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BH Cosmetics Haul :) review

BH Cosmetics offers high quality makeup for less. Their  line includes a variety of 120 color eyeshadow palettes and more! Visit them at: 

Company Overview
BHCosmetics offers high quality makeup for less. Our line includes a variety of 100% authentic 120 color eyeshadow palettes, 88 color palettes and much more!
We would like to make a difference in the time of recession by providing high quality makeup products at a very low, below wholesale prices! While big companies make big profits, we give the savings we get ourselves back to you - our customers!

My BH Cosmetics little Haul 
I recently visited BH Cosmetics site just to have a browse and at that time there was a deal that if you spent over $10 you get the 24/7 waterproof eyeliner marker for free.  Now me been me i was sceptic about this site,  dont get me wrong i did purchase off this site before about 8 months ago and got an 88 piece eyeshadow pallet and it was in one piece but the likes of the smaller stuff i wasnt so sure........i also noticed there was reductions on the waterproof lip liners and false eyelashes hhhhmmmmmmm will i wont i......obviously i did :) i took the "risk" and went ahead and bought them......

Waterproof lipliners in "Coral, Earth, Rouge, Candy & Blossom" 
Ok i am going to talk about the Lipliners first as you can see from the above picture i got 5 shades of the Waterproof lip liners....On the site there are 6 different shades dont ask me why i got got the 5 instead of the 6 lol now im kicking myself i didnt.........I got these for $2.95/€2.00/£1.85 YES ONLY THAT PRICE and i bet your asking "Whats Wrong With them" and my answer???? "NOT ONE THING"!!!!!!!!

Coral:       This is the darkest pink in the pack very pretty shade 
Earth:       This shade i love its a light brown shade   
Rouge:      The Darkest out of the pack this shade is kind of a burgundy colour with a brown undertone this shade is very dark for me but i would wear it out on the town  as a lippie :) 
Candy:      Oh this shade is fab....its a light baby pink and looks even lighter on darker skin tones now i personally think this is way too pink for me but its a beautiful shade 
Blossom:   I love this shade its another pink with red undertone to it absolutely fab :) 

Im am extremely surprised by these liners....i mean WOW....They are incredible..... They are extremely affordable.  They are really really creamy.  So Easy to apply.  Highly Pigmented.  They are so soft on the lips and the lasting power is about 6 hours this includes eating, drinking & even kissing :) :).  The are 100% matte so you can even wear them on their own which most of the time i will do.......they are not drying but look great with a gloss over them.  These would even be perfect for brides to make their lipsticks last all day long......or for anyone who works long hours and dont want to be topping up all the time...... i have no cons about these whatsoever and thats the truth.....I highly recommend you go and buy these girls i promise you will not be disappointed that is a promise........I even put them to the test with water there is no budging these unless you use makeup remover oh and they are smudge proof.......i love them :) 

Next im Reviewing is the 24/7 Waterproof eyeliner marker/pen:


  • Pure Water
  • Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane
  • Deimthicone
  • hyluronic Acid
  • Dipolyphydroxstearate
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • (May Contain): Black Iron Oxide

This is perfect for people who dont have a steady hand or want the perfect cat eye look.  Its got a very good felt tip like a marker and the tip is very moist which means its not going to dry out anytime soon :) which is what we want.  it can give a thick line or if you apply from the tip it will give a thin line......Its intensely black which is brilliant.......I was amazed with this i thought it was going to be disappointing....maybe because it was part of an offer at the time that if you spent i think over $10 you got this free......I would advise if you are looking to do any sort of line or your are experimenting different looks with this please use an ordinary eyeliner  first draw the line you want then go over it with this because once you use this your not going to get it off unless you use make up remover :)  its definitely waterproof and smudge proof !!!!!!!  I wouldnt however use this on my waterline.  

Last but not least is the False Eyelashes :

 Flirt Retails @ $4.95/£3/€3.50
Luxe Retails @ $3.95/£2.45/€2.75

Absolutely amazing im very shocked with these especially.... Its very hard to find good falsies that are cheap and affordable.....Not anymore these are out of this world......They come with a glue but personally i wouldnt use the glue on these i use duo glue just a person preference really!!!!! Not only that they are flexable, easy to use & soft.  They dont look Cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love these im definitely stocking up on them for sure.....They are also reusable which you dont normally find with affordable lashes im in love :) :) and so will the man who spots you these babies on you ;) :) 

So Girls that my review on my little BH Cosmetics Haul..... I am extremely delighted i decided to purchase these and i will definately be restocking on them soon also will be buying more Falsies there is a good selection of those......My Advice ???? Go Now and buy them BH always has some sort of offers today GET 33% OFF SELECTED SUMMER PICKS & A FREE SET OF EYELASHES WITH ANY PURCHASE OVER $10 OFFER EXPIRES 26/6/2011.  Postage is not bad either i paid $4.95 for all of these to Ireland so im quite happy with that not only that i got a shock when the postman knocked on my door with a big box to sign for and i only ordered these.  So they are very careful when it comes to getting your order to you in one piece 

ok girls thats all ive got to say 
if you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask 
again these items were purchased out of my own pocket and i just felt like i HAD to tell you about these and the fact your are getting so much for so little 

i hope you enjoyed my review 
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lots of Irish hugs & Kisses 
luv Nina xoxoxoxoxoxo


Lara said...

I've never tried anything from this brand but it looks a very nice one :) xx

Nina said...

they are believe me and worth it very cheap quick enough postage and very reliable i have the 88 piece eyeshadow pallete from that site too absolutely brilliant

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