Wednesday, 1 June 2011

e.l.f Super Glossy Lip shine SPF15 review **UPDATED**

This Super Glossy SPF 15 formula fights environmental damage while leaving your lips with a healthy glossy glow. The delicious flavor and sweet scent will leave you licking your lips in delight! The perfect on the go tube that is mess proof for anywhere and anytime!
'Angel' # 2801 is our only shade that doesn't contain SPF15 but is packed with gorgeous glittery bits instead. by e.l.f

Available at : 

*** UPDATE*** I have purchase two new shades of these fabulous Glosses that have come into the US Site and not available on the UK site yet  scroll down to view them and what i think  :) :) 
There are 10 available shades @ £1.50/$1 each 
The remaining 4 shades my news additions :) "Angel, Malt shake, Watermelon & Honey do"   

****NEW editions to the US site "Pink Pop & Party Peach"

What you Get
The Super Glossy Lip Shine comes packaged in a squeezy tube with a plastic, slant-tip applicator which I love.  It is slightly small but the tube is full to the top which is good and at £1.50 you cant complain and not only that because of the size of them they are quite handy in you handbag..... Glossy Lip Shine color range is on the smallish side but they do offer sheers, more opaque shades, cremes, shimmers, and frosts.  The best thing about this gloss is it has sun protection in it which is super (hence the name)..  

The Shades :) 
Iced Latte:   Is definately a deceiving shade.. when i first got this i thought "wow thats darker than i thought" but actually when applied and blended out on your lips its a fantastic shade a perfect brown nude with some gold shimmer thats not OTT.....

Mauve Luxe:  i would call this shade a cherryish with a tint of brown and some goldy shimmer going through it.  It gives a reddish pay off on your lips but a wearable red it looks so pretty in the sunlight your lips would definately get noticed.....

Candlelight:  is a shimmery champagne, a peachy nude....i love this shade so much its light but yet noticable it really brightens up your lips and looks great if you were wearing smoky eye look :) :) 

Goddess:   This will be definately in my handbag all the time :)  Goddess is a peachy/nude shade with a pink shimmer. Very neutral. This is one of my favs.  This will suit everyone and is a perfect shade for the summer :) 

Juiced Berry:  This gloss is different from the rest its a transparant red/orange gloss.  It does put a little tint on your lips but best thing about it is it makes my lips look a little more plump.....

Pink Kiss:  The colour is a light soft pink with a beautiful frosty sheen to it...... I really like this colour but its not much different to Candlelight.....only difference is it doesnt have that peachy shine in it.......this is super perfect for all skin tones to be honest as again it just gives your lips the perfect MLBB (My lips but better) it 
Angel:  Is a clear gloss with shimmer in this one got me really excited(i know i need to get out more but we are talking good glosses here people) when i swatched it on my hand it had purpley/blue glitter fleks and very eye catching in sunlight......its not too much on you lips and gives your fav lippie a bit of an umph i love it :) Oh and As Stated By e.l.f This is the only gloss that doesnt have SPF in it but i still love it :)

Malt Shake:    When i was picking this at first i thought the shade wasnt too exciting but of course i gave it the benefit of the doubt (you cant judge a book by its cover right?)......a neutral brownish pink with no shimmer whatsoever.......on the lips it looks amazing the perfect MLBB (my lips but better) colour....... adds a boost of warm shine to my lips...

Honey Do:   A cute translucent pinkish coral......This is a perfect everyday compliments my lips so much i love it it has some shimmer to it so it will waken those fab lips of yours.  This is definitely suitable for all skin tones 

Watermelon:   I love this shade.......its cherry-red shade perfect for summery look with a bit of shimmer.....The shade does remind me of a watermelon and its more sheer than i expected :)   i highly recommend this one :) :) 

**New Pink Pop:  This is a fantastic Baby pink shade with gold shimmer not only does it look great on the lips but also somehow makes your lips look plumper.....It also look incredible when the sunshine hits your lips :)

**New Party Peach:  For people who love the peachy look on your lips this is perfect, this is pure peachy in colour with gold shimmer now i have to admit its not very pigmented as or noticeable on the lips like pink pop but over your favourite peachy lippie this gloss make your lips stand out :)

***New Editions from the US e.l.f***
My Overall Opinion 

ok applying these Glosses are great so easy and if your in a hurry and dont have a mirror its great you wont make a mess because of the slanted tip.....if your a sweet person like me you will love the delicious sweet scent pay off on these i love it mmmmmmmmm its not an over powering scent.....these glosses are thick which mean you know they are going to last for a while on your lips.  They are only a little sticky but nothing you cant handle at least you know the gloss is still on your lip RIGHT!!! :) these glosses are adorable and i love them in FACT i have now got all the shades available hehehehehehehehe a girl can never have enough glosses :) :)  so is it worth buying these glosses????? YES again you will have the most kissable lips with them (just look at mine hahahahahahaha) Try them out see what you think let me know :)

ok my lovely cailins(girls in irish) thats my opinion on these glosses and again can i mention i bought these out of my own pocket and this review is my utmost honest opinion and that is the reason for my blog so i can tell you whats good and whats not so that you dont waste good money on items that end up been disappointing 

anyway hope you enjoyed my review please leave a comment and click that follow button......
take care 
until next time 
nina xoxoxoxox


Madeline said...

I love elf but I usually buy from the studio line...I find these glosses to be a bit thick but the glossy glosses are pretty much my favorite glosses ever.

Nina said...

I agree with you there hunny i love love love the Studio Glossy glosses the best but these are not bad wither for £1.50

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