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Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette What you waiting for? Review

Hello my gorgeous readers I hope you are all well :) 
Finally the chicken pox has calmed down and now I can get down to business and get back doing the other thing I love which is blogging :) 
Of course I have to come to you with yet another Makeup Revolution Review and be warned there will be lots more :)  As you know Makeup Revolution has become really popular over a short time and that is because A) they do pretty good makeup B) they are super affordable and C) They keep surprising us with more and more new products 
This palette is in fact one of their newest editions along with other palettes in which of course I will be showing you in due course :) 
Let me just warn you that these are in fact Limited Edition so if you like what you see grab while you can ;) 
There are 5 palettes up for grabs at the moment and each one of them cost £6 :) 
Each palette contain 18 shadows altogether which works out you are paying 0.33p per eyeshadow not bad eh?
Today I am going to show you the What you Waiting for Palette which contains mostly neutral shades for both day and night looks 

As you can see by the outer packaging that the 18 shades are broken down into 12 shimmery shades and 6 matte shades genius

I love the packaging as it a nice size to fit in your handbag or travelling bag.  When you open the packaging thats where the magic begins :) 
You will see a full sized mirror before you and the perfect put together affordable palette you will ever see :) 
Not only that it reminds me so much of the Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes where you get the plastic see through cover over your eyeshadows and the names of each eyeshadow on it.  Not only that but the both 6 shadows are to spitting image of the Sleek Eyeshadows :) :) 

So Lets talk shades :) :) :) 

The first row of shades are perfect for a day time natural look 

We are getting 
We Love You :  This is a perfect wake me up eyeshadow for all over the lid its also perfect for the inner corners brow bone etc.  This shade is a nice warm satin champagne.   The colour payoff has been surprisingly pigmented and lasts all day 

Tick Tock:  Another warm shade this time is a pink toned beige shade also great for the lid it gives a satin finish and is highly pigmented

Cant Find the Brake:  This is literally the same shade as Tick Tock only a shade darker I love it as a lid colour too and it really makes my hazel eyes pop I find with is more flaky than the first 2 shades so you will have a little fall out with it 


Moving Car:  This is a stunning pink mauve shade and has a lovely satin finish.  Very pigmented and works great with the first 3 shades 

Do It Alone:   This stunning shade of purple again works brilliantly with all the shades above it have a satin finish and blend will with Moving Car and Cant find the brakes :) Highly pigmented and much darker in swatches that in the pan 

Sex Chromosome:  A Blackened Purple with red shimmers this is a stunning shade but less pigmented than the rest in my opinion.  

The Second Row 

Now Its Only Me:  A Frosty baby pink this is adorable and one of my favourites I adore this shade all over the lid as it brings the green out of my hazel eyes.  This shade is highly pigmented and more effective when patted on the lid :) 

Scary Conversation:  The best gold I have ever swatched in a drugstore palette.  This little beauty looks feels and applies amazingly love it 

Take a Chance:  A Beautiful rose pink shade this again is chalky but very pigmented and and again makes green eyes pop 

Shut my Eyes:  This is a more bronzey brown with tiny little red specks and stunning shade when the sun shines on it.  This gives between a metallic and satin finish and very pigmented 

Stupid H:  A Deep Purple with a slight reddish hue this shade is soft creamy and very pigmented 

Life is Short:  A nice sparkly charcoal shade :) highly pigmented and easy to blend 

Next up is the Mattes :) :) 

Your Capable:  This shade quite chalky so be careful when picking up with the brush as you will pick up too much.  You are getting the perfect blending out harsh lines and matte brow bone colour here a nice matte champagne.  This is literally the matte version of "We Love You"  

Super Hot Female:  A Perfect skin tone shade this colour is perfect for blending and is very pigmented 

Million Dollar Contract:  A lilacy pink shade another blending shade well pigmented and easy to work with 

Hot Track:  A nice purple almost verging towards a brown purple and much more deeper than the first 3 shades a perfect crease shade for daytime looks.  This shadow is again very pigmented and blends brilliantly 

Brand New Fans:  Of course we need a chocolate brown in the palette for that day time smokey eye look and thats what we got :) This shade is another perfect crease or Outer V colour for the daytime smokey eye 

Wicked Style:  A matte black of course comes in handy for the night time looks and even the daytime liner looks when we do not want a heavy liner look.  I have of course used this on the out V which I have to admit needs building and blending building and blending and I have used it wet for eyeliner.  This shade is chalky so expect fall out.  

Overall I am impressed with this palette.  I know its another neutral palette amongst the many many neutral palettes I have to my collection but i have to say this one is one of the best affordable ones out there as to been well thought out.  Each and every colour compliments each other.  There is literally not one odd one there.  I love how easy these are to apply and how blend-able they are even the mattes.  I highly recommend you try this out especially with the fact you have matte shades there to play with.  It makes life so much easier rather than trying to rummage through you eye shadows to find a matte shade to blend out the harsh lines :) 
I havent tried these shadows without primer on the lids as I have habit now to apply a primer over my lids before using any eyeshadows but with primer these last all day long (8 hours) and thats good in my eyes for a £6 palette :) 

Here is a look I created using the What you waiting for?  Its literally a simply smokey eye look for day time or even night time :)  Click on the photos for a closer look :) In this photo I used a mixture of pinks and purples and this made my eyes pop as you will see in the photos below the eye-shadows I used was "Not its only me" all over the lid Then "Moving car" on the outer lid blending it inwards in the crease I used "Shut my eyes" and on the outer V I uses a mix of "Se Chromosome and Stupid H"  for blending I used "Million Dollar Contract and for Brow Bone I used "Your Capable" 

I hope you enjoyed my review :) 
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Jess | Just Jesss said...

This looks beautiful, I love the look of 'Take A Chance'! It really suits you Nina :)
Glad to hear your little ones are feeling better, too :D

Jess xo

Shannon Boyce said...

Wow these look super pretty! I really love the shade selection. Your finished makeup look is totally gorgeous :)

Kelly McKenny said...

I definitely need to get my hands on some products from this brand!

NatalieDouka said...

Very pretty palette! I admit I don't need it as I have tons of neutral eyeshadows but it'll make an amazing gift for my friends!!

Lani said...

Wow, this looks pretty brilliant, especially for the price! Love the makeup look you created with this palette :)

instabeauty89 said...

really beautiful palette!!! and you look amazing with this look!!! kisses

Barbie's Beauty Bits said...

I really like these palettes, I've never used them before. I need to try them, but they are not in the states?

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