Tuesday, 21 June 2011

e.l.f 2 in 1 conditioning gloss review

This 2 in 1 gloss has shimmering lip color in the inner tube and clear conditioning gloss in the outer tube for ultimate lip satisfaction. Hydrate your lips with key moisturizers and achieve sheer color perfection. Infused with Vitamins A and E, Aloe and Shea Butter for rich hydration. by elf

There are 8 shades available retailing @ £3.50/$3/€3.80 each..
I got 3 out of the 8 shades which are "Love it, Va Va Voom & Supermodel"
When i seen these on the UK e.l.f site (Click here to view them ) i was really excited to try them out they looked amazing on the pictures and me been a gloss-aholic i couldnt resist buying 3 shades.....

From the top: " Fanatic,  Va Va Voom, & Perfect Pink"

Fanatic :   This is a beautiful pink with gold shimmer 
Va Va Voom:  A fantastic shade of red with a slight silver shimmer to it 
Perfect Pink:  This is a deep pink again with silver shimmer to it 

"Fanatic, Va Va Voom & Perfect Pink" 
Ok i know you are probably all waiting to know what my opinion is on these glosses but let me tell you what they are about first:
Ok these glosses are retailing @ £3.50/$3 each.  As you can see by the photo your getting plastic tube contain both a clear gloss and shaded gloss.  The clear gloss is on the outside and the shaded gloss on the inside, this is what attracted me the most i loved the idea it......The have a doe tipped applicator which is incredibly soft on the lip.  These glosses as you can see are sparkly but extremely sheer...

A light Swatch of all 3 and blended out
Now these glosses are tricky when i applied them first i squeezed the tube from the middle like you would and all that seemed to come out was the clear gloss i tried a few times and each time the same result.  Until i realised "try squeezing from the bottom " and BAM it worked both the clear and coloured gloss came out at the same time Exciting?? NO 
Although each shade is fantastic to look at and so pretty in the sunlight these glosses are over the top sticky now i mean...wow my lips were totally stuck together i actually never ever came across a gloss as stick as these......its like you know the way you eat an extremely sticky sweet and your lips are stick afterwards its lip that..... I was so disappointed with this as they look amazing on the lip and really make you lips look plumper but i couldnt wear these.....I have given these to my 9 year old to have in her little collection......believe me i tried dabbing them a little i tried a very small amount on my lips i tried everything but still sticky...... even washing it off still left stickiness on my lips....
The good thing was that they did actually condition my lips....my lips felt extremely soft even after taking the gloss off but e.l.f has other glosses that is wearable and do the same job.

"Fanatic" on my lips in natural light
Lip swatch of "Va Va Voom" in natural light 

Lip Swatch of "Perfect Pink" in natural light 

ok i think ive said enough lol but if you are into really sticky lipgloss by all means these are definately ideal for you and they are so so pretty but they just dont do anything for me.......

again this is just my own opinion im in no way telling you not to buy them i just want to paint a picture of what you are getting before buying the product i really hope this was helpful to you .

ok girls until next time
cya soon 
Lots of Irish kisses 
luv nina xoxoxoxox


TheOtherSideofCool said...

great, honest review, thanks :) I hate sticky glosses so its good to read this before buying. Generally I love elf so keep up the reviews ;) xxx
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Nina said...

Thanks very much :) will do i love e.l.f myself :) as you can see

Anonymous said...

Hi! I Follow e.l.f Cosmetics On FB And I Saw Your Name A Lot In The Fan Photos, Specifically Your Collection Photo And I Was Amazed! I Just Had To See Your Blog! I Love That You Are A Bargain Makeup Shopper Like Myself And That You Love e.l.f! Just Wanted To Stop By And Tell You That. Lol. :)

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