Saturday, 17 December 2011

Glossybox December 2011 review :)

Hey my beautiful's today i present to you my December GlossyBox :) :) Check out my Video on this below :) :) 

I have to say i was super super excited about getting this one as everyone was saying that this was their special Limited Edition Christmas Box.  Now i have explained in the video why i havent posted one up for November.  So if any of you dont know what the GlossyBox its simply a monthy subscription of high-brand sampled sized make-up, hair, beauty & nail products for £12.95/€15.  I explained in my last review which was the October GlossyBox 
If you want to View and Subcribe to GlossyBox Click Here.  

So instead of the usual pink box.  This month is a special red box which is so pretty , its looks so christmasy i love it.  Your getting a lovely shiney red box, white tissue paper, black tie ribbon and nice white filling.  so pretty.  

Inside you are getting a Card stating what is in the box.  A little description about each of them.  The price of each one in full size and also a scanning thingy for your iphone to watch a video on the product and learn a bit more about it.  On the card they explain That the Theme for this month is a "Christmas Guide" and that eerything is carefunny selected to make you  "Belle of the ball at any Christmas party" Interesting eh?
So this is what you are getting:) 

 Rituals Foaming Shower Gel - This smells incredible and since  doing the video review ive used this twice.  Its one of those shower gels that keeps you in the shower for more than hour lol and the scent is catching as i was asked what perfume im wearing ;) 
 Nouveau Lashes "Noir" Mascara  - Now this i was most excited about as this is again Full Sized which costs £14 alone.  Now as i said in my video im keeping this closed until i have used up my older mascaras which wont be long now.  

Deborah Lippmann Nail Varnish "Razzle Dazzle" - WOW!!!!!!!This is the first thing I noticed when I opened my box as it was so sparkly and pretty.  This is my Christmas Nail Polish for sure....i mean WOW!!!!!

Fab Daily Face Cleanser - this says it removes surface oils, skin toxins, make-up, dirt and Grime........we will see eh? 
 Deborah Lippmann "Stripped To Go" Sachet - This is a finger mitt for removing nail varnish, great on the go!
Cargo Cosmetics Classic Lipgloss "Marocco" - This is a really Lovely shade its a light plummy shade with shimmer.  Its not stick and its moisturising to be honest i wouldnt pay £10 for the full size of this (in which it costs) as there is plenty of glosses out there cheap and does the same thing.  Im Glad i have it i will make use of it as its handy in the purse :) 
My overall Opinion
I am more than happy with this months GlossyBox honestly.  I think the items in it are amazing and i will definitely use.   If you are having doubts about getting the box DONT as you will enjoy it.  Im not saying every month you will like the items as some people are different but these are products from the higher end and to be honest most of us would never be able to fork out that kind of money for them but its great to try them out and if they work for us at least we know instead of wondering eh?  So far with the 3 glossyboxes i have gotten im glad i paid only €15 each for them i definately feel i got more than my moneys worth.  Plus its exciting to see every month what you are going to get.  If you have any questions comment below :) :) 

If you are thinking of signing up for the Glossybox click here to bring you straight to the site :) 

Until Next time I Will see you soon 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina Carry xoxoxox


OPI Addict said...

Wow really jealous! This months glossy box looks awesome, wish they sent to Canada! :)

MissPenelope said...

Hey if you got time to check out my blog tht would be great :)

MissPenelope said...

sorry forgot to leave my link

aly7 said...

I absolutely LOVE cargo lip glosses!! I have a light pink one that I use constantly! care to follow?

Megan-Rose Core MUA said...

Hi Nina thanks for stopping by my blog, I think I would of prefered our rituals shower gel I got the purple one with is eucalyptus the smell is soo strong I am nearly eating it when I use it not good!

Nina said...

@megan do you mean when you use it that the scent doesnt last??? thanks for stopping by hunny

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