Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Benefit World Famous Neutrals Sexiest Nudes Ever

Hello My Fantastic Gorgeous Readers How are you all 
Wow this morning I got the loveliest surprise by realising I hit over 700,000 Page views   That is amazing and I have all of you to Thank :) :) :) I love you all :) 
You may remember last week I was invited to a Benefit Party and I told you I just couldn't help but buy a few things there but kept what I bought as a secret for a short while.  Well today I am reviewing one of them yeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)   
Benefit World Famous Neutrals Eye shadow Kits were released early this year and I have had my eye on them for quite some time.  To be honest I am a huge lover of sets and palettes I prefer them to singles I just love how organised they are and you have variation in them plus they look so nice on the dresser table.  :) 
The world Famous Neutral sets are actually a collection and there are 3 sets to choose from.  The idea around this collection is that all the shades in each set are neutral shades which suit absolutely everyone.  
There is the Easiest Nudes Ever which is for the ones who prefer the Soft and Natural looks 
Then we have the Most Glamorous Nudes Ever which is for ones who like the rich and illuminating shades and of course lastly we have the Sexiest Nudes Ever which is for the ones who are more daring and like the dramatic looks.  
Each set contains 2 crease-less cream eye shadows & 4 long wearing powder eye shadows   All shades in each box are to compliment each other which is brilliant.  
I am a sucker for the packaging I have to admit Benefit really work hard on the packaging and to be honest it does in fact work in drawing alot of us lovely ladies in.  I love the packaging on this collection and featured in the front of each set is the lovely Eyenessa who is this beautiful flawless yet sexy natural looking goddess with perfect natural looking makeup on her.  The box in which the eyeshadows come in contains not only the eyeshadows but also this perfect sized mirror plus tips and tricks on a day time and night time look for those who are only starting out you can try out.  Plus when you are finished with the eyeshadow which will not be for a very long time you can transform this box into a jewellery box or a storage by simply removing the inside out of it :) 
Enough about the packaging and onto the products :) 
First of all lets talk about the creaseless eyeshadows in which I was super excited to try out the most as i have heard some great things about them 
In this set you get 
Bikini-tini:  Which is a shimmery peachy shade with golden undertones.  This is not hugely pigmented but gives a great base for any highlight shade.  I have worn this shade on its own to brighten up my eye area and it sure works to give the illusion that you are bright eyed and bushy tailed (Irish saying for wide awake and ready for the day) 
Holy-Smokes!:  This is one very pigmented cream shadow and literally one dab on each eye is more than enough.  This is a deep grey with silver shimmers.  This too looks brilliant on its own for an everyday light smokey eye and works amazing as a base 
Both Cream eyeshadows are very creamy and every ease to apply I was pleasantly surprised by these.  Benefit states these are creaseless and I can safely say they are 100% right.  You have enough time to play around with these before they set and once they set they are not going to move.  
Up next are the 4 powder eyeshadows 
Milk it!:  This is a very pigment white shade with a pearl finish.  This works amazingly on the inner corner and browbone for a nice daytime highlight. 
Pause for applause:  This is a light pinky purple matte shade again pigmented and builtable.  A perfect all over lid shade or perfect for blending out harsh lines 
Raincheck?:  A Stunning semi-matte deep mauve shade.  Wow This shade is stunning ans again very pigmented.  
Blingo!:  Boy oh boy oh boy this shade is unreal.  This is a very very pigmented metallic silver its just amazing full stop ! :) 
I have literally not one bad thing to say about these eyeshadows.  I am complete amazed at how pigmented each one is.  None of them are chalky or messing in anyway.  Each shade compliments each other I have been having fun with them all.  I have so far tried some shades on their own and some together in fact I have even tried the lot of them together and I love them.  

When Playing around with this palette I had no idea what looks to create but the fact that each shade compliments each other it was pretty easy to create daytime and night time looks.  The only down thing about it is ( and this is just personal preference) I would have preferred a darker shade in this to create what the name says Sexiest look.  I did have to go to another palette for a darker shade but hey everyone is different and some people are not into dark looks.  
Here is a picture of a daytime look I did using:
Bikini-tini crease less eye-shadow as sheer base but more in the inner corner.  Pause for applause all over the lid Raincheck? on the outer corner and into the crease and I added a small amount of black eye shadow from another palette on the otter V.  All of the above shades were added to the both lash-line also.  
For a little More of a Dramatic look 
I used:
Holy-Smokes crease less eye-shadow lightly all over the lid.  I used Milk it! on the inner corner then I used Bling! on the centre of the eye.  I used a mixture of Pause for applause and Raincheck on the outer corner and above crease.  I wanted a little more definition to my eyes so I took "Creep" from the Naked Palette and applied to the outer V and into the crease I applied all shades to the bottom lashline.  

Overall I love this palette.  The pigmentation of the shadows are brilliant and the palette will last forever.  I love the shades and thing they work amazing together. 
Each of these sets cost €34 which is pretty pricey but to be honest for 6 amazing long lasting eyeshadows that works out at less than €6 each which is a bargain the fact that I got these at 20% off is even more of a bargain.  You can get this collection on a number of sites one been Cara Pharmacy .  
I really really want to get the other 2 kits as they too look amazing if I do I will surely let you all know.  Have you tried these kits yet?
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 29 July 2013

Sharing the Love #14: Interview With Stefy from Stefy Puglisevic​h

Hey my beauties how are you all today :) 
Wow its been a while since we had a Share the Love entry I kinda missed it did you?  Well I have a few more to share with you and today we have Stefy who I actually have been following for a while now.  Stefy I remember won one of my giveaways if I am not mistaken it was my "Glossybox Giveaway"  I think she is a wee stunner and very talented and one of those beauty bloggers who deserve more publicity than she has.  You can tell she works very hard and puts alot of passion into her blog and channel.  So with further ado here is my interview with Stefy.  

1.  Hey Stefy Welcome to my blog :) :) Can you tell us a little about yourself :) 
Hi everyone! I'm Stefy, a 21 year old bilingual (half british/half maltese) qualified Freelance Makeup Artist who's love for beauty started at the age of 14 after watching a youtube video believe it or not. I Also am a huge Computer geek and graduated from college with a Diploma in I.T. Before my blog was born, my life was all about dance which included 5 years of ballet, 6 years of Gymnastics followed by 2 years of Hip Hop & Jazz. 

2.  Tell us a little about your blog 
I have a Beauty & Fashion blog which I  can safely call my "safe haven" as It's become a part of me. I write reviews on products or services that I'd want to share with others and also add Fashion into the mix with Outfits of the days and Inspirational Posts. I also design and create all photos and everything seen on my blog myself as it's the "fun part" after taking photos and editing.

3.  What inspired you to start up your blog 
My blog started way back in 2009, a friend of mine had sent me a link to a girl on YouTube who had posted a hair tutorial. After that, I had seen others starting up their own blog, posting about products and their opinions. In Malta, Blogs weren't known at the time so I felt like a fish stranded at sea. My blog started as "britese.blogspot.com" which meant "Brit" for British and "ese" for Maltese and soon after that I decided to buy my own domain and host it officially.

4.  What is your dream job?
My Dream Job is to work in the Beauty or Fashion Industry which I have experienced already. I have been a Makeup Artist for INGLOT Cosmetics here in Malta and also being a Freelance Makeup Artist does increase your exposure. Working for a magazine or a cosmetic company will always be my Number ONE Job. Ever since watching "Ugly Betty" I was inspired to set goals and chase my dream. I am moving to London in a couple of days which is already a milestone accomplishment for me.

5.  Can you share with us some of your favourite blogs to read ?
Some of my favorite blogs are from all over the globe! Starting off with My Best Friend & Fashion Blogger Lara from www.boffism.com, Sophia fromwww.sophiameola.blogspot.co.uk, Jordan from www.bohovanity.com, Carlinn from  www.superficialgirls.com used to live in Malta for a couple of years before returning back to Cape Town in SA.
6.  Your favorite skin care, hair care and makeup products?
My all time favorite products starting from skincare has to be my Bioderma H20 Sensibio Makeup Remover/Cleaser. For Hair products it's the Aussie Range I always have their shampoo and conditioners, my hair has never felt so soft with this range. As for Makeup products, there is no doubt but I have to say MAC Lipsticks, I currently own a total of 17 Lipsticks from them ranging from their Permanent line to some limited edition one and my favorite finishes are cremesheen and amplified.

7   If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is thinking of starting up their own blog what would it be?
My advice, think about what you would want to write about and categorize what you want your blog to be under. Then think of a fun catchy name and best of all enjoy it. There are alot of inspiration that you can get from many other bloggers and don't be shy to attend any meetups or events in your area.

8.  Can You tell us what is in you handbag?? (hehehe I like been nosey?  Include a picture ?
I actually Filmed a video on what's in my handbag just about a month ago! I bought a lovely Black & Yellow inspired Celine Boston Luggage Tote and the shape is perfect to fit my Macbook Pro 13" on the go with the zipper closed! The link to the video, it's my summer edition : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=839lu7D37qI

9.  Where else apart from your blog can we find you aka twitter facebook etc. 

10  Any last words for us :) 
Dream Big, Don't let others bring you down and be Happy in whatever you want in life. xo
Thank you Stefy for taking part in my Share the Love series.  It has been a pleasure and make sure to pop over to her Channel and Blog Check her out :) 
Until Next time 
Lot of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 27 July 2013

You're Beautiful Link Up :)

Ellie Coburn // elliecoburn.com | Courtney Pruitt //  All Things Unpredictable and Chic | Ashley Griffith // After Nine to Five | Kayla Leppelman // Love Sparkle Pretty | Emma // Emma Deer | LaurenVaughan // One Sweet Fairytale | Nina // Nina's Bargain Beauty | Kristine Foley // The Foley Fam | Shane Prather // Whispering Sweet Nothings | Keri-Anne Pink // gingerlilytea | Kara Kieran //  Kieran Honey Bee | Cassie Yielding // Live. Laugh. Love. | Kim Cee // 2justByou.com | Ann Michele // Ann Michele's World | Ashlea Durrett // Ashlea with an A | Julie Grimmett // Julie is Coco and Cocoa | Laura Euler //  Storybook Reality 
Christine Rosko // Life with a side of coffee
Special Thanks to Sarah Moog for her ongoing contributions and tireless efforts towards the Speak Now Movement.

Speak Now is an empowerment program that exists to create community and inspiration for women 
Each month, Speak Now creates a NEW way to get bloggers, women, and community members involved with our movement to spread  the unique philosophy that we are all beautiful regardless of shape, size, or circumstance. We are so wonderfully excited to reveal,  the 2nd "You're Beautiful" Link-Up.
Wonderful bloggers from all over the web have teamed up once again to help spread the "You're Beautiful" Link-Up and share with women everywhere just how beautiful they are.
Society today shares with us the ever-present challenge of feeling beautiful and worthy in all walks of life.
We're here to tell you that despite trends in fashion, media, and communication-
you are perfectly perfect being you.

Why do you think women are beautiful inside and out?
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Remember that you're beautiful. & that being you is the best you can be.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Benefit Cosmetics Party At Cara Pharmacy

Hello Bene-divas how are you all doing today.  
When I got this invite in my email I was over excited I could not believe it.  I was invited for a one day only Benefit Party At the Cara Pharmacy in Cavan Town.
I have been super excited as there is absolutely not one place around me that sells Benefit and the nearest is about 50 miles away so you can imagine how excited I was to go to the party.  
Even though Cara Pharmacy in Cavan will not be stocking Benefit Cosmetics straight away they are hoping to in the near future but I will keep you updated on the progression on that.  The purpose of this party yesterday was to Celebrate the official opening a Benefit Beauty Bar which has been a huge success since it opened in May in Sligo which is one of the locations in the North West that is now selling Benefit.  
For those of you who are a little disheartened at the fact that Benefit is not yet been sold  in Cavan dont lose heart yet as Cara Pharmacy have got an online store in which you can purchase Benefit Cosmetics from yeeeeeeeeeee.  
So when I arrived at the Cara Pharmacy yesterday the place was booming with customers.  As usual the place was decorated really well and there was plenty of workers there to great you at the door :)  The place was so bright and cheerful I loved it.  
There was 3 makeup artists working their magic with Benefit Makeup on customers and all of them were delighted with the finish :) 
I was in the door 5 minutes and already called to get a make-over yeeeeeeee.  I couldnt wait as I needed a pick me up lol (you know when you have those day when even your hair doesnt work out for you well yesterday was that day :) 
The lovely Tara the makeup artist who works with Cara Pharmacy in Donegal Done a Lovely natural everyday look on me.  On my face she used the Pore fessional, the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup, the Hoola bronzer, The New Watts up highlighter,  the Sugarbomb Blush,  The New They're Real Mascara and more :) :) 
I loved the finish look and Tara was very professional she was really chatty and I didnt find the time going until she was finished. 

I was delighted she used some of the newer products on me as it gave me an idea of what it was like on before I purchased.  I was definitely impressed by some ;)  
After I was finished I had a good nose around at the brilliant display and was in total awwwww at all the products.  I was complete overwhelmed with all the product and want one of everything as you do hahaha
Another great thing about yesterdays exciting day was anyone who got their makeup done yesterday was entered into a draw for the above hamper.  Can you imagine winning this basket of joy OMG.  Can you see what I mean about been spoiled for choice with all this fine makeup in front of you.  I did of course make a few purchases in which I will keep to myself for just a little while as I need that time to continue drooling over before I share with you all hahahaha but dont worry I wont keep you waiting too long.  
I have to say I utterly enjoyed my experience yesterday and it was a much need break in fact I didnt find the time going at all and wanted to stay longer.  The staff of Cara Pharmacy including Mary where extremely helpful and lovely and always there to answer any questions I had.  I also got myself a Loyalty Card as I know I will be a regular customer no matter where I am I will surely pop in again and again.  If you walk into Cara Pharmacy in a Down mood you will surely walk out in top form as you will see by my next photo I was in a buzzing mood after the Party 
After having the products used on my face on all evening I have already made up my mind what I am going to purchase for myself and all I can say is god help my visa card hahaha
Not only has Cara now got Benefit Cosmetics but they also have alot of great offers on most of their products in store for example perfumes other brands of makeup beauty products and lot more so get yourself over there and start stocking up for Christmas prezzies (yes Christmas it is only 5 months away everybody) 
Thanks to everyone at Cara for a great day and I am over the moon with my new buys in which I got 20% off happy days :) 
Keep an eye out for future posts on what I got as I know some of you Bene-babes are going to be very curious :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 25 July 2013

E45 Intense Recovery Moisture Control Lotion

Hello my beauties I hope you are all well Ok get ready for a little bit of a long intro or should i say a mini story :) 
Wow Our weather has surely made a drastic change.  From been in danger of everywhere been in drought to thunder storms and extreme heavy rain I am truly hoping this is not the end of our summer.  :(  The heat however is still here with temperatures reaching to 26 degrees so its heavy and clammy but without the sunshine.  On the plus note at least our skin is getting a break from extreme sun exposure which I have to admit even I last week was been extra careful with protecting my skin even more as I felt my skin had been through enough.  
One of the reasons was that my skin felt so so thirsty so much so that it was beginning to peel.  Unfortunately there was a day where I was away for the day and was in the heat and sun all day long and even though I wore protection it was so hot even the suncream could not protect my skin enough.  The place I was at had no shading whatsoever.
My skin felt the brunt of it and was extra flaky and extra dry which left me very worried as you know yourself when you build up a nice tan its nice to maintain it and enjoy it but when I began to flake I was worried the tan would become patchy which it did start showing signs of.  I was applying Aloe Vera but to be honest it was not keeping me moisturised.  My usual body moisturiser was not even working for me at this time.  So I had to go on the hunt.  
I tried a few moisturisers that I did love in the past and that did work for my occasional dry skin but even they were not keeping my skin moist for the day.  I actually thought nothing was going to work unless I reapply the moisturisers throughout the day which is a pain.  That was until I bought The E45 Intense Recovery Moisture Control Lotion in my local supermarket.  
This bottle was on offer for under €5 and I thought hey sure I might as well try it out as E45 has got a good name :) 
I have to admit I always bypass E45 products probably because Its been out like forever and to be honest I didnt think it would be as good as some modern product we have these days.  
You are a Witness to this statement I shall be sharing with you now That " I Nina was 100% wrong" 
I have been using this product just over a week now and I have already noticed a huge difference in my skin I was amazed after day 2 even.  This lotion is amazing and does exactly what it says on the bottle.  
First of all the lotion is very very light when first squeezed out of the bottle 
It doesnt feel thick or sticky in any way and when evened out looks more water based than oily.  Which I love.  When I look for a moisturiser I prefer it to soak into my skin instead of leaving an oily residue in which this lotion does exactly what I want.  It spreads out evenly without any effort but I have to say a little goes a long way.  This little bit you see on my hand in the photo did the whole top of my hand and up my arm all the way to the elbow. 
E45 claims that the Intense Recovery Moisture Control Lotion helps to lock in moisture which very dry skin lacks
and over the period of two weeks rebalances the skin so it not only appears healthier
but also feels softer and smoother too
I have to say now even after a week my skin feels as smooth as a baby's skin feels and as for the flakiness well lets just say I am not worrying about it anymore.  I can not believe how quick this lotion has worked and how soft my skin feels.  The lotion instantly soaks into my skin which means no waiting around for it to dry and the moisture lasts all day long.  Not only does it do its job right, it does better by making my skin glow.  For the first few day I could help but admire my healthy glowing looking skin and the added bonus of having a nice tan to match with it.  Thanks to E45 Intense Recovery Moisture Control Lotion I can flaunt my nice tan off plus look healthy and moisturised I give this lotion and big thumbs up for sure.  I have even started using this on my little ones as they too need a little extra moisture on their skins with this weather.  I am especially going to love this lotion in the winter when the weather gets colder and we are using heat in the house again.  My mind feels at ease knowing I have this lotion to run to when I feel the brunt of the cold weather.  
You can purchase this lotion at any supermarket and also purchase it from Boots in the UK or Boots in Ireland .
Have you tried this Lotion yet 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Loreal Triple Active Glow Moisturiser

Hey my beauties how are you all :)  I hope you are all not too disappointed with the dramatic weather change we are having after all with Some counties in Ireland close to drought its no harm to see a week of rain to get back into track as long as the good weather comes back pleeeeeezzzzzz :) 
Anyway todays review is on a moisturiser I have been using for the past month.  I ran out of my last moisturiser so I decided one day to try out a different one.  I have never tried any of Loreals face products and when I seen this one was on offer at my local supermarket I snatched it :) :)  They are available on the Cara Pharmacy Website for €7.49.  They are also available on the Look Fantastic Website.   
For a day time moisturiser I like to have a cream that is lightweight, non sticky, not heavy, gives me a nice shine healthy glow, moisture for the full day and also protection would be an added bonus.  So the question is Did or Is Loreal Triple Active Glow doing all of the above for me ??? Read on to find out more :) 
The packaging of this moisturiser is impressive for the price I have to say even though packaging is not a great deal to me but it is nice to get decent enough packaging when you are purchasing something.  I like the box in which the moisturiser comes in.  The moisturiser comes in a squeezy tube which I also love as its more hygienic that way.  
Loreal says Triple Active Glow it's a radiance boosting moisturiser enriched with complexion enhancing pigments to give you a natural glow and a unified looking skin tone.
Along with this promise they also promise this product will give you 48hrs of Hydration,  Even out your skin and also brighten your complexion which is alot of promise for just one product.  hmmmmmmmmmmmm 
The moisturiser itself is truly peachy I was a little bit scared at first to be honest as i thought it would be like a BB Cream and make me look orangey but i was wrong thank goodness  
The moisturise itself is very very light and more water based than oil based A+ to that one :) 
I did notice that a small amount of this goes a long way literally the amount on my hand in the photo does your whole face.  The scent is beautiful its not overpowering and smells very fresh.  This is so easy to apply and takes little effort to blend out and yes it blends out to nothing :)  
At first I thought that it didnt look any different to a normal moisturiser which was a little disappointing 
But after 5 minutes I actually noticed my skin looked more even.  Looked more radiant and moist.  I have pigmentation on my forehead and I noticed that it looked less noticeable when I wore this moisturiser.  It didnt cover it completely but it certainly made some difference.   I instantly feel in love and not only that with the good weather spell and a little colour on my face this moisturiser really highlights my lovely tan and I feel I can get away with not wearing a BB Cream or tinted moisturiser I can actually wear this on its own.  The glow on my face is amazing so much so I have been complimented a few times on how fresh and dewy I look.  I have found this keeps me moist from morning to night without a doubt and that's what I wanted.  I am loving that there is SPF 15 in this as its perfect for all year round for protection from all the nasties that effect your face :) especially UV rays.  
I have been wearing this moisturiser everyday since I bought it and loving it.  
This definitely gets a thumbs up from me for sure :) :) I especially love wearing this under my make-up as it gives my foundation a beautiful dewy finish.  Another great thing about this is that its suitable for every skin type and every skin tone :) :) 
Have you tried this moisturiser yet?
What is your go to day time moisturiser 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Catrice Longlasting Waterproof Eye Pencil

Hello My beauties How are you all doing today :) 
Wow it seems like ages since I have done a review on any new products By Catrice.  It not because I dont use Catrice anymore its just that I am trying to use up the products I already have and trying to refrain from buying more until then.  Up until maybe a month ago I just couldnt help myself when I seen these Eye Pencils as they are new to the Brand and I also bought a New Lipstick which I have already reviewed on a Guest Post on The Lovely Girlie Bits Blog if you missed it check it out as its a Dupe for a high end lipstick ;) 
So I have still been a good girl havent I :) 
Well today I am finally reviewing the New Catrice Longlasting Waterproof Eye Pencils in which I have 3 shades of.  The fact that these eye pencils are so affordable I ended up purchasing 3 shades to test and try out.  There are 8 shades to choose from altogether.  Each eye pencil costs as little as under €3
I decided to pick 3 of the more darker shades as I have more than enough of the brighter ones in my collection.
010 New Kids on the Black is your typical matte black shade
050 Brown Town Girl is your typical matte chocolate brown 
070 Blue Berrymore is a stunning metallic blackened navy blue shade and looks stunning 
The best thing about these eyeliners is that its twistable which means no sharpening is needed I love that.  Also included is a hidden sharpener for the days you want a very precise thin line.  Thats always handy as even with the twistable eyeliners the tip gets a little stubby sometimes.  
The first thing I noticed about each one of these eyeliners was that they are all very creamy and smooth.  They applied without any effort.  They do tug just a small bit but thats to be expected with a waterproof eyeliner.  You also have time to smudge it out before it sets but you have to be quick as they do set very quick.  They are also very pigmented which is great because you use less product. 
The big question is do they live up to their name "Waterproof" 
Wellllll........... I just had to put them to the ultimate test one day in particular..... The day it was about 28oC in heat the sun was beaming on top of me and I decided even though i was sweating with the heat already I would hike up a huge huge hill or more like a mountain in this heat..... wearing these eyeliners well two of them ;) 
Here is a picture of me on the top of the mountain as proof ;)
Im am tired even thinking of that hike but boy was it worth it because the view and breeze was amazing :) 
By the end of the hike I had to whip out my blotting papers because dang girls was wet on my face :) 
I could not wait to check out the mirror to see did I have panda eyes or not 
I was well impressed with the result apart from a tiny bit of fading the eye-liners stayed put RESULT :)  My makeup looked the same as it did when I first applied it HAPPY DAYS!!!! 
This is the makeup look I wore that day with The black eyeliner on the lid and the brown on the waterline 
I did notice after 8 hours of wear they did fade a little more but to be honest I really put them to the test that day.  On an ordinary day they last 10 hours on my top lid and wore off a little on my waterline but was still noticeable   They do come off easy with an eye make-up remover which is a bonus. 
For under €3 these eyeliner are surely worth trying out and get a thumbs up from me.  
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 


I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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