Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Pro Brush Belt Review

Hello Beauties I hope you are all well 
Ah it feels great to be back blogging :) I had it planned to come back sooner than this but my baby boy is suffering with reflux which is a horrible thing for any baby to go through.  Since he was 5 weeks old he has had to deal with this and still is so forgive me for been slow coming back.  With been exhausted 90% of the time and been a full time mum of 6 one needing alot of my attention I bearly had time to sit down for a cup of tea never mind get back blogging plus I have so much to review its crazy :)  I have missed blogging & you all so so much and couldnt wait to be back behind the laptop :)  Jayden is fast asleep for now so here I am & This is where I will be every second I have free :) 

Of course my first review after 3 months has to be on the Blank Canvas Cosmetics Pro Brush Belt in which has been on my wishlist for a long long time now :)  I have alot of makeup brushes and I mean alot and Now that I am going free lance I needed something to make life easier for myself instead of placing my brush individually on a table each time I do makeup :)  
I spotted Sineady Cady with this brush belt and I just had to try it out for myself.  If you are a Makeup Artist, Freelancer or even in college studying Makeup you are going to want one of these I promise :)  Even if you are not all of the above and have alot of brushes this is such an easy way to store all of your brushes together :) 

This brush Belt is one of the most sold products from the Blank Canvas Website that at the moment :)  So grab while you can especially if you want to buy a close friend or family member one for Christmas or want to treat yourself to one because alot of the time this beauty is sold out.  At the moment its available :) :) 

This Pro Brush belt is made up of alot of separate compartments :) All the compartments are arranged perfectly on the belt and are all different sizes of course to fit all your different sized brushes :)   
You dont have to store just brushes in here though you can store makeup also :)  Your eyeliners, lip pencils, lipsticks and eye pencils even mascaras in the compartments :) :)  
The brush belt is made of Faux Leather and closes with zip :)  It also has a strap that wraps around you waist and closes with a clip :)  Whats great is that you can adjust the belt to fit you waist properly :)  Of course I have to mention that the belt has Blank Canvas Cosmetics name printed in the inside :) 

How love how easy this belt is to clean because lets face it your makeup brushes will make a mess :)  A simple wipe of a wet cloth and its as good as new :) :) 

This belt is so sturdy that you can fill it up with brush fold it and close it up using the zip.  Never once have I felt that the zip was going to burst.  Its like the Leather case has this build in elastic that stretches as you close :)
Just look how beautiful my brushes look together :)  

I love that this brush belt is at an amazing affordable price of €24.99 :)  I want to get another one :)  (yes I do have that many brushes haha) 
I highly recommend this belt to you all I love how organised my brushes look in here and the fact that I can bring alot more brushes with me on travel or to do a clients makeup and it doesnt take up too much room in my makeup box :) 
Need I say more :)  Its amazing :)  

Check out Blank Canvas Cosmetics website for more information.  If you are thinking of getting this belt for an extra little bit off the already affordable price Enter "NINA" in the discount code part at the checkout and that will give you a little bit of a discount :) as a treat :) 

I hope you enjoyed my review :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


beautyqueenuk said...

Well it is definitely spacious enough for all of those brushes and what a fantastic price it is too x

WhatLauraLoves said...

I love this brush belt, looks so sturdy and practical xxx

the creation of beauty is art. said...

So glad that you have one! It sounds super handy :)

Sana said...

I've heard a lot about Black Canvas brushes but never happened to try them. This is looking so useful and I'm already intrigued to try it out ^_^

Luminess Air Reviews said...

Great. I Love You aND I Love Everything About Your blog

Beautykinguk said...

I have never heard of these but have seen shop assistants with something similar in make up stores.

Mel said...

Seriously, why do I NEVER invest in things like this...I adore makeup but organization is my final frontier! This looks like such a good (and relatively compact) idea. Mel at eyecreamadvisor

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