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e.l.f Regular line Duo eyeshadow cream Review

Duo Eye Shadow Cream

Express yourse.l.f. with the easy to blend, crease resistant, creamy duo eye shadow colors. Each gorgeous shade can be worn alone or together for a dramatic effect. The soft-blending formula can also be layered under powder eye shadow to set the color in and keep it lasting vibrant all day. by e.l.f 

I purchased these from to have a look click here.  They are retailing at £1.50/$1/€1.70 each and there are 9 available shades.  I hear nothing but good reviews about these so of course i HAD to try them out for myself :) :).  Even tho i am hugely sceptic when it comes to cream eyeshadows as they are none to crease after an hour of wear or they are just too messy to apply or if you suffer really oily eyelids it seems hard to keep the cream eyeshadow staying put but i went against my doubts and went ahead an purchased them........

From the top left i got shades " Butter Pecan, Coffee & Cream, Sugar cookie, Berry Mix & Mocha Swirl" 
I also realised i missed one while taking the photos forgive me but here it is:
I got 3 addition shades in "Blueberry,  Black Licorice & Olive"

Butter Pecan:  These duos come in a lighter and darker shade the lighter shade is a peachy shade and the brown is a coppery brown they look darker in the pot but apply lighter in shade  they both have a goldy undertone , i love these shades 

Coffee & Cream:  I love the name on this its perfect for the eye-shadow,  the lighter shade is a perfect highlighter but i dont see myself wearing this during the day as there is a large amount of glitter in it but perfect for a night out  plus its very light i had to do a couple of swatches of this just to get it up for a photo,  the darker shade is a nice brown color.. Good for a smokey eye base for a dark color.

Sugar Cookie:  The light shade is a pale gold perfect for a base for gold glitter and eyeshadow, the darker shade is a pale pink fab shade goes will with a pinky brown look or on its own.

Berry Mix:  The lighter shade is a sheer lilac great for a base i wouldnt wear it on its own,  the darker shade is dark purple but sometimes looks plum in the sunlight..... even tho i love purples i wouldnt have this on on the top of my list......

Mocha Swirl:  The lighter shade on this  is fab its a pinkish-lilac i love this shade but does have alot of shimmer when it wears off a bit :) :) the darker shade is a browny shade and makes a good crease colour with normal eye-shadow.  both of these together doesnt work at all .........

Eggplant: The lighter shade is a grayish, dark green and the darker shade is a metallic purple.  Both with gold undertones.  This is one of the most pigmented duo....i love these shades :) :) this one i would recommend 

Blueberry:    has a light blue but appears to be more silver in photos and a dark navy blue/indigo with silver sparkles.  I actually like these as normally blues are not for me as i have hazel eyes but these shades i can work with they are very highly pigmented lovely on the eye together :) 

Black Licorice:  I love this one i use this with my e.l.f Brightening eye color quad in "Drama"  these really work well together.....Smokey eye eat your heart out what more do you need anyway......The Darker tone is a black shade with silver sparkle going through it it also has a wee bit of a blue tone in it.....the lighter side is a grey/silver i found it very sparkly but wearable :) 

Olive:  When i first got this i looked at the two shades and thought hmmmmmm i dunno bout this one........but believe me if you have hazel eyes this really makes your eyes pop....i mean now i have big hazel eyes and with this on and a little black liner wowzer :) :) ok the brown shade looks a bit on the icky side on the swatches but with its gold sparkle it looks well on the eye the green is more of a lime green it too has golden undertone to it in my opinion i like it but it wont be for everyone :) 
 " Butter Pecan, Coffee & Cream, Sugar cookie, Berry Mix & Mocha Swirl"  in natural light 
 " Butter Pecan, Coffee & Cream, Sugar cookie, Berry Mix & Mocha Swirl"  in sunlight 

"Eggplant" in natural light 
"Eggplant" in sunlight

"Blueberry, Black Licorice & olive swatches in Daylight 

"Blueberry, Black Licorice & Olive swatches in Sunlight 

My overall opinion:  These babies are a really good collection to have....They can make a really good look even using one shade from one duo and a 2nd shade from another duo.....You can get a smokey eye or just a normal everyday look......i apply these with my finger as some of the need a little heat to soften them if you have them stored in a cool place but if you have them stored in a warm place be cautious they can go very soft and you could get way too much on your finger......they are super creamy and a little goes a long way i wouldnt advise to use a whole lot as they will crease if your overload.....i mainly use these as a base for my eyeshadow and they are excellent for intensifying your normal eyeshadows......
I do find if you wear these on their own they will crease so i would advise to use a good primer and you will find they will last a good 6-8 hours depending on how oily your lids are......I have purchased higher brand cream shadows before and e.l.f has topped some of them.  

so for the price they are why dont you try one see what you think :) :)

ok chics thats me done hope this was helpful and please leave a comment let me knoe if you have any and what you think of them 

until next time 
take care 
lots of Irish kisses 
nina xoxoxoxoxox

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