for raspberry :-)

Fran Brookman said...

You have a really lovely and detailed blog. It's really nice to see how detailed your swatches are, especially with this blog every colour is swatched and a photo on your lips too! You've really helped and changed my mind when ordering! p.s you have really nice lips!!

Thanks x

Nina said...

Fran Thanks so much for that lovely message. i feel i should show swatches of lip colours on the lips too as swatches on the arm or hand dont always match to lips as they are total different colours. and thanks very much for the compliment too you made me blush hahaha

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