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Catrice Baroque Glamour Review

Hey you beautiful rays of sunshine out there today im reviewing a few items i got from the Catrice Baroque Glamour section which unfortunately is Limited Edition so if you see something you like quickly try and get your hands on them as they are not around for long.

I will start of with the All Over Powder in "07 Baroque Shine": 
Oh Dont start me on this fabulous creation haha....Im amazed by its beauty just look at the shades on this All Over Powder........
The lighter shade is a beautiful light creamy/gold shade 
The medium shade is a lovely coppery shade with a gold undertone to it 
The darker shade is a more darker browny/gold shade.
You can use these seperate the lighter shade as a highlight and the medium and darker shade as eyeshadows.  To me this is too goldy and shimmery for an all over powder but is perfect for a highlight or a fabulous summer bronzer the glow you get from this product is fabulous i love it !!!!!!!! if you can get this believe me you will love it.  This is so soft to apply and it feels incredible on my face......Its a real pity its a Limited Edition im hoping they bring it out again if they do i will be stocking up!!!!!!!! 
Swatches are the 3 shades separate and the big swatch is of all 3 together this was taken in the sunlight
In Normal Light 

Catrice Baroque Glamour Eye shadows 

Starting from the top Left "Beige Velvet, Purple Silk, Opulent Brown & Luscious Green"
There are only four of these shade available in the collection and im delighted to say i have all four.....Starting with the 1st:

Beige Velvet:  This is a beautiful light beige/nude shade eyeshadow that almost has a shimmer of gold in the sun this is perfect for a highlight or combining with other shades its gives a frosty finish 

Purple Silk:  Oh my this shade is definitely my favourite perhaps its because i love my purples but this is unique........ This a a beautiful deep purple with a goldy shimmer........This is so highly pigmented even without a base or primer........i love this shade it even looks great on its own for a night out look......

Opulent Brown:  I was pleasantly surprised by this shade :) in the pan it looks a bit confusing of what colour it is but when swatched it is a medium brown with a purple undertone and a slight golden shimmer to it girls this looks fantastic on the eye,  i would actually where this on a night out.....but looks fantastic even combined with purple silk  i love it 

Luscious Green:  This is a mossy green with gold shimmer.....I wasnt really pushed about this at first but when i swatched and wore this on my eyes it turned out to be fantastic especially with my eyes been hazel it really made my eye colour pop 

All Swatches were taken in normal light 
Over all these were so cheap €2.99 each and for the quality you are getting for that price its pretty amazing :)  These eyeshadows feel so silky and smooth im amazed by them........and the pigmentation is out of this world i mean one tiny swipe and you have enough to do the whole eye.....If i was to find a fault with them i would say that they are quite powdery you have to be careful or you will have some fallout while applying all these are fantastic and perfect for the autumn

Catrice Baroque Glamour Lipstick 
In Shade "C06 Golden Brown" 
Swatch in Normal Light 
This is a beautiful lipstick if you are not one who likes wearing heavy lipsticks this is suitable for you..........It looks darker on the stick than it actually are just getting a plain black tube but the the lipstick itself and a beautiful swirly designs printed on it.   There are 3 shade in the Baroque Glamour collection and this one is in "Golden Brown".  This is truly the shade that it is named a Lightish more reddish brown with a slight golden undertone....I was quite surprised by the pigmentation from this, its not as pigmented as i thought actually to me this would be more of a tinted gloss than a lipstick......I dont know what the other 2 are like but i have heard they are alot more pigmented...... I still like this lipstick its perfect for everyday wear...
I glides on so smoothly and easily and feels soft and moisturising......It doesnt dry out at all and lasts about 3 hours before you have to top it up.....

Swatched on the lips 
So thats it form my Baroque Glamour Collection i am very happy with my purchases and i want to get my hands on the nail polishes in this collection too and of course knowing me i will get them so keep an eye out for them soon :) 

Well thats it from me for now 
I hope this was helpful to you all and im sorry to the ones who cant get their hands on these....Hopeful Catrice Cosmetics Will soon expand their products to other countries soon......

Until Next Time 
Lots of Irish hugs and Kisses 
Nina Carry 

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