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e.l.f Shimmering facial whip review **Updated**

Multipurpose, on-the-go whipped colorant is vitamin B, C and E packed to instantly brighten and soothe skin with no greasy after-feel.Squeeze a pearl-sized amount onto finger and blend into cheeks, eyes, or lips. by e.l.f

3 additional shades i got starting from top left "Camilla, Spotlight & Toasted "

These Facial whips are available on all the e.l.f sites @ £1.50/$1/€1.70 each to have a look Click Here.  There are 8 different types and you are getting Net weight: 0.34oz (9.5g) from each tube :) :) 
The back of the packet reads: “Naturally illuminates for a dewy finish. Soothes and conditions skin. No sticky, greasy feel”. ‘Hypoallergenic, wont clog pores”.  You get an orange scent off each one which i love :) 

Shimmering  Facial whip in "Pink Lemonade, Citrus & Lilac Petal"
"Camilla, Spotlight & Toasted"

Pink Lemonade:  This is suck a pretty colour......Its highly shimmer....frozen pink shade.....if blended out properly you get a fantastic can over do it with this one tho as i find it a little over shimmery but you can work with it.......i use only the slightest bit even half a pea size is enough to highlight your cheeks and brow bone......i find putting it directly to those areas is too much what i do is blend it onto my hand first then take it from my hand and apply to the areas i want to highlight............i hope that makes sense :)

in this picture i put a pea sized amount on my hand(left) and to do a blended out swatch (right) i lightly dipped my finger into the blob(left) and blended out on a different part of my hand (again i hope that makes sense) 

Citrus:  In my opinion i think this would suit all skin tones....... this soft pink shade with a touch of beige and lilac so idealy this is suitable for all skin tones as there is both warm and cool shades in too comes with lots of shimmer........i wouldnt be too pushed about this one but i would put just a tad into my moisturiser and it gives my face a nice dewy look :) i have tried wearing this on my eyes but it doesnt last i like it but it wouldnt be a favourite 

ive done the same in this photo as before 

Lilac Petal:  Ok to be honest when i seen this in its package it thought wow that colour is a bit on the off side especially when i heard good reviews about this i was thinking the other two looked so much prettier in their package than this one....i was judging the book by its cover obviously because boy was i shocked when i actually tried this out............THIS IS 100% SIMULAR THE BENEFITS HIGH BEAM........the only difference in my opinion between this and benefits is this one is more shimmery.......I dont mind tho for like €20 in the difference im going with the e.l.f facial whip in lilac petal hehehe i love this one love it im so stocking up on this 

Camilla:  This is a lovely pink with a sort of lilac undertone with frosty shimmer.....this is another of my top highlighters a little goes a long long way this is perfect for cheeks, and also for a base for your eyeshadow :) 

Spotlight:  I think this would have to be the strongest on out of all of them......only fault i would have about this one is that it is very watery you have to give this a good shake to mix it up......but i still love it this is perfect for the browbone, cheekbones. inner corner of eyes and also adding a little with your foundation gives you a perfect dewy look.....but i would wear this more when going out because its extremely bright and shimmery 

Toasted:  This is my least favourite one out of the lot for 2 reasons: 1.  its extremely watery more watery than spotlight which makes it more messy and a pain in the butt to be honest ok you can work with it if you have a good strong arm to shake it well to mix but serious would you be bothered 2.  its more suitable in my opinion for someone who is darker skin toned as its very pigmented and just does not look well on fair skin or even medium toned skin.......

So thats my update on these Facial whips........Over all these little mights are great not only are they affordable they really work.....the formula is nice and creamy  apart from the two i have mentioned that are watery and believe me when i say a little goes a long long you can tell my favourite out of these 6 is Lilac Petal.......i have yet to try the other 2........if you use them correctly they work really well.....i have come across alot of reviews that automatically people say no they dont like them they are to strong etc. but in my opinion its very easy to use too much as i said above a half a pea size would do everywhere you need to do.........i just think alot of people dont know how to use them properly, i didnt at first i used way to much and it just made a mess it looked to oily i looked like someone who was going on stage more than just out and please experiment more before making your final decision on them.  Try them out for the price your not going to lose out on much and you might actually surprise yourself :) :) 

well thats me finished girlies 
until next time 
take care 
lots of Irish kisses 
nina xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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