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Avons True colour eyeshadow quads review

Silky smooth eyeshadow can be layered up for vivid, intense colour that looks fresh all day*. by avon 

All available shades in these Quads :) 
You Can purchase these off your local rep or on the UK site Here or on the Irish site Here  The prices vary from time to time so i cant tell you an exact price.... I know i purchased 3 different quads 1 cost me €12 and the other 2 cost me €3.50 on sale :) so on with the review 

As i said above i got 3 Quads in shades "Mocha Latte, Blue denim & Lace Electric" 
At first i was sceptic about buying these as they are kind of affordable but at the time €12 was a lot to part with been a single mum and i never heard anyone talking about these quads so i just took the risk and purchase one.  Then a few weeks later I noticed a sale on these so i purchased 2 more...
"Mocha Latte"

Mocha Latte:  In this quad you are getting 4 Neutral Tone eye shadows.  This quad is my favourite out of the 3 by far.....They are so highly pigmented i fell in love love love.....this was the first quad i purchase which i paid full price for & i wouldn't mind paying full price for it again!!!! its well worth i......and according to a friend of mine she found a dupe of each of these from MAC  1st shade is similar to Mac shroom......2nd shade similar to Mac Cork .....3rd is definately similar to Mac Woodwind and the 4th shade similar to Mac Charcoal.....correct me if im wrong tho but she did do swatches of each against the mac shadows :)  someone especially with blue eyes this quad would make your eyes stand out but this quad is suitable for everyone 

"Blue Denim"
Blue Denim:  Now Blues wouldnt be the first shades i would go for i dont know why i think because of my eye colour( green/hazel/blue) i dont think blues is not the shade for me but of course i didnt want to put a full stop on that saying so i went ahead and purchased this quad to see for myself.......The 1st shade is a very light silver 2nd is a light sky blue 3rd is a dark blue and the 4th is more grey than blue........This quad would definately be suitable for someone with brown eyes it certainly would make their eyes pop..... I did try this in so many different ways and looks but no it just doesnt do anything for me but i still thinks its a great quad i have no faults with it 

"Lace Electric"
Lace Electric:  I just love this quad :).........I suppose i love it because its suitable for my eye colour and boy does this quad make my eyes pop......the 1st shade is a satin white (great for inner corners of eyes) 2nd shade is mostly matte violet purple but with some tiny bits of glitter 3rd shade is a black-toned, smoky purple that has a slight pink shimmer and the 4th shade is a fab satin grey can create a great great smoky eye with this quad alone i love experimenting with this i will definitely be purchasing this one again in the future :) :) 

Swatches in normal light 

Swatches with flash 

They  come  in a black casing with AVON inscribed into it. The casing has a mirror inside. It comes with a dual sided sponge tip brush which is great for lining along the lower lash line. The brush would do a good job if you were away from home and had no brushes with you . 
 The eye shadows are of good quality.  There is very little  fall out when you apply them. They are not chalky.  The colours blend easily into the skin n into each other.  you can apply wet or dry.  The quads easily fit into your bag.  Now one thing i have to admit is the colour do look different on the Avon book/website than they do in real life, this is mainly the reason for my review......The last a good 6 hours on me without a primer but with they last until i take my make-up off which is usually after about 10 hours wear which i think is excellent :) 

overall girls your are not going to feel like you have wasted your money on these.  Your getting good quality and quantity for your money need i say more 

I hope this was helpful to you and i hope you have fun experimenting with them if or when you get them 

thats all for now girls 
take care
lots of Irish kisses your way 
nina xoxoxoxox

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