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The Dublin Lingerie Company: Amourette Padded Soft Cup Bra by Triumph Review

Hey My beauties how are you all doing today :) :) 
As you have probably noticed I am doing a different sort of post today and any of you men out there who are looking at the title and thinking hmmmm think I will pass on this DONT WAIT because this will benefit you too especially if you have women in your life ;)

The Dublin Lingerie Company is brand new and has an on-line site for literally everyone to use.  Now What i mean by Everyone is 
Teens,  Maternity & Nursing,  plus sized women,  sporty, Post operative bras and more. 

They quote:  It is a well known fact that 70% of girls/ladies are now more than a C cup - so we are pleased to say that the majority of our collection covers C upwards. BL Lingerie is not only beautiful but good quality, affordable and comfortable in a range of designs we are confident you will love. We believe there is no reason why pretty and sensual lingerie should not be for everyone! Our aim is to continue to find the suppliers whom enjoy making pretty, good quality lingerie at affordable prices and make us all, young or old, proud of what we are - so we would like to introduce and celebrate the specialist brands that we have chosen for our first collection.

Never in my Life have I ever tried High Quality Affordable Lingerie before and I was super excited to be getting the chance to try and review a piece of Lingerie from the site.  
Now I am not ashamed to say it that I am and always have been too embarrassed to walk into any Lingerie store to get something for myself for the simply reason that I didnt think they would have anything for me.  Why?  Because I am not exactly blessed with whole boobies section.  I was not always like that believe me I was a good 34 C when I was in school but after having kiddies and loosing alot of weight over the years I lose the C cup and went down to an A :( 
So yes I am now a 34 A and to be honest if i did not wear a padded bra I would look dead flat.  Thats where Pennies/Primark Bras have always been a favourite in my life They are brilliant and so affordable.  
I have always wanted to have at least one set of Lingerie in my drawers that cost more than €10 :) Come on ladies we all do and now I do yeeeeeeee 
I have to say the women running the site were absolutely brilliant in helping me out with choosing what to get.  I told them I needed something that was comfy yet gave me a bit of a shape in the top area especially wearing tight tops with the summer coming in.  
And this is what they sent me :) 
The Amourette Padded Soft Cup Bra 
I am sorry about The different photos :) :) 
The both of them came wrapped up in lovely tissue paper and sealed with a sticker with their logo on it 
The moment I saw these I fell in Love oh my goodness 
First of all the Bra looked absolutely amazing.  The material looks amazing on it so soft and comfortable I was hoping the size was right after all in the usual places I buy my under wear the size you normally are doesnt always work out for you.  It can be either too big or too small or the under wire digs into you too much (thats what I get sometime for picking up very cheap bras) 
Oh my goodness when I tried this bra on it was like a glove ladies I mean it was 100% perfect and fits like a glove.  I even put it to the test that night by wearing it to bed (I know its bad for you but thats when you will feel the most discomfort) and I slept like a baby.  The strap that goes around my back is so comfortable and gives such amazing support I even felt a little sexy ok ok alot hehehe.

As you can see its the perfect fit on me and the strap feels like its hugging me nicely 
 It looks amazing on.  I also noticed that there is absolutely no movement whatsoever with this bra it stays put and you have none of this adjusting or pulling at the bra I LOVE IT.  As for a boost?  It gives a little boost with the small big of unnoticeable padding it has which is perfect I will show you a before and after photo.  In the before picture I am wear no bra and in the after im wearing it.  
This has taken alot for me to show you the before as this is the one area I am quite self concoinouse about how flat chested I am but I know I am not the only one out there and I want to show you how much of a boost it give so you have an idea :) Its all good :) 
As you can see it does make a natural difference without having to stuff you bra with chicken fillets lol 
The underwear feels like silk against the skin oh wow the comfort is absolutely incredible. 
I am more than happy with my new High quality underwear and to be honest has made me want to get another set.  Washing the bra is like a dream I throw them into the 30oC wash and they come out perfect like you just bought them not like some brand that are on the cheaper side you wash them and the padding is either twisted or flattened etc.  
The bra costs €32 and is available in Black and White (made with 51% Nylon 22% Cotton)
The Briefs costs €22 and is available in Black and White (made with 75%% Nylon)
I find the Brief's a little steep to be honest as you can surely get more affordable under wear for lower prices but the Bra is totally worth the money as you are going to have this for a very long time without it going out of shape.  
For the men who do not like to walk into a store to buy their lovely ladies some underwear you can order from their website and they even have a section for just you guys to help with sizes etc.  There is also youtube videos available with brilliant tips and tricks.  
The Dublin Lingerie Company has an amazing service and is there to answer any questions you may have  and I mean Any.  I will surely be trying out their other selections of padded and enhancing bras.  
Have you tried these yet :) I highly recommend you all to check their site out :) 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and complete Comfort

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Jess | Just Jesss said...

Ah this is super pretty! Good underwear really can make you feel awesome :)

Jess xo

Makeup's Forever said...

Love it Nina.
Looks fab quality and really comfy, gorgeous :)


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