Thursday, 16 June 2011

e.l.f Matte Lip Color review

This convenient jumbo sized lip pencil creates exact color application with twist up ease so you never have to sharpen. The pigment rich color glides on effortlessly and easily to provide long lasting matte color. The enriched Vitamin A, C & E formula moisturizes and hydrates lips for beautiful healthy looking lips. by e.l.f 

As seen on Seventeen magazine these unfortunately are only available on the US site but are said to be coming to the UK site soon :) 
on the US site they cost $3 so hopefully when they reach the UK site that means they should cost £3.50/€4 

There are 4 available shades in these & i have 3/4 my 4th one i own is the one up for grabs in my competition :) :) so i cant review it as i have not tried it :) i will hopefully conclude my collection soon by getting the last remaining one :) 

e.l.f Matte Lip Color in "Natural, Praline & Coral" 
The Fact that im officially an e.l.f-a-holic when i seen these i just had to get them and where theres a will theres a way in my eyes :) ;).  Curiosity just got the better of me honestly i have a problem BUT ITS A GOOD PROBLEM PEOPLE IF I DIDNT GET THEM THEN I JUST COULDNT TELL YOU ABOUT THEM COULD I HAHA 
anyway back to the review :).

As i said before there are 4 available shades and i have 3 of thoses shades which are: 


Praline:   This is kind of a pinky beige nude at first it looked more burgundy its depending how much or how little you put on your lips and how dark or light your own natural lip colour is.  This is perfect for people who are light/medium skin tone.....this is a great shade to wear out in the town.....its highly pigmented i love it.

Coral:  This one is a coral nude can give an orangey pay off again depending on your own natural lip colour ,  this one would be my least favourite i dont think the shade suit me but of course everyone is different still lovely i will use it but maybe lightly with some gloss over it :)

Natural:  This shade is a creamy pinky nude......this is my favourite i love this with a clear or slightly pink gloss over it and for some reason it makes my lips look fuller Angelina Jolie eat your heart out baby :) 

As you can see they come in a lip liner form only alot thicker than a lip liner when you twist them you get a goo amount of product,  what i would like to see is these in a lipstick form.   Your getting 1.8 grams in these half the size of a lipstick but for the price im not complaining :) they are fun and original :)  plus while i was playing around with them i found a hidden item :) which was exciting as i didnt realise they had this and here it is:

A hidden sharpener on the top now how cool is that 
So whats my over all opinion on these.... Well i love them because they are affordable.  Highly highly pigmented a little goes along way.  So So easy to apply super creamy and is not one bit hard on your lips.   Like i cant get over how soft these are on my lips.  The colour doesn't dry out your lips even tho they are matte but if you are a gloss person a little gloss over it is no harm and looks really well over them.   Its enriched with vitamin A, C & E so its nice to know they are good for your lips ....There is no scent whatsoever :) i love that....  
So i bet your wondering what the cons are well i dont really have any any but if i had to pick out some maybe the fact there is only 4 shades available thats about it girls. :) 




So thats it ladies thats my review on these fab Matte Lip Colors from e.l.f.  in all they will be worth buying when they come to the UK site but they are available on the US site so anyone who is able to buy them i recommend them with a shadow of doubt.... i hope you enjoyed my review and as i said before i have 3/4 shades the missing shade is "Tea Rose" which i gave up for my Big Giveaway a while back is said to be a big hit too im hoping to order this now as they are on sale on for only £1 just for a limited time so get ordering now girls. 

can i also add i bought these out of my own pocket and as i always say this is my own opinion but i hope it has shed so light into the product and maybe when they are available for you to buy you will be more educated in what your buying.

until next time

lots of Irish kisses your way 

luv nina xoxoxox


Ashley Tiernan said...

Wow I love the coral one. I like the natural one too. :) I hope they come to the UK soon so I can get these and try them.

Lisa Washington said...

The natural one is so pretty. These pencils are gorgeous....I do hope ELF UK add them soon!

Pretty In Pink said...

these were part of my mystery box, and i loved the praline one, i think im going to have to invest in the other 2/3!

new follower :)

Nina said...

i agree hun they are all beautiful :P

Boky said...

What,a sharpener?? I didn't know that ahhahaha this is so cool... I have a tea rose colour-it's so so amaizing! long lasting also ;D

Nina said...

@boxy I know right? it was a nice surprise and it actually works too :)

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