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Palladio Herbal Tinted Lip Balm & More Review

Incase some of you have never heard of Palladio I will give you a little insight in what it is:
Palladio Beauty Group is a company based in Hollywood, Florida formed by a group of experts in the cosmetics and beauty industry on November 1st 1999.  The company was formed with the principal idea of providing high quality products at affordable prices.  PBG is the manufacturer of Palladio “Herbal & Vitamin Enriched Cosmetics”.
Palladio is a full line of herbal and vitamin enriched cosmetics.  Enriched with essential herbs and vitamins such as; Green Tea, Chamomile, Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Aloe Vera and Anti-Oxidant Vitamins A, C, D & E to improve the skins elasticity and combat aging.  Palladio “Herbal & Vitamin Enriched Cosmetics is distributed in beauty outlets and high end specialty retailers throughout the United States and Internationally.   Palladio Beauty Group is also the manufacturer of "The Rice Powder Company".  "The Rice Powder Company" is a rice enriched line of cosmetics that consists of facial products that have the added benefit of controlling the facial oils that cause shine.  Palladio Beauty Group do not condone animal testing. Their products are tested only on office volunteers.
This is my little collection 
The First time i heard of this company was from the famous Emily Noel 83 aka The Beauty Broadcaster  .  She loves the Palladio range especially the Herbal Lip Balms.  Please have a look at my video review on these and then My pictures and swatches below:
The Palladio Herbal Tinted Lip Balm

Palladio States 
  • UV filters
  • Moisturizes
  • Long-lasting color

Palladio Tinted Lip Balm is enriched with UV filters to protect the lips, this unique lip balm formula moisturizes while adding sheer, long-lasting color. Wear these lip balms by themselves, or under your favorite Palladio Herbal Lipstick as a hydrating base!
"Bronzy Pink, Golden Pink, Cotton Candy & Rosey

As i Stated above i went with Emily's word and ordered the shades she had as i liked the look of them in her swatches.  I was supper excited to try them out and i searched high and low to try and get them.  I finally found them and got them.   They were available on the Makeup Geek Site for $3.89/€3/£2.50 each they also ship internationally.  When i got them in the post i was so excited to try them and fell in love straight away.  Now i bet your think "What she so excited about lip balm for and why these ones in particular" well believe me i have never come across lip balms like these i tell you :) :) 
Bronzy Pink
This is a Fantastic shade.....It gives a beautiful bronzed shade on the lips and has a slight golden shimmer to it.  This is such a pretty summery shade and when the sun hits it you lips look amazing.  
This picture was taken with flash 
Golden Pink 
This is another beautiful shade........This is definitely true to its name is a beautiful pink with golden shimmer the shimmer compliments the shade and your lips i love it.  It sort of gives a frosty finish.  
 Cotton Candy 
This is a lovely natural baby pink shade again with a tad of shimmer.....not as much shimmer as the other two but does give the MLBB look.  Its pretty sheer but still noticeable on the lips 
This shade is perfect for anyone who is a little intimidated by a red lip......I know alot of people who would love to wear a red lip but just not sure about it......This gorgeous shade gives you the red look but not a strong one this would suit any skin tone i love it.  I have found this has a slight goldy undertone to it i looks fantastic i love it.  

My overall opinion 
As im sure you have guess i am super impressed with these tinted lip balms.  They are incredibly moisturising and even after they start wearing off they still tend to leave a slight colour especially the "rosey" one.  I love that they dont leave any gross lines behind and the fact they are soft and easy to apply is an extra.  What i love more is the ingredient they have in them for example  coconut oil glicerides, shea butter and herbal extracts which are all good.  They are perfect for the winter and summer months too as the have UV filters in them.  So i definitely give these a 5/5 love them.
Palladio Lip Liner Pencil
Palladio 3 lip liners in shades Vermouth, Pink ice and Pink Frost
Palladio says:  With a firm, yet smooth tip, our slim liners make defining the lips effortless. Contour with ease to prevent bleeding, or use as a base before applying your favorite Palladio lip color to extend wear.
 Prevents lipstick from bleeding
Long lasting formula
Glides on smoothly

Palladio Lip Liner Pencil features a soft textured formula, glides on smoothly to define your natural lip line. The long lasting formula helps to prevents lipstick from bleeding.:)

Vermouth, Pink ice and Pink Frost
It is actually stated that these are compared the Mac Lip liners and are even better.  I dont know as i have never tried a Mac Lip liner.  Thats saying alot about these though.  My experience with these Lip liners are good but i did find that if they are in a cool room they are hard to apply to the lips....i usually warm them up first and that works out for me.  They are super long lasting especially if you use these as a base or even as a lippie for the day with a little gloss over them they look incredible.  Pink Ice and Pink Frost are a perfect shade for a bridal look or MLBB look.     Pink Frost is a nice cool pink but not too frosty.  Pink Ice is a beautiful pink with silver shimmer to it really really pretty.  Vermouth is a great shade for Autumn but also good for anytime of the year.  Its a beautiful wine shade with a brownish undertone to it.  

I got these off the makeup geek store for only $.99 each not bad i tell you :) :) 

Palladio Clear Brow Gel

Clear brow gel can be used to set eye brows or to naturally enhance the eye lashes. Perfect for keeping those stray hairs in place!  and i have to say it works perfectly.  The seperate brush on the bottom side is so handy and the brush with the gel is brilliant.  I used this on my eyelashes some days when i dont want to wear mascara and it makes my eyelashes look great.  This most me $5.89 well worth it.  

So thats it for today everyone i hope you enjoyed my review 
hope you are all well 
until next time 
take care 
Love Nina C xoxox



Beccy @ Two Days Slow said...

I have just been thinking today about getting some tinted lip balm so thank you for yet another amazingly help review :) I'm definitely going to have a look at these now

Nina said...

awwww you most welcome hunny :)

Herryponting said...

I like this post..
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L said...

All of the lip balms look so pretty! Great swatches. :D Thank you!

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