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Day 11: Blog Everyday In May............... Book Love

Hey my beauties How are you doing today :) 
Wow or weather has totally changed in the past week 
Last week I didnt light my fire once this week i have lit it everday its cray cray and its suppose to be the summer :( 
But hey It could be alot worse :) 
Todays Topic is about Book Love .............."Tell us about your favourite book. Or maybe give us a top 5 of the books that changed your life."
Hmmmmm I actually was not going to do this one and maybe replace it with something else for today but I decided "No this is the topic so there must be something I can write about"
You see I am not a big book reader. I love books dont get me wrong I think Its very soothing and relaxing but I just cant find the time to read a full book. I will sit read about 5 chapters get engrossed then something else will take over be it kids or blog or something else .
In fact i mad a packed with myself that I will challenge myself into reading a full book. I got the Fifty Shades of Grey Book (Actually I got all 3) because that was such a popular book at the time started to read it, made it to half way through the first book and bam 5 months later my book mark is still in the middle of the book lol
So I decided in this post I would share with you books I remember loving as a kid and teen and always will remember as I have even bought some of them for my kiddies
The Book I ever remember getting and loving because my Aunty used to have stacks and stack of them in her house from when she was a teen was
Bunty wow the memories 
I used to go to my Aunties to stay for a week or two in the summer and the one thing I used to be more excited about was reading the Bunty books :) 
It was the perfect book for my age group which was around the teens :)  It was originally a weekly magazine but my aunty had all the Annuals which was even better as it was jammed full of different stories and puzzles and everything 
Bunty Had a main story in it which I was excited everytime to read and it was about the life of 4 teens all called Mary aka "The 4 Marys" 
The all lived in a boarding school and often got into trouble with teachers, school work school trips etc. 
It was so funny and made me wish I had close friends like they were :) 
Enid Blyton was a Huge part of my life growing up I loved her books and was totally engrossed in any of her books that I got as gives I remember simply lying on my bed reading and my world changed from my bedroom to what ever story I was reading :) 
I loved this one Amelia was such a naughtly kid but deep down all she craved for was friends but she was just too naughty and she couldnt help herself lol There was numerous amounts of these books and i found them so funny.  She used to play tricks on the other characters all the time.  My 8 year old has started reading one of these books and he is already engrossed and laughs to himself now and again :) Great book for 8 - 12 year olds 
The Famous Five :) 
About 3 Boys 1 Girl and a dog and they always seemed to be around when the bad people was up to something the funny thing was they were always the ones who solved the mysteries and get the bad people put away.  Every mystery was as interesting as each other and soon this book was turned into a tv programme which was even more brilliant I loved it 
Now when I was in secondary school when I was around 14-17 years old 2 books I read I absolutely loved and still rememeber to this day is 
Roll of Thunder here My Cry 
This book I studied as part of my English Project and enjoyed every last page.  It took me literally 2 days to read this and I had my project done within a week and handed in.  I also got an A in it by the way ;)  This was the most knowlegable story I ever read and made me understand things I never knew or was told about like the KKK and about the black community and the torture they were put through years ago and still to this day which is a pity :( 
The Book was set in 1933 and was based on a family called the Logan but most based on a 12 year old called Stacey and 9 year old called Cassie and her two brothers living through Cassie who was 9 tells the story of life on a Mississippi farm and along with other black families in 1933 are often treated unfairly.(having to walk to school, unlike white children who get to ride a bus, being called offensive names, receiving old, broken, or dirty school supplies, etc.) Cassie and her family must overcome the many struggles of being an African-American family, as well as finding their way through the Great Depression. Cassie and her brothers wind their way through life while getting in trouble with their cranky teacher, Ms.Crocker, planning revenge on their peers, exploring, learning lessons, and adapting to life in them times.  I was totally shocked with the behaviour of others aka white people towards them and it really opened my eyes to the reality of life. 
Lastly is another book that opened up my eyes 
The Twelfth of July 
This was another project I did in school for english and again got great marks for it.  
This story is set in Belfast Ireland and is based in around 1970's.  Joan Lingard herself lived in Belfast until she was 18 so she had a good insight to what life was like living in Belfast around the times when Catholics and Protestants did not get on at all in fact there used to be wars between them. 
The story is about Sadie who is a a catholic and Kevin who is a protestant and what life was like through their eyes living in Belfast.  The part of the city where they live is separated into a Protestant area and a Catholic area.  The 12th day of July is one of the most important holidays for the Protestants, for to celebrate and remember the famous William of Orange. Therefore there is a great fuss in the Protestant area and everybody attempts to decorate his street.
Once Kevin paints with big letters on a wall in the “enemy’s” area: Down with King Billy (=William of Orange). 
Kevin and Sadie became friends and found it very hard to stay away from each other Kevin could not understand why Sadie made a great big deal about this celebration and when he done what he done its cause the biggest faud between the catholics and protestants.  Sadie and her brother tommy catches Kevin destroying the wall that night and she is very angry with him but they have a connection which both can not stay away from.  
I believe the main theme of the novel is crossing barricades. I do believe that this make a point the sometimes children are more mature than adults.  The fact that its the adults who start the wars and dont forgive as quick as children do, that adults do not give people the chance to show themselves for who they really are just because of religion or their beliefs.   If we just get to know one another, and not act upon our disbeliefs, the world would be a better place. Even though this book has not worked any miracles into solving anything between the two religions its does give us a more understanding of what life is like in bother the childrens lives and the adult very interesting book :) 
So thats the most favourite reads I can think of As I said i am not a huge reader apart from my favourite magazines as i just do not have the time but I think once the kiddies all of them are in school i will get back to reading books again :)  
What are your favourite books :) 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Daire said...

I absolutely loved the Famous Five when I was younger... I think I read them all and then borrowed the audio books from the library so I could listen to the stories while I was doing my colouring in!

shazza said...

Oooh I remember Bunty as well and the Four Marys.We named one of our cats Bunty growing up.:)
I also devoured Enid Blyton books.Mallory towers,Castle of adventure,Claudine at st Clares,the famous five to name but a few.
And come to mention it I remember us reading The Twelfth of July at school.x

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