Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Loreal Triple Active Glow Moisturiser

Hey my beauties how are you all :)  I hope you are all not too disappointed with the dramatic weather change we are having after all with Some counties in Ireland close to drought its no harm to see a week of rain to get back into track as long as the good weather comes back pleeeeeezzzzzz :) 
Anyway todays review is on a moisturiser I have been using for the past month.  I ran out of my last moisturiser so I decided one day to try out a different one.  I have never tried any of Loreals face products and when I seen this one was on offer at my local supermarket I snatched it :) :)  They are available on the Cara Pharmacy Website for €7.49.  They are also available on the Look Fantastic Website.   
For a day time moisturiser I like to have a cream that is lightweight, non sticky, not heavy, gives me a nice shine healthy glow, moisture for the full day and also protection would be an added bonus.  So the question is Did or Is Loreal Triple Active Glow doing all of the above for me ??? Read on to find out more :) 
The packaging of this moisturiser is impressive for the price I have to say even though packaging is not a great deal to me but it is nice to get decent enough packaging when you are purchasing something.  I like the box in which the moisturiser comes in.  The moisturiser comes in a squeezy tube which I also love as its more hygienic that way.  
Loreal says Triple Active Glow it's a radiance boosting moisturiser enriched with complexion enhancing pigments to give you a natural glow and a unified looking skin tone.
Along with this promise they also promise this product will give you 48hrs of Hydration,  Even out your skin and also brighten your complexion which is alot of promise for just one product.  hmmmmmmmmmmmm 
The moisturiser itself is truly peachy I was a little bit scared at first to be honest as i thought it would be like a BB Cream and make me look orangey but i was wrong thank goodness  
The moisturise itself is very very light and more water based than oil based A+ to that one :) 
I did notice that a small amount of this goes a long way literally the amount on my hand in the photo does your whole face.  The scent is beautiful its not overpowering and smells very fresh.  This is so easy to apply and takes little effort to blend out and yes it blends out to nothing :)  
At first I thought that it didnt look any different to a normal moisturiser which was a little disappointing 
But after 5 minutes I actually noticed my skin looked more even.  Looked more radiant and moist.  I have pigmentation on my forehead and I noticed that it looked less noticeable when I wore this moisturiser.  It didnt cover it completely but it certainly made some difference.   I instantly feel in love and not only that with the good weather spell and a little colour on my face this moisturiser really highlights my lovely tan and I feel I can get away with not wearing a BB Cream or tinted moisturiser I can actually wear this on its own.  The glow on my face is amazing so much so I have been complimented a few times on how fresh and dewy I look.  I have found this keeps me moist from morning to night without a doubt and that's what I wanted.  I am loving that there is SPF 15 in this as its perfect for all year round for protection from all the nasties that effect your face :) especially UV rays.  
I have been wearing this moisturiser everyday since I bought it and loving it.  
This definitely gets a thumbs up from me for sure :) :) I especially love wearing this under my make-up as it gives my foundation a beautiful dewy finish.  Another great thing about this is that its suitable for every skin type and every skin tone :) :) 
Have you tried this moisturiser yet?
What is your go to day time moisturiser 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Shannon Boyce said...

This looks lovely! I haven't seen it but it really does sound great.

Sarah Barton said...

Oh this sounds promising! I use an orange based pigment under my eyes to help cover them so I can see why the orangey tint would help even out skin tone!! Let us know how it goes on in the long term, if its congesting etc? :)

Nina s said...

Its not so much orange its more peachy toned which is brilliant for ridding darkness hunny but I will surely let you all know when i use it up how I got on long term with it :)

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