Friday, 24 April 2015

Oh By The Way ........ Id Like you to meet someone :) :)

Hello my beauties :) 
I thought it was about time you all met someone :) 
There is a reason why I have kept this someone to myself for this long and To some of you who hasnt see my post about about the reason you can click here to see it now :) 
if you have click it and read it you will now know who you are about to meet :) It will also explain why I have been a little slower with blog posts especially in the past few months :) 

Some of you may also say oh my goodness "Is she Crazy" or have other negative opinions about it but to be honest I dont really pay any attention to that or really care about negative opinions because I am happy about it and thats all that matters :) :)  

Ok I am not going to let you wait any longer but this person you are going to meet is someone I havent even met in person yet!!!! Why ??? because...............................

Yes I am Pregnant :) :)  To my huge surprise of course :)  
But the reason I am so so happy about it is because I suffered 3 miscarriages since I had my twins and they were very very hard to cope with for a while and I was convinced that I was to have no more children :)  I accepted that as I have 5 wonderful beautiful children already and they make me so so happy :)  and of course very grateful :) 
To my surprise just after Christmas I realised that time of month did not come and some body changes were already happening !!!! Sore boobs bigger boobs and sickness :)  I knew in my heart that I was expecting again but had to check for sure :) 
When it was confirmed I had very mixed emotions.  Mostly happy and of course very very nervous !!!! reason been that I had already lost 3 in only a year and half.  

So I booked myself in with the doctor and asked him to book me in for an early scan.  I was asked for the early scan when I reached 7 weeks and 3 days.  My nerves were beyond my control I felt sick, weak weepy nervous I was all over the place.  Thanks to my sister and my partner they kept by my side as I awaited my first early scan 

After a 1/2 hour of waiting which felt like forever I was scanned straight away and that glorious heart beat sound rang in my ears :) :)  The heart beat was so so strong coming from that beautiful little dot on the screen I was so relieved :) :)  Here is my first scan :) 
I was told I have to come back after 3 weeks just to be safe and to make sure all is running smoothly as I was not out of the risk point just yet :)  I was relieved to hear that too because I was still so so nervous :) 
3 weeks later I was back at the emotional wreck I was at the beginning but also not in doubt too as I was suffering with any bleeding and found my belly was growing :)  I was also still feeling a little sick in the mornings and going through all the symptoms like before :)  
I had reached 10 weeks and felt that if the nurse confirmed all was ok at this scan I would actually relax a little more again :) 
So like before I was called along with my lovely sister and partner by my side :) 
Again the nurse check the heart beat which was super strong again :)  I was so so so happy :) I also noticed just in the space of 3 weeks my little bundle of joy was getting bigger :) :)  I could easily make out the baby this time and thats when the tears started to flow :)  I instantly felt relieved :)  
Wanna see ???

I was so so happy yet we still kept it a secret just until I passed the 12 week mark :)  Of course the first people I had to tell was my beautiful babies :) 
We were not sure how they would take the news as they were all used to just having us and each other around.  I was especially nervous telling the twins as they were the youngest 
To our surprise they were over the moon :)  I mean I was shocked with how excited they were to hear they were going to have another brother or sister in the house :)  I suppose with them been a little older they understand more and its easier for them not to feel jealous or left out in which they never would feel left out because we love each and every one of them the same and remind them that every single day :) 

We decided to just tell our parents and keep it to that for a while just incase :)  Of course the news was a bit of a shock but they were happy too :) reaching 13 weeks the nausea started to easy and I felt even more relaxed.  I also felt my belly was expanding already and a nice wee bump was starting to form :) 

I was so happy and content.   The only symptoms I was going through at the time was tiredness and because I suffer with a bad case of IBS it seemed to have gotten worse around this time !!  I was going through an awful time of it feeling sluggish tired sick bloatness everything so much so I was changing my diet all the time limiting what to eat was becoming more and more and was really getting to me but I didnt let it get me down I knew at some stage it would ease.  I had an awful time and to be honest really frustrated as my appetite was getting more yet I was limited to what I could eat as everything seemed to set my IBS off :(   

By 15 weeks I was starting to feel more pregnant as my bumb grew :)  My IBS was still going strong and giving me a hard time but I kept strong hoping it would ease off.  I was feeling down some days but thanks to my beautiful babies they kept my mind busy and stopped me from thinking too much about it :) 

At 17 weeks well you can see yourself I am beginning to find hiding this bump a little difficult and to be honest felt it was time to let it show :) :)  I felt happier that if people knew it didnt matter as I was in no danger not at this stage :)  And At this stage I have been feeling my baby move :) :)  Its so active its unreal at this stage :) To my surprise my IBS started to ease off a little which made me even more happier content and enjoying been pregnant finally :) :)  

Now at 20 weeks I am half way there and super super excited.  I am feeling really pregnant now and the only symptoms I am going through at the moment is happiness :) :)  I am finding my walking pase is a little slower but of course this little bundle of joy is growing.  Oh and another symptom I am going through alot more this time is having to run to the loo.  Oh my goodness me I can pee around 20 times a day its crazy every hour on the hour I am running.  I think the more children you have the weaker your bladder gets as mine is super weak !!!!  Baby is super active alot more in the day and I find I can feel it more when placing my hand on my tummy :)  I have even let my kiddies have a feel and each one has felt baby move :)  I want them involved each step I take :)  My little woman Mia kisses my tummy every single day which is so cute :) :)  Cameron who is Mias twin talks to the baby all the time as I told him at this stage baby can hear sounds :)  
the 3 oldest are amazed watching my tummy grow and grow and are constantly telling me "Mum your tummy is bigger today "  :) 
They are so helpful already I am blessed :)  
Its been 10 weeks since I have seen my little bundle of joy until today :) :) 
My 20 week scan date has arrived and I couldnt wait to see how much my little bundle has grown :)  and here is him or her now :) :) 

So cute right?  I cant believe how big baby got in the space of ten weeks :) Everything looks normal and baby is measuring up to the right size :)  Heart beat is great and of course the little monkey is kicking and jumping around there like crazy making the most of the space before growing more and more.  Its not helping my bladder though!!! :)  
I am so glad all is well with baby and the only thing wrong with me is I have to take iron as I am low which can easily be fixed :) 
Its a relief that all is good and of course my bump is showing more this week :)  Take a look :) 

I can now look forward to getting bigger and bigger :) :)  I have only 2 cravings at the moments :)  Mr Freezes and Crunchy bread rolls :)  

So there is my good and surprising news :)  Happy to share with all of you now I know all is safe and baby is well :)  
I bet that was a shocker eh?  Dont worry this is not going to slow down or stop blog posts from me :)  I was blogging while I had twins feeding them every 2 hours so I will be well able to continue blogging ;) Now that I feel alot better and able to enjoy been pregnant I can concentrate even better :) 
If you would like me to keep you updated let me know :) 
OH BY THE WAY!!!!!! My beautiful sister is sharing my happiness as we are both pregnant together she is 6 weeks ahead of me :) :) :) :)  I am so happy for her and so excited to share pregnant time with her :) :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan Review Part 1

Hello Beauties 
I hope you are all well :) 
Ok I think I am finally able to admit I am Hooked on these Makeup Geeks Eyeshadows :) :) 
I am sure you remember not too long ago I reviewed The Starter Kit by Makeup Geek which contains 9 eyeshadows and to be honest I really couldnt stop there :)  Straight after typing up my post I jumped back onto the Makeup Geek site and ordered 6 more and also 3 of the foiled eyeshadows (which I will review very very soon ) 
I just couldnt resist and to be honest If I could I would have ordered every last eyeshadow on the site but I know the customs would have a field day with me :)  Plus I prefer building up my collection slowly so that it gives me time to play with each eyeshadow at a time :) 
Let me warn you before you continue reading and been interested you will need some UNII Palettes or Z-Palettes if you plan on buying these eyeshadows as they come to you in the post like the above photo :)  So if you want to mind these eyeshadows make sure to either buy the palette on the makeup geek site or have one ready for when you beautiful eyeshadows do arrive :) :) 
I have had to go and order some empty palettes and ventured a little further afield I am waiting for the palettes to arrive to see will these eyeshadows fit and if they do I will be reviewing them as they are super affordable :) So fingers crosses Anyways I am rambling sorry :) 
Back to the review :) 

As mentioned before in my last review there are 68 different shades of eyeshadow pans to choose from.  You are going to have a hard time choosing believe me :)  Each eyeshadow costs $5.99 which is only €5.50 :)  Absolutely amazing value for such amazing quality eyeshadows :) 

I have started up my next UNII Palette with more eyeshadows but I am hoping with my ordered palette I can place all my makeup geek shadows together I am not liking them been separated :) :) 
So the eyeshadows I chose are the following :) 

Vanilla Bean:  This eyeshadow is a light peachy champagne shade.  There is a slight shimmer to it.  Its the perfect all over lid shade.  Its also perfect for a more subtle brow bone shade :) :) 
On my skin you can barely notice the shade as its more of a skin tone shade but on the eyes it really works to block out any discolouration on my lids and really helps to open up my tired looking eyes :)  I love how soft and easy this eyeshadow is to use 

Next up is :) 

Peach Smoothie:  Let me just state now I am absolutely loving this shade so so much lately.  Its a stunning matte warm peachy shade.   This is the most perfect transition colour for anyone with fair to light - medium skin :)  Its ther perfect transition colour to warm up any look :)  I just love it so much :)  I highly recommend this shade to you all honestly you kits is not complete without this shade :) 

Next up 

Beaches & Cream:  Another beautiful transition shade for ones who are very fair this is a lovely matte light natural beige with a hint of peach :)  I sometimes use this and Peach Smoothie mixed together for a transition shade :)  Other times if I want a natural shade on my lids I apply this all over the lid.  Its a lovely soft manageable shade :) 

Next up is :) 

Burlesque:  I remember the first time I seen this shade I knew I needed it in my life oh my goodness am I not glad I got it now :)  Wow amazing shade talk about pigmentation :O
A Warm Metallic Muted Burgandy (as described on the site)  This shade is to die for honest girlies you have to have this shade in your collection especially is you have green or hazel eyes wow your eyes will be poppin 
Honest the photos or even the swatches are not giving it justice :) Take a look 

Next up is 

Bitten:  If you are a makeup geek fan you will know that this shade in particular is one of the most popular shades on the site :)   This shade is amazing and again will look stunning on people with either green or hazel eye :)  It will suit everyone of course but green and hazel eyed people with surely see their eyes stand out when wearing this :)  How incredibly pigmented and soft this matte shade is.  I am in love 


Bada Bing:  I do not why I chose this shade to be honest as I really wanted to try alot more and this shade wasnt the first on my list to try but something told me to pick it so I did.  Now that I did I am glad :)  I havent actually seen anyones reviews on this shade so I think its one of the less chosen by many :)  This is a very deep brown with golden reflex.  The pigmentation is amazing and the shadow itself is stunning :)  A perfect outer corner shade or can even be use in the outer V and crease as the golden reflexes can be blended away 

Absolutely amazing Right??  Take a look at all the shade swatches beside each other :) 

Creamy, Buttery, high-quality low priced eyeshadows really what more do we want in our lives :)  This shadows are amazing long lasting apply and blend like a dream.  I am literally hooked and will most definitely purchase every last eyeshadow makeup geek has to offer :) :) 
Here is a look I created with these eyeshadows 

First of all I used 
Peach smoothie in the crease and above 
Then applied Burlesque on the lid all over leave the first 1/3 free of colour for now :) 
I then went in with Bitten into the crease starting from the outer corner to half way in
I then applied Bada Bing to the outer corner of my lid and into the crease for a smokey look :) 
In the inner 1/3 I packed on a mixture of Shimma Shimma and Vanilla bean blending in towards the middle :) 
I also used Vanilla Bean under the brow a little :) 
I wanted to deepen the outer V just a little more so I added a tiny amount of Corrupt to the outer v and blended inwards :)  
I love how these shades bring out the green in my eyes :) 
I really do love these eyeshadow but one thing I hate is the custom charges that come with it.  So my advice to you is if you are very interested in these eyeshadows and know that you will use them alot order in bulks as the custom charges will not be so expensive (custom charges will probably depend on where you are in the world but for Ireland its €20 )  in your eyes :)  otherwise if you order about ten eyeshadows you will be charged the same amount in customs as you would if you ordered 20 eyeshadows :)  I have emailed them with a solution I really am hoping they take my suggestion into account that might stop custom charges so fingers crossed and If I hear anything I will surely update you on it :) :) 

I hope you enjoyed this review 

Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Nia Natural Skincare Calendula & Orange Blossom Facial Cleansing Balm Review

Hello Beauties I hope you are all well :) 
I am going all Irish on you this time on this post reason for that is for the first time I have finally got a chance to try a product from a brand called Nia which of course is based in Ireland :)  I love trying out lots of different brands as you know but most of all brands in Ireland.  
Nia's products are hand-made in Limerick, Ireland. Nia uses Irish ingredients in all our products, importing only Amazonian butters, essential oils and supplies not available on the beautiful Emerald Isle.
They  specialize in beauty balms that are formulated with the feel of a luxurious cream, but without the addition of water, which would require the need for added emulsifiers preservatives or additional stabilizers. This results in a sweet-smelling, multi-tasking beauty balm that is 100% natural.
 Nia produces high-end, luxury products made of pure and natural ingredients.
My skin lately has been playing up not with acne but one day it can be perfect and another day it can feel very dry and very tight especially after cleansing :) 
I have also noticed my skin is sensitive the past few months and I mean sensitive by feeling a sting on my face if I use an exfoliater on my face or if I use face wipes (yes I know I shouldnt but we all do it at some stage for quick and easy way :)  
So when I seen Nia brought out a new cleansing balm I just had to try it out :) 

The Calendula & Orange Blossom Facial Cleansing Balm comes in a lovely little box with different descriptions written all over it :)  I actually really like the box and make sure not to throw it out as you will need it for storage :) :) 
Inside the box you will get :) 
3 100% natural bio-degradable recyclable cleansing clothes 
a wooden spatula 
& of course the cleansing balm itself in a tin container :) 
You get 100mls of product for only €19.95 

This product is also free from:  Parabens, Steroids, Fragrance, Water, Additives, Silicones, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Beeswax, Petroleum, Emulsifiers, Synthetic Fragrance.

Nia States:  Gentle yet effective 2 step wash off facial cleansing balm suitable for daily cleansing and heavy make-up removal on even sensitive skin. Use daily to leave skin clean, soft and radiant.
When I opened and instantly got a whiff of Orange up my nose :)  Its not a strong smell of orange but there is another scent in there I cant quite put my nose to :)  Overall the scent is amazing and so so natural :)  

This tin is full to the very top and you can see there is little specks that looks like orange peel in the balm but its not orange peel its more like lumps of balm like Vaseline :) 
The balm feels so smooth and soft and has a moose like texture It also has a feel of Vaseline even though there is no petroleum in the ingredients :)  
Using the spatula I scraped up a little of the balm just enough to apply on my face and placed it on my hand :)  as I left it on my hand I noticed the balm started to melt, something like ice-cream in a bowl :)  the longer I left it the more it melted into a creamy consistency :)  Which was so easy to then spread on my skin :) 
Take a look :) 

I am in love with this balm honestly no word can describe how different my skin feels after using this balm.  First of all I take the most of my makeup off and then go straight in with dampening my face a little, scooping some of the balm and warming it up with my fingers before applying to my face.  I massage into my face for at least 5 minutes.  The balm feels oily against my skin.  Do not worry the oils that are in this balm are all 100% organic and natural.  Knowing that all of these natural oils are working into my skin make me feel brilliant and while I enjoy the lovely aroma I can also feel my skin softening and feeling more clean.  When its time to take the balm off I rinse the Cloth provided in warm to hot water squeezing it dry and then wipe my face clean.  Instantly seeing what ever dirty and grime was left on my face on the cloth.  I rinse the cloth about 3 times and wipe softly.  Patting dry my face I feel so fresh , clean and my skin feels moisturised.  I do not even feel the need to moisturise straight away after washing :)  I do this routine every day and night :)  My skin feels so much better since using this balm 
I feel less dry, especially under my eyes which is one of the places I noticed was extra dry especially when wearing makeup :(  I feel less tight and more free :)  

I have also tried this balm with a full face of makeup on and found it more effective by not dampening my face first and applying straight to my face.  Massaging in the balm for at least 5 minutes before rinsing off using my cloth.  It works brilliantly apart from removing waterproof mascara.  
Keeping the cloth's is very easy once you do not throw them into the washing machine.  They are too light to be machine washed.  Simply hand wash and dry on the radiator and they are as good as new :) 

I have to say I give this the full thumbs up and will be repurchasing :)  This Cleansing balm is not only great for people who have dry and sensitive skin its also suitable for all skin types :)  
I really hope you enjoyed this review :) 
Until next time and there will be soon a next time as I plan to purchase another product from Nia for my family to test as 3 of us all have different skin conditions so keep your eyes peeled for that one :) :)  

Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows Review :)

Hello Beauties Yes its that time again :) 
A Make Geek Review :) 
Ok I am just going to break it to you now you are going to see alot more of these reviews as I can safely say I am hooked on Makeup Geek products :)  I am sure all you Beauty Crazed People out there is not going to mind right?  :) 
Well today I bring to you my review on the Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows which I have been dying to try :)  Now that I got a taste of them I want them all :) :) 
There are 10 foiled eyeshadows shades to choose from :)  and each one of the cost $9.99/€9.30/£6.75 :) 
This is what Makeup Geek has to say about their Foiled Eyeshadows: 
 This cutting-edge formula offers a creamy texture that is a hybrid between a powder shadow and a cream shadow that is on a level of its own. 

The intense pigmentation combined with an opaque, metallic finish make these shadows a dream to work with. These can be applied effortlessly in just one swipe with no primer required! Our lineup includes a diverse array of rich colors and a smooth silky formula that we believe help elevate pressed eye shadows to the next level of exceptional quality. 

The Packaging of the foiled eyeshadows are a little different to the original eyeshadows by Makeup Geek :)  In fact if I was to say I prefare the packaging of these than the original :)  Look at that beautiful rose gold against the black isnt it stunning :)  Anyways this is how you will receive your eyeshadows when you get them so bear in mind that you will need either a UNII or Z-Palette to store them as its not really safe enough to store them in this packaging without the fear of damaging them :) 
Now lets start with these amazing eyeshadows shall we :) 

Let me just say that this shade is one shade I have fallen deeply and madly in love with :)  Honestly This shade is perfect for any eye colour and really makes blue and green eyes pop especially :)  
Grandstand:  Is a Medium Rose-gold with a slight taupe undertone :) :)  This eyeshadow is amazingly pigmented and a little goes a long way :) It feels amazing creamy yet I have noticed that there is a little fallout with this so be careful dipping that brush because you can dip a little too hard and get way too much on the brush :) 

Next up is :) 

Another amazingly beautiful eye-shadow :) I mean it another stunning amazingly pigmented breath taking eye-shadow :) 
Mesmerized:  A Deep Medium Taupe with strong purple under tones :)  Like Grandstand this shadow is so so creamy and soft a little goes a long long way.  Its not as powdery as grandstand but there will be a little fall out :)  I am in love with this shade also and love wearing it with Grand stand they work so well together :) 

Last but not least 

I will allow you to soak up this beauty :) :)  Its stunning right :) :)  Well this is surely one eyeshadow fit for everyone but anyone with green/hazel eyes this is going to make your eyes pop honestly amazing :) 
Showtime:  A Rusty Brown with Warm Undertones..... As described on the website ....... This is more than what is described though its a rich cranberry shade with stunning red and gold shimmers :) :)  This is so creamy so soft and you will experience no fall out whatsoever :) :) 

Here is all the shades together :) 

I am overwhelmed with the pigmentation of these eyeshadows.  I love how easy they are to work with.  They blend like a dream and apply so so well to the lids even without using a primer they dont need any base to stick to the lids.  The lasting power is incredible, they last all day all even and all night :) 
Swatching these for the first time I thought "No way they couldnt be this pigmented really?"  The above pictures are literally one swatch no layering no primer :) :)  Then when I applied them to my eyes I was even more in shock :)  I am 100% going back to get the remaining 7 foiled eyeshadows for my collection without a doubt !!!!! I am so annoyed with myself for not getting the package deal which is all 10 for the total of $89.00 which you are saving $10 buying all 10 together :) 
I am really hoping Makeup Geek creates more of these because I know they will be a real hit honestly you can not get an eyeshadow better than this even from high end brand no way :)  Honestly you try one you are not going to be able to resist getting more 10/10 from me :) :) 

Here is a look I created 
I used "Grandstand" on the first half of the lid. 
I then applied "Mesmerised" on the other half of the lid 
I used "Creme Brulee" in the crease and above 
I used "Peach Smoothie" to deepen the transition shade (I have not yet reviewed this shade but will soon) 
I used " Bitten"  in the crease which really worked well with these shades :)  (I have not yet reviewed this shade yet either) 
I used "Corrupt" (From Makeup Geeks Starter kit) in the outer V and blended into the crease :) 
I used "Beaches & Cream" on the brow bone ( this shade I also have to review)  
I used "Grand Stand" on the first half of the bottom lash line.  "Mesmerised" on the other half of the bottom lash line and a little of "Corrupt" on the outer corner of the bottom lashline blending inwards :) 

So have you got your eyes on these yet :)  
Until next time (And there will be a next time for the foiled eyeshadows especially ;) 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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