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e.l.f Eyeliner & Shadow stick review

Achieve color intensity for your eyes with twist-up ease (no sharpening required)! Glide on the dark soft gel “liner” to create dramatic definition to the eyes. The light-reflecting pigments help line the eye subtly but intensely for a fuller more enhanced effect. Use the smooth glide “shadow” stick for soft highlighting color on the eyes to complement the liner for a polished and finished look. by e.l.f

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In Shades "Purple/Plum, "Basic/Brown", "Green/Moss", "Pearl/Glow", "Blue/Midnight" & "Smoke/Black

Eyeliner and Eye Shadow in one Sounds like a great idea doesn’t it? I had mixed feelings about this one 2 in 1 product.  After all Cream shadows especially affordable ones crease nearly after an hour but I bought these shadow sticks off the uk site @ £1 each as there was 50% off so i got all 6 colours.  They normally retail @ £3.50/$3(UK site)/(US site) each.  Even tho i was sceptic i still couldnt help been excited about getting them to try them out and "play with them" .  Ok each of them have a shadow stick on one end and a gel liner stick on the other.  The liner is supposed to compliment the shadow so lets see if they do :) 

Starting from the top:  Smoke/black,  Blue/midnight, Glow/pearl,  Green/moss,  Basic/brown & Purple/plum
Smoke/Black:  Ok this is definately the one i wanted to get straight away as everyone goes for the dark smokey eye and i though great this would be perfect....also i remember one of the girls out of pixiwoo use this for a look on her video tutorials .......Smoke is a smooth ashy gray colour with silver shimmer Black is a very dark black liner.  They are both very creamy and very easy to apply but i wouldnt depend on just the cream shadow for the dark smokey eye if you are aiming for that id have a dark shadow ready to go over the Smoke shadow its great as a base but not as a dependant on giving you that darkness your looking for but if your were not going for the DARK DARK look this is great on its own........

Blue/Midnight:  This is a fab shadow stick...... i mean wow the pigmentation from both sides is brilliant you could really wear this on its own and you would have a fab look on you the Blue(shadow) side gives off a metallic finish which is incredible and it has tints of silvery shimmer in it the same goes for midnight(liner) side it too has silver shimmer to it i love this shade :) 

Glow/Pearl:  Ok to start off with both shadow and liner there isnt much difference between the shades..but...The Pearl eyeshadow colour has tiny specks of shimmer and the Glow eyeliner is a nice icy white nicely pigmented, but when blended if you blend too much it can blend away to just a sheen, so I would probably just used this as a highlighter as its perfect for that.I used this product as a lower lid liner-to brighten and whiten and widen my eyes.  

Green/Moss:  This one is probably my least favourite....i was actually a little disappointed as it looks better swatched on my hand than it does on my hands....the Green (shadow) is lighter than expected when applied on and the Moss(liner) is darker they both have gold shimmer in me they dont go well together...i prefer the liner in this because its alot more pigmented than the shadow but thats just my opinion 

Basic/Brown:  The basic is really more gold. Great for a highlight above the liner on the lid or in the crease. Gives a festive gold sparkle.  I have worn it as a base and it works well...... The Brown is a super shade i love it this shadow stick gives the perfect neutral look but with a hint of gold sparkle....this is definitely  worth buying 

Purple Plum:   This one in particular i was looking forward to getting as purple shades are my favourite..... the Purple(shadow) is more of a taupe-brown-purple its really pretty on the eyes......The Plum is definately a deep purple i love it all i can say i love it :) :) :) :) 

Smoke/black,  Blue/midnight, Glow/pearl,  Green/moss,  Basic/brown & Purple/plum  taken in natural light ***Please click on the picture for a closer look***
 Smoke/black,  Blue/midnight, Glow/pearl,  Green/moss,  Basic/brown & Purple/plum  taken with Flash ***Please click on the picture for a closer look*** 
My Overall Opinion

  • I think for the value of these babies you are getting alot more.....They are extremely handy to bring travelling with you.  The colours are great and very versatile!  Product was easy to blend apart from Green/moss and basic/brown  i found them harsh on my lid.   No sharpening needed as the stick is twistable! :) 
  •  I love the liners of every 1 of them they are super pigmented and really creamy and soooooo easy to apply (i tell you girls if you are only learning to apply your liner for different looks on the upper lash e.g Cat eye or flick etc.) using these liners is great to get it right and so easy to use as the tip is slim.  But dont use these on your water line they do not last and you end us with gloop(nicest way i could put it) in corners of your eyes.  They are good under the lash line 
  • The shadows on these are creamy but i always always use a good primer first if i didnt they would crease on my lid within an hour but with a primer they last all day apart from the green/moss......
  • They are a brilliant buy and one good tip i have for you is.......before using these shadow sticks put it in your pocket for about ten mins before using them and you will be amazed  they apply even more creamier than if they were cold go on try it :) :)  
  • As for "The liners complimenting the shadows" all all but 2 is true to that statement the Green/Moss & Glow/pearl the liners do not compliment the shadows on these but you can always work with that simply use a shadow to go over them and then use the the liners to compliment them.... 

Ok my fabulous girlies thats me finished gabbing i could go on and on but i think you all get the idea hahaha thats just typical of us Irish lassies we would talk for Ireland if we had the chance.....I hope you found my review interesting and helpful and hopefully your too will experiment with these if you do let me know what you think :) :) 

Until next time take care 
& keep an eye out for more e.l.f products 
nina xoxoxox

p.s can i just state i have purchased these products out of my own money(i got the statements  in the door recently to prove it (dont you just love banks reminding you constantly of how much you have spent they really like spoiling the buzz,  not with me tho i alway get the good deals hehehehehehehehhehehehehehe) anyhuuuuuuuu i am simply doing this for fun and the love of make-up, bargains etc. and also the love of researching and expanding my knowledge these reviews are 100% my own opinion and i just tell it how it is.... :0)   


Lisa Washington said...

I'm waiting for these to be on sale at £1 each again so I can buy them all in one shop! Great review has actually helped me decide which ones I do want first x

Nina said...

ah good am glad it help i know what its like trying to decide and wondering what the shades are really like thanks for commenting :)

Aly said...

I juss recently bought 2 of these! hehe they are pretty good for their price...i bought a similar one from wetnwild and it cost me double the price of this!...i tried to line my eyes wid it but it was so creamy tht i cudnt get it to b strait! but for a thicker line i think its good...awesum review!! =D

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