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e.l.f Hypershine Lipgloss complete collection Review

e.l.f says:  Hyper, glass-like shine infused with micro-mirror technology to reflect light. Smoothes lips on contact with a conditioning shine that lasts for hours. Create that natural lip stain of color that's sheer, subtle and beautiful!

Im missing one in this photo i forgot to add it in as it as in my handbag lol .  apart from the one thats missing which you will see further on, this is the complete set available on the e.l.f site :)
I was curious what all the "hype"(ye get it HYPE) ( lol hahahaha awwwww man i need to get out more) was about these "Hypershine Glosses".  There has been many many great reviews about these some not so good but more to the point i needed to know for e.l.f had a 50% off deal going on their site   and as these glosses cost £1.50 at half price i went ahead and got them all.

First of all i will talk a  little about the packaging,  now the gloss surely doesnt look like you have paid more than what you have paid for the gloss but i dont mind......its perfect for if you have a good few different shades you can see easily which shade is get a brush applicator which some people dont like because it can pick up bacteria easily but i spray it with a sanitizer spray and its fine but personally i fine using that brush in particular a bit messy so i just take a bit on my finger and work with it that way......and lastly you get a twist click pen in which you have to twist about 10-15 times before you get any product onto the brush ....

The shades 
Swatches with flash
Swatches in normal light 

Bubble Gum:   This is a beautiful baby pink gloss with no shimmer,  on the swatch you can see the baby pink but on the lip its almost a clear gloss this is perfect for everyday wear or over your fav lippie....

Mauve:  This is also an everyday sort of gloss it gives off a very light neutral shade on the lips.  I wear this over any light brown lippies and it brightens and brings the shade up more.  Or this is a perfect MLBB shade on its own...

Joy:  Again on the Swatch this shade looks to be a pinky-light purple shade with a goldy shimmer but on the lips it looks almost clear only with that goldy shimmer dont get me wrong its lovely on the lip but a wee bit more pigmentation wouldnt go a miss  

Vixen:  Now we are seeing a bit of pigmentation.....this shade is perfect for us pale Irish gals who dont often wear the deep red shade on our lips......This is such a pretty shade of red its not too strong but noticeable :)  This also puts a beautiful finish over a good red lippy on a night out for me 

Sugar Plum:  This on is a dark purpley shade with goldy shimmer not too pigmented and does compliment your lips....

Flirt:  This is a beautiful Peachy shade with a tad of shimmer which isnt noticeable on the lip.....this is very sheer but compliments the lips and in some way makes your lips look a slight bit plumper 

Honey:  This is a lovely medium brown with goldy shimmer, this is another of my favs......its noticeable on the lip too which i love perfect on its own 

Fairy:  This is a lovely transparent gloss with a pinky pearl finish,  this too makes the lips look plumper and i love this one 

Berry Cherry:  This is definitely a cherry brown shade and nicely pigmented is definately noticeable on the lip i love this one also this is fab on its own.....

Cloud Nine:  This is a white transparent goes on quite thick and doesn't really do alot for your lips this would be bottom on my lips 

Blossom:  This is nearly the same shade as flirt only lighter......its wears beautifully and perfect for brightening up your lippies.....

My overall Opinion 

Ok as you may have noticed by the photos some of them look as if im wearing a clear gloss....which is what i find a wee bit frustrating but if you are planning to buy any and want it noticable on your lips i do suggest going for the darker shades as they have the most pigmentation......but these are glosses after all i just dont see why there is so many made that end up looking the same when on the lips....

Another fault i suppose i would find with these is the fact you have to twist them so many times at the start before you get any product out which then makes it look like you only have half the lipgloss than what you had before using it but again you can complain as it was only £1.50/$1 to buy....

These glosses are a little sticky but not alot they are super sheer and look fab on the lips as in how long they last id say roughly 2 hours at a time so keep in mind to have these babies with you for reapplying.....they smell a little like candy but again the scent doesnt last too long so for some of you out there that dont like that sweet scent dont worry its not that strong but a bit better than no scent at all eh?  

Another good thing about these are when they dry up they simply disappear off the lip not like some glosses that dry into the lip and leave that whiteish embarrassing line on your lip that feels you can feel perfect comfortable about wearing these and not worry about checking yourself in the mirror every half hour :) 

So over all i give these glosses 5/10 

well ladies thats it from me on these glosses try them see what you think let me know if you do and what you think of them.....i want to add also that all these glosses were bought out of my own money as always and im in no way made to review these im just offering you my utmost and honest opinion and i hope it helps you 

Lots of Irish hugs and kisses 
Nina C


Teresa Starling said...

i need more ! ♥

Nina said...

need more what chic :)

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