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e.l.f Studio Blush Review Part 2

e.l.f says:  The soft sheer texture blends into the skin for a silky finish. Designed to be worn alone or layered for more depth. Highlight your complexion with a subtle healthy glow!

Well Hello again everyone :) :) today im reviewing the final 4 Studio Blushes to complete my collection.....I was going to put them on my Part 1 Review  but i thought it might be a bit over-whelming seeing so many different shades of blushes especially with the amount of picture i have of this is part two and also a little surprise at the end ok ok i will tell you 2 additional shades i was lucky to get my hands on from the US Site.....they are as of yet not available to the UK Site but you never know they could be soon ........
The Blushes 

Click on the Picture for a closer look 

Now there is no point in me talking about the packaging again as i have already done that in Part 1 so basically im just going to show pictures and swatches and talk about the shades in this one .........
So I shall Start with : 
"Gotta Glow" 
Gotta Glow:  This is a Fantastic Highlight blush.....It a pearl white blush with a goldy shimmer....once swatched it looks very pigmented but when blended it out gives you the most fabulous glow....i use this also on my brow bone and down the bridge of my nose :) this should be in everyones collection without a doubt..........When applies it gives a beautiful goldy shimmery glow the only downfall i would find with this is the glitter can tend to be a bit chunky but i dont mind that at all 

"Berry Merry"
Berry Merry:  This is a beautiful berry-rose blush with slightly chunky gold shimmer to it.....Its said to be compared to the Nars Sin i dont own a Nars Sin blush so i cant tell you if its true or not but alot of e.l.f studio blushes are compared quite alot to Nars blushes........anyway this blush in particular is very pigmented and in no doubt will last you a long time......anyone with pale skin could actually use this to contour their cheek bones.......There is quite a bit of fallout using this but im not complaining as the price is incredible 

"Mellow Mauve"
Mellow Mauve:  This is a beautiful berry rose shade.....This is fantastic over a bronzer and perfect in the summer.......This a perfect blush to give me that shy blushing cheeks look i love it.....its so natural which actually surprised me alot it also gives as good as a matte finish even tough you can see shimmer in the pan.............This is one i would wear both day and night as its build-able and FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Fushia Fusion"
Fushia Fusion:  This is a bright baby pink blush with shimmer.........This is a WOWZER blush haha its soooooo pink but i love it :) this is so so perfect for the winter imagine a christmas wonderland look with bright pink cheeks :) :) beautiful !!!!!! and with its beautiful  sparkle bits its what every woman needs in their kit dont be afraid a little goes a long way but make sure you only use a little or your will be employed by the circus crew lol ..... Quite a few people have stated its too glittery but the glitter falls off once you go over your make-up with a setting powder anyway which means your left with a matte finish 

Now for the 2 you have been waiting for :)

The NEW Studio Blushin Shades "Twinkle Pink & Giddy Gold"
I managed to get these from my good friend Muff_top10.  Ive mentioned her before she has a booming EBAY store in which she sells alot of products mostly e.l.f products and alot of e.l.f products from the US site......She is 100% honest, helpful, friendly and i know you might pay a little extra but buy in bulks and she will do you a deal on postage not only that there has been a few time ive asked her whenever she was ordering again off the US Site would she get me this and that and she is always happy to try.........

The Blushes :) :) 
"Twinkle Pink & Giddy Gold"

Twinkle Pink
Twinkle Pink:  I know what you are thinking "Twinkle Pink------Tickled Pink" roughly the same name???? well they are different dont worry......This shade does look like it near the same but the difference is this is more of a peachy-pink shade with alot more goldy shimmer......its a little more powdery too but it look fantastic when applied....definately a summer blush and gives you a beautiful pinky glow :) i love it but the old fault i find is that you can loose alot more product than the rest of the studio blushes because of it been more powdery but hey again for the price im not complaining 
"Giddy Gold" 
Giddy Gold:  Now i presume e.l.f was aiming for this to be a high-light blush well to me it is anyway.........this is in now doubt a pure gold blush with gold shimmer......again the glitter in this is biggish but can be removed yet again with setting powder :)  Its quite exciting actually as this would be the first gold highlight blush i have got and it does actually work......The actual payoff is a peachy-gold its fantastic over your bronzer ......I do find you are either going to have a love hate relationship with this blush/ Love :) 

Swatches of all blushes 
Click on the picture for a close up view :)
"Mellow Mauve, Berry Merry & Gotta glow in sunlight"
"Fushia Fusion" in Sunlight 

"Twinkle Pink & Giddy Gold" in Sunlight  
"Twinkle Pink & Giddy Gold" in Normal Light 

Well now thats them all for you girlies :) i have the full collection of the studio a happy happy woman :) If there is any question please ask away and dont forget to click that FOLLOW button if you like what you see so far :) :) i hope you found both my reviews on the Studio Line Blushes helpful as that is and always will be my aim......I would also like to say that each one of these blushes as always were paid out of my own money and i only ever give my honest opinion on anything i review.  Dont forget to have a look at my Part 1 review on the other shades of the Studio Line Blushes 

bye for now 
lots of Irish hugs & Kisses 
Nina C 


Neelam said...

I absolutely love the studio blushes! I have 2 myself - mellow mauve which I love and Fushia Fusion which I'm not too keen on, was put off by the massive chunks of glitter but after your review I may dig it out again!
Lovely new shades from the US too, especially Twinkle Pink, hope the UK gets it soon!


P.S. LOVE your swatches.

Nina said...

Thanks so much for your feedback Neelam

TheOtherSideofCool said...

I love elf but for some reason didnt realise they did a studio line of blushes! These colours all look really pretty- I will be placing an order soon!! xx
Visit The Other Side Of Cool
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shanice said...

I LOVEE PINK PAssion iwas quite hesitant to ry it but i think i will get it my next order.

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