Sunday, 21 July 2013

My Sleek Blush Collection

Hey my beauties How are you all doing today :) 
Someone asked me a while back has I tried Sleeks Blushes and It dawned on me that I had never reviewed any of the blushes even though I first tried them about 2 years ago and built up a small collection ever since.  Tut Tut to me I was actually annoyed with myself as I love these blushes so much and use them on a regular basis.  Anyway better late than never eh and at least instead of reviewing 1 blush I am reviewing 4 for you all :) 
Sleek Cosmetics is one of my favourite affordable Brands simply because everything that I have tried so far be it their eyeshadow palettes, their lipsticks, their blushes have all got amazing pigmentation and the quality is just as good as any high street brands out there.  
You can buy sleek online from their site 
Plus you can buy of various online stores like 
Cloud10 or Beauty Emporium and many more 
The Sleek Blushes are one of my top favourites from this brand 
Each blush costs about £4.49/€5.49 for 8g of product and believe me that is alot of product :) 
There are 10 shades to choose from and there is at least one to two shades suitable for every skintone :) :) 
I have 4 as I said before and all 4 shades suit my skin tone.  I am about an NC 25 at the moment and each one looks amazing again my tanned skin in the winter I am more of an NC 15-20 and a couple of these blushes can be a little too cray cray if I use alot of it.  
I love the packaging on these as they are very very sturdy.  They are very comparable to the Nars Packaging only these dont hold onto every finger print.  The one thing I have to say is the lid is quite difficult at the beginning to open especially if you dont have nails but after a few uses that soon stops.  Inside you get the perfect sized mirror for travelling.  Sorry about my reflection hehehe
Doesnt the shades look BOOTIFUL :) 
Speaking of shades let me show you a close up of them :) 
Pomegranate:  One word for this shade STUNNING!!!!! Dont judge the shade ladies I did for ages I refused to buy it as I thought it would not suit my skintone it looks so deep in the packaging I literally thought this was going to be a shade for the more darker skin tone beauties out there but I was very wrong this shade will suit everyone once you dont go cray cray with the brush that is.  This is a stunning Berry Pink shade with pink micro glimmers going through it.  This is the perfect winter shade for everyone and leaves a fabulous glow to your cheeks I love it :) A small bit of this blush goes a long way so use a light hand when using it :) :) you can always build it up.  :)  You might find this blush a tiny bit on the chalky side but nothing that will make a mess :) 
Rose Gold:  This has to by my favourite out of the 4 shades i have.  It is also the 1st shade I ever got and I have since repurchased.  This again is probably one of the most popular shades bought from Sleek.  Its also suppose to be a dupe of the famous Nars Orgasm Blush.  This is a fantastic Pinky coral shade with strong reflex's of gold going through.  Its so so stunning on the cheeks and perfect for the summer months especially.  Dont be put off by the fact there is strong shimmers because it doesnt make you look like a disco ball it just makes you glow glow glow baby :)  Rose Gold is a little more chalky than Pomegranate and you will lose a little product but again nothing that will make a huge mess :) 
Coral:  Ok you have no idea how afraid I was of this shade.  Just the word Coral frightened me I dont know why maybe because I thought the shade would clash with my skintone and make me look more orange than I am but I decided one day just to be spontaneous and try it out once and for all.  This is a strong Coral but not the bright orange coral your thinking of its a perfect coral for those days you just want a wash of colour on your cheeks when you have a smokey eye going on :) :) Its looks beautiful on the cheek but I do have to be careful with this one as any stronger than a wash is a little OTT on me.  Even though it looks like there is slight shimmers in the pan the blush comes out matte and is very very pigmented :)  Coral has no fall out whatsoever. 
 Flamingo:  I Love this shade.  This is a deep cool pinky shade it has silver reflex's.  This blush is also very very pigmented and will need a light hand.  Flamingo is perfect for all skintones and looks particular beautiful in the winter time.  Again don't judge the blush by the way it looks in the pan as its not as daunting :)  This blush is so creamy and soft and you have no fall out whatsoever.  Again you get a beautiful glowy finish from this blush and looks stunning if you do not over do it :) :) 
To be honest I find absolutely not 1 fault with these blushes.  They are amazing for the price and the lasting powder is brilliant I found I got about 6 hours wear before even the slightest fading which is more than enough for a blush this price.  You couldnt ask for anymore from these.  I guarantee once you try them you will want more 
So that is my Sleek Blush Collection so far No doubt There will be more in the future :) ;) 
I hope you found this helpful 
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

i love the rose gold and the flamingo !! nice swatches anyway :D

Sidrah!!!! said...

Love Sleek blushes! These look so pretty esp Pomegranate

MaRy Michaela said...

love my pomegrade and i also own the mirrored pink l imited. Maybe you saw my review in the past. Sleek blushes are one of the best in the blush market. good price for perfect quality and need so small quantiny for the right result. Love them
Nice review Nina. Kisses

Violets said...

I´ve got Pomegranate and Rose Gold. I don´t use the blushes, Pomegranate is too dark for me. Rose Gold is great but I prefer other blushes that I have at home :D

Blush and Barbells said...

Rose Gold is breathtaking!

Andrea McCave said...

I adore Sleek! I have the blush trio from the Candy is AMAZING! Newest follower. Well...I used to blog at Shabby Kitteh...but retired that and started fresh.


Nina s said...

I have wanted to try the trio's not sure which one to try yet :) I remember you Andrea will surely follow your new page

Saint Bina said...

GREAT swatches!!! I love Sleek's blushes. I will deffo try Coral now. I'm in love with Life's a Peach. You can see the bottom on the pan now! Blush ftw xx

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