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Coastal Scents Fall Festival Palette & More Review

Hey my beautiful's how are you all doing?  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to the New Year.  This looks like it will be my last Review of 2011 :) :) I am so looking forward to plenty more in 2012 and maybe so Tutorials and Vlogs also we will see :) :) 
Any way i have a video review on my First ever Coastal Scents Haul i will post it below but as i stated on my video i am trying to work out lighting etc on my camera so the colours are not 100% this is why i have post up pictures on here so you can see more clearer.  I hope you enjoy my review :) 

My Little Haul 

Fall Festival Palette

Oh you guys when i first seen this on the sight I just knew i had to have it.  The colours looked amazing and i simply fell in love straight away.  The price of this palette is $21.95 each which is about €17/14.  It might sound a bit pricey for just 12 shades, I thought it too thats why i waited so long to get it and was lucky enough to get it on the 50% off sale but now that i have it, I can safely say its well worth the full price.  Plus if you didnt want all these shades but some of them catch your eye you can buy them on their own.  The cost $4.95 each on their own.  So happy day eh?

The Palette itself it super super sturdy.  Its a typical black Palette with Coastal Scents printed on the Front.  What amazed me was how heavy it is.  Much heavier than any other branded palettes i own.  I am super impressed with that. 

Taken in Normal Light 
Taken with Flash
Now as you can see the palette comes with a fairly large mirror which all of us love especially on travel.  The shade are amazing.  The Eyeshadows are quite large and will last quite a while.  These eyeshadows are also the same size as the Mac eyeshadows.  
What i love about these palettes is that you can remove any of them out of this palette.  Be it for changing colours or simply using this palette for other purposes be it for storing other single eyeshadows etc.  i have tried a Mac eyeshadow in this palette and it fits like a glove. 

When i stated on my video these colours are not named they have letters and numbers on them i actually noticed they are too named in the single section in which i will tell you them now as i know some of you might not like all these shades in the palette but i also know some of them might catch your eye and Coastal Scents do in Fact sell these shades separately just click here to see   So thats nice to know :) :) 

So starting from the top row:
M04, HP-ME03, HP-ME01 & HP-ME17
HP-ME09, HP-ME26, S14 & S17
S30, HP-ME15, HP-23 & M23

M04 (Chamois Nude) is a great Matte cream eyeshadow  
HP-ME03 (Bright Copper) this is a beautiful frosty copper 
HP-ME01 (Dark Golden Olive) is a dark metallic mossy green i love this shade a little of this goes a long way.
HP-ME17 (Light Apricot) this is a nice frosty champagne shade perfect for highlighting 
HP-ME09 (Kiwi Green) this is another frosty mint green with golden undertone 
HP-ME26 Deep Cantaloupe)  this is a beautiful orangey/golden shade 
S14 (Regalia Purple) this is a lovely purple with bluey undertone 
S17 (American Rose) this is a satin red with pinkish undertone 
S30 (Cherry Chocolate) this is also a satin shade its a brown with pinky micro-shimmers
HP-ME15 (Raisin Berry) this is another satin shade a beautiful Burgundy colour with a slight brown undertone so strong  
HP-23 (New Coin)This is a very strong orange shade beautiful in person   
M23 (Gunmetal)This of course is a Matte Black  Its not the Blackest of blacks but its buildable.  

4 Piece Empty Palette with 3 single shades 

In Normal Light 
with flash
This is an empty Magnetic palette which holds 26mm shadows now according to Coastal Scents even though Mac eyeshadows are the same size they will not fit into this palette they state they will not magnetize to their palettes due to the magnets polarity.  What ever that means but hey.  
The palette comes with a nice sized mirror and an eyeshadow applicator.  This is even handier for travel or day trips and the shadows can easily come out of the pan so you can swap and change from palette to palette (if you do have others from coastal scents). 
I also bought 3 single eyeshadow in which were on sale for only $1.99 now thats a steal for these shades especially.  The funny thing about these single eyeshadows is that they are named.  
I got "Nude Tan, Peachy Copper & Chocolate Berry"  They are all fantastic colours.  

Nude Tan S37:  Is self explanatory its a matte tan eyeshadow but i found it contains a slight silverish micro-glitter 
Peachy-Copper S39:  A soft coral peach with a slight shimmer this is a fantastic shade works brilliantly with browns :) 
Chocolate Berry:  This is a Dark Brown with Purple shimmer to it.  I found this a little on the powdery side but a fantastic shade Its colour pay off is incredible 

Along with the Palettes i purchased 3 eye brushes.  i did want to buy more but the ones i wanted were already out of stock.  I got 
Destiny Blender .......$2.49
Small Pencil Crease.....$3.29 
Angle Brow Define...$1.79

Destiny Blender 
This Brush is certainly one for everyones collection i love it.  I have to admit i did look up review about this before i bought it even though its cheap you still gotta check eh? Well put it this way its one of the favourite brushes bought on the site so that says alot and i have to agree its incredible and for so cheap its also been compared to the Mac 224 brush only its small but does the same thing.  I love it and fits brilliantly into the crease Girls if you are looking for a great blending brush this baby is the one for you.  With its pointed end it also is brilliant for applying shadow perfectly in the inner corner of your eyes. 

Small Pencil Crease Brush
The length of this brush is unreal not that it bothers me but it might bother some people it is 8cm long.  The Bristles on this brush are well tapered and it washes well without shedding.  This is a multitasking brush for sure.  It can be used in the crease, under the brow, inner corner, outer corner etc so you will definitely find alot of use with this.  Its so cheap and works really well im very pleased with this brush 

Angled Brow Define 
This brush is so small but i have to say it does its job so very well.  I have more even and defined brows now since using this.  You can also use this as a liner brush which is even better.  i have found it does not pick up as much colour as some brushes but its still a great brush especially for people who are trying to get used to filling in their brows etc. 

This is is what i paid for the whole lot including shipping with 50% off not bad eh?

 My overall opinion 

 I am very pleased with my purchases and i will definitely purchase again.  I know i was complaining abit in the video about waiting so long for the package to arrive but it was Black Friday and even ordering it took me so long to get into the site so i can imagine how busy they were.  Putting that aside i have no complaints with my purchases nor the packaging now the prices.  A very happy gal here 

I hope this was helpful to you all and if you have any questions at all please ask i will be more than happy to answer as best i can 
Hope you enjoyed my review and i hope you have a Wonderful weekend bringing in the New Year whatever way you are doing it.  Be careful Be Wise and be friendly lol 
all the best for  2011 and best wishes in 2012 
Thank you all so much for all the support in 2011 i really appreciate it and am looking forward to doing lots more reviews etc in 2012 and of course meeting even more wonderful people like yourselves :) 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 


sophie said...

i've always wanted to try costal scents, you have tempted me to go and order some!x

sophie @

Katie Lou said...

I've always been a bit dubious about coastal scents! but this post has made me actually consider ordering some, those shades are gorgeously pigmented! <3

Nina said...

Oh yeah they shades are amazing and i didnt even do these swatches with primer under it lol with primer on the eyes the colours intensify so much a little of these eyeshadows goes a long way

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