Friday, 31 May 2013

The Dublin Lingerie Company: Amourette Padded Soft Cup Bra by Triumph Review

Hey My beauties how are you all doing today :) :) 
As you have probably noticed I am doing a different sort of post today and any of you men out there who are looking at the title and thinking hmmmm think I will pass on this DONT WAIT because this will benefit you too especially if you have women in your life ;)

The Dublin Lingerie Company is brand new and has an on-line site for literally everyone to use.  Now What i mean by Everyone is 
Teens,  Maternity & Nursing,  plus sized women,  sporty, Post operative bras and more. 

They quote:  It is a well known fact that 70% of girls/ladies are now more than a C cup - so we are pleased to say that the majority of our collection covers C upwards. BL Lingerie is not only beautiful but good quality, affordable and comfortable in a range of designs we are confident you will love. We believe there is no reason why pretty and sensual lingerie should not be for everyone! Our aim is to continue to find the suppliers whom enjoy making pretty, good quality lingerie at affordable prices and make us all, young or old, proud of what we are - so we would like to introduce and celebrate the specialist brands that we have chosen for our first collection.

Never in my Life have I ever tried High Quality Affordable Lingerie before and I was super excited to be getting the chance to try and review a piece of Lingerie from the site.  
Now I am not ashamed to say it that I am and always have been too embarrassed to walk into any Lingerie store to get something for myself for the simply reason that I didnt think they would have anything for me.  Why?  Because I am not exactly blessed with whole boobies section.  I was not always like that believe me I was a good 34 C when I was in school but after having kiddies and loosing alot of weight over the years I lose the C cup and went down to an A :( 
So yes I am now a 34 A and to be honest if i did not wear a padded bra I would look dead flat.  Thats where Pennies/Primark Bras have always been a favourite in my life They are brilliant and so affordable.  
I have always wanted to have at least one set of Lingerie in my drawers that cost more than €10 :) Come on ladies we all do and now I do yeeeeeeee 
I have to say the women running the site were absolutely brilliant in helping me out with choosing what to get.  I told them I needed something that was comfy yet gave me a bit of a shape in the top area especially wearing tight tops with the summer coming in.  
And this is what they sent me :) 
The Amourette Padded Soft Cup Bra 
I am sorry about The different photos :) :) 
The both of them came wrapped up in lovely tissue paper and sealed with a sticker with their logo on it 
The moment I saw these I fell in Love oh my goodness 
First of all the Bra looked absolutely amazing.  The material looks amazing on it so soft and comfortable I was hoping the size was right after all in the usual places I buy my under wear the size you normally are doesnt always work out for you.  It can be either too big or too small or the under wire digs into you too much (thats what I get sometime for picking up very cheap bras) 
Oh my goodness when I tried this bra on it was like a glove ladies I mean it was 100% perfect and fits like a glove.  I even put it to the test that night by wearing it to bed (I know its bad for you but thats when you will feel the most discomfort) and I slept like a baby.  The strap that goes around my back is so comfortable and gives such amazing support I even felt a little sexy ok ok alot hehehe.

As you can see its the perfect fit on me and the strap feels like its hugging me nicely 
 It looks amazing on.  I also noticed that there is absolutely no movement whatsoever with this bra it stays put and you have none of this adjusting or pulling at the bra I LOVE IT.  As for a boost?  It gives a little boost with the small big of unnoticeable padding it has which is perfect I will show you a before and after photo.  In the before picture I am wear no bra and in the after im wearing it.  
This has taken alot for me to show you the before as this is the one area I am quite self concoinouse about how flat chested I am but I know I am not the only one out there and I want to show you how much of a boost it give so you have an idea :) Its all good :) 
As you can see it does make a natural difference without having to stuff you bra with chicken fillets lol 
The underwear feels like silk against the skin oh wow the comfort is absolutely incredible. 
I am more than happy with my new High quality underwear and to be honest has made me want to get another set.  Washing the bra is like a dream I throw them into the 30oC wash and they come out perfect like you just bought them not like some brand that are on the cheaper side you wash them and the padding is either twisted or flattened etc.  
The bra costs €32 and is available in Black and White (made with 51% Nylon 22% Cotton)
The Briefs costs €22 and is available in Black and White (made with 75%% Nylon)
I find the Brief's a little steep to be honest as you can surely get more affordable under wear for lower prices but the Bra is totally worth the money as you are going to have this for a very long time without it going out of shape.  
For the men who do not like to walk into a store to buy their lovely ladies some underwear you can order from their website and they even have a section for just you guys to help with sizes etc.  There is also youtube videos available with brilliant tips and tricks.  
The Dublin Lingerie Company has an amazing service and is there to answer any questions you may have  and I mean Any.  I will surely be trying out their other selections of padded and enhancing bras.  
Have you tried these yet :) I highly recommend you all to check their site out :) 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and complete Comfort

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sharing the Love #2: Interview with Jessica from Dazzledust08

Beauty is in Eye of the Beholder...
Hey My beauties :) 
Its that time again Sharing the love :) :) Last week was a real hit and alot of people showed alot of interest in been part of my Share the Love Series .  Im so thrilled :) If you want to be featured Check out my post here and simply comment or email me All the details is here :) 
So this week I have the pleasurable company of Jessica from Dazzledust08 and she comes from England She is beautiful inside and out and she is a mummy hard to believe I know as she looks absolutely amazing :) 
So enough of me talking and lets get right down to the Interview for you all to get to know her :) 
  1.   Hey Jessica Welcome to my Nina's World :) :) Can you tell us a little about yourself :) 
Hey! My name is Jessica aka Dazzledust08 on youtube, I am a fully qualified Beauty Therapist. Im also a Makeup Artist and youtube guru.
I have two beautiful children, kenzie & Brooke. It can be hard to juggle My Youtube Career with being a mum but so far ive managed to make it work.

2.  Tell us a little about your blog
  I have a Blog too,, I update my Blog with swatches/reviews of products that i love so i can share them with my followers.

  3.  What inspired you to start up your blog 
 I was inspired by Panacea81 on youtube, I would sit for hours and watch her videos. I loved her confidence on the camera and her ability to show people how to look their best using makeup. After a year of constantly watching her videos i decided to go for it and film my own makeup tutorials.

4.  What is your dream job? 
My dream job is to get makeup jobs for music videos, films and television projects. One day! :)

5.  Can you share with us some of your favourite blogs to read ?
 My favourate blogs to read include, Makeupbydyna, Fitznbitz, Alicechan9, Themakeupchair & ninasbargainbeauty (You!) :) (nawwwwww)

6.  Your favorite skin care, hair care and makeup products?
  My Skincare includes: Dermalogica special cleansing gel, Multi active toner and Soothing eye makeup remover.
My favourite hair care products are, Schwartzkopf Got 2 b Guardian angel heat protection & Schwartzkopf Got 2 b 2 Sexy Big volume hairspray! (Mouthful!)
And my all time favourite makeup products are, Rimmel London match perfection foundation ivory, Elf makeup mist and sey & the MUA Undress Me too Palette! :)

7   If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is thinking of starting up their own blog what would it be?  
I would say go with your heart! If its your passion then go for it, Don't be afraid of what other people may think of you, remember that confidence is key!

8.  Can You tell us what is in you handbag?? (hehehe I like been nosey)?  
Oh gosh! My handbag is rather full lol, I have an Umbrella as you never know when it may rain in this country, I have a sample perfume of Pink Inc, MUA lipstick shade 14 Bare, A notepad and pen, A scarf, My purse and a compact mirror.

9.  Where else apart from your blog can we find you aka twitter facebook etc.
 You can also find me via Facebook: Dazzledust08 Official, Instagram: Dazzledust08 & Twitter: Dazzledust08

10  Any last words for us :) 
  Thankyou for interviewing me today! I had soo much fun answering the questions. 
Lots of love Jessica XxX 

This girl has some talent and she is an amazing mum to two beautiful children.  I really enjoy her videos and I just love her accent :)  
Be sure to check her out if you are a makeup and beauty lover you will love her channel 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 27 May 2013

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Self Tanner

Hey My beauties How are you all doing :) 
I hope you are all enjoying your Summer no matter where you are.  Ireland hasnt got off to a goo start for the Summer in fact our Spring and Summer so far has been rain, hail storms bladdy blah 
So you can imagine us Irish ladies walking around in jumpers and trousers and not getting even the look of the sun.  So you can imagine our skin been as white as snow and that infact is what most of us look like without the help of sun beds (which I have never experienced and will not ) or getting the tanned look from the bottle.  
Now I am not the palest as I am sallow skinned but im close to pale especially if I get no sun.  But my legs????? oh my goodness to be honest I have a very weird shaded body.  The top part is not too pale but pale and the bottom half is like snow white the same with the inside of my arms.  
Because I have a sort of messed up shaded body any fake tan that I have tried so far has been a total FAIL 
My legs will only get the slightest tint of tan and the rest of my body would be orange.  With that or my body would take to the tan but my dry patches would be muddy and dirty looking.  Its very hard also as a mum to keep reapplying tan and too be honest turns me off tanning altogether .  
Thats until I heard some great things about Cocoa Brown 

Cocoa Brown Promises: a revolutionary, express, self-tan mousse that develops into a beautiful, natural-looking tan in just 1 hour! After just one hour, Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter – 1 Hour Tan can be rinsed off and the tan will continue to develop for up to three hours, giving a gorgeous authentic, golden-brown tan lasting up to 5 days.
There is mountains of reviews about this tan all over the net and it is raved about by many Irish Gals especially as it was created by An Irish Gal Marissa Carter and she knows that us Irish gals are pale so she thought long and hard about how to create a tan for us pales girls and not have us looking like we went on a Carrot Juice diet for a week 
With all the great reviews I have been reading and hearing about I just had to try it out myself but to be honest I was sceptic because of my messed up shading lol 
I am going to show you just what I mean about messed up This is a picture of what my arm and legs looks like all year round

See what I mean 
Anyways the tan comes in a mousse like form.  Which means no mess or fuss while applying I love it.  Another thing I love is the scent I cant pin point what it smells like but its would remind you of flowers :) nice ones BTW.  

I love that this does not feel freezing cold on the skin at first contact oh my goodness the amount of tans I have tried that made me all goose pimply is unreal.  
This is best applied of course with a mitt in which Cocoa Brown also has for sale and I love how soft and smooth it is the two work great together.  
The way the tan works is if you are looking for a nice golden brown tan for 1 hour and rinse off for medium leave it for 2 hours and a deep 3 hours 
This tan is even suitable for anyone with sensitive skin.  Its so light weight easy to apply and streak free.  Even if you are one who has never applied tan to yourself you will find applying this tan a dream 
So I decided that the 2 hours is just right for me to leave on for a natural and noticable looking tan and this is result on my leg 
A seriously brilliant result I fell in love with my own legs honestly beautiful in fact my whole body looked even glowing and had the most natural tan I have ever seen I AM EVENLY SHADED YEEEEEEEEEEEEE.  
Wow I am so so so so impressed.  I was checking for dark patches on my knees elbows and even under my arms the next day as they are the areas that always mess up for me oh and my hands and no darker patches apart from one of my knees which in all fairness is bound to happen when im on my knees washing floors and playing with babies.  Even washing dishes everyday didnt fade the tan off my hands as you can see in this picture I posts up on facebook on day 3 of wearing the tan 

The tan lasted 5 days before I noticed and fading and to be honest even at that it wasnt patchy :)  I am totally in love I actually feel a little more confident in myself because I can wear literally anything without worrying about applying instant tan that day.  
My daughter even said to me yesterday when the heavens opened and we got soaked "mam run in under the tree your tan will run"  I replied "Its find darlin" the first time I didnt have to worry about my tan getting messed up I LOVE IT :) 

I highly recommend this tan to everyone I mean everyone Even ones who suffer with dry skin as Marissa Gives some very helpful tips online on how to prep your skin before applying and believe me it works.  

I love it that much I bought her newest creation Cocoa Brown Night & Day Tan which I will of course review with pictures also :) :) 
The tan only costs €7.99 for 150mls in which you will get more than enough for 3 applications :) 
Here is a picture of the tan on day 3 of wearing :) as you will see I still had a lovely colour 
So thats is it for the day 
Have you tried this tan yet?  
Check out Cocoa Browns Website for more information and helpful tips of getting the best out of your self tan if you follow the tips you will get the most beautiful looking tan for 5 - 7 days :)  
Until next time Lots of Love Luck and Lots of Tanning 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sharing the Love #1: Interview With Sarah From Makeupbysaz

Hey my Beauties Incase you missed out on my announcement I am now going to post once a week an interview with either a Blogger or a You-tuber as part of a Share the Love series Check this post out for more information :) 
So without further ado 1st up for Interview is Sarah From Makeupbysaz :)  Sarah is from Ireland :) and I have actually had the pleasure to meet her in person a few times.  I have been following her blogger more around 2 years now or even more. We have become close friends through the blogging world and she has some amazing talent especially in the Fashion world I have learned alot from her and I know I will learn alot more in the future but that's enough about me here is my interview with Sarah 

  1.   Hey Sarah Welcome to my Nina's World :) :) Can you tell us a little about yourself :) 
hello :) My name is Sarah aka Makeupbysaz on YouTube and on my fashion blog. I work full time as a assistant manager and stylist, I'm also a qualified beauty therapist and make-up artist and do this in my spare time as well as make YouTube videos and blog :)

2.  Tell us a little about your blog
 I started my blog about 4 years ago now as a hobby while I was studying in college. My dream was always to make videos but my confidence held me back, I would film a video on my laptop then delete it. About a year and a half ago I decided to just go for it and I haven't looked back since.   

  3.  What inspired you to start up your blog 
Fafinettex3 and Dulcecandy87 were my biggest inspirations and motivators, I would get so excited when they would upload a video but as much as I loved them, I noticed most YouTube wouldn't explain things properly or just show and tell high end products which was very frustrating  I wanted to change that and do in dept tutorials using cheaper brands and also put my professional knowledge to good use and help others.

4.  What is your dream job? 
At the moment, I would love to work at MAC cosmetics, the store near me has the nicest staff and they really train and look after their staff well but My dream is to open my own online clothes store and/or boutique but teach people how to dress for their body shape rather than just selling loads of clothes, I would also link them to my YouTube videos giving them make up and styling tips as well as skincare tips all in the one place :) ,  

5.  Can you share with us some of your favourite blogs to read ?
 To be honest I don't have much time anymore to read blogs or watch youtube videos as I work full time and also film and edit on my days off as well as spending time with family and friends but I always make sure I read my girl Nina's blog (nawwwww sarah xxx)  and keep up with my friend sinead "themakeupchair" and Dulce candy87 of course. 

6.  Your favorite skin care, hair care and makeup products?
 ooooh! I have soooo many.... My favourite skincare product would be ultrabland cleanser by lush, I swear by this product, its suitable for all skin types and they don't use any nasty chemicals or alcohol. My favourite make up product would be my Blank canvas cosmetics 6 piece powder/contour palette I love it!!!!

7   If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is thinking of starting up their own blog what would it be?  
Blogging/ Making videos is hard work but if it's what you love you will enjoy every single second. You need to believe in yourself don't let anyone bring you down they are not worth a second of your time.

8.  Can You tell us what is in you handbag?? (hehehe I like been nosey)?  
At the moment its a big mess haha I have everything from bus tickets to rubbish to chocolate in my bag but I always make sure I carry my sleek contour palette super handy for popping into your bag,  refreshing facial water spray, carmex and perfume

9.  Where else apart from your blog can we find you aka twitter facebook etc.
 I'm on facebook,twitter and instragram : 

10  Any last words for us :) 
  Thank you for taking the time to interview me Nina and I hope I didn't bore you all too much :) xxxx

Awwww you are more than welcome Sarah Its been a pleasure :) 
Make sure to Check Sarah's Blog and Channel out you will not be bored of her Believe me She eats, sleeps and breaths for what she loves and shows it through her videos and posts :) 
I hope you all enjoyed Next Sunday I Will have someone new to introduce to you so be sure to call back for that 
Until next time Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 24 May 2013

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brush Folio Review

Hey my beauties how are you all doing today :) 
Awwww im so excited about this blog post in particular because today is the official launch of the New Brush Folio By Blank Canvas Cosmetics 
Along with some other new products in which I will surely be buying myself ;) I will include a picture at the end these new items are on special offer for the weekend only exciting :) :) 
Anyway back to the Brush Folio might I add I LOVE THE NAME because when you end up filling this case up it literally looks like a Brush Folio :) 
The Brush Folio is basically a black brush case with with 4 compartments.  On the outside of the case have the official BCC logo and name :) Its simple and thats the way I like it.  The brush folio is actually quite easy to clean with a simple wet cloth if you have any makeup disasters which is even better :) 
The original price of this Fantastic creation is only €19.99 but for this weekend you are going to get it for €15.99 
The Brush Folio contains 20 compartments for all of your brushes which are split up into 5 x 4 places 
So you could put your face brushes on the first 2 folds and then your eye and lip brushes on the last 2 folds.  Another great thing about this is that each compartment has a flap to go over your brushes to protect them :) 

When I got this i immediately grabbed all my BCC Brushes and started to fill this little beauty up I actually thought there would be no way that this would hold all brushes especially the big face ones and be able to shut fully without any pressure on the zip but I was truely wrong :) 
Look at my lovely face brushes awww im so proud of them :) There is a few in there that are new and I have to review yet ;) 
And here is my eye brushes 
I have it nearly full just 9 spaces to fill, perfect for the new brushes that are been launched tonight ;)
I am so so impressed with this Brush Folio it closes absolutely perfectly with no pressure on the zip whatsoever.  This is an absolute perfect size for travelling even in your handbag (the big ones we do carry around).  I I cant believe so many brushes can fit into a small case like this :) My perfect Brush Folio full of BCC Brushes :) Im loving it :) 
I highly recommend this to anyone who had alot of brushes or anyone who travels alot to clients to do makeup or if you are one who likes to use more than 10 brushes at a time most of the time to do their makeup and are travelling alot :) 
I am planning on getting another for myself for my kit as it will take up less room in my case and more room for makeup :) 
BCC sells These on their own 
15 Piece Pro Deluxe with Case: €119.99
18 Piece Pro Deluxe with Case: €145.99

So that my review for today 
All new products will be available from 9pm tonight keep an eye out on their facebook page for announcements :) & Guess what???
The Lovely Una from Blank Canvas Cosmetics was kind enough to give me a discount code for my lovely fabulous readers to use 
Simply enter "NINA" into the discount/voucher section at the checkout and you will get 10% off if you spend over €20 
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Day 22: Blog Everyday In May.............. 13 Year old you

Hello my beauties how are you all doing today 
I have been a Naughty girl with the Blog Everyday in May Challenge 
I think I have missed about 4 days of it now in the month so far but life took over and by the time i got down to settle it was too late to do the post 
I hope that you can forgive me :) :) :) 
But I am back on track again and today the Topic is 13 year old me 
Now to be honest its not too long ago I did a Blog post on something like this 
Called Advice I'd Give my teenage self so I thought instead of typing it all out again 
I at 13 grew up way too fast and had alot of responsibilities my mum was sick at the time and I had to take on the role of big sister/acting mum sooner than i wanted to even though it was natural to me.  If there was one thing I could add to the big list of things I would tell to the 13 year old me would be things will get better and talk to someone more that you trust.  Teens always seem to keep things to themselves and either end up rebelling in ways that get them into trouble or end up worse Talk Talk Talk its the best way to relieve those frustrations and confusions about life 
Hope you enjoy :) 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Catrice Absolute Nude Eye-shadow Palette Review

Hey Everyone I hope you are all well :) 
Today I am Reviewing the Ever so popular Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette by Catrice 
Boy oh Boy have I been waiting a while to try this palette out.  I first heard about this palette been release along with alot more new permanent products in February.  I have gotten most of the new products now and have been using them quite a bit but I Decided this palette is one of the top on the list because I have been asked by a few of you out there have I tried it yet and because of my experience with it :) 
If you are a lover of neutral shades this is the palette for you which i can safely say all of us are neutral lovers :)
The palette contains 6 eyeshadows for only €5.49 which is a bargain in itself if you ask me.  The moment I saw this palette and the shades I instantly thought "Awwwww a mini Naked Palette" but of course I had to test them out to see if they were even close to some shades you get on the naked palette.  To find out if there is dupes you will have to read on but for now lets show you this little beauty.
I like the packaging Its slim, black and has a transparent lid to make the shades visable, it doesnt feel cheap and the lid is very sturdy.
The one thing I did notice about the eyeshadows is there is no matte shade.  They are all shimmery.  To be honest it would have been nice to get at least one matte either with a light or dark shade but hey we cant always get what we want :)
The shades you are getting are
A shimmery champagne:  This eyeshadow is a little on the chalky side and had little chunks of glitter.  At first i thought hmmmmm this is not going to work but to be honest with a tap of the brush its works quite well only thing is you lose more of the eyeshadow than gaining
A Light Mauvey pink:  This shade is alot easier to work with and looks stunning even on its own.  This is not as chalky as the first shade which means you are gaining more than losing :)
A Coppery Brown with mauve and pink specks:  This shade is nicely pigmented and works brilliant its soft and very easy to work with.
A Beautiful bronze with golden undertones:  This shade is actually quite pigmented and looks amazing its also a pleasure to work with as they is little to no fall out with it.
A Medium Brown with silver shimmer:  This is again another pigmented shade a little goes a long way
A Dark brown with gold shimmer: This is another very pigmented shade but also chalky there will be some fall out if not careful 
As i Said earlier when I first seen this palette I thought the colours looks almost familar to some shades of the naked palette so I just had to check it out and below you will see swatches of each shade and next to it the near dupe from the UD Palette now they are not exact but they are not far off it either :) 
All swatches are made with no primer ;) Click on the photo for a closer look 
As you can see the pigmentation is not too far off Urban Decay which says alot for a drugstore brand Well done Catrice :) Ok the lasting powder and the pigmentation is not as good as UD obviously but for people who dont own UD and cant afford the more expensive price tagged palette can easily get away it duping some of its shades through this palette 
Lasting power is pretty darn good too I have to say.  I wore these shadows for over 10 hours and with only a little bit of wearing off they lasted all day long with a good primer :) 
They blend brilliantly and are so easy to apply.  They feel silky when in contact with the eyes which I love.  The only shade I had problems with was the first one as it is very chalky and does need a base either a primer or a cream shadow.  
I have to say I am impressed and this is perfect for times I want to save my UD palette and use this on a ordinary day.  This is a perfect palette for a bride who is doing her own makeup on the day or anyone who loves wearing neutral shades.  

Here is just a quick everyday "Wake me up" look I created with the Catrice Absolute Nude Palette and in the picture I have the eyeshadows on about 5 hours :) 
Please excuse the messy hair lol I had to get ready in a hurry that day :) :) 
So thats my review for today :) 
Have you tried this palette out ?
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Day 18: Blog Everyday in May..............Best Friends

Hey my beauties how are you all doing today :) 
We got a lovely spell of sunshine and heat yesterday delighted !!!!
Today ??? Rain and cold AGAIN 
Typical Irish weather but hey what can you do eh?
Todays topic is Best Friends......... Who are your best friends and what makes them so special?
Well I am only going to talk about one best friend today and this person I have known all of my life from the day she was born. There is 6 years between us and I am the oldest :) Even though it doesnt feel like there is 6 years between us at all we have both got the same mind frame.
If you havent guessed it by now My bestest friend is my Sister Sarah
Isnt she a stunner ???
I love this girl so much she is an amazing person
Growing up Sarah and I were typical sisters. I used to be a real mammy when she was born I minded her wanted her to hurry up and grow up and play with me :)
She is going to kill me for putting up this photo but don't worry Sarah Plenty more to come hehehehehe :) & You cant stop me cause this is Nina's Bargain Beauty emphasising NINA'S Wahahahahahahahahahaha
Anyways Myself and Sarah growing up were not exactly close, in fact we used to kill each other all the time she was the typical younger sister who wanted to do everything I was doing I hated it lol you know what its like lol
But then when we were not fighting we had such amazing times. We shared the same room and had some amazing times making up the most silliest games ever but we had fun. I still had the mothering streak over her and told her when she was naughty (which was all the time) lol (only kidding)
Once we got older aka when I was in my teens and sarah was hitting the Tweens we got even closer. Sarah used to come to me all the time about her tween "problems" and we barely  fought.
When I hit 19 and had my first baby She was first on the list to become Godmother to my baby girl and still to this day she is an amazing godmother and aunty to her. When she had her first baby I was the one she came to be godmother :)
When I moved home when my little woman was a year old we grew even closer
We from then on became more best friends than sisters. We Talked about everything. She came to me when she experienced all her first in life all of them. She would often refer to me as her 2nd mum which made me feel amazing :)
We have been through the most hardest times and together we pulled ourselves through it.  She has been my rock when i needed her the most.  We have had our rows but couldnt stay mad at each other for too long because we would miss each other too much.  Any time we would go anywhere big we would ask each other did they want to come.  I have even brought her along to some blogger meet ups just because it would feel weird not bringing her to such an amazing event.  Going on day outs which doesnt happen too often because we both have children is such a laugh.  We both act like complete kids ourselves even our own kiddies think we are crazy 
awwww I love this girl so much.  We are each others rocks.  When life doesnt go our way we are there for each other as quick as you can click your fingers.  We even know when one of us is not having a good time even by text message.  We even say the same things sometime like twins would do when they are together and even finish each others sentences its unreal and we dont even live with each other.  I know everything about her and she me.  
This girl is my sister, my life and most of all the bestest friend I have ever had. 
If she is away from me too long my heart breaks for her 
Sarah if you are reading this I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR BEEN YOU 
Ok I think that's enough soppiness for one day lol 
I do have best friends but to be honest if you have sisters who you have grown up with stay close to them as they are the only people in the world apart from your parents who Know you inside out :) 
And believe me there are times in your life where you are going to need them more than anyone they are your blood they are your life and nothing and i mean nothing should ever come between you :) :) 
Until next time 
Lot of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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