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Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan Review Part 1

Hello Beauties 
I hope you are all well :) 
Ok I think I am finally able to admit I am Hooked on these Makeup Geeks Eyeshadows :) :) 
I am sure you remember not too long ago I reviewed The Starter Kit by Makeup Geek which contains 9 eyeshadows and to be honest I really couldnt stop there :)  Straight after typing up my post I jumped back onto the Makeup Geek site and ordered 6 more and also 3 of the foiled eyeshadows (which I will review very very soon ) 
I just couldnt resist and to be honest If I could I would have ordered every last eyeshadow on the site but I know the customs would have a field day with me :)  Plus I prefer building up my collection slowly so that it gives me time to play with each eyeshadow at a time :) 
Let me warn you before you continue reading and been interested you will need some UNII Palettes or Z-Palettes if you plan on buying these eyeshadows as they come to you in the post like the above photo :)  So if you want to mind these eyeshadows make sure to either buy the palette on the makeup geek site or have one ready for when you beautiful eyeshadows do arrive :) :) 
I have had to go and order some empty palettes and ventured a little further afield I am waiting for the palettes to arrive to see will these eyeshadows fit and if they do I will be reviewing them as they are super affordable :) So fingers crosses Anyways I am rambling sorry :) 
Back to the review :) 

As mentioned before in my last review there are 68 different shades of eyeshadow pans to choose from.  You are going to have a hard time choosing believe me :)  Each eyeshadow costs $5.99 which is only €5.50 :)  Absolutely amazing value for such amazing quality eyeshadows :) 

I have started up my next UNII Palette with more eyeshadows but I am hoping with my ordered palette I can place all my makeup geek shadows together I am not liking them been separated :) :) 
So the eyeshadows I chose are the following :) 

Vanilla Bean:  This eyeshadow is a light peachy champagne shade.  There is a slight shimmer to it.  Its the perfect all over lid shade.  Its also perfect for a more subtle brow bone shade :) :) 
On my skin you can barely notice the shade as its more of a skin tone shade but on the eyes it really works to block out any discolouration on my lids and really helps to open up my tired looking eyes :)  I love how soft and easy this eyeshadow is to use 

Next up is :) 

Peach Smoothie:  Let me just state now I am absolutely loving this shade so so much lately.  Its a stunning matte warm peachy shade.   This is the most perfect transition colour for anyone with fair to light - medium skin :)  Its ther perfect transition colour to warm up any look :)  I just love it so much :)  I highly recommend this shade to you all honestly you kits is not complete without this shade :) 

Next up 

Beaches & Cream:  Another beautiful transition shade for ones who are very fair this is a lovely matte light natural beige with a hint of peach :)  I sometimes use this and Peach Smoothie mixed together for a transition shade :)  Other times if I want a natural shade on my lids I apply this all over the lid.  Its a lovely soft manageable shade :) 

Next up is :) 

Burlesque:  I remember the first time I seen this shade I knew I needed it in my life oh my goodness am I not glad I got it now :)  Wow amazing shade talk about pigmentation :O
A Warm Metallic Muted Burgandy (as described on the site)  This shade is to die for honest girlies you have to have this shade in your collection especially is you have green or hazel eyes wow your eyes will be poppin 
Honest the photos or even the swatches are not giving it justice :) Take a look 

Next up is 

Bitten:  If you are a makeup geek fan you will know that this shade in particular is one of the most popular shades on the site :)   This shade is amazing and again will look stunning on people with either green or hazel eye :)  It will suit everyone of course but green and hazel eyed people with surely see their eyes stand out when wearing this :)  How incredibly pigmented and soft this matte shade is.  I am in love 


Bada Bing:  I do not why I chose this shade to be honest as I really wanted to try alot more and this shade wasnt the first on my list to try but something told me to pick it so I did.  Now that I did I am glad :)  I havent actually seen anyones reviews on this shade so I think its one of the less chosen by many :)  This is a very deep brown with golden reflex.  The pigmentation is amazing and the shadow itself is stunning :)  A perfect outer corner shade or can even be use in the outer V and crease as the golden reflexes can be blended away 

Absolutely amazing Right??  Take a look at all the shade swatches beside each other :) 

Creamy, Buttery, high-quality low priced eyeshadows really what more do we want in our lives :)  This shadows are amazing long lasting apply and blend like a dream.  I am literally hooked and will most definitely purchase every last eyeshadow makeup geek has to offer :) :) 
Here is a look I created with these eyeshadows 

First of all I used 
Peach smoothie in the crease and above 
Then applied Burlesque on the lid all over leave the first 1/3 free of colour for now :) 
I then went in with Bitten into the crease starting from the outer corner to half way in
I then applied Bada Bing to the outer corner of my lid and into the crease for a smokey look :) 
In the inner 1/3 I packed on a mixture of Shimma Shimma and Vanilla bean blending in towards the middle :) 
I also used Vanilla Bean under the brow a little :) 
I wanted to deepen the outer V just a little more so I added a tiny amount of Corrupt to the outer v and blended inwards :)  
I love how these shades bring out the green in my eyes :) 
I really do love these eyeshadow but one thing I hate is the custom charges that come with it.  So my advice to you is if you are very interested in these eyeshadows and know that you will use them alot order in bulks as the custom charges will not be so expensive (custom charges will probably depend on where you are in the world but for Ireland its €20 )  in your eyes :)  otherwise if you order about ten eyeshadows you will be charged the same amount in customs as you would if you ordered 20 eyeshadows :)  I have emailed them with a solution I really am hoping they take my suggestion into account that might stop custom charges so fingers crossed and If I hear anything I will surely update you on it :) :) 

I hope you enjoyed this review 

Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Mimi Kitten said...

Wow, absolutely stunning colour burlesque is! I've been meaning to get some makeup geek eyeshadows and this really makes me want to get them even more!

Michelle K said...

Burlesque is definitely my favourite. I love the look you did :) xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

Michelle K said...

Such gorgeous shades! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

beautyqueenuk said...

Such amazing shades, especially burlesque, that really stood out x

CollectiveBeauty said...

Makeup Geek shadows are the next on my list to try. They look so creamy and pigmented! I think Burlesque is my fav!

Louise Smith said...

They're all stunning, but I'd really like to own Burlesque. It's right up my street!!

Louise x

With love from Lou

Nicol said...

oh my, burlesque and bitten are my favourite. those are so pigmented!

Laura - Alagoz said...

Wow these shadows really do look fab <3 and the look you did is just stunning! x

Pink Frenzy

Barbie's Beauty Bits said...

These colors are amazing, The bitten is in my color of loves! I've been wanting to try these and you've given me that push to do so!

Jess | Just Jesss said...

Ohhh Burlesque is such a beautiful shade!! I hate customs charges, they take so much fun out of shopping online for me :(

Jess xo

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