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NYX HD Concealer Wand Review

Hello Beauties I hope you are all well 
Todays review is on the NYX HD Photogenic Concealers :) 
I have be dying to try this concealer out now for a very long time as I have heard so many great things about it.  I just never got around to trying it out until NYX became available in Ireland.  I liked the idea of buying these in person rather than online because that way I was able to tell which one would suit me better by swatching them.  Today I am going to show you 3 different shades of the NYX HD Concealer.  There are 12 different shades altogether in this concealer which is brilliant because you are guaranteed to find the shade suitable for you.  3 out of these 12 shades are different.  The 9 shades are from light to dark which is made suitable to match your skin tone 

Then there are 3 different shades or should I say corrective concealers 

One is green which is a concealer that cancels out redness in your skin 
Yellow which is suitable for those dreaded dark circles under the eyes 
Lastly there is purple which is used used to normalize yellow-coloured skin imperfections such as sallow complexions and yellow bruises. It can also help conceal very dark under-eye circles and dark spots on bronze skin tones. 

For 3g of product you are paying only €6.99/$5 each not bad right?  but are they even worth the value read on to find out more :) 

The packaging reminds me alot of my all time favourite concealer I use and that is the Collection Perfection Concealer.
This is a plastic tube like packaging which comes with a sponge tip applicator. 
The sponge tip applicator is the perfect size for applying to the more difficult areas of the face : )

Let me show you the shades I chose :) and tell you what I thought of them all Starting with 

Yellow is of course a concealer for covering up dark circles under the eyes :)  It is a brightener for those dark areas on your face which can still be seen under your foundation.  I suffer with dark circles and dark eyelids of course been a mum of 5 its a nightmare sometimes.  Yellow concealer is also great for evening out your skin especially when its dull.  I loke using this on my dark lids especially as it preps my eyes for my eye makeup look of the day.  Using this concealer on the lid means you will not have to use any other base for your eyeshadows :)  I think this is brilliant and if you do suffer with very dark circles this is definately an advantage to have even with your normal under eye concealer.  I have found that this is only medium coverage but it was enough to cover up my dark circles :)  Sometime my dark circles can be very very bad depending on how tired and stressed I am and I find if I add this to my normal under eye concealer its sorts me out brilliantly :)  

Next up is an everyday concealer in shade Beige 

This is a medium toned beige concealer.  Its the middle shade and I find this a great match for me at the moment I could do with Shade 3 aswell as the more the winter sets in the more pasty I am getting :)  
This concealer is again medium coverage.  This is completely different to what I am normally used to as I used my Collection Perfection Concealer for a more full coverage effect.  This concealer is perfect for over your foundation :)  its gives you a little more coverage for the areas you want for example under the eyes and for any blemishes that are not totally covered up by your foundation.  I love using the yellow concealer along with this under my eyes especially on my darker days :) 

 I found this didnt settle into my fine lines or didnt dry up on any small  blemishes I had but If you have quite a few blemishes to cover up this might not be the concealer for you.  
Last week I had a very nasty blemish which turned into two and to be honest they were the biggest blemishes I ever had in my life They were so bad they looked more like they were infected .  I found this concealer didnt just do the job I wanted in covering them up I had to use a more full coverage concealer.  This is pretty amazing to use on an everyday basis and does last throughout the day once set with a powder.  It hasnt replaced my all time favourite concealer but its certainly one I will repurchase for my not so desperate days for concealing 

Lastly we have the green concealer 

This concealer is perfect for anyone who suffers with redness on their face.  You can use this to cancel your Rosacea which I know alot of people find hard to cover up.  Rosacea is the natural redness you get on your cheeks and the only way people feel they can cover it up is by wear full coverage foundation everyday.  I have spoken to quite a few people who suffer with Rosacea and they have told me they sometimes feel embarrassed about their rosacea that they find it extremely hard to cover it up, that its hard to t wear any shades of blush because their natural redness always seems to peep through their foundation.  
Well this is what green concealers were made for :)   Simple apply a small amount of this concealer to the areas you suffer redness before your foundation and you will automatically notice a difference.  Then you apply your foundation (I recommend stippling your foundation on when using this concealer for full effect) as usual and your redness with not peep through :) :) I find this works brilliantly its perfect for covering up any redness from spots too :)  The redness stays away the whole day long leaving you free to use whatever shade of blush you desire :) 

If find this very light weight and buildable.  It so easy to use and very easy to blend 

Over all I think these concealers are well worth having in your collection.  If you are one who suffers with extreme acne and acne scarring I recommend a more full coverage concealer than this but anyone else who is simply looking for a concealer to brighten dark areas and cover up only slight blemishes this is for you.  As for the corrective concealers....... Well I use them on a regular basis I absolutely adore the yellow one and use that quite frequently either on its own or on my worst dark days i use with my full coverage concealer for that extra brightness :)   The green corrective concealer I rarely use on myself but have used it more on people I apply makeup to and they have confirmed their redness stayed away all day long :)  
Here is a photo of me before and after applying a mixture of the yellow and my usual concealer under my eyes and also used Beige concealer to cover up a few blemishes i have been battling with :) 

Have you ever tried the NYX HD Concealer ?
What is your thoughts on them 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Shannon Boyce said...

Oh wow, I love that they come in different colours. That makes it so easy to treat specific problems! And your makeup looks stunning :)

Kerri Whitehouse said...

That green one seems really interesting!

Laura - Alagoz said...

These seem like great concealers! I like the different shades that you can use for different problems. Your makeup looks fab! x

Pink Frenzy

Jess | Just Jesss said...

I love the sound of the yellow one, i like something pretty heavy duty for under my eyes! :)

Jess xo

Nicol said...

ive been wanting to try this but wasn't sure of the coverage. ill have a look at them next time :)

Dyna said...

Awesome review hun! What is your favourite concealer - just wondering - or are there more than one? You should do a post I'd LOVE to read it! x

BlackRose said...

I love nyx and really wana try these now!

Shumaila Jaffer said...

i love NYX products ... this concealer sounds great :)

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