Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Makeup Academy (MUA) Eyeshadows, Blush etc Review

Hey my beautiful today I am Reviewing the Items i got from my Makeup Swap With SophieSFrancis check out her channel.   
In my Make-up Swap i got a mixture of MUA & NYC.  So as you can see by the title im reviewing the MUA items first :)  As i said in my video this has been the first time i ever tried MUA and was quite sceptical about it as they only cost £1 each item in Superdrug.  Even though i will always try items before i judge, plus i did hear alot of good things about MUA so i had to try it anyways on with the review :) 
I have posted a video review about these items below :) and i will post pictures and swatches for you to see more clearly 

MUA Eyeshadows 

Shades 6 (pearl), 11(pearl), 16(matte), 18(matte) & 20(matte)
As i stated on my video the only thing i find funny is the fact these are labelled as NUMBERS instead of colours but hey its no big deal :) :) 

So the eyeshadows really really did surprise me to be honest.  I wasnt at all expecting them to be as good as they are.  Now with a good primer they will definitely last a good part of the day before wearing off.  They are really only ideal for day wear in my opinion as you would want a more vibrant eyeshadow at night time.  But you are getting a nice amount of product actually 2g per eyeshadow for the price so i dont regret buying these at all. 

Shade 6
Shade 6 is a beautiful pearl minty green with silver shimmer but the shimmer is not too shimmery.  This eyeshadow is so easy to use and is quite easy to blend.  It feels soft and creamy too.   I did find this shade a little chalky but nothing too messy.  The pigmentation when applied to the eye is good not brilliant but good as i stated perfect for everyday wear.  

Shade 11
Shade 11 i absolutely love :) :) its a fantastic everyday shade.  This is  a warm-toned metallic bronzed brown with a golden sheen and a tiny bit a shimmer partials.   Now this is a Pearl eyeshadow also.  Its soft and creamy texture with a little fallout but nothing major.  With a primer this is very long-lasting and also very pigmented.  I also prefer to use a creamy base with this eyeshadow to make the colout even more intense and last longer in which it does.  I highly recommend this shade you will not be disappointed.  As i stated on my video this was actually compared to a Urban Decay eyeshadow so that shows how good it is.  

Shade 16
Shade 16 is a Matte Light cream shadow with a baby pink undertone.  This is a perfect highlight eyeshadow or even the perfect shadow to blend out harsh lines.  The only thing i find with this one is that its chalky its not really an eyeshadow thats going to last the whole day long either but its a light eyeshadow.  It is a little harder to blend too.  So i quite possibly wouldnt go buying this one again in a hurry.  

Shade 18
Shade 18 is another Matte Lavender shade.  If you are into your purples you will love this shade.  I find this shade has a pinky undertone to it.  You can have fun with this colour.  Its such a fun bright eyeshadow.  Very easy to work with and nice and creamy soft texture.  I did find that this too was a bit chalky but you dont get alot of fall out from it.  

Shade 20
Shade 20 is a Matte Black.  This is a creamy texture not at all chalky and very highly pigmented.  The one thing i found with this shadow is that it can be hard to remove.  But im glad i have an everyday matte black for only £1 its perfect.  :) 


MUA Blushes shades 1-4 
Shades 1-4
These blushers surprised me also with the pigmentation more than anything.  They have basically the same consistancy to the eyeshadows are a little chalky but with a tap of the brush before you apply and your well on your way :) :) These blushers do not last all day but they certainly last for a good 4-6 hours before wearing off . 
Shade 1
Shade 1 is a beautiful baby pink with a slight bit of shimmer to it.  When applied the shimmer is actually not noticeable.   Perfect shade for anyone with fair skin or fair to medium skin tone :) :) Or anyone with a cool skin tone this is perfect to warm up them cheeks

Shade 2 
Shade 2 is a perfect shade for my skin tone as i am fair to medium skin tone.  I also am more on the yellow tone rather than the pink tone so this is why its perfect for me.  Warm Pinks which is what this shade is, is perfect for giving me a natural flushed look.

Shade 3
Shade 3 is a perfect shade for anyone with Medium skin tone.  I truely think anyone could use this shade but anyone with fair skin use a like hand.  This is quite chalky but as i said before tap off the brush before use.  Alot of people could actually use this as a bronzer/blush combo.  Its a really pretty colour i like it.  

Shade 4 
This is definitely a shade for the more darker skin tones.  This is a strong coral-rose with a slight shimmer to it.  This is a strong shade and a bit strong for me but i wont let it go to waste once i use a light hand it looks good on the cheek.  The best thing about this blush is you get a fab healthy glow.  

Swatch taken in Sunlight
Taken with flash 
Taken in normal light 
MUA Lipsticks 

These lipsticks remind me so much of the e.l.f essential lipsticks.  They are so easy to apply but i recommend using a lipliner especially with the more pigmented noticeable lipsticks as they are that smooth and moisturising they can tend to bleed.  For £1 Each they really really are well worth every penny.  The packaging on these also remind me of the NYX lipsticks.  They look alot more expensive than £1 I tell you :) Its great that you can see the colour of the lipstick on the bottom of the tube before you even look at the actual lipstick.  

Shade 2

This is a deep cool pink...I find this highly pigmented and a little goes a long way.  This is perfect for special occasions.  It does transfer very easily and wears off after about 2-3 hours so make sure to keep the lippie with you for a top up 
Picture taken with flash 
Shade 3 

If you are looking for a hot pink this is the shade for you.  This shade does tend to bleed so be careful.  Its also buildable so you can have it as light or as strong as you like.  Now this is one colour that does last a long time.  It does transfer but when it wears off it tend to still leave a stain on your lips.  Again this is extremely moisturising and you dont even need a gloss over it.  

Shade 4

This is a lovely baby pink in the tube but when applied it looks like your only applying a tinted chapstick.   Its very sheer and not at all buildable.  Its still cheaper than most chapsticks and very moisturising.  So thats a good thing :) :) 

Shade 12 

Now if you do not like lipsticks or lipgloss with glitter in them, this lipstick is not for you.  This is a rosy pink with silver glitter.  Again its really smooth to apply but you certainly can feel the glitter on the lips.  Its such a pretty lipstick but to be honest i am not a fan of the glitter as it feels like grit on your lips but i really love the shade its looks fab.  

Shade 13

You want red?  You got red as this is super bright red on the lip.  Its so highly pigment this to leaves a stain when it wears off in a good way of course.  I cant stress enough about wearing this with a lipliner though as it will and does bleed.  This is so moisturising and i find the best way to apply this is with a lip brush.  

Applied with no lip liner to show you that i does bleed 
In normal daylight 
With Flash of camera 
MUA Lipgloss
Shade 2, 3 & 4

These lipglosses are also only £1 each.  There is not spectacular about them as such but i do have to say they are alot better than some cheap lipglosses i have tried in the past.  They are more water based which means they are not one bit sticky.  They last a considerate amount of time but will obviously wear off after you eat and drink.  They are not moisturising but do make your lips look fuller and luscious.  :) 

Shade 2 

This is a very sheer red with shimmer.  I had to actually build it up on my lip to show up on the picture.  it would be perfect to go over a red lipstick to jazz it up a bit.  

Shade 3

This is a sheer pink.  This doesnt have any shimmer to it.  To me its just a clear gloss.  Can go over any Lipstick :) 

Shade 4 

Now this shade took me by surprise :)  As the other two were so sheer i thought this would too but its not at all.  This is a lovely deep rose shade with golden shimmer :) The pigmentation on this is really good and its buildable :) you could actually get away with wearing this on its own

My overall opinion
I am impressed with Make-up Academy i really am.  For the price you pay for each product you would expect the product to be a fail but its far from it.  The packaging is far from cheap looking too.  yes they do wear off within 6 hours of wear but this isnt MAC or URBAN DECAY here lol.  This make-up is incredible for the price and you will not regret buying them i am curious to try more eyeshadows.  The eye-shadows and blush have the same consistency some are quite chalky others not as chalky but im not complaining as it doesn't make a complete mess.  
In all its worth trying out and hand to have in your collection 

Have you tried MUA?
What shades so you have ?
I hope this helps you 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck & Laughter 
Nina C xoxoxoxoxox


Glitz Glam Budget said...

I really want to try the shadows, the colors look so pretty and pigmented! Great blog! By the way I found your blog on Monday’s Beauties Blog Hop, and I am now a new follower!

Kelly said...

I've never tried this brand but it looks pretty good!
I really like the lipsticks.
I wanted to stop by and thank you for joining our beauty blog! I'm also following your blog too, I love finding bargains too :)


Nina said...

awwwww thanks girls that means alot followwing you too :) :) love finding new and interesting blogs :)

Xaneb said...

Thanks for the review. I have one question, i've heard Shade 4 doesn't have shimmer in it. Is it possible the last swatch could be swatch 3? I'm ordering online and I just want to be certain which swatch is which.

Nina said...

hiya hunny shade 4 in what the eyeshadows, blush ??? :) :)

Ellie Simpkiss said...

Hi Nina, great review as always. Did you know that the bit on the end of the lipstick case where you can see the colour is actually lipgloss? you can unscrew it and use it :-)

Nina s said...

Hi ellie yes hunny i knew that i found out after the review lol its a great idea but to be honest i dont even use that part lol :)

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