About Me

Hey my beauties i thought i would write a little about myself which is kinda weird because i dont even know where to start lol. 
Of course im a full-time mum of 5 little kiddies.  My youngest is a set of twins which is even more exciting as everyday brings a excitement to my home every single day.........
My life is full of changing nappies, washing clothes, cleaning house, been a kid myself etc.  but i always find time for my 2nd love which is beauty, makeup, products reviewing experimenting talking listening and trying to help people out as much as i can.  One of my wishes more than anything is to become a makeup artist....right now i obviously cant because of money and the fact i have my young kiddies so i realise that want through my blog, youtube channel and facebook page.  

I know what its like to be honest been stuck for money all the time sitting watching makeup and beauty channels that always seem to show and sell the highest branded items on the market and cant help feeling down about the fact i cant even afford half of the price of one of those items.  Thats when i realised you know what !!!! there is alot out there on the market been forgotten about brands that are never even looked at because of its price tag!!!!!! Items that are probably better for you even tough its cheap...... its not just makeup, beauty products, skin care etc its clothes shoes everything. 

You see with 5 kiddies i have learned that been careful with your money isnt that bad in fact you actually surprise yourself when you are careful i have believe me.....I have found so many bargains out there i have even walked into 2nd hand shops ( im not one bit ashamed to admit it) and bought items that were either new or near enough and came out smiling because i saved money.... now i have my limits believe me i wouldnt buy items thats going to be a waste of time no no but i am not going to pay an arm and a leg for items thats gonna be no good to me either.........

I dont settle for just one price either i have to fish around do research find out every single detail before i settle to buy what i buy i dont know if thats bad or good but i have to say 97% of the time i have always been pleased with anything i have got because of what i do .........

anyways im babbling on lol you would know i was an Irish Gal as i could talk for Ireland.........

I hope that you all like my blog, youtube and facebook page and find it useful.  As that was and is my aim from when i started this.........My aim and goal is to help you all out there my researching and sharing my experiences with anything i purchase so that you wont waste money on items that might not be suitable for you.......

I want to thank all of you who follow me.  I fell honoured that you take your time to visit me and im pleased with the positive feedback i have been getting,  you guys have given me even more inspiration to continue with what im doing and i enjoy it so very much..........I want to get to know each and everyone of you and dont ever think i will never reply back to you because i always will no matter what and it might not be straight away but i will.......I love you all for supporting me in doing what i love and i appreciate each and every one of you xxxxxxxxxxxxx 

thanks so much again 
Lots of Love Luck & Laughter 

Live everyday as if its you last 
Make it your aim to smile at least one person a day, if they smile back at least you know you have brightened up a second of their day!!!!! 
Never fall asleep on an argument always try to resolve it 
Always tell the people you love that you love them as you never know what tomorrow brings 
Dont carry hatred around with you as it brings out the worse in you 
Never live around the "What ifs" things happen for a reason the sooner we live with that the easier live will be...
Never ever live in the past if you do maybe you should think about leaving it in the past, you cant change it all you can do is learn from it 
Always try to change a negative thought into a positive, no matter how hard it is, the more positives you have the better your days will be. 
Always stand up for what you believe in no matter how "Silly" you think it may be its how you feel and it makes you be who you are.
Never ever worry about what other people think of you because at the end of the day you are who you are and if people cant accept that well they are not the people to have in your life.  
Ever stand in front of the mirror and find yourself picking out all the negative things in the image in front of you WELL STOP IT as its not doing you or anyone else any good TRY AND PICK OUT AT LEAST ONE GOOD THING BE IT "OH MY SKIN LOOKS GOOD TODAY" OR "MMMMM MY HAIR IS NICE AND SHINY" try and do that everyday and you will notice that you see yourself in a whole different light (and no its not making you vain not one bit) you are starting to appreciate you as YOU and accepting you for who you are.  If you start accepting you for who you are thats when you will notice the people around you will accept you for who you are also.  (if that makes sense lol) it sounds better coming out of my mouth than it does typing it 
NEVER EVER let people put you down about what you want to do with your life , for what you are interested in, for what you believe in, for your opinions because at the end of the day its those people are only wishing that they had your confidence to do the same!!!!!
Never keep things bottled inside you, if its bothering you no matter how big or how small it is, dont ever feel its "silly" or that "your been stupid" always share with someone talk to someone who will listen dont always be the listener BE LISTEN TO it will make you feel so much better!!!!! 

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