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Thinking of Coming to Ireland on Holidays???? Here is some useful things you need to know about Ireland before you arrive :)

Top of the morning to ye lassies & laddies :) 
How are you all doing today :) 
I thought I would do a different sort of a post today 
As Its coming into Holiday time alot of people are planning out their trips and some people have been planning to come over to good auld Ireland :) Yeee great choice Ireland is just the best place ever :) 
I am going to get you into the whole Irish spirit Irish world before you come over.  
The thing is in Ireland all over everyone has different accents and sayings that come into everyday conversation and some of you would be left standing think "what was that he/she said"  Even I find it hard understand some sayings people come out with who are from a different county haha
like for instance Dublin Being the Capital of Ireland has their own accent and sounds totally different to say people who are from Kerry another city in Ireland 
I have to admit us Irish are known for having some unbelieveable sayings that mean the total opposite to the actual sentence or word that comes out 
Today I am going to share with you some of the most popular and regular sayings so it might give you more of an understanding when you do pay a visit to us :) Some popular places to visit and some popular foods to try 
Some of these are so funny and some are very confusing 
Any Irish people out there reading this if I leave any out please add them to the comment boxes for our lovely visitors :) 
I am also going to give you some information on how to survive in Ireland lol 
Wow this is going to be fun :) 
Before you leave your home, make sure you have wellies, rain jackets, an umbrella or two and hats and scarves because 90% of the time Irish weather is rain rain and more rain lol ok packing all of them is a bit much but make sure you have suitable clothing for both warm and wet days.  These day Irish weather is a bit bipolar.  One minute your sweating, the next you get hit in the face with a hail stone, the next you lose you favourite hat with the big gust of wind that nearly knocks you over then the sun shines and you have to take your jacket off that you only just put on you 5 minutes ago lol 

Ok the first thing you will need to know before you even start talking to anyone is that if you are renting a car our cars take either Petrol or Diesel So make sure to ask the people you rent off what FUEL the car need Just so you get that mixed up are the car will be banjaxed (eh meaning if you put the wrong fuel in the car it will chuckle down the road make a big bang and die on you lol) Oh and dont forget we drive on the left not the right ;)

If you are not renting a car and want a taxi this requires a phone call none of the whistles or lifting the arm will work im afraid :) 

Oh by the way before you come over Try and get used your body used to drinking tea for at least 2 weeks before you come over because if you are planning on visiting or staying with Irish people you will be guarenteed to be asked about 100 times a day "Would ye like a cuppa" mean would you like a cup of tea now normally in an Irish home a cuppa is only tea so if you are a coffee drinker make sure to state you would like a coffee otherwise its will be Lyons or Barrys tea all the way :) 

Now for some of the Slang for you to get used to when you do arrive in Ireland Ok some of us dont speak like this but we all understand each other when its spoken :)

  • Greetings: "Well" "Howya" "Hows it goin" "Whats the Craic" "Long time no see" These basically mean "Hello" "Story bud?" "How's she cuttin" lol  our replies when you ask us how we are: "ah sure not too bad" "awww sure no point in complaining" "Not a bother on me" "Im grand and yourself?" 
  • "See ye later" "Mind yourself" "Talk to ye" "Right Goodluck" "Slan" Means "Goodbye"
  • Weather:  Jaysus its horrid close out there ...... meaning humid weather,   "It would freeze the b**ls of a Brass monkey" meaning its freezing cold,   "jaysus come in you'll catch your death" come in or you will freeze "its Lashing" or "Its foamin" Its raining  
  • The Irish are particularly fond of the "Odd" bad word they will 90% of the time bring a "rude" bad word into conversation but its nothing to take offence to its literally part of the Irish speaking 
First of all in some countries sticking up you index and middle finder on their own means you are rudely telling someone to F**k off and we take offence to that where as it might mean "Peace" or something else in other countries 
but we always include either "Feckin" "Kiss me arse" "Ah feck it" "Holy Shit" "For feck sake"  ok i think you can get the idea of what im talking about but most of the time these curse words come into any conversations for instance if you compliment someone of their hair or clothes they could reply by saying " awww will ye feck off sure ive had this outfit for years or awwww will ye shut up I look like ive been dragged through a ditch" but it really means thanks very much I think most of the time we Irish just cant take a compliment publicly lol 

  • When we talk food:  "me stomach thinks me throat is cut"  "I'm Starvin" "ah sure you'll have a little" this little will be a plate full that will feed an army believe me........ "Ah jaysus I caould ate a horse" meaning I am really hungry and i feel like I would eat loads   "awwww me eyes were bigger than me belly" meaning I ate too much.    

Spuds..... is potatoes 

Rashers is bacon 
bacon is a big lump of ham
Chips is Fries 
crisps(packet of Tayto is chips 
ketchup is "red sauce" tomato ketchup 
Chipper..... Fish and chip shop 
Fry up........... (Irish Breakfast) Sausages Rashers, eggs, beans, pudding etc 
  • Now Drinking is a big thing in Ireland Going to the pub having a laugh having the craic having a ceili is a big thing We love the auld (old) pint and dance around :) Everything is a celebration in the pub.....Winning a football match, winning anything lol, a birthday, an achievement, leaving school, a funeral everything is celebrated with a pint or 10 or 20 in the pub so when it comes to drink the most popular Beers ales alcholic drinks are 

Guiness but be warn guiness is a heavy beer so be sure to eat before you try ;)
Whiskey is a popular short you have to try in Ireland oh whiskey is great I tell ye it even cures the pain on gums :) also great for the flu (so we say ) 

Smithwicks is another popular beer :) 
Bulmers is a cider made from apples 
Oh the good auld Baileys Irish cream Liquer you have to try it mmmmmm 
Poitin boy oh boy this is a strong spirit and great for warming you up 
Irish Coffee you simple everyday coffee with a shot of whiskey ;) 
You will more than likely be asked the next day after a good night out "Are you goin for the cure" that means are you going to the pub lol 
You will also hear if you are out with us "Jaysus you were langered last night" meaning you were very very drunk 
Ladies when your in the pub and an Irish lad comes up to you he will more than likely start a conversation with "What ye havin" and "Your not from around here" or "howya gorgeous" or "Are ye well cause ye look it"  "your place or mine" usually means he is interested in you :) 
Now for some Ideas of Places to visit in Ireland :) 
There is so much in Ireland you could go for such a small country there is alot of tourists places I have to say for instance this is only a small amount of what you can see over here 
The Cliffs of Moher in Clare

Kylemore Abbey 
Newgrange in Meath 
Rock of Cashel 
Food you have to try in Ireland
A Full Irish Breakfast
An Irish Stew
Bacon and Cabbage dinner
Roast beef dinner
Brown Soda Bread
Irish Brown Soda Bread mmmmm

There is so much to see believe me :) :)  Check out my Pins to see some of my favourite things to do with Ireland  One thing I have to say about us Irish is we love to see people coming to our country to visit.  We are very welcoming and will make sure your stay is a memorable one.  
I love Ireland :) :) We have so many traditions there is just too many to list :) 
Have you ever been to Ireland???
Are you Irish what is your favourite sayings, things to do or places to go in Ireland 
I hope you enjoyed this post :) Something different but close to home :) 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Slan (bye) 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Shannon Boyce said...

Ireland is somewhere I have been desperate to visit for ages. I have a lot of family there that I would love to track down. If only it wasn't so far away from me!

Just me, Leah said...

Fab post - I really enjoyed it. Very informative AND funny! I've never been to Ireland but I really want to. x x

PR Fashion Beauty said...

I want to go there! :)

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