Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Essence Fruity Eye-shadow Sorbet review

Hey everyone how are you all doing 
Today is Part 2 of my Reviews on the Essence Trend Edition "Fruity" collection 
If you missed the first one 
So todays review is on the Essence Fruity Eye-shadow Sorbet's 
There is 3 shades to the collection :) and they cost 2.79 euro each and you are getting 4g in each jar  :) 
The packaging is so darn cute i have to admit when i seen them i thought nnawwwwww 
they are so small and cute :) :) i just had to have them :) 
They each come in a glass jar and different colour lid to represent what shade your buying as again like the nail polishes the shades are not written on them only numbered 
When you open them you will see a mousse like eyeshadow.  The only way i can describe the texture of them is that they are more of an over whipped mousse texture :)   Before you ask no they dont smell of anything lol i checked :) :) 
01 Peach Beauty:  This is a peachy shade with a slight pink undertone and contains gold shimmer very fine glitter.  If you are one who doesnt like shimmery eyeshadows these are not for you.  Ever though all these eyeshadows are moist this seems to more moist than the others. Which mean it leaves it more awkward to work with i found.  I had to apply a light layer of this let it dry and apply another layer before i seen even a light colour payoff with it.  When packed on it looks beautiful 
02 Banana Joe:   This is a lovely light yellowy gold shade :) This is a perfect highlight shade i actually like this one the most as its a great multi tasker the only thing i found is its a bit on the glittery side :) :) more than the rest :) but i still like it :) I have also used this to highlight the top of my cheek bones and boy does it make me glow :) :) I love it 
03 One Kiwi a Day:  A pale green with multi- coloured shimmer very fine shimmer.  This is such a pretty colour 
You are wondering whats the cons and pros at this stage of these well i will tell you now.  You most definately need to wear a primer with these eyeshadows for sure to make them last and not crease especially if you suffer with oily lids.  I have found using your finger to apply these is much easier than a brush its almost like applying another eye primer to your lid when using these.  You can wear them on their own for everyday wear or use them as a base for your eyeshadows but if you are using them as a base you will be turning your eyeshadows into shimmery eyeshadows :)  Another good thing about these is that they dry quickly on the lid but you do have enough time to fix the shadow up before they set but when they set THEY SET.  They are in now way waterproof or water resistant but they do last all day if used with a primer :).  You will find them sheer but build-able.  I just advise you dont build them up too much as put them to the test by applying 3 layers on my eyes by letting each layer dry before applying another layer and it ends up feeling like you have cement on you lids but that was just for my reference and experimental purposes that i layered 3 times lol you wont need that 

In all i am not disappointed in these products if you like fun shimmery eyeshadows you will like these and they are most definitely not a waste of money 
Have you tried these?
What is your thoughts on them 
I really hope you enjoyed this review 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

June Glossybox Winner :)

Hey my Beauties :) :) 
Its time to announce the Winner of the June Glossybox of 2012 :) :) 
Some people find that hard to believe which i can not understand why as i have always said i am 100% honest with you all why would i lie to you 
If i was sponsored i would say i was sponsored after all lies always always catch up with you (that i always say to my kiddies as i truely believe it) 

So anyway enough of that and back to what you are all here for 
:) :) 
Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway and can i add WELCOME TO MY NEW FOLLOWERS :) I will look forward to chatting with you all :) 
AND THE WINNER IS......................................

ENTRY 807:  STEFY PUGLISEVICH :) :) :) :) 

Im sorry to everyone else who didnt win this time but hopefully next time you will be successful :) :) 
I will soon be having another giveaway on my channel so keep an eye out for that :) :) 
To Stefy  please message me with you details so i can get your glossybox posted out to you :) 

Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Essence Limited Edition "Fruity" Nail Polish Review

cherry, apricot, kiwi – fruit, smoothies & co. are all the rage this spring and put us in the mood for a colorful summer. the new essence trend edition "fruity" is fruity-fresh and creamy-seductive as it presents itself with a powerful cocktail of colors containing strawberries, bananas, kiwis, oranges and berries of the forest in april 2012. wonderful sorbet colors and gentle textures for your eyes, lips and face guarantee high spirits in springtime! by Essence

Hey my beauties 
So i was in my local pharmacy collecting so items when i came across yet ANOTHER Limited Edition on the Essence Stand and sure well it was like Xmas all over again , as i was not expecting it at all :) 
Well then i couldnt just pass it and it was so cheap i just picked up the lot :) :) 
So obviously when i got home i started playing with my newbies straight away.  

I decided i will do the reviews on this seperate as there is a few items i found a little disappointing so i wanted to go a little into detail of why so stay tuned as i wont keep you waiting on the blog posts for too long :) 

Starting it the nail Polishes :) 

Dont these polishes look dam pretty :)  Each nail polish cost me 1.79 euro each.  
One thing is they dont have names or even numbers on them but they are named on the site 
Starting from left to right
01  One kiwi a day:  This certainly lives up to its name its a pretty green shade with little shimmers of green glitter in it 
02  Mashed Berries: This is a pretty berry pink shade with dark pink sparkles 
03  Very Cherry  Beautiful shade looks the same as mashed berries on the first coat but looks different more lighter than mashed berries after third coat
04  Banana Joe:  This does look like a banana shade in the bottle but to be honest i would go with lemon than banana :) this has no sparkle in it :) 
05  Peach Beauty:  This is my favourite shade out of the bunch i think.  Its a beautiful shade of peach and a perfect shade for the summer this has no sparkle in it either.  

What i found with these nail polishes is that they are very sheer which i think is the whole idea for summer time but to be honest if i was was applying nail polish i like it to be noticeable.  I found 2 coats of this nail polishes very sheer and i could still see my nail through it but after the 3rd it was fine.  I also found even with a top coat with my hands always been near water the nail polish chipped after 2 days :( boo.  
Even though the shades are lovely i found them way to much hard work especially on busy days.  They are good polishes if you want to wear with an outfit for a wedding or meeting or something like that but dont expect them to last longer than a week :) 
 I have swatches of two of these nail polishes and when i wear the others i will post them up in the future too but this is just to give you an idea of how they look on the nails :) 

Also available in this range is the Scented Top Coat 

Well now you can imagine me been sceptic of this as i have never heard of nail polish been scent Have you?  Well i needed a top coat anyway so i went ahead and bought it out of curiosity.  I had to open it there and  then to see could i get a scent and to be honest all i got a the typical nail polish scent :( but the fact it was cheap and i needed a top coat i went ahead and purchased it anyway :) 
When i applied it on my nails and let it dry i could get a slight scent of strawberries and cream :) :) i realised the top coat was in fact scented :) wow :) a great change from that strong nail polishy scent eh?  Now the scent doesnt last too long but its still a change :)   For less than 2 euro i am not going to complain about the lasting power of the scent as long as it protects my nail polish :) 
The top coat itself is good too it leaves a nice shine on the nail and does protect the polish from chipping after two coats.  I applied two coats of this due to my own personal preference :) 

So thats my out take on these polishes 
Have you tried them ??
What do you think of them 

Stay tuned for more reviews this range :) :) 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Body Shop New Body Mist in Satsuma Review

Hey My beauties how are you all :) :) 
In my last review i was telling you that since i couldnt make The Body Shop Event last month, they kindly sent me out 3 items to try out which was very kind and unexpected.  They understood why i couldnt make it and still sent me out the items again thank you Body Shop :) 
I have already reviewed one of the items i was sent which was the Moringa Beautifying Oil 
Next up is the New Body Shop Body Mists which were only launched this month :) :) There are 8 scents available Pink Grapefruit, Coconut, Strawberry, Satsuma, Mango, Shea, Moringa and Vanilla.  
From the last review i done you will all know that this is my very first time trying out Body Shop items and its pretty exciting for me as i have always as long as i can remember wanted to try out these items and all items from the Body Shop :) :) 
The Body Shop sent me out The Satsuma Body Mist 
The Packaging is a glass bottle which has a great sturdy spritzer that dispenses a nice amount of product :) You are getting 100mls for £7 which is less than 10 euro.   I actually think that price is very reasonable for what you are getting as this will last a long time :) 
While the sun is shining i find myself reaching for this all the time since i got it.  The Bottle is so summery looking and the scent is a great scent for the summer.  Now one or two spritz of this is more than enough as i find it very strong but not overly strong.  Its definitely smells of Oranges (Satsumas) I find the scent sweet and zingy all at the same time both work fantastic together.  The strength of the scent dies down after an hour but i found i could still smell it 6 hours later :) 
Even though this scent is beautiful it wouldnt be top of my favourite list but i would like to try other scents from this range as im sure i will find my favourite out of the 8 :) :) and i will let you all know dont worry.  
Oh the excitement of having this bottle of freshness on my dresser is making me smile as i type this review :) I love it :) This is making me want to go to Body Shop and go crazy spending in it (maybe its not a bad thing that the nearest store is 40 miles away from me haha)  If you like fresh summer scents i do recommend trying this body mist out.  I havent had the pleasure of smelling the other fragrances yet but i know by having this one they will all smell pure and near to the actual scent its named :) :) 
Oh i can only imagine what the strawberry one smells like mmmmmmmmmmm oh and the coconut and the mango mmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Sorry i was dreaming there Oh Body Shop please open a store near me so i can pop in every day and smell all your goodness.  :) 

So thats 2 products down one to go and so far 2 out of 2 have me extremely happy :) :) 
Have you tried The Body Shop Body Mists yet ?
What scent have you tried ?
I hope you enjoyed this review :)
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

Disclaimer:  Body Shop sent me this product to test as part of their new launch.  I am in no way getting paid for this review and i am not obliged in any way to give a good review about it.  This is my utmost and honest opinion about it and i would never give a false review about any product.   I have no reason to do so. :) Thank you so much for reading.  I really hope you enjoyed it :) 

Monday, 18 June 2012

The Body Shop Moringa Beautifying Oil Review

Hey my beauties I hope you are all well :) 
Little story for you all to begin my review today :) :) (you know how much i love chatting )
Well last month (May) i was invited to my first ever event "The Body Shop Event".  I was extremely excited but due personal reasons i ended up not been able to go at the end :( you can imagine how disappointed i was.  I was never asked to anything like this before and the one time i am asked to go i cant go ah well i wrote them an email apologising that i could not make it and how much i was looking forward to it.  I got an email back telling me that even though i couldnt make it they will sent me out some of the products the other blogger/vloggers got.  I was absolutely amazed and was not expecting that at all.  Thanks Body Shop :) :) 
I recieved 3 different items in which i will review separately as they all deserve a separate review in my eyes :) Now i must point out (shocking as this may be for you all) This is my 1st time trying anything from The Body Shop :O I know I know its bad but the the nearest Body Shop to me is 40-50 miles away from me.  I have read so many blog post by different people about products from the Body Shop and all of what i read was and sounded amazing which made me even more determined to go crazing in their store whenever i get to one.  So enough with the babbling :) 

One of the products i received was The Body Shop Moringa Beautifying Oil 
The New Beautifying Oil costs about 15 euro for 100ml :) There is 11 scents available and i recieved the Moringa scent.  The oil dry oil can be used on the body, face and hair.  Now at first i thought wowzer thats a little on the expensive side but i eventually changed my mind read on to find out more.....
The Body shop brought out this range only this summer and me been nosey had to do more research about this and what exactly was it going to do for me :) This is a little of what i found :) 
“First used in Ayurvedic medicine some 4,000 years ago, Moringa seed oil comes from the Moringa tree, which is also known as the “miracle tree” due to its wide variety of beneficial uses. The Moringa tree provides 7 times the Vitamin C in oranges, 4 times the calcium and 2 times the protein in milk, 4 times the Vitamin A in carrots and 3 times the potassium as bananas. Moringa seed oil contains high levels of oleic acid, which is a fatty acid that helps to restore the skin’s moisture levels, protects against drying and keeps the skin feeling soft and smooth. The oil was highly treasured by the ancient Roman, Greek, and Egyptian civilizations for use in protecting skin and making perfume. It was so good, that they even used it to create their own skin-smoothing product.”
Well now when i read this you can imagine the excitement coming out of me to the thought that all of this goodness was coming from one bottle :) :) 
Now as it says on the bottle that this can be used on the body, face and hair, i put it to the test straight away
HAIR:  Lately i have noticed my hair and scalp is drier than normal probably due to hair dye, hair products and blow drying and also the change of weather so thats where i put it to the test first.  Now after washing my hair instead of using my normal leaving in conditioner i put a little of the oil into my damp hair, let it dry naturally and without a shadow of doubt my hair looked like i had dipped it in a chip pan oh lordy it was flatter than flat and i just could not do a thing with it.  I actually tried it again and again just to give it a chance and the same thing happened my hair was lifeless (proof in my latest video you will see how boring my hair looked)
**** Since this review i was given a tip by someone who works with The Body Shop and they stated " if you put one or two drops through the ends of damp hair and blow dry you get a lovely sheen on the hair - it is very heavy when you put it in the root."  
BODY:  Now this is a different story altogether it works absolutely fine on my body.  I like to apply this just after jumping out of the shower when my skin is still damp.  Certain areas of my body has too been suffering with dryness especially my elbow joints and knee's.  My skin instantly felt smooth and soft and the aroma against my warm showered body was amazing :) :) Not only that my skin was glowing i instantly loved it and still do :)  Now obviously as its an oil it will take a little longer to dry but just do a little run around or dance to your favourite song by the time the song is over it will be dry hahaha
FACE:   I have normal to combination skin so in certain areas i do suffer a little dryness like around my mouth and nose area but i also suffer a little oiliness on my t-zone and the fact i have a fairly high forehead i wasnt really pushed about applying this to my whole face or you would end up seeing a reflection of you face from my forehead lol.  So i tried it only in the areas i was dry and it did work well .  I actually applied my makeup over this when it dried and my makeup did not budge so thumbs up for that :) 

I was amazed by this oil and the fact that it leaves my skin glowing is and extra bonus.  When this bottle runs out i will certainly buy more and will try it in a different scent 
I want to try the Coconut, shea, oh and the strawberry scent next :)   15 euro at the start seemed a bit steep to me but to be honest i have been using this constantly since i got it and there is only a small bit gone out of the bottle.  I see this lasting me a long time :) 

Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

Disclaimer:  Body Shop sent me this product to test as part of their new launch.  I am in no way getting paid for this review and i am not obliged in any way to give a good review about it.  This is my utmost and honest opinion about it and i would never give a false review about any product.   I have no reason to do so. :) Thank you so much for reading.  I really hope you enjoyed it :) 

Saturday, 16 June 2012

BH Cosmetics 10 Color Professional Blush Palette Review

Hey my beauties
How are you all doing today ?
Wow our weather is seriously wintery lately there was even reports of a Tornado in Donegal a few weeks ago now thats scary!!! We never ever get that here in Ireland 
Anyways enough about that 
If you havent seen my latest video review on the BH Cosmetics 10 colour blush palette 
You can view it here 
I bought this the same week i bought the Jenni Rivera 36 color eyeshadow palette by BH Cosmetics 
As i said in my video i always wanted to try this palette and never got the chance to but it was selling for $11.87 which was 9 euro at the time and i grabbed it while i could.  10 Blushes for 9 euro which is less than 1 euro each was too hard to resist.  That offer is still on as i write this so if you are interest click here 
The packaging is pretty straight forward.  Its actually very familiar in size to the Jenni Rivera Palette which is again hand for travel.  There is no mirror included but if you are one who owns eyeshadow palette most of those palette include a mirror so thats not a major thing :)  On the back of the package gives you a full list of ingredients and the best before date.  
As you can see you are getting 10 good sized blushes.  They are a little smaller than a Mac blush.  You are getting a mixture of matte and shimmery blushes.  There is also cool and warm tones in this which is always handy.  Also in this you are getting a mixture a peaches, corals, pinks, and bronzy shades.  You are getting shades that will suit every skin tone .  
My Purpose of buying this palette was to see how it varies for different skin tones and how pigmented the blushes are as i want to build up my kit separate to my own collection.  Now from what i experienced with this palette some shades are not as pigmented as i thought they would be especially the first 5 shades but they are buildable.  Some shades would not suit anyone with medium to dark skintones.  Some would be too strong for someone with pale skintones but to me that suits me fine as my purpose in buying this is to use on myself and other people (family and friends for now)  If you wee buying this for yourself you might fine at least some of these blushes not suitable for you.  For the price you are paying for this you would not be loosing out on much as you would pay the same price for one blush with some brands as you would for this whole palette.  
Over i am pleased with my purchase .  The blushes are not like high end blushes but they do last 5- 7 hours before fading depending on how intense you have them on :) I find this palette great to play around with to see which shade suit and which shades you can mix to create your own shade :) I will definitely repurchase for my kit but i also want to hear from you guys if you have every tried blush palettes from other brands :) :) and see if there is any difference apart from the price.  I might even try one from a different brand myself and do a comparison post what you think 

I hope you enjoyed my review :) 
Have you tried this palette or something like this from another brand ?
Until next time 
Lots of love luck and laughter 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Catrice "Revoltaire" Limited Edition Haul & Review

Revoltaire – the courage to be yourself and all that you want to be. To break free of conventions and to enjoy a new passion for life. CATRICE is revolutionizing the conventional colors of spring in April and May 2012 with the Limited Edition “Revoltaire”. Contrasts? Yes, please!
Natural brown, subtle green, puristic grey and soft nude shades offer the backdrop for bright acid colors, thus revealing their true style competence. Coral pink, toxic green... “Revoltaire” by CATRICE - let’s head for fabulous new color combinations! by Catrice
Hey everyone its that time again........A new Limited Edition from Catrice :) :) :) you know how much that makes me happy :)  The Range came into my pharmacy just at the beginning of June  .  Now this time around i only buy what i know i will use so some of the ranges shades will not be included in this but if you want to see what other shades is available check out their site
The only thing i am missing is the lipbrush and a few shades of the nail polishes as i have similar ones here already so i gave them a miss.  So here i will show you what i got :) 
There are two of these available for 4.99 euro.  The packaging looks really cute.  Its a sort of black/grey shade with a lovely design and a reflected R in the middle standing for "Revoltaire".  Its very light plastic but is sturdy at the same time there is also a nice sized mirror which is great for travel :)  According to Catrice you are getting 3 pigmented eyeshadows and a cake eyeliner  to create a nice smokey eye for the season.  
C01 Toxic Combination
At first i thought these palettes were made up of 4 eyeshadows until i swatched them then i went onto the site and realised the last shade was a powder eyeliner in which you can use a damp brush :)  this palette consist of an Acid green shimmery shade, a Brown khaki with bright greeny/gold shimmer, a grey almost matte shade and a dark grey cake eyeliner.  All shades are quite pigmented.  With a good primer they last all day.  :) These colour create a great smokey look :) will post up pictures in the future.   Swatches are made with no primer
Co2 Explosive Combination 
Well what can i say this is beautiful and creates a beautiful unique look :)   In this palette you are getting a lovely pinky/coral shade, a shimmery light gold, a light brown with gold shimmer and a dark brown cake eyeliner shade.  Its safe to say this is my favourite out of the two because of the shades :) 
Each palette is definitely worth having in your collection for less than 5 euro you really are getting your moneys worth :) 

Love at 1st sight with this blush :) I love the ways this is packaged :) you get a soft coral on the top part and it gradually turns into a beautiful pinky coral shade :) 
Doesnt it remind you of the sunset :) I love it :)   As you can see you are getting shimmer in it but the shimmer is finely milled and doesnt appear shimmery when applied to your cheeks.  I would use the very top shade as a highlight for my cheekbones :)  What i love most is that you have control of how deep you want the shade and also how strong you want it as its a very build-able blush.  It gives such a beautiful glow to the cheeks and its perfect for summer time:) 
This blush is 8g and costs 3.99 euro well worth it :) 
While i write this part im thinking maybe i should have picked up 3rd shade in this and i do have plans to so if i get the other shade before posting this up you will see along with these if not you will see it in a later post :) 
well now i think this is the first time Catrice came out with a Matte lipstick (well since i started buying Catrice) correct me if im wrong:) 
So i got 2 shades 
C01 "Colour Bomb":  Boy oh boy this shade has amazing pigmentation i mean 1 swipe and you see instant colour.   This is a fab Coral Pink.  A warm shaded that actually goes great with my skin tone i love it !!
In sunlight 
In normal light 
C02 "Nude Alarm":  This shade i am loving at the minute its a beautiful nude shade with a slight brown undertone.  I noticed on the stick itself there is very fine specks of silver shimmery particles to it.   I thought this lipstick would make me look like im sick with my complexion i was wrong I LOVE IT :) It's a perfect nude for me 
In sunlight  
in normal light
C03 "Blood Red":  Well now what say about this lipstick only WOWZER THIS IS BLOOD RED.......:) its so so highly pigmented and very creamy i do advise if you are not a pro at putting on bright lipstick like this use a lip brush for sure if you dont already do....This red is more on the cool side as it has a blue tone to it :) this would look fantastic on every skin tone even the palest :) I love this colour and was bold enough to wear it during the week walking up town lol i did get some stares as normally i am afraid of deep red shades but i said why be afraid its your lips and you can paint them whatever way you want :) :) This lipstick is by far one shade i dont have i am very happy with it :) 
in normal light
Overall I think these lipsticks are pretty good for 3.99 euros.  Catrice claims that these lipsticks will not dry out your lips thanks to their velvet rich texture.  That is true alright as they are not 100% matte in my eyes because of the creamy texture they have they are so easy to apply compared to most matte lipsticks.  I will say one thing that if you suffer with dry lips you will find this lipstick will soak into your dry lines not so much with "nude alarm" but certainly with "colour bomb"  if you have dry lip you will find this lipstick wearing off quicker but if you have normal lip you will find this lipstick lasting a good 3 to 4 hours before need a little top up :)  Blood Red is fantastic it lasts longer than the other two i have found its highly pigmented and almost acts like a stain. 
As i said in my video i only got 2 out of the 5 nail polishes available in this range :) 
the first one is 
C02 Attracting Camouflage:  I found myself questioning if i was going to like this shade or not as it seemed to be the odd one out as the rest was bright and cheerful whereas this one seemed darker and a very unusual shade in the bottle.  Of course i had to go for the unusual one as i like experimenting, change and trying anything once.   This shade you remind you of the camoufage but with gold mixed up im still warming to this shade what do you think. 
C05 Mission Lilac:  This shade i love :) :) Lilac wouldnt be the colour i would say it is but i would go with fuchsia a nice dark pink :) I think this is amazing and i actually 
 dont have a shade like it :) :) 
So that is it everyone i hope you enjoyed my haul/review for this month :) :) 
If you have any question comment below i always always answer my comments 
Thanks for reading and watching my video 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

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