Monday, 30 January 2012

MUA Single Eyeshadows Review Part 2

Hey everyone Hope you are all Good.  
So in my last MUA Review Haul i talked about how much i loved loved loved the MUA Single Eyeshadows 
To Refresh your memories click here to see that review 
In that review i got some single eyeshadows in Shades 6 (pearl), 11(pearl), 16(matte), 18(matte) & 20(matte) and loved every one of them 
So this time i got 5 more shades and again im very pleased with them. 
Whats amazing me more about these shadows is the fact that they only cost £1 each £1 like thats seriously great value for an eyeshadow.  
Shade 1
Shade 1 has a pearl finish.  Its a lovely cream shade.  This is such a soft creamy eyeshadow the texture is incredible it almost feels a little wet when you swatch and apply.  I use this for a highlight for my browbone, inner corner of my eyes, even on the top of my cheekbones for a light highlight during the day.  There is a slight shimmer to it but the shimmer is so finely milled in this eyeshadow.  Blending this eyeshadow is like a dream.  For a light shade there is quite a bit of pigmentation from it which surprised me.  I love this shadow. 
Shade 12
Shade 12 is again another pearl shade.  This has actually been compared to Mac's "Club" eyeshadow.  I dont own Mac Club to compared it myself but to be honest looking at the swatches when i googled it i have to say it does in fact look very very similar.  This eyeshadow in my eyes is a very unique one.  The best way to describe this shade is a Chocolate brown with green and brown specks of shimmer to it.  I love this eyeshadow it really makes my hazel eyes pop.  and the special thing about this eyeshadow is that can be worn on its own and appear to look like you have more than one eyeshadow on.  10/10 in my eyes 
Shade 13
Shade 13 is another pearl eyeshadow.  Well now if you are a follower of this blog for a while you all now i LOVE my purple eyeshadows.
So you can imagine how i feel about this shade :) 
This is surely a beautiful eyeshadow.  Its a Dark velvet purple with a black undertone to it.  I can safely say when i wear this beautiful eyeshadow my eyes surely pop.  It applies brilliantly and i get no fall out.  I love to create a smoky eye with this.  AMAZING
Shade 14 
Shade 14 i have to say is another of my favourite :)  This is a beautiful forest green, with brownish blackish undertones to it.  Im in love with this shade its so pretty it has the same uniqueness as shade 12.  A small amount of this goes a long way and you can achieve a beautiful smoky eye with this eyeshadow 
Shade 19
Shade 19 is a matt chocolate brown.  This is one eyeshadow that should be in everyones collection.  Its such a handy shade to have.  This can be use as a brow colour, in the crease etc.. I  also love that it is matte.  This is even dark enough for me to achieve a daytime smokey eye look.  This can also be use as a contour powder for some people.  This i use as an eye-liner as well if i dot want the strong black look i go for this shade I love this and a good blend-able matte brown is hard to find most times especially if your on a budget.  Get it you wont regret it. 
Overall I think these eyeshadows are amazing for only £1  The pigmentation on these are really good and with a good primer underneath they last all day.  I will surely be purchasing more of these and when i do i will update this blog post with them.  They are well worth your money and you wont be disappointed.  It just a pity there is not more of a selection in the Matte eyeshadows that is the only downfall i have with them.  
So you own any of these eyeshadows?  What is your favourite?
Until next time my beauties 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina C

Sunday, 29 January 2012

MUA Immaculate Collection Palette Review

Hey Everyone now here is an overdue review i must say! 
This is MUA (Makeup Academy) 1st ever 24 piece eyeshadow Palette.  Its first came out on the site in October '11.  It costs £8 to buy and is available in selected Superdrug stores or online on the MUA site.  Thats where i purchased it as there was a great deal going around christmas time where if you spent £8 you got this palette for free!!! Now if thats not a bargain well i dont now what is lol.  

When i first seen this on the site i was so curious about it.  If it was going to be as pigmented as the single eyeshadows in which i love.  I have never tried any on MUA's Palettes only their single £1 eyeshadows.  So i couldnt wait to get my hands on it.  When it finally came i was in awwwwww with the site of it.  On the Site its states "MUA Pro's fantastic collection of 24 highly pigmented eye shadows with both matte and shimmer finish to suit every tone and taste. This must have beauty bargain offers ladies a unique palette containing a selection of the hottest new A/W fashion forward eye shadows as well some of MUA’s best selling much loved shades from brown shimmer tones to nude and natural hues"
So are you getting what it says? Well read on and find out :) :) 

I was amazed with the selection of eyeshadows in this palette i really was and still am.  You know ladies when you buy a palette with a good few eyeshadows in it you always find some eyeshadows in it you probably would never use or even rarely use.  Well not on this palette believe me.  Thats what impressed me straight away.  Every shadow that you could need is in this baby!  
The one thing i noticed was that none of these are names they are numbered but thats not a problem :) 
Another thing we always look out for in a palette is a good black pref ably a matte black well guess what thats what you get in this palette :) 
I love the idea of having a matte and shimmery eyeshadow palette to have that option of having day and night looks out of the one palette and of course you have that here.
Most of all whats more important is PIGMENTATION and let me tell you one things for sure that these shadows are unbelievably pigmented i was shell shocked.  
So on with the swatches and then i will talk more 
Row on Shades 1 - 8
 First of all let me just say that all of these swatches were made with no primer and pictures were taken in daylight.  
I love these shades but have to admit the black took a few extra swatches to come out this strong on the photo and i also found the last shade (which is a beautiful highly pigmented pink) to be a little more chalkier than the rest so expect so fall out with this shade but with a good base for it this shade really really comes out strong and a little of this shadow goes a long way 
Row 2 Shades 9 - 16
 Most of these shades are highly pigmented.  I really love the gold on this row its again a little chalky but so highly pigmented that you only need a small amount for a good strong payoff.  There was just one shade on this row that disappointed me pigmentation wise and im sure you can see yourselve was the lilac the 5th from the left.  I even swatched this shade about 5 times and couldnt get a good colour payoff it was actually very difficult to get the colour out of the pan.   
Row 3 Shades 17 - 24
Again this row had brilliant pigmentation. My most most favourite shade from this row is the 3rd shade with is the most fabulous green oh its just wowwwww.  The 4th and 7th shade on this row took a couple of extra swatches to show up like this on the photo.  

My Overall opinion of this palette im sure you can guess is good.  I think this palette was well thought out.  You can use this for day time looks and night time looks.  This is well suitable for anyone on travel.  I actually can say this is one i would reach for quite a bit.  With a good primer these eyeshadows do last all day.  Some of them need a base aswell to show their real potential.  If there was a fault in this palette i would say that the matte shades are definitely not as pigmented as the shimmery ones but you can work with them.  
Is it worth the £8?  100% yes i have to say its worth even more.  My sister thought i paid at least £20 guessing on this so that says alot :) 

So that completes my Review today everyone.  If you have any questions about this please comment below i do make it my business to answer anyone who comments on my blog :) 
I hope you enjoyed my review :)
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina C

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Catrice Limited Edition "Hidden World" Haul/Review

"Dreamlike - yet confident. Soft – yet by no means fragile. Mysterious – yet never shy. Subtle – yet totally present. In January 2012, the Limited Edition “Hidden World” by CATRICE loosens the boundaries between fantasy and reality, between heaven and earth. Powdery rosé shades and earthy browns merge with cool shimmer effects to create a soft harmony of color. This make-up is seductive, feminine and airy. An interplay of warm and cold. Far too beautiful to hide…." - Catrice EU

Hey everyone how you all doing?  Well as you know im a big fan of Catrice and anytime something new comes in I'm the first to go get it.  Well call me a little obsessed but im always on the wesite keeping an eye out on whats to come as a means of new stock or Limited Editions.  So when i seen that there was the New Limited Edition "Hidden World" coming i couldnt wait but of course when its shown on the website we in Ireland have to wait at least 2 months before it arrives.  So anyways on with the review. 
Check out my video Review on this below and of course pictures and swatches for you :) 

My Lovely Haul
Dont they look amazing in their packaging so appealing.  They look so bright and cheerful ready for the Spring/Summer months. 
Liquid Metal Gloss
Shades "Yes I Wood" & "Rosy & Cosy" 
This is certainly a lipgloss you will have a love hate relationship with.  I in fact like them applied sheer on my lips.  If you apply them heavy on the lips you will have very metallic looking lips.  Some people like that but me im quite happy with one layer and even at that you are getting a good colour payoff from it.  There are 3 shades in this range altogether.  They feel so smooth and creamy on the lips i love them.  
What i love about these glosses is the wand itself.  It makes applying the gloss so easy you wont even need a mirror to apply it.  Its mess free and easy to use 

Made to Stay Eyeshadow Souffle
These have definately surprised me.  I actually have to admit it is the first time i ever tried eyeshadow souffle.  So you can imagine me and my excitement with trying these out.  These eyeshadows come in a sort of moussey texture.  They are super light.  when you touch the eyeshadow it feels all airy and sort of deflates in the jar.  So beware please be careful and gentle with these because you can take alot more product than you need.  I prefer applying these with my fingers as you have more control.  I can say that once these dry and make sure you let them dry they are staying put!!!  They are water resistant but not 100% waterproof.  and they do not crease.  Its a pity there is only 3 shades available in these.  I love them.  

Blush Mousse

Ok why this is called a mousse is beyond me to be honest.  Like as you can see its far from a mousse its more a an over whipped mousse lol.  Thats not the point though as i am extremely happy with this blush.  There is only one shade available and this is not even named.  This blush is matte.  Its very sheer but buildable as you seen in the video the first layer was visible but not strong then i applied another layer and its got even stronger.  A little of this goes a long way.  It applies so so easy.  You can apply with either your fingertips or a flat top brush :)  This gives a beautiful natural look.  

Illuminating Base
Ok this can be used under your foundation, mixed with your foundation or seeminly on its own.  Catrice also claims that this evens out small irregularities of the skin (now i dont notice that one to be honest).  Now i have worn this a few times all over my face under my foundation i do like it in some way but in others i think wearing it all over the face would be for someone very very young.  Reason i say this is that this has shimmer to it.  I have applied this very very lightly on the face before my foundation and made sure it was very evenly spread out and it did give my face a nice glow.  A very smally amount of this goes a long long way.  It comes out like a whitish liquid but blends out really nicely.  When blended it looks light a beautiful highlight.  Another way to use this is on the cheek bones or anywhere you want to highlight.  

Ultimate Nail Laquer 
Well i have always been a lover of Catrice Nail polishes.  I love how they apply.  I love how quick they dry and i love the lasting power on them too.  I love the brush on this polish as i have fairly big nail beds and it just make applying the nail polish a dream.  But anyone with small nail beds might find this brush to be a little big and awkward.   This is a lovely peachy pink colour with pinkish shimmer to it.  I love it i love the bright colour and its perfect for Spring/ Summer:) 

Over all i am really happy with these im so glad i got them :) :)
Have you tried the "Hidden World" yet?
Hope you Enjoyed my review
until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina C

Saturday, 21 January 2012

e.l.f 6 in 1 Beauty on the Go Palette + 25% off Code :)

Hey everyone first of all i just want to say that i won this product from e.l.f ( to review.  They basically had a little competition for beauty bloggers to get this palette for free to review and swatch.  All we had to do was post of blog link on the page and then e.l.f team chose 5 bloggers to win this and as you can see i was one of those winners.  Please note I am not been paid for this review or video or anything like that i only got the product for free.  The rest is up to me.  Even though i want to pay a special thank you to e.l.f for giving me the opportunity to do this.  I am not obligated to give this a good review or anything. 

So i done a video on this and telling you basically my first impressions about this palette as i only have it a week not but e.l.f gave me a code to share with my wonderful followers to get 25% off this palette 
The code is NINA476 
This code is valid till midnight 31/1/2012 British time. Min spend £10/€12.
This Palette costs £10 to buy but with the 25% off your getting it for £7.50
This code is only valid for the UK site which

As i stated in my video i have literally only been using this palette for a week now non stop and I am only giving my first impressions but even at that a week of using this palette i still havent changed my mind but its early days :)
So what you are getting in this package is
60 eyeshadows 
10 lipcolours 
4 blushes 
2 bronzers 
in which are divided into 6 mini palettes 
and a travel compact to store and of these mini palettes in 
I like the idea of that.  Its quite handy for travelling or school or college something like that.  

The Compact 

The compact is nice and sturdy and comes with a nice long mirror which is always handy.  You basically get to choose which ever palette you want for that day and slot it into the compact.  It clips in so you have no fear of it falling out.  When you want to change it you have a space on the back of the compact as you can see in the photo to basically push the mini palette out.  Great idea. 
The down fall to this is there is only one compact but 6 mini palette and the worst thing is that unless you keep the other palettes in the box you have no way of covering them up or protecting them.  Its a pity to be honest.  

The products and swatches 
Starting with eyeshadows:
Overall you are getting a good selection of shades, you have golds, neutrals, purples, blues, greys etc but no true black.  You have a mixture of shimmery, frosty and matte shades.  Some of these eyeshadows are decent enough you are getting ok pigmentation from them and some of them are not so pigmented as i said in the video 70% of the eyeshadows are good enough and 30% are a fail in my eyes.  The one thing i found is that these are not over chalky which is quite good.  I do recommend this for anyone who wants to experiment with different colours.   I have been using the eyeshadows this past week now and i have found myself using shades from different mini palettes rather than one.  So in a way anyone who likes to use a number of different shades in one look will find that this wouldnt be much use to them just bring one palette in the compact.  With a good primer and a base you can achieve some really nice looks with this.  I will post up one look i did with this palette including using one of the blushes. 
The Blushes & Bronzers 
I personally like all 6 of these they are highly pigmented and you get a good colour payoff from each of them.  As always i do like the blushes from e.l.f.  There is one in particular that is a little on the light side for me and i have to really build it up but the rest i like and will use.  There is some matte and some shimmery ones.  In the picture above i am wearing the pinkish blush as you can see its not a bad colour payoff.  

The Lip colours 
As i said in the video are a no no from me.  I dont really like them i find my lips are naturally pigmented and even the darkest shade in these palette have no colour payoff on my lips watsoever.  To me they are a very sheer lipgloss and basically a waste of time in the palette but to someone starting off with makeup could find them handy but i do see eventually fallout from the eyeshadows destroying the lip colours.  Thats just my opinion.  
Swatches from the left are the eyeshadows and the last swatches is the bronzer 
From the left is the blush, eyeshadows and last 2 swatches is the lip colours
From the left, Eyeshadows, lipcolours and Bronze 
From the left: Blush, eyeshadows and lip colours
From the left: Blush, eyeshadows and lip colours
From the Left: Blush, Eyeshadows and lips colours
These swatches were made with no primer underneath and pictures were taken in daylight.  Also in the first picture swatch you will notice i did not swatch the lip colours as they were that light they would not show up on the picture.  
My overall first impression 
As i stated in the video I am basically going by first impressions as i have only got this a week now and only using it a week.  The way i like to review a product fully is by using it for a good while before i give my full review. 

 From using this continuously over the past week i feel comfortable in saying that this would suit:
anyone who likes to play around with makeup and try new looks 
anyone who goes to school and college and likes to bring makeup with them this is handy for you 
anyone who wants to buy a gift for someone
Anyone who wants to introduce their sister/cousin etc to makeup you have literally everything in this palette they need. 
Anyone who has time on their hands to build these shades up as i have noticed using this palette it take me longer to do my makeup as i need to build the colours up to get the look I want to achieve.  
Someone on a budget 
This wouldnt suit anyone:
Who likes a good strong Pigmented eyeshadow 
I feel a makeup artist would not like this palette 
Someone who doesnt have alot of time on their hands to use this palette.

I dont want to give the impression i dont like this palette.  It just wouldnt be one of my favourites from e.l.f.
There is some great things about it and some not so great. 
So what do you think? Have you got this Palette
Watch out for a more updated review on this in the future 
Hope i cleared up some of the questions you had about this 
Take Care until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina Carry 

**UPDATE** Friday 3rd February: Since my blog post on the 6 in 1 on the go palette.  E.l.f Cosmetics has informed me that they have ordered the 6 in 1 Beauty on the Go Storage cases to store the rest of the palettes and should be arriving on the UK Site in the Next Couple of weeks :) :) So no need to worry anymore about where to store the rest of your palettes :) 
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