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Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio Review

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio comes in three coordinating shades for the perfect eye look. Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette is designed for convenience application on brow bone, crease and eyelid. Highlight, define and accentuate your eyes with this Wet n Wild eyeshadow trio.

I bought mine @ for $3/£1.90/€2.10 each on this site there are 12 available shades you can also purchase the 8 color pallets in which i got a couple and will be reviewing soon.  At the time when i purchased these the postage was reasonable enough to Ireland but now its so expensive which is unfortunate as there is some great deals on it for all sorts of brand that you cant get.  Wet n Wild is not available in ireland or you can purchase off their own sites i think it is available in the UK and of course to the US as its a US Brand........they are available on ebay click here to have a look.....
From the Left the shades are in "Im Feeling Retro, Silent Treatment, Spoiled Brat &  Sweet as Candy"

Full View in natural light 
Ok your getting a three colour pallet with a shade to suit the brow bone, crease and eyelid but you can mix and match :) :) firstly i will start with:

Im Feeling Retro:  The colours on this pallet is fabulous i love the brightness of these and they are perfect for the summer but i have found these shade very sheer.......The Brow Colour is a Frosty white which i love to use as a highlight for the brow and inner eyelid.  The crease shade is a aqua blue with a slight silver shimmer to it and the Lid shade is a purple/pink colour seemingly the dupe of Mac's stars n rockets eyeshadow.  I love this shade its highly pigmented which means a little goes a long way.

Silent Treatment:  This is a beautiful pallet i love it.....the brow colour is a peachy/pink this is a bit frosty but not as much as the first pallet....the crease shade is a deep, dark brown with a tint of gold shimmer in which you bearly see when applied its perfect for the outter v and crease perfect for a smokey look.  This is highly highly pigment...........the eyelid shade is a nice taupy shade with shimmer you can use this on its own for an everyday look......
Here is a look I created using "Silent Treatment" 

Spoiled Brat:  Oh where do i start with this pallet the picture tells it all isnt it fabbbbbb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is especially perfect for a woman of colour :) :) for my skin tone its a little on the harsh side but works will toned down......Brow shade is a metallic silver i love this :) only its a bit on the strong side for a highlight but using it very sparingly and you can make it work........The Crease shade is a matte black with a tint of silver shimmer i love this as you can use this whatever way you please for the outer V, the crease, eyeliner etc... and the Lid is a fantastic fuchsia pink as i said for my skin tone i have to use it sparingly but works well.....but with a woman of colour this would look FANTASTIC 

Sweet as Candy:  Again this is a pallet i love :) :) just look at the swatches........dont they look fab in the pan.......they look super creamy .....The colours are frost all 3 of them i like that but some people dont, the highlight is a lovely but i dont use it on my brow its a little too shimmery but its perfect for the lid and inner corner......the Crease shade is fantastic in the pan it looks like chocolate mmmmmmm chocolate mmmmmm anyhow the shade is almost matte but with a tad of shimmer in it perfect i love it..........the lid shade is a fantastic baby pink not as pigmented as i thought but still applys well :)  This pallet is perfect for someone with brown or hazel eyes 
Here is a look I created using "Sweet as Candy" 

***I have 3 more of these palettes reviewed here*** 

With these pallets yes you will have to build them up to get the look you want but they are more pigmented than some drugstore brands........i love them and for the value of these you are certainly getting more for your money.....these are perfect for anyone who wants to build up their own collection or for people who want to experiment with different colours.   Or for people who are on a budget limit.  

ok thats all for now everyone i hope you enjoyed my review and watch out for more on Wet n Wild 
bye for now 
lots of Irish hugs & Kisses 
Nina xoxoxoxox

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SarahJaneBee said...

These are so cute, I was recently looking at them on the same site, I think the shipping to the uk was about £10 ish which puts me of a bit, cant find a UK site apart from eBay that sells them. Great swatches :-)

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