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NYX Candy Glitter eyeliners review

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NYX SAYS:  Create glamour in the twinkling of an eye. Our sensational Candy Glitter Liners let you produce a subtle hint of shimmer, or more dramatic lids worthy of a Vegas showgirl. Either way they ensure precision application. Available in 18 shades.

 I think we can all agree when i say that good glitter eyeliners are hard to come by – either they flake like crazy, the brush is worthless, or the color selection is limited to gold and silver. Also when you swatch them a very small amount of glitter appears on the brush so you end up dipping the brush about 20 times just to cover the top lash line!!!!!!!!  Well NYX is an exception :) :) They have definitely come up with the opposite to all the above :):) with Their Candy Glitter Liners 

These colours are starting from the left:
Hot Candy, Jade Green, Disco Queen, Lavender & Aqua and this photo is taken with flash 
The brushes on these liners are very thick, durable, and pick up plenty of product without applying a gloppy line.   They are made of synthetic hair so when used the hairs dont go all over the place and leave you with a line that looks like you drew it with your eyes closes .  The liner itself is full of moisturizers, so it leaves behind a nice smooth line that lasts, without become hard and chunky, and flaking off. 

Disco Queen, Hot Pink, Aqua, Lavender & Jade Green in normal light
The colors are Fabulous in person.  The base of the liner has the hint of color for instance look at the "Hot Pink" it has a hint of a lighter pink base....."Aqua" has a baby blue base etc.   As you can see after 2 swipes on my hand you get alot of product from the brush.....And because of that they look great on their own or over your desired shadow

Swatches taken with Flash 
If you asked me what was my favourite shade i simply couldnt tell you i love all 5.....they are all so colourful and glittery it would take your breath away :).  The best thing amongst everything else is these liners are full to the top your getting what your paying for......if you are a shimmer girl and like to wear glitter out well you wont be disappointed with these.

Picture taken in sunlight

  • Affordable                                                                                         
  • Lots of shades to choose from
  • Come with a girly tastle on the lid
  • plenty of product which means you wont run out too quick
  • easy to apply 
  • can be worn on their own 
  • very eye catching 

  • Tastle can get annoying when applying 
  • Takes a little while to dry 
  • the lighter shades are not a pigmented as the darker ones 

All the shades available

Have you got any of these fab Glitter eyeliners...Whats your opinion of them??? any questions??

ok girls until next time 
mind yourselves 
nina xoxoxoxoxo


Dyna said...

Love the blue one!! xD

Nina said...

i love the blue one too and hot pink its fab :)

Ida Pie said...

sorry it is off topic but you need to go back to the blog sale here:
She said:UK ONLY, sorry! EDIT - I can also probably post to Ireland, just let me know is advance and I'll sort something out for you!
and you don't need to be crying anymore.

Lara said...

Just followed hun! I especially love the blue one! xx

Nina said...

Thanks Ida no more crying hehehehehe i will have another look :) thanks chic :)

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