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NYX Candy Glitter eyeliners review

All Available at:

NYX SAYS:  Create glamour in the twinkling of an eye. Our sensational Candy Glitter Liners let you produce a subtle hint of shimmer, or more dramatic lids worthy of a Vegas showgirl. Either way they ensure precision application. Available in 18 shades.

 I think we can all agree when i say that good glitter eyeliners are hard to come by – either they flake like crazy, the brush is worthless, or the color selection is limited to gold and silver. Also when you swatch them a very small amount of glitter appears on the brush so you end up dipping the brush about 20 times just to cover the top lash line!!!!!!!!  Well NYX is an exception :) :) They have definitely come up with the opposite to all the above :):) with Their Candy Glitter Liners 

These colours are starting from the left:
Hot Candy, Jade Green, Disco Queen, Lavender & Aqua and this photo is taken with flash 
The brushes on these liners are very thick, durable, and pick up plenty of product without applying a gloppy line.   They are made of synthetic hair so when used the hairs dont go all over the place and leave you with a line that looks like you drew it with your eyes closes .  The liner itself is full of moisturizers, so it leaves behind a nice smooth line that lasts, without become hard and chunky, and flaking off. 

Disco Queen, Hot Pink, Aqua, Lavender & Jade Green in normal light
The colors are Fabulous in person.  The base of the liner has the hint of color for instance look at the "Hot Pink" it has a hint of a lighter pink base....."Aqua" has a baby blue base etc.   As you can see after 2 swipes on my hand you get alot of product from the brush.....And because of that they look great on their own or over your desired shadow

Swatches taken with Flash 
If you asked me what was my favourite shade i simply couldnt tell you i love all 5.....they are all so colourful and glittery it would take your breath away :).  The best thing amongst everything else is these liners are full to the top your getting what your paying for......if you are a shimmer girl and like to wear glitter out well you wont be disappointed with these.

Picture taken in sunlight

  • Affordable                                                                                         
  • Lots of shades to choose from
  • Come with a girly tastle on the lid
  • plenty of product which means you wont run out too quick
  • easy to apply 
  • can be worn on their own 
  • very eye catching 

  • Tastle can get annoying when applying 
  • Takes a little while to dry 
  • the lighter shades are not a pigmented as the darker ones 

All the shades available

Have you got any of these fab Glitter eyeliners...Whats your opinion of them??? any questions??

ok girls until next time 
mind yourselves 
nina xoxoxoxoxo

Friday, 27 May 2011

e.l.f shimmer eyeliner pencil review **Updated**

Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil

Instantly brighten eyes with e.l.f.’s shimmering metallic liners that put the spotlight on eyes. The smooth formulation glides on effortlessly without tugging at the delicate eye area. Choose from an assortment of 9 delicious and essential shades designed to add depth, definition and a special sparkle to create a very glamorous look! Pencil includes a convenient sharpener cap for easy use! by e.l.f

Eyeliner Shimmering Pencils in shades " Black bandit,  Precious Pink,  Twinkle Teal,  Plum Passion & Grassy Green"
3 more shades in "Iconic Ivory, Boldly bronzed & Gunmetal"


Apply to the lash line alone, under or over eyeshadow as desired. Create a special occasion smoky eye by lining both upper and lower lashlines, blending and smudging out for a colorful, trendy eye look. by e.l.f

Swatches of " Black bandit,  Precious Pink, Twinkle Teal, Plum Passion & Grassy Green" without Flash 
Swatches in Normal Light of "Iconic Ivory, Boldly Bronzed & Gunmetal" 

Black Bandit:   a black with silver sparkles i love this i was expecting it to be more of a gone off black but it wasnt its jet black......... It's very easy to apply, creamy, it has a soft texture and it's quite long lasting as eyeshadow base.

Precious Pink:  a shimmery baby pink with silver sparkles not as pigmented as some of the eyeliners but still a fab colour i love it as an eyeshadow base:) 

Twinkle Teal:  It’s a really pretty dark teal eyeliner with a lighter teal shimmer and silver glitter this is definately one of my favourites.  looks well over black shadow.......

Plum Passion:  is a deep purple but can give a pinky purple pay off depending how  much of it you too has a silver shimmer to it but this is fab all over the lid.....its also great to make those green eyes pop 

Grassy green:  This is a bright green with a tint of yellow shimmer in it i also love this shade this is one of my favorites also 

Iconic Ivory:  This is a pure white with a hint of shimmer it also is a wee bit metallic but this is perfect for the inner corner of your eye and lower lash line to brighten up your eyes i love this :) 

Boldly Bronzed:  This is a lovely bronzy brown with hint of gold shimmer, this is perfect for the top & lower lash line i have notice this is longer lasting than some of the other shimmer pencils

Gunmetal:   This is a lovely grey with silver shimmer i find this perfect got the smoky eye look :) 

They come in 9 different shades :) They come with a sharpener in the lid, which at first I thought was a good idea. But after I used the sharpener to sharpen the Black Bandit, I wasn't happy with it After using the lid sharpener some of the shavings (along with the actual liner colour) gets stuck to the sharpener blade/plastic lid and when I put the lid back on the pencil it smudged all in the lid/over the top of the pencil.  Of course the sharpeners are ok if you make sure to clean them straight after each use but i wont or dont have the time to be doing that so i just use my own sharpener.  

taken in normal day light 
Picture taken in Sunlight 

So why should you buy them?????? Well they are inexpensive. Have you ever seen a good quality branded eyepencil for just £1.50? Colours are very soft and rich and nicely pigmented. They work even better if you warm them up a bit but your dont even have to do that as they are creamy enough.  They glide on smoothly. Does not tug your eyes. They have small shimmer bit. So, it also looks good as an eye-shadow. i find them easily wearable in daytime.  The darker shades smudge well for that fab smokey eye effect......i will mention they are not waterproof but do stay in place all day.  They are not so good on the waterline but work well on the lower lash line.  

So in all girls im impressed with these liners for the price they were i was expecting less but got more.....ive got one more shade to purchase but it was out of stock when i bought the other 3 ....have you got any of these liners what do you think leave me a comment :) 

until next time girls 
Slan (bye in irish) 
corinna xoxox

Thursday, 26 May 2011

e.l.f Nail Polish review

"This color-lock formula with chip resistant shield gives long lasting nail color with high shine. The aerodynamic bristle design glides color on flawlessly, while the quick dry formula gives perfect application every time. Key nutrients give nails that natural shine, infused with Vitamin E for stronger, healthier nails.

Our formula is FREE of: Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP). " by e.l.f

from the left: "Royal Purple","flourscent pink (new)","Sunset", "White" & "Black"

These Nail polishes can be purchased on any e.l.f site :). They cost £1.50/$1 which is a great price for the amount your getting.  
I have to say since buying nail polishes off e.l.f i cant cant cant walk out the door without polish on my nails.  If i dont have it on i feel naked :) :) they have a wide range of shades a total of 49 to be exact plus a manicure set :) :) i have only 5 at the moment.  I do intend on buying more :) :) i just love the variety of shades they offer and they look so bright and cheerful.

"Royal Purple" 
The color is gorgeous.   The more coats you put on, the darker it will look.  i applied 2 coats inn this one :) The color is metallic-like, with a shimmer to it. It is a dark purple, that looks nice all by itself. :)

"Fluorescent pink"
Fluorescent pink is a fab medium barbie pink,  now this i found thin and had to apply with 3 coats.....But i love this shade its so summery and really brightens up my hand and if you have any tan at all on your hands it tends to bring the tan out more :) 

 This shade is one of my favs  It’s got a pearlescent, foil finish that just shows up the gorgeous rosy purple colour. this nail varnish in particular is just out of this world i love it so much.  This polish is so easy to apply even my 9 year old can use this without gives great coverage on the first coat but needs another to really show is classiness :) :) this lasted 3 days on me as a mum of 5 i wash alot so thats brill to me.

This one is my least favourite....I find it way too thin and you need to apply 3 to 4 coats before you get the good out of it......

I got this and the white at the same time and thought after applying the white that this one would be the same.....i was wrong the formula is sooooo much better than expected. It’s more on the thick side, but there is absolutely no issue with the consistency. This one is well pigmented 2 coats will last you 3 to 4 days :) 

My over all opinion:
Since i started buying these in heaven because of the value of them i think they do a fab job..... i will definitely be buying more in fact i have more ordered as im writing this review so keep a look out for more reviews.........For Really affordable prices, the huge variety of shades and the amount of polish you do get your would be crazy not to start up your own collection.......since i started buying these i cant go a day without wearing any polish on my nails.....thanks e.l.f :) :) 

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Beauty ADDICTS Cosmetic 6 Brush Collection

I got these brushes from Brands Direct out of curiousity as ive never hears of Beauty Addicts that much and ive never heard of anyone talking about it.  Obviously its a forgooten about brand along with alot of brands which is a shame because most of these forgotten about brands has the best and affordable products going :) :) And i feel they are not been reviewed enough and left on the shelf!!!!! ANYWAY IM BABBLING AGAIN back to the BRUSHES!!!!!! Girls these are actually amazing brushes ive got a few MAC Brushes and let me tell you something for nothing THESE BRUSHES ARE JUST AS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

These 100% Vegan COSMETIC BRUSHES can be purchased individually and are the perfect compliment to the beautyADDICTS 6 Brush Set. They are made of the same quality synthetic har and elegant Birchwood handles.

First of all let me talk about the little case they come in lol its soooooooo girly.  Its a black leather and has a little silver circle fastener and it looks like a mini purse perfect for your handbag..... my first impression of it was "awwwww isnt that cute".  I fell in love straight away..... 

Secondly when i opened the case there is two special plastic flaps that fall ove the brushes to keep them in place and keep them protected from anything gettin in on them........ 

each brush has a thick black handle with Bare ADDICTS engraved on them.......  you get 
  1. BRONZER/POWDER BRUSH This full, plush brush is rounded to deliver just the right amount of HydraSUNRAYS Bronzer all-over the face to set foundation and build to your desired level of "sun-kissed glow." My opinion: This is probably my most used brush out of the whole set. This is a softer brush and the head feels like velvet on your face. No loose hairs, no scratchiness at all. The head is very densely packed so it makes an absolutely wonderful brush for applying blush, finishing powders and mineral foundations. 
  2. BLENDER BRUSH This large fluff brush is prefect for blending away any hard lines to create the soft, effortless look of a professional makeup application. This brush also doubles as an all-over eye shadow brush for perfect application of base shades.
  3. ROUNDED SMUDGE BRUSH  This compact brush is prefect for blending dark crease shades to create that sultry, smoke eye. Take advantage of the slimmer tip to easily blend eye-liner for a smudged look. PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!No Harsh lines with this baby anymore :)
  5. ANGLE BRUSH Perfect for cream liners and brows 
  6. LipCLICK 
1 of my favourites out of these brushes is the LIPCLICK  I really like that Beauty Addicts has made it a retractable brush. This is a lip brush that retracts into the case and shuts closed on the top. This is perfect for the beauty snob on the go. You can use the brush, click it closed and not get anything else in your purse or makeup brush dirty. You’ll definitely need to clean it out later on, but it’s a wonderful fix if you’re out somewhere and you don’t have anything to clean your brush with. (There’s nothing grosser than a gunked-up brush and nowhere to put it!) The best part of the brush is that there is a tiny lid on the brush as well that clicks shut when you close it. So while you’re protecting everything else in your bag from makeup stains, the brush is protecting itself from any particles or bits that might find their way in a ruin your brush.

my next favourite is the ANGLE BRUSH  Golly can this brush work wonders Your basic angled liner brush that I think pretty much everyone needs in their collection. Another one of the more synthetic feeling brushes. Great for applying gel liner, or use it damp to turn eye shadows and pigments into eyeliner. Compared to the MAC #266, which I think is a close comparison. So applying your gel eyeliner is perfect with this brush as its nice and stiff and give you a perfect line on the upper lash liner perfect for people who are not used to applying gel liners 

Brands direct was selling these brushes for RRP €32.99 but letting them go for.....€20 Girls €20......its a Steal.......Every woman in the whole entire planet should have a brush collection but i know many who dont and havent a clue where to start WELL FOR €20 for these babies you will have them forever.

They wash brilliantly and never shed (i have lots of brushes that do shed and i hate it......When i wash these they go straight back into place and not one hair becomes loose..... i love it 

so ladies that concludes my review today on my new found loves let me know if you get them and what you think!!!!
thanks for taking you time to read my review :)

Check out Brands Direct Facebook page/shop they have super super value on items like MAC, URBAN DECAY, DIOR ETC  
They take PAYPAL payments.

e.l.f Mineral Eye-shadows review

"Bring a touch of natural beauty to your eyes with these soft, translucent shades that add subtle highlights for daytime or increased drama for night. With key vitamins A & B, these eyeshadows hydrate and minimize the appearance of fine lines. Available in an array of light-reflecting color options they can be worn wet or dry, together or alone, for countless shimmering looks and trends. The all natural consistency makes them incredibly easy to apply and blend for a flawless finish. All our mineral makeup is 100% mineral based with no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes." by e.l.f

E.L.F natural mineral eyeshadow in "Caffinated" and "Sweet"

E.L.F natural mineral eyeshadow in Shades "Elegant" , "Glamorous" & " Confident"
I got these on   The UK site have a total of 26 shades so you can imagine how long it took me to choose what shades to go for first.  As i never purchased these before of course i was a bit cautious about the quality and quantity i was going to get because at £3.50 a pot you would be thinking "so cheap? they are going to be a big let down" and boy was i HUGELY wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must admit i did question people on the e.l.f facebook page asking has anyone tried them just for more reassurance and i was answered straight away AS ALWAYS stating they were great so i went ahead and ordered them.....and i shall be ordering more believe me!!!!!

E.L.F natural mineral eyeshadow in "Caffinated" and "Sweet"
E.L.F natural mineral eyeshadow in Shades "Elegant" , "Glamorous" & " Confident"
Caffeinated: A rich, deep bronze with golden shimmer. Has a darker base, so this applies darker than it appears in the pot.  Can also be a great liner.  
Sweet:  It is a very pale pearly pink with a subtle touch of apricot with a goldy shimmer to it.
Elegant: Pale buttery/golden ivory. Tons of pearlescent shimmer – gorgeous!  Brill highlighter.  This shade is great to make you look wide awake.
Glamorous:  my favourite! It 's a very old rose color with the silver micro glitter.  Perfect paired with a brown. In this case the difference between wet and dry is pretty obvious.  This one looks fantastic applied wet 
Confident:   is similar to Caffeinated but the difference is that it has more pink undertones than Caffeinated.  Caffeinated is more of a medium-toned gold/brown.  but Confident  is a cool purple brown with multi-coloured sparkles. The sparkles are faint, but the frosty-pearl finish ensues.  I love this shade. :)

E.L.F natural mineral eyeshadow swatches (with no primer) "Sweet" & "Caffeinated" 
E.L.F natural mineral eyeshadow Swatches (with no primer) "Confident", "Glamorous" & "Elegant"
As i stated before e.lf offers 26 shades and they state all their Mineral Eyeshadows are shimmery with the exception of  'Seductive', 'Partier', 'Temptress', 'Innocent' and 'Enchanting'  which are matte.  So i shall be purchasing the matte ones and getting back to you on that :)  i must admit everyone of the shades above im hooked on and nothing bad to say about any of them and the best thing about these shades is you can wear them wet or dry, with or without primer they will all have a different look.  I highly recommend buying these eyeshadows you wont be disappointed!!!!

The only con the sifter holes are the main drawback to the packaging. The four holes are square and too large for eye-shadow powder.  so when you shake it sometime too much shadow would come out but what i do is just take the sifter off and use it that way at least i wont be losing any product and there isnt as much of a mess.

Keep a look out for more shadows and pictures as i do intend on buying more :) have you got any mineral eyeshadows from e.l.f any different colours, whats your opinion on them??

thanks for visiting and taking your time to read my review i hope it was helpful 
until next time
corinna xox

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