Thursday, 23 July 2015

The New Limited Edition PIPPA for BLANK CANVAS Palette Review

Hello Beauties :) 
I am so excited to be doing this blog post as I am very excited for both Blank Canvas Cosmetics and Pippa O'Connor :) 
You all know by now Who Blank Canvas is as I have blogged so much about this company and their products :)  Blank Canvas is one of my favourite Irish Companies who sell Amazing quality brushes and palettes :) 
I am not sure you know who Pippa O'Connor is so let me tell you a little about this beautiful and Inspirational woman.
Pippa is a Model mum and one of Irelands Leading beauty and style bloggers :)  She is a mum of one and is a happily married successful woman :) :) 
Her Blog is visited by thousands everyday and she now has a successful You-Tube Channel.  
She is not only a Model, A mum, a Blogger and Youtube fanatic but also an ambassador for Blank Canvas as she too adores Blank Canvas so much :) 
Una Tynan founder of Blank Canvas said that Pippa's work in developing this new product illustrated her great insight and awareness of make-up quality and versatility.  
She said at Blank Canvas we love working with ambitious, intelligent and strong femals and with Pippas Enthusiasm for everthing she does is admirable.  What they love most about Pippa is authentic personality, her honestly and her ability to inspire others so she was the perfect candidate to team up with to develop this amazing palette :) 

This palette only became available last week and because it is Limited Edition it has surely been top priority for everyone to buy including myself.  When I first heard about this palette I didn't care what price it was I just had to own it and the sooner the better as I have a feeling they will sell out very very fast.  Infact if you are interested in this palette yourself please take it from you jump straight onto Blank Canvas Cosmetics website and buy it because once the stock is gone its gone for good :)  

So lets take packaging :)  
As you can see the packaging is absolutely stunning.  On the lid is Pippas signature which makes it even more personalised :)  On the back is a fantastic picture of Pippa herself and a little information about her.  It also has pictures of what is in the inside of the palette :) :) 
The palette itself is very slim and very handy for carrying on travel.  The lid is held shut by a very strong magnet :) 

Isnt it so pretty and girly :) 

When developing this palette both Una from Blank Canvas and Pippa worked hard to develop this exclusive palette which is designed to stay true to the Blank Canvas high quality ethos and to Pippa's own love for fresh, natural make-up.  I have to admit my first impressions of this palette even before I started using it was very good I love the packaging, I love the layout and also the shades of the eyeshadows and face products in the palette.  

I also love how personal Pippa has made this palette to herself.  She named the eyeshadows and the face products after people in her life she cares about.  I can only imagine how proud she is to own something like this as every time I read the names I feel my heart soften :) 
K.D:  Is named after her granddad who was a very influential man to her This shade is a strong shade and he was the first person she thought of naming it :) 
Dodo:  Is named after her grandmother as they call her Dodo for short she wanted grandmother & Granddad beside each other :) 
Susu:  Is named after her sister :)  
Tobi:  Is the name of her first dog she ever owned 
Ollie:  Of course had to be in there after all he is her pride, joy and son :) 
Lily:  Is named after her current dog she owns 
Lulu:  Her most favourite shade in the palette (infact this name and the reason touched my heart the most it even brings a tear to my eye)  She explains this is named after her beautiful Mum who is shining bright from above guiding her and willing her on every single day :) <3 
Pipsy:  After herself as her friends call her Pipsy Pie
Amour:  She explains is a shade that brings everything together and Amour means Love which represents her husband :) 

Now lets Talk about these eyeshadows in which I have to say are absolutely stunning.  The quality is amazing and reminds me so much of the eyeshadows in my Lorac Pro Palette :) 
All shades are matte which I love as matte eyeshadow good matte eyeshadows in one palette is very hard to find and these ones are just mind blowing :)  When she choose the shades in this palette she choose brilliantly as they are perfect for day and night, for bridal looks, for mature women, for literally anyone :)  

K.D:  Is a deep Matte Black.  This matte black couldnt get any blacker :)  Its soft and creamy and so easy to blend.  What I love about this is it doesnt flake or create any fall out :)  I love that this shade can be used both wet and dry so if you are travelling you do not even have to bring an eyeliner you can just use this with a wet eyeliner brush :) 
Dodo:  This is a stunning rich chocolate brown which has a slight red undertone to it :)  This is perfect to wear with a deep smokey eye or to use in the crease and outer corner of the eye for a day time smokey eye :)  Again soft creamy and easy to blend I love how this shade brings out my hazel eyes when I use it :) 
Susu:  This is a great multi-tasking eyeshadow :)  Its a matte medium brown which can be used for the brows, for a transition shade, for blending, face contour shade etc :)  Soft creamy and easy to blend :) 
Tobi:  A warm soft brown another perfect transition shade.  I see a slight coral undertone to it when I use it and thats why I use this all the time for a transition shade :)  It looks stunning and works create to warm up any eye look :) 
Ollie:  A subtle warm toned nude-beige eye contouring shade.  The perfect blending out shade I have every used without it looking obvious on my eyes.  I love how well this works for me and use it every single time I apply eye makeup 
Lily:  A beautiful shade and one that surprised me the most to be honest.  I actually thought this shade was going to need packing on to be noticed but I was wrong.  A Very Pigmented Ivory-Vanilla shade.  It works great for an inner corner highlight or all over the lid and also under the brow.  I adore it :) 
The swatches below are made with no primer and are only 2 layers :)  Amazing :) 

Next up is the Face products :) 

Lulu:  Just look how amazing this looks in the pan :)  And oh my good this highlight shade is out of this world honestly :)  Its a stunning warm champagne highlight perfect for your cheek bones for highlighting under the brow cupids bow and even to wear as an eyeshadow in which I did today :)  
You get the most beautiful golden glow from just one sweep of this highlight :)  You are not left looking like a disco ball.  I have been using nothing but this highlight for my cheek bones since I got it I AM IN LOVE 
Pipsy:  A light Coral-Pink shade a perfect natural blush that is suitable for even the palest skinned people out there.  To be honest I have never been one to wear coral blushes but I am loving the effect of this shade on my skin Love it 
Amour:  A Perfect contour shade a matte brown which is perfect for both contouring and bronzing :)  I absolutely love how this is neither too warm nor too cold.  Its very buildable which means even the palest of skin out there can not over do it with this shade 

Here is a picture of me posing with my bump :)  Using the flash of the camera to show you how much of a fabulous glow you are going to get from LULU :) 

Isnt it amazing :)  
Here is a very simply day time look that I created to make myself look more wide awake and ready for the day as lately I have been looking very tired, wish washed and pale all because I am currently battling with been low in Iron due to pregnancy and the fact im over 8 months gone and a mum of 5 :)  I need every little pick me up I can find and thanks to this palette I can achieve that in a hurry :) 

In this eye look I used on the eyes LULU (which is the highlight) all over the lid and inner corner 
I used TOBI as a transition shade 
SUSU on the outer corner bringing it into the crease.  I built this shade up more on the outer corner bringing whatever was left on the brush into the crease 
I lightly added a little of DODO into the crease just to deepen daytime smokey look :) 
I used all 3 shades on the bottom lashline also.  Lastly I used LILY under the brow 

I think everything about this palette is beautiful and is well worth having in your collection especially if you like natural beautiful makeup.  The quality of the eyeshadows and the face products is brilliant and would match up to high end products. 
I do have to admit when I did see the price tag at first which is €34.99 I thought "Wow that is a bit over priced" compared to what Blank Canvas usually charges for their products which has always been super affordable but now that I have tried tested and love this palette for myself, its worth every last cent :)  As I said before the quality easily matches up to my Lorac Pro Palette in which costs no less than €50 - €60 euro per palette :) 
The good news is the palette is still available to buy from Cloud10 Beauty and lastly Blank Canvas Cosmetics but only while stocks last.  That is the bad news Its Limited Edition and selling fast so if you do want to get your lovely hands on it you need to grab it fast :) It is already sold out on Pippa's Website.  
 If you are buying it from Blank Canvas Website make sure to avail of my discount code which will give you a little off its price the code is "NINA" .  
*****Do not worry Blank Canvas Currently have no palettes left but are restocking them soon *****
I knew there would be such a high demand for these palettes so I just had to buy another for a give away for my lovely readers :)  So one of you lucky people is going to get their hands on this beauty and get to try it out for yourself :)  
Simply enter below and the winner will be chosen and announced soon :)  Good Luck :)  

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I really hope you enjoyed this post :)  
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Karen Hayes said...

can i actually be in style for once and own something that;s current? would be great to have this in my life

Louise Roche said...

I would love love love this palette. Recently I've been saving all my penneys for the new baby on the way. Would love this as a little treat ๐Ÿ˜Š

Domniki Sarri said...

it's all in one palette for day~night looks
I have a problem with the comments from blogger.I am sorry.

Jodie Mckenna said...

I need this palette in my life as i am a makeup artist just starting out and this would be fab fab fab to add to my kit ๐Ÿ˜ x

Jodie Mckenna said...

I need this palette in my life as i am a makeup artist just starting out and this would be fab fab fab to add to my kit ๐Ÿ˜ x

silviabia said...

I need this palette because the first time I saw it I fell in love!! *-* It has such beautiful shades and seems like a great quality palette!
I loved your review and as always the look that you created is gorgeous!!xx

Emma Buttimer said...

I really do hate to seem as if I'm pulling a "poor me" act but I'm 36,qualified as beautician but diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis a few years ago.I've been really housebound,spend a lot of my days watching makeup tutorials and on the days or nights I manage to get out,I really like to make an effort with my makeup and try to copy a look that you have done or even Sinead Cady or Makeup by Saz too.I really need some good quality makeup to help me on my though!Thanks for reading!

CollectiveBeauty said...

This palette is so cute!! It looks stunning on you!

dawn obrien said...

I need this palette in my life because, even tho I've just turned 52, I have never owned a palette, its about time I got some fashionable make up!

beautyqueenuk said...

This isn't a brand I have ever come across but Dodo and Lulu are stunning x

Shahneela Shamim said...

I love the day time neutral look you have created and this palette sounds amazing. I need this palette to recreate this look.. :)

Laura - Alagoz said...

I have never heard of the brand before, but the palette looks stunning <3 Thank you for the giveaway xx

Pink Frenzy

Jess | Just Jesss said...

This looks like it would be so amazing for day-to-day wear and for travelling with as well - beautiful palette!

Jess xo

Anonymous said...

Hello! Im here via Ingrids linky party- nice to meet you! This palette looks a corker, what a bunch of beautiful colours!! Ive not heard of tgis brand, but Ill check to see if its stocked here in Aus. Looking beautiful with the bump- good health to you and bubs xo

Louise Daly said...

This looks amazing and is very pretty. I have to say I love the names. And as always, you can wear it so beautifully x

Shawna S said...

I love the matte and neutral shades in this palette, its perfect for day or night makeup looks! it should be an essential part of every girl's makeup collection!


AJOD said...

Approaching 50 means I need those mattes!!

Katie Larkin said...

Would only LOVE to get my hands on one of these palettes! Really is a beautiful palette!
Hope everything is going well with the pregnancy

Amzies World said...

I'm in love with this palette and every single time I try to purchase it something always creeps up on me, winning this would be the icing on the cake :)

Shauna Flynn said...

Love this palette it's so pretty! :) adore the shades and how she personalised it with the names of the shades :) would love to win this, Blank Canvas is my favourite brand :) their brushes are seriously so amazing aswell as their eyeshadows and contour palettes! Thank you for hosting this giveaway Nina, your posts are great and always so informative :)

Sรญlvia said...

I love this palette mainly because it is packed with gorgeous neutrals and most of them are matte! This is something we certainly don't see everyday. I love my matte shades for everyday since I can have a bit of fun but still keep it discrete.

Alicia Leigh Creed said...

It looks lovely the colours really suit you. I would love to use this for my wedding in 4 weeks, I love that they are all matte. Id prefer to look more like myself on my wedding day and neutrals are definitely better for me! so I've decided to do my own make up eeeekkk!! Hope im doing the right thing!!! :)

Esther said...

Hi Nina,

I've entered the contest to win the Pippa palette for Pip, the teenage daughter of my BFF.

Lisa Brown said...

I "need" it because it is a neutral palette, has everything you need for a number of looks, and is easy to travel with, just throw in your purse or overnight case.

Fabulousandfunlife said...

What a lovely palette. I love the Lulu shade the best also and it was very moving to read you explanation of why it was named thus!

Ruth said...

I need it because I can't get enough of these type of shades!! Thank you for the chance xx

Ellis Murphy said...

Hi Nina!
I would love to have a chance to win this palette! I've recently started a new makeup/beauty blog having more time on my hands now since having two babies and I would love to be able to review it! I'm also freelancing in makeup too I'm sure my clients would love looks created with this! Best wishes, Ellis.

Coline T. said...

I need this palette because I love theses shades, it's so feminine and pretty! :-)
thanks for this lovely giveaway ♥

Emily Haley said...

all in one, perfect for the prospective road trip :p

Courtney B said...

im running out of eyeshadow fast and furious !:)

so I need this ! ! ! :0

Sharon Leavy said...

I'd love to win this for my sister, she's building up her makeup collection and I don't think she has tried anything from Blank Canvas, the palette would be gorgeous on her. Your bump pic is adorable x

Online China Products said...

sexy shades of makeup.i love it

Shawn Deny said...

What they love most about Pippa is authentic personality, her honestly and her ability to inspire others so she was the perfect candidate to team up with to develop this amazing palette
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Online China Products said...

lovely shades great post

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