Thursday, 30 April 2015

Coastal Scents Interchangeable Magnetic Palette Review :)

Hello my gorgeous beauties :)  I hope you are all well :) 
Todays review is on something I have been searching for for a while now :) 
I have been looking for an empty palette that will fit most single eyeshadows from different brands :) 
You may remember me reviewing Makeup Geeks eyeshadows not too long ago in two separate posts and I have been storing them in my UNII Palettes which holds only 8 of those shadows :)  I didnt like the fact that they were separate (a little bit of OCD in me) and wanted to buy a palette that I can have them all together in.  
I also plan on buying more Makeup Geek eyeshadows which means an even bigger palette to have them together.  
I have to admit having my UNII Palettes here is great as I love how sturdy they are and how amazing they look but to be honest buying a few of them to store my single eyeshadows will cost me alot of money which I have been trying not to buy because I am saving for my new bundle of joy.  The UNII Palette are worth every cent but to buy a few at a time would really be hard on my funds.  The UNII palettes cost $29.00 each and only hold 8 eyeshadows 
I also opted to buy a Z-Palette which to my surprise was a little steep for price too.  The z-palettes come in different sizes and to buy the large one holds 20 eyeshadows and cost €25.00 to buy now I know that seems very little which I am sure it is but when you need a few of them it all adds up. 
Thats when I did a little research and found this Interchangeable Palette on the Coastal Scents website :)  I was a little nervous about buying them as I thought maybe they wouldnt work but I took my chances and bought two of them :) :) 

Each Interchangeable eyeshadow palette Costs only $9.99 each :)  A Big difference compared to the other palettes I mentions But the big Question is did it work do they hold my Makeup Geek eyeshadows ???
There are different sizes of empty palettes to choose from
  1. Quad aka 4 piece is only $3.95
  2. The 12 piece is $5.95 which also comes with a clear lid for the same price
  3. The 28 piece (which is the one I got) is $9.99 and also comes with a clear lid 
  4. Last the single which is called Go Pro is $1.95 

I wanted to get the one with the clear lid but they were sold out at the time.  The clear lid would be very ideal especially if you have alot of single eyeshadows from different brands you can tell them apart by simply looking through the clear lid but hey maybe the next time I purchase they will be available :) 
The palette itself is a very simple plain black matte palette with Coastal Scents written on the lid :)  The Palette is very lightweight even with shadows insides :)  Its also very flat which is handy for travelling :)  Inside you will see 24 empty slots in the shape of eyeshadows with an addition tiny space to slip your baby finger or the end of a brush in to take the shadows out.   What I love about this palette is that its matte which means it will not stain easily :)  
On the inside lid there is no mirror which I prefer as I want to put the names of my eyeshadows there in the order they are in the palette :)  
I was so so excited to see if my shadows would fit in this palette and was wondering how they are going to stay in there 
So I placed my first Makeup Geek eyeshadow in the first slot praying it would work :)  
And did it???? 
YESSSS!!!!! The perfect fit I mean perfect and stays put even when I turn the palette upside down :) :)  Happy Dance !!!!!!! 
Take a look :) 

All my Makeup Geek eyeshadows are finally together :)  And I have plenty of room for more :) :) 
My other palette is for my Coastal Scents eyeshadows in which I purchased more of the same day I will give you a sneak peak.  

Thats all you get for now :)  Dont worry I will be reviewing these eyeshadows soon ;) 
Overall I am so happy with these palettes the fact that they are Magnetic means any single eyeshadows that measure up at 26mm's.  The only snag about these is that Mac eyeshadows will not work in these palettes not due to size but due to the magnet's polarity.  
I am definately going to purchase a few more of these to have as I plan on buying all of Makeup Geek Eyeshadows and more single eyeshadows from other companies :)  The price is amazing for these and shipping is not overly expensive too and no I never get charged customs even if I make a big order :) :) 

So happy :) :) :) 
Have you tried these palettes yet?  
Let me know your thoughts :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow Review

Hello Beauties :) :) I hope you are all well :) 
You ever watch a Youtube Video Titled "Youtube Made me buy it" ??
Well this is certainly a blog post on the same thing only I will include "Blog posts made me do it " :) 
I have seen so many reviews on these I just had to try them out myself :)  Some reviews were boasting these and some were so so reviews but in my eyes they looked amazing and I just had to see for myself :) 
I have tried some Milani products before and was never disappointed so I has no problem picking more than 1 eyshadow :)  In fact I picked 9 out of the 30 shades available Yes 30 :) :)  The eyeshadows have different finishes being Satin matte, shimmer etc and say what finish they are on the packaging :) 
What attracted me more to these was the title of them Gel Powder Eyeshadows ??  Never heard of them and to be honest I like the sound of them straight away, Gave me the impression they were going to be super pigmented :) 

Milani surely go all out with their packaging aswell as their products.  They have this fabulous golden packaging which is of course plastic with a clear lid allowing you to see you beautiful product :)  On the back you can clearly see the name of the eyeshadow :)  The lid is very reliable and will not easily come off 
Milani state: 
A gel powder – what would that even look like? We’ll tell you: It looks like rich, vibrant color that glides on in a single stroke, delivering a stunning multi-dimensional effect. What makes it a gel powder? Well, the formula starts as a gel and then is transformed by a special process into a stunning powder eyeshadow with pure color and power wear. The unique process allows you to blend this incredibly innovative, weightless formula easily with your fingertips to light up your eyes. Even more to entice: It can be used wet or dry, resists creasing, and comes in satin matte, shimmer and iridescent metallic finishes. You just have to try this gel powder. It’s that different.

Another thing that attracted me was the eyeshadows themselves the way they looked in the pan :) Just take a look :)  

At first I thought these eyeshadows would feel soft and almost cushion like when first swatched.  I also stated thought these shadows would feel slight wet at first when applied like its a creamy eyeshadow that then turns into powder on the eyes simply because of the name "Gel"  but I didnt find that with these to be honest.  They feel more like a soft dry eyeshadow which does feel soft but not at all like a cream.  Also I felt they were more on the baked eyeshadow texture feel not like a cream eyeshadow :) :) 
So Why call them "Gel"  :)  Well simply because They can be applied Wet and dry.  Dry for simply everyday looks or simple looks and wet for the most intense pigmented looks the fun looks ones you will wear at night or if you are spontanious wear on an everyday basis :)  
As i do not have all 30 shades I can not tell you which ones are good and which ones you are best leaving alone but I do know by researching other peoples posts that I picked up 9 shades I thought I would get more use out of and whats recommended by most people who bought them already :)  
I do infact plan on buying more and then depotting them all into one palette in which I will also do a post about ;) 
So let me show you a close up on these eyeshadows and tell you my final opinion and experiences with them :) All the swatches are dry swatches with no primer underneath 

Bella Sand:  A stunning shade that everyone will use :)  This is a shimmer finish.  A lovely medium golden shade which is perfect for all over the lid, inner corner or even as a golden highlight on your cheek bones :)  This is very pigmented when swatched at first but to be honest I found I had to build this shade up if wearing it on the lid :) 

 I have used this shade wet and you get an amazing colour payoff I have used it wet since as it is one of the lightest shades so for more pigmentation wet is best :)  obviously its pigmented enough if you are only using it as a highlight for the inner corner and also on your cheeks dry but for the lid I recommend wet :) 

Bella Cafe:  A Perfect Transition colour :) This is a satin matte finish :)  I actually love this in the crease and above as its a perfect cool toned taupe which is light and give that perfectly blended daytime transition colour to your eyes. 

 This is the perfect crease shade for anyone with pale skin.  For me I do have to build the intensity of the shade to deepen the colour as I am not the palest but once built up looks stunning :)  I have applied this shade along with Bella Sand all over the lid and it looks perfect for a daytime look :) 

Bella Espresso:  :)  We all know we need to have a darker shade if we want to create a darker daytime smokey eye and what better way to this than to apply this to the outer corner :)  Espresso is a satin matte finish :)  The perfect deep dark brown :)  

Can you see that shimmer glittery shade :) :)  To be honest when used on the eye it is not that shimmery :)  This has good pigmentation but even better pigmentation when used wet :)  Love it :) The only thing I would have to say is that this shade will create alot of fall out if used dry !!! so be very careful :) 

Bella Black:  This shade of course is a very popular shade to reach for in a makeup look and of course alot of people will want in their collection.  Again with a Satin Matte finish this shade will be perfect to the crease, outer V, as an eyeliner etc.  This is a simple Black and to be honest a good matte for a drugstore eyeshadow :) 

 Obviously the deeper you want the black the more you have to build it up or even more simply apply wet and you will get instant pigmentation :) :)  Again like Espresso this created alot of fallout while using dry so be careful 

Bella Purple:  Of course I just had to get a purple I love purples :) :)  This is a stunning Satin Matte medium purple with tiny tiny blue shimmers :) this is hugely pigmented from the word go 

I did not experience fall out with this shade just a simple and beautiful shade to play with :)  Using wet is even more exciting and intense I love it :) 

Bella Champagne:  I adore this shade :)  Its a perfect wake me up shade for all over the lid or to use as a highlight :)  It has a shimmer finish :)  A gorgeous golden champagne which is absolutely stunning dry and wet :) 

The one thing I would say is that this one is chalky so be careful of fallout over your face as this will make you look like a disco ball :) :)  otherwise its a stunning colour and eyeshadow :) 

Bella Rouge:  Boy oh boy this eyeshadow is absolutely stunning :) :)  I was confused at what shade this would be in person but when I seen it in person I seen true beauty :) 

In the pan it looks like a red but for real it looks more like a raspberry shade with shimmer :)  Its amazingly pigmented :)  I love it :)  

Bella Bronze:  Another beautiful shade that i adore :)  It has a metallic finish :)  This is a beautiful bronze with a slight tint of red in there :)  This goes great with Bella Rouge :) 

I absolutely how pigmented and how golden this is :)  It is a great shade both dry and wet and takes very little effort to make it work :)  The one thing is when used dry you will have some fallout so be careful :) :) 

Bella Chiffon:  This is another stunning highlight/shimmer shade I adore this shade so so much :)  Its a stunning champagne gold and wow does this do the job its supposed to :) 

This can be used on the face also which believe me makes your cheeks glow glow glow, but be careful a little goes a long long way with this so do not over do it :) :)  A must have in my opinion 

Here is a little reminder of what all the shades look like together :) click on the photo for a closer look :)  These swatches are made dry with no primer :) 

Now that I have went through the shades let me tell you over all what I think :) 

I cant help been a little disappointed in a way as I had more expectations for them :)  Dont get me wrong they are amazing but to be honest I still do not understand why they are called "Gel"  To me they are a simple baked eyeshadow :)  So in a way I feel they were promoted wrongly.  They should have been named baked eyeshadows.  Some of the eyeshadows are said to be a little more disappointing in pigmentation than others which I suppose in a way I agree as I found that Bella Sand needs to be applied wet all the time to get its right pigmentation.  I also feel that Bella Cafe needs to be built up alot when using dry to get its full potential but when built up looks amazing especially when paired with Sand :) 
I think they all work amazing when used wet :)  When dry you need to work with them :) 
I have created a couple of daytime looks to show you what they are like on the eyes :) 
The first one is a very simple school time or work place look :) 

Firstly I used
Bella Caffe in the crease and above for a transition shade :)
I then dampen my brush and used Bella Sand all over the lid
I wanted to deepen the outer corner so I used Bella Espresso in the outer v and into the crease :)
I still wasnt satisfied with the darkness in the out V so I lightly dipped my brush into Bella Black and deepened the outer V blending well :)
I wanted to make my eyes look more wide awake so I applied Bella Chiffon as a inner corner highlight and brought that shade into the inner 1/3 of my lid :)
I applied all shades I used on top on my lower lash line :)
The next look is a little more intense but still can be worn everyday :) 

In this look I used 
Bella Rouge in the crease and a little above for that pop of colour :) 
I used Bella Caffe a little above the crease for blending out harsh lines :) 
I used a mix of Bella Bronze & Bella Espresso in the outer corner for a little darkness and blended into the crease :) 
I use Bella Sand with a damp brush on the lid :)  Packing on the colour as much as I could :) 
In the inner corner I used Bella Chiffon for a little more brightness 
I also used Bella Bronze on the lower lash line 
and on the outer bottom lash line I slightly used Bella Black :) 

Overall for the price these eyeshadows are definately worth buying I do indeed paln on buying more and then depotting them as you can use them dry or wet and have so much fun with them :)  
As I said above these all work amazingly when used with a damp brush but some will end up disappointing you if you do use them dry so make sure to check out posts before selecting your shade ;)  
I purchased mine from a website called Beauty Joint and each one costs only $5.49 :)  
I really hope you enjoyed my review 
Let me know if you have tried these yet and what your thoughts are :) 
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 24 April 2015

Oh By The Way ........ Id Like you to meet someone :) :)

Hello my beauties :) 
I thought it was about time you all met someone :) 
There is a reason why I have kept this someone to myself for this long and To some of you who hasnt see my post about about the reason you can click here to see it now :) 
if you have click it and read it you will now know who you are about to meet :) It will also explain why I have been a little slower with blog posts especially in the past few months :) 

Some of you may also say oh my goodness "Is she Crazy" or have other negative opinions about it but to be honest I dont really pay any attention to that or really care about negative opinions because I am happy about it and thats all that matters :) :)  

Ok I am not going to let you wait any longer but this person you are going to meet is someone I havent even met in person yet!!!! Why ??? because...............................

Yes I am Pregnant :) :)  To my huge surprise of course :)  
But the reason I am so so happy about it is because I suffered 3 miscarriages since I had my twins and they were very very hard to cope with for a while and I was convinced that I was to have no more children :)  I accepted that as I have 5 wonderful beautiful children already and they make me so so happy :)  and of course very grateful :) 
To my surprise just after Christmas I realised that time of month did not come and some body changes were already happening !!!! Sore boobs bigger boobs and sickness :)  I knew in my heart that I was expecting again but had to check for sure :) 
When it was confirmed I had very mixed emotions.  Mostly happy and of course very very nervous !!!! reason been that I had already lost 3 in only a year and half.  

So I booked myself in with the doctor and asked him to book me in for an early scan.  I was asked for the early scan when I reached 7 weeks and 3 days.  My nerves were beyond my control I felt sick, weak weepy nervous I was all over the place.  Thanks to my sister and my partner they kept by my side as I awaited my first early scan 

After a 1/2 hour of waiting which felt like forever I was scanned straight away and that glorious heart beat sound rang in my ears :) :)  The heart beat was so so strong coming from that beautiful little dot on the screen I was so relieved :) :)  Here is my first scan :) 
I was told I have to come back after 3 weeks just to be safe and to make sure all is running smoothly as I was not out of the risk point just yet :)  I was relieved to hear that too because I was still so so nervous :) 
3 weeks later I was back at the emotional wreck I was at the beginning but also not in doubt too as I was suffering with any bleeding and found my belly was growing :)  I was also still feeling a little sick in the mornings and going through all the symptoms like before :)  
I had reached 10 weeks and felt that if the nurse confirmed all was ok at this scan I would actually relax a little more again :) 
So like before I was called along with my lovely sister and partner by my side :) 
Again the nurse check the heart beat which was super strong again :)  I was so so so happy :) I also noticed just in the space of 3 weeks my little bundle of joy was getting bigger :) :)  I could easily make out the baby this time and thats when the tears started to flow :)  I instantly felt relieved :)  
Wanna see ???

I was so so happy yet we still kept it a secret just until I passed the 12 week mark :)  Of course the first people I had to tell was my beautiful babies :) 
We were not sure how they would take the news as they were all used to just having us and each other around.  I was especially nervous telling the twins as they were the youngest 
To our surprise they were over the moon :)  I mean I was shocked with how excited they were to hear they were going to have another brother or sister in the house :)  I suppose with them been a little older they understand more and its easier for them not to feel jealous or left out in which they never would feel left out because we love each and every one of them the same and remind them that every single day :) 

We decided to just tell our parents and keep it to that for a while just incase :)  Of course the news was a bit of a shock but they were happy too :) reaching 13 weeks the nausea started to easy and I felt even more relaxed.  I also felt my belly was expanding already and a nice wee bump was starting to form :) 

I was so happy and content.   The only symptoms I was going through at the time was tiredness and because I suffer with a bad case of IBS it seemed to have gotten worse around this time !!  I was going through an awful time of it feeling sluggish tired sick bloatness everything so much so I was changing my diet all the time limiting what to eat was becoming more and more and was really getting to me but I didnt let it get me down I knew at some stage it would ease.  I had an awful time and to be honest really frustrated as my appetite was getting more yet I was limited to what I could eat as everything seemed to set my IBS off :(   

By 15 weeks I was starting to feel more pregnant as my bumb grew :)  My IBS was still going strong and giving me a hard time but I kept strong hoping it would ease off.  I was feeling down some days but thanks to my beautiful babies they kept my mind busy and stopped me from thinking too much about it :) 

At 17 weeks well you can see yourself I am beginning to find hiding this bump a little difficult and to be honest felt it was time to let it show :) :)  I felt happier that if people knew it didnt matter as I was in no danger not at this stage :)  And At this stage I have been feeling my baby move :) :)  Its so active its unreal at this stage :) To my surprise my IBS started to ease off a little which made me even more happier content and enjoying been pregnant finally :) :)  

Now at 20 weeks I am half way there and super super excited.  I am feeling really pregnant now and the only symptoms I am going through at the moment is happiness :) :)  I am finding my walking pase is a little slower but of course this little bundle of joy is growing.  Oh and another symptom I am going through alot more this time is having to run to the loo.  Oh my goodness me I can pee around 20 times a day its crazy every hour on the hour I am running.  I think the more children you have the weaker your bladder gets as mine is super weak !!!!  Baby is super active alot more in the day and I find I can feel it more when placing my hand on my tummy :)  I have even let my kiddies have a feel and each one has felt baby move :)  I want them involved each step I take :)  My little woman Mia kisses my tummy every single day which is so cute :) :)  Cameron who is Mias twin talks to the baby all the time as I told him at this stage baby can hear sounds :)  
the 3 oldest are amazed watching my tummy grow and grow and are constantly telling me "Mum your tummy is bigger today "  :) 
They are so helpful already I am blessed :)  
Its been 10 weeks since I have seen my little bundle of joy until today :) :) 
My 20 week scan date has arrived and I couldnt wait to see how much my little bundle has grown :)  and here is him or her now :) :) 

So cute right?  I cant believe how big baby got in the space of ten weeks :) Everything looks normal and baby is measuring up to the right size :)  Heart beat is great and of course the little monkey is kicking and jumping around there like crazy making the most of the space before growing more and more.  Its not helping my bladder though!!! :)  
I am so glad all is well with baby and the only thing wrong with me is I have to take iron as I am low which can easily be fixed :) 
Its a relief that all is good and of course my bump is showing more this week :)  Take a look :) 

I can now look forward to getting bigger and bigger :) :)  I have only 2 cravings at the moments :)  Mr Freezes and Crunchy bread rolls :)  

So there is my good and surprising news :)  Happy to share with all of you now I know all is safe and baby is well :)  
I bet that was a shocker eh?  Dont worry this is not going to slow down or stop blog posts from me :)  I was blogging while I had twins feeding them every 2 hours so I will be well able to continue blogging ;) Now that I feel alot better and able to enjoy been pregnant I can concentrate even better :) 
If you would like me to keep you updated let me know :) 
OH BY THE WAY!!!!!! My beautiful sister is sharing my happiness as we are both pregnant together she is 6 weeks ahead of me :) :) :) :)  I am so happy for her and so excited to share pregnant time with her :) :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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