Friday, 3 May 2013

Day 3: Blog Everyday In May.......... A Day in The Life of Miss Nina

Top of the morning to you all :) :) 
Well now todays blog post is about a Day in the Life of MEEEEEEE
Wow this is going to be cray cray lol 
After all I do have kiddies but I will try to have everything straight to the point and not long winded I promise :)   I will tell you about my day yesterday and add a little of what normally goes on in my house 

Ok first of all as you see by the picture above I normal am up in the morns in time to see the sun rise. I was up at 5.30 because a little visitior decided to jump in beside me at 3.30am and since that ive be kicked, head-butted, dribbled on and of course have landed with a creak in my neck because i didnt want to move out an awkward possition in case i woke him.  Poor thing had a bad dream so I couldnt say no to him :) 
7.00am School Rush can be hard work as the oldest and the youngest out of the 3 are not morning people but Nina snaps them into reality usually by a big breakfast or threaten them with the "awwww maybe you need vitamins if your so tired all the time" lol they surely pick up the pace :) You see there was one time I got vitamins that didnt taste nice and they were not impressed I kinda kept them in the press just for those day i need them to move faster (Cruel? Nah i would never actually give them the vitamins lol im not that bad) 

8am:  The 3 oldest is gone to school by bus and its now time to get the twins who are 3 their brekkie :) and of course mummy needs her brekkie and cup of tea where I like to sit down and check my emails, maybe read a blog post or two or 5 lol, and maybe start on one myself.  
9am:  Time for a shower which normally happens with the twins playing in my bedroom with my makeup brushes (i have some set aside for them to play with ;)) they love playing with them or their brothers ds's 
Depending on the day But I normally do my makeup or have a makeup free day which i like to do.  Today is a "No Makeup day"  So its literally a 5 minute look just enough to cover the dark circles from the night before :) 
10-12 am Is clean up time normally the simple everyday house hold chores like washing dishes , washing clothes folding clothes bladdy blah blah :) sometimes I get my photos taken at this time because the sun is in my back garden at this time so perfect opportunity 

1PM:  The twins have their dinner and normally I prepare the dinner for the 3 oldest when they come in from school they usually are in their words "Starvin" lol
2pm -4pm  The 3 oldest are home and of course my 14 year old sister comes in the door at this stage as she goes to school in the same town as me so its handier for her to come here after school.  They all sit to eat then BOOM EXPLOSION "Homework time" "mammy I cant do this" "mammy will you help me" "Nina I need this signed" lol brilliant Love it but most days they are all ok to do their homework themselves :)
The twins of course are given their own papers and pencils to "do their homeworks ;)
After Homework they all go outside to play and I sit with a cuppa in front of the laptop to do more on my blog post.  Normally disturbed about 20 times in the space of a half hour but one or all of the kiddies lol 
5pm Time for a walk up town to treat the kiddies to some sweeties I do this once a week(the sweeties part i mean) I do love to take them all out for a walk for an hour a day just because its healthy for them and me :) 
6pm-8pm Tea time, play-time, storytime and bedtime busy but bliss when the house falls silent YES!!!!! 
Now time for me to get ready for bed time I love jumping into my pjs, tidy over and relaxing for the evening and having my dinner in peace.  Usually at this time I do blog posts, catch up on my favourite blogs watch videos and all that good stuff. 
Sleep can vary as the twins usually wake up twice a night still yes i know but they were born 2 months premature so they are stuck in a routine they used to have to be woken every hour when they were born for months so its not their fault but when i give them in a drink they usually go straight back to sleep.  My sleep is between 5-6 hours which believe me is alot compared to what I got for the first 2 years of the twins lives I survived on 2 hours a night :) 

I like to keep a routine when it comes to the kiddies food times and bed times after that you never know what the day brings from one day to the next which I love more than anything.  I love being a mum because im so busy everyday and thats they way I always have been 
I hope this wasnt too long winded and boring for you lol 
As i sit here this morning I think wow today was different  already and its not even 9.30am yet :) For example my 7 year old is in Dublin with his dad now getting fitted for a new eye as he has taken a sudden growth spirt and the eye he has got is getting too small and causing him a little agro and he is getting his eye that he has now polished up (If you are new and dont know what i mean check out this blog post to fill you in ) plus I have to help my oldest daughter, my teen sister and her friend get ready for a junior disco later this evening awwwww its never ending :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sudhaa Gopinath said...

That's a really long day and you are managing it wonderfully. Need to take lessons from you. My day pretty much like this except for the fact that i run around like a headless chicken. Lovely post!!

Nina s said...

lol I think when you have a good enough routine you are fine but there is days I can be running around like a headless chicken but when you have 5 kids hunny its hard to do that you always always have something to do which is great I dont like the whole sitting around all day doing nothing thing thats why I blog aswell lol If i have time to myself thats what i like to do to keep busy and also what i love to do as i always say you have to do stuff for yourself otherwise you would go insane

Princess PolkaDot said...

Wow, you really are busy+ lovely post é=


Just me, Leah said...

That made me quite tired reading it! I love reading these posts. I'm doing the 31 days too. x x

Nina s said...

just me, Leah Is that bad or good lol

Makeup Over Mind said...

Wow Nina, that's amazing! I knew you were busy but when you see it all written down...just wow! Fair play! x

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