Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Makeup Revolution Cover and Conceal Palette Review

Hello my beauties Wow I feel so happy to be sitting here again typing another blog post.  I have been having nothing but not so great luck since the summer started.  Between my littles ones breaking out in chicken pox and then my laptop giving up on me I have not been the best with getting blog posts up.  When I did eventually get a new laptop (delighted with myself) it ended up been faulty and now I have to wait longer for a replacement :( but I am trying my best to get some blog posts up even if it takes me 2 days to do it as this laptop is so slow.  On the plus note I got nominated for the Irish Blog Awards this year I am on the long list for the Best Beauty Blog Even getting nominated has put a huge smile on my face and thank you for those of you who nominated me :) :) 

So enough gabbing lets get on with the review 
Today I am going to share with you my thoughts on the New Makeup Revolution Cover and Conceal Palettes.  I infact was super excited when I heard they were coming out with this as this is what I have been looking for to build up my kit.  
So I ordered 2 shades even though I wanted all of them.  I said I would try these and if I like them go back and get the other one.  
Well I have to admit I am kind of glad I did not get the other one and I will tell you why shortly.  

You are getting an outer packaging to protect your palette which is handy.  The palette is plastic and to be honest will get every finger mark possible but to be honest not a big deal.  Inside the packaging is whats more important.  When you open The palette you are greeted with a lovely sized mirror and 8 different shades of concealers :) 

The shades available online are Light 
Light-Medium and Medium-Dark for each of these palettes they cost only £6 which is a fair bargain for what we are getting :)  The best thing is you are going to find one of these palette suitable for you no matter what skin tone you are 

As mentioned about I got two palettes 
Starting of with Light-Medium which I purposely got because I am quite tanned and know alot of the shades will match up to my skin tone.  

I have to admit I was very very pleased with the colour variation this palette gives.  Most shades are yellow toned for people with medium skin tone.  Some of the shades are very light and perfect to use under the eyes.  We all need different toned concealers for our needs for instance,  Lighter concealers to highlight under our eyes, face etc.  Matching concealers for blemishes and pigmentation etc so you are getting the right amount of shades to mix and match with and also to match up with you skin tone.   
I have to admit this palette is the one I reach for quicker.  As for the darkest shade well it does suit me for contouring in the day time but to be honest I find if I use too much it can be a little too orange.  

The Next Palette is Medium-Dark 

This surely is a different shade of palette :) and very suitable for anyone with medium to dark skin tones.  Again like the first palette the shades are more on the yellow toned side.  As I have seen by swatches from other bloggers on the Light palette there are more of a mixture of yellow toned and pink toned shade where as these two dont seem to have any pink toned shades.  You are getting both light and dark shade in this palette and alot of these shades I wouldnt use.  I find the second last shade is more suitable for detailed contouring especially if I want a darker contour for going out in the town.  

Now what you have been waiting for my thoughts 
Well I can say from using these for the past 3 weeks that am 50/50 about these palettes.  To be honest I have expected a little too much from these palette and maybe this is why I am a little disappointed.  After all When it comes to concealers I have high expectations.  The whole point of concealers in my eyes is to hide things we dont want seen.  For me its pigmentation and also those blasted dark circles I have been blessed with most of my life and the fact they worsened since becoming a mummy.  That and also blemishes.  Well these palettes have not reached my expectations I am afraid and I will tell you why 
The formula feels amazing it feels creamy and smooth and very easy to apply.  What I did find with the formula is that is too feels oily.  The fact that its oily leaves it applying patchy to the area you want to apply.  I found the coverage is not full coverage and no matter how much you build this concealer you will not get the full coverage you desire.  You will only get medium cover which certain will not cover up the darkest of circles or pigmentation.  
I find it doesnt cover my dark circles well and I feel I have to use another concealer over it before I am happy with the finish.  

I also tried using this for highlighting and contouring and I have to admit I was happy with the result at first.  It looked brilliant and even after setting the concealer with a translucent powder it looked perfect.  Throughout the day I found it did fade but it also made me look more oily than usual.  I do suffer with an oily t-zone but with this used as a highlight made me look more oily in the day.  

If you are one who suffers with dry skin you will like this as it does give moisture to dry areas.  Overall its not a bad palette for ones who do not suffer with very dark circles and for ones who do not suffer with many blemishes but for ones who have alot to cover I would give this a miss in my opinion :) 
Well thats it from me today.  Have you tried this palette yet?  What is your thoughts on it :) 
Until next time
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Samantha Marriott said...

Such a shame :(

Sam xo sjmcdf

Lisa Washington said...

I can see just from the swatch photos that the formula is oily. Concealer should be creamy enough to blend but matte enough to stay. To be honest, you can see the oil sitting on top of the concealer whilst in the palette. I really wouldn't buy this. Thanks for posting such an honest review, Nina.

vivienne marry said...

Very cheap though supose be good for wee blemishes but i have major dark circles ! have tried most brands from 1euro to 55 for a concelor and nothing good enough for the miracle i need under eyes!! lightening cream at mo for me x

Retro Model Sari said...

That´s such a pity as I have combination skin and really had my eye on this palette. I guess I´ll buy a blusher or eye shadow palette from them instead ;-)

Nat Burge said...

I think if you really need a concealer investing in a really good one is key. I've seen a lot of makeup artists use the Mac concealer. But I will definitely check out the Makeup Revolution eyeshadow range :)


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