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Catrice "Revoltaire" Limited Edition Haul & Review

Revoltaire – the courage to be yourself and all that you want to be. To break free of conventions and to enjoy a new passion for life. CATRICE is revolutionizing the conventional colors of spring in April and May 2012 with the Limited Edition “Revoltaire”. Contrasts? Yes, please!
Natural brown, subtle green, puristic grey and soft nude shades offer the backdrop for bright acid colors, thus revealing their true style competence. Coral pink, toxic green... “Revoltaire” by CATRICE - let’s head for fabulous new color combinations! by Catrice
Hey everyone its that time again........A new Limited Edition from Catrice :) :) :) you know how much that makes me happy :)  The Range came into my pharmacy just at the beginning of June  .  Now this time around i only buy what i know i will use so some of the ranges shades will not be included in this but if you want to see what other shades is available check out their site http://www.catrice.eu/limited-edition/revoltaire.html
The only thing i am missing is the lipbrush and a few shades of the nail polishes as i have similar ones here already so i gave them a miss.  So here i will show you what i got :) 
There are two of these available for 4.99 euro.  The packaging looks really cute.  Its a sort of black/grey shade with a lovely design and a reflected R in the middle standing for "Revoltaire".  Its very light plastic but is sturdy at the same time there is also a nice sized mirror which is great for travel :)  According to Catrice you are getting 3 pigmented eyeshadows and a cake eyeliner  to create a nice smokey eye for the season.  
C01 Toxic Combination
At first i thought these palettes were made up of 4 eyeshadows until i swatched them then i went onto the site and realised the last shade was a powder eyeliner in which you can use a damp brush :)  this palette consist of an Acid green shimmery shade, a Brown khaki with bright greeny/gold shimmer, a grey almost matte shade and a dark grey cake eyeliner.  All shades are quite pigmented.  With a good primer they last all day.  :) These colour create a great smokey look :) will post up pictures in the future.   Swatches are made with no primer
Co2 Explosive Combination 
Well what can i say this is beautiful and creates a beautiful unique look :)   In this palette you are getting a lovely pinky/coral shade, a shimmery light gold, a light brown with gold shimmer and a dark brown cake eyeliner shade.  Its safe to say this is my favourite out of the two because of the shades :) 
Each palette is definitely worth having in your collection for less than 5 euro you really are getting your moneys worth :) 

Love at 1st sight with this blush :) I love the ways this is packaged :) you get a soft coral on the top part and it gradually turns into a beautiful pinky coral shade :) 
Doesnt it remind you of the sunset :) I love it :)   As you can see you are getting shimmer in it but the shimmer is finely milled and doesnt appear shimmery when applied to your cheeks.  I would use the very top shade as a highlight for my cheekbones :)  What i love most is that you have control of how deep you want the shade and also how strong you want it as its a very build-able blush.  It gives such a beautiful glow to the cheeks and its perfect for summer time:) 
This blush is 8g and costs 3.99 euro well worth it :) 
While i write this part im thinking maybe i should have picked up 3rd shade in this and i do have plans to so if i get the other shade before posting this up you will see along with these if not you will see it in a later post :) 
well now i think this is the first time Catrice came out with a Matte lipstick (well since i started buying Catrice) correct me if im wrong:) 
So i got 2 shades 
C01 "Colour Bomb":  Boy oh boy this shade has amazing pigmentation i mean 1 swipe and you see instant colour.   This is a fab Coral Pink.  A warm shaded that actually goes great with my skin tone i love it !!
In sunlight 
In normal light 
C02 "Nude Alarm":  This shade i am loving at the minute its a beautiful nude shade with a slight brown undertone.  I noticed on the stick itself there is very fine specks of silver shimmery particles to it.   I thought this lipstick would make me look like im sick with my complexion i was wrong I LOVE IT :) It's a perfect nude for me 
In sunlight  
in normal light
C03 "Blood Red":  Well now what say about this lipstick only WOWZER THIS IS BLOOD RED.......:) its so so highly pigmented and very creamy i do advise if you are not a pro at putting on bright lipstick like this use a lip brush for sure if you dont already do....This red is more on the cool side as it has a blue tone to it :) this would look fantastic on every skin tone even the palest :) I love this colour and was bold enough to wear it during the week walking up town lol i did get some stares as normally i am afraid of deep red shades but i said why be afraid its your lips and you can paint them whatever way you want :) :) This lipstick is by far one shade i dont have i am very happy with it :) 
in normal light
Overall I think these lipsticks are pretty good for 3.99 euros.  Catrice claims that these lipsticks will not dry out your lips thanks to their velvet rich texture.  That is true alright as they are not 100% matte in my eyes because of the creamy texture they have they are so easy to apply compared to most matte lipsticks.  I will say one thing that if you suffer with dry lips you will find this lipstick will soak into your dry lines not so much with "nude alarm" but certainly with "colour bomb"  if you have dry lip you will find this lipstick wearing off quicker but if you have normal lip you will find this lipstick lasting a good 3 to 4 hours before need a little top up :)  Blood Red is fantastic it lasts longer than the other two i have found its highly pigmented and almost acts like a stain. 
As i said in my video i only got 2 out of the 5 nail polishes available in this range :) 
the first one is 
C02 Attracting Camouflage:  I found myself questioning if i was going to like this shade or not as it seemed to be the odd one out as the rest was bright and cheerful whereas this one seemed darker and a very unusual shade in the bottle.  Of course i had to go for the unusual one as i like experimenting, change and trying anything once.   This shade you remind you of the camoufage but with gold mixed up im still warming to this shade what do you think. 
C05 Mission Lilac:  This shade i love :) :) Lilac wouldnt be the colour i would say it is but i would go with fuchsia a nice dark pink :) I think this is amazing and i actually 
 dont have a shade like it :) :) 
So that is it everyone i hope you enjoyed my haul/review for this month :) :) 
If you have any question comment below i always always answer my comments 
Thanks for reading and watching my video 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 


Martina Moylan said...

Stunning aren't they I'm gonna try get my hands on some tommorrow xx

Kellina's Thoughts said...

i just love all the products!!

they've got really great shades!!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic post, all these products look amazing and look really high end, delighted they're from Catrice!

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