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e.l.f Custom Eyeshadows (refills) review

 Luxuriously smooth and silky mineral formula provides eyes with a neutral base and an awakened brightness for a long-lasting wear. Choose your favorite colors that best compliment your unique and beautiful look.
Compact Sold Separately  By e.l.f

Click on photo for a close up view :)
Let me tell you a little about these before i start reviewing incase some of you never seen these on the site before or are new to e.l.f........ 
e.l.f came up with a great idea for us women who want to make up our own little compact full of either eyeshadows, lip colours or blushes.....
e.l.f says: e.l.f. Elements compact is designed for the girl on the go! This magnetic lock-in system has four compartments created to offer the ability to switch out your favourite eyes, lips, and face shades. The compact includes a mirror so you can always be sure that you look your best! Choose your favourite colors that best compliment your unique, beautiful look and personal style. 
e.l.f. Elements makeup are sold separately for a totally custom cosmetic compact all your own! 
This is what the compact looks like 
I have one of these filled with the custom blushes but wanted to buy the eyeshadows as e.l.f was having a 1/2 price sale on all essential eye products so thats what i did hehehe......There are 10 shades available to buy for £1.50/$1/€1.70 each.  The Compact Costs the same.  So altogether to buy the compact and fill it, it will cost £7.50 which is not bad for what you are getting as the compact is reusable.  

Starting from left to right i got shades " Moondust, Dusk, Ivory, Wisteria, Pink Ice , Sage, Periwinkle and Truly Pink" again click on the picture for a close up view this is taken with Flash  
This Picture is taken in Normal light
Moondust:  This is a highly pigmented dark brown......This shade is almost identical to the Mac Satin Taupe eyeshadow......I Love Love Love this shade its perfect for a Brown smokey eye or just on its own.....

Dusk:  This is a Gunmetal Black with silver shimmer....Its fantastic and highly pigmented....i literally just lightly rubbed my finger over this to make the swatch below!!!! a little of this goes a long long way!!!!!!

Ivory:  Oh my this shade is incredible to use as a highlight......its a beautiful satin matte white....not as highly pigmented as the first two but you only need a little of this anyway if using it for a highlight.....and its perfect for a base colour too 

Wisteria:  This shade is a beautiful light lilac.....It appears a bit darker in its little pan but applys lighter....its fantastically pigmented and perfect for everyday wear 

Pink Ice:  This is a light baby pink shade with goldy shimmer ....This is beautiful only its very can over do it if your not careful luckily its light in colour or you would have alot of fallout but once you get used to using it its perfect for highlight or base....

Sage:  This is a highly pigment khaki green with goldy shimmer to looks sheer but is buildable....i love this shade its fantastic for my shade of eyes and really makes them pop ........

Periwinkle:  This purple is a fab shimmery light frosted purple.....Its fantastic i love my purples and for 1.50 this shadow is highly pigmented and smooth so soft on my eyes... this is on of my reminds me of the Mac Parfait Armour not an exact dupe but has the same idea :) this is definately one for your compact :)

Truly Pink:  This is a beautiful pastel pink with slight sheen.  Can i just say this goes fantastic with Moondust :) i done a look with (Pink ice as a base, inner bottom lash line and Moondust in the crease & on the lower lash-line i thought they worked great together :) truly pink also goes well with periwinkle for a light smokey eye during the day this really made my hazel eyes pop.  

Swatches of them in normal light :) with no primer 
Swatches of them with flash of camera again no Primer used

My Over all Opinion
You are not going to regret buying these if you buy them.......i am amazed my them they are not 100% perfect of course you will find so fault with them but they are 98% perfect to me .......the only faults i have with them is you will find some of them quite powdery and that will lead to some fall out and the other fault is there isn't enough shades :).......I only hope e.l.f brings in more shades of these........For the price you are paying its well worth every penny....the pigmentation off these are amazing.....i was half expecting to be digging my my brush into them before getting some colour but that is not the case in fact you will be getting too much on your brush so only lightly sweep every time.........all i can advise to you is if you are selecting for your compact please keep eye-shadows together don't mix eye-shadow with some blush or lip colour etc.  At least that way when there is a little fallout out it doesn't end up in you blush :) 
I will definately be buying these again :) 

Take it from me for today.. I hope you found this helpful...again these were bought out of my own pocket the same as everything i own or unless stated purpose of this blog is to show you what you are getting for you money as its quite hard to decide by just guessing 

until next time 
lots of Irish Kisses & Hugs 
Nina xoxoxox

Saturday, 30 July 2011

e.l.f Liquid Eyeliner Review

No more tugging or pulling on your eyelids with this easy glide liquid eyeliner. The smudge-proof liner is rich in color, creating a long lasting defined look. The fine tip brush creates easy and precise definition for natural or dramatic effects. By e.l.f 

e.l.f Liquid Eyeliners in " Ash, Plum, Midnight, Stardust, Coffee & Copper
Hey Hey everyone im back today to review e.l.f Liquid eyeliners which you can get in the Regular line on and  There is currently 9 shades available for £1.50/$1/€1.70 .  I own 6 different shade in which i shall get right down to talking about :) :) 

Ok i have to admit to you all i was extremely sceptic about these, as me and drugstore/pharmacy liquid eyeliners dont go well together lol......i dont know what it is maybe im pick all the bad ones but there is always something wrong with them......anyways i decided i would go ahead and buy these on the 25% off sale a while back as they are extremely cheap as it is anyway what had i to lose.

e.l.f Liquid Eyeliners in " Ash, Plum, Midnight, Stardust, Coffee & Copper picture taken in sunlight 
Ash:  This is a Dark greyish shade, but when applied you get a kind of gone of black shade.  This is ok for everyday wear it wouldnt be one of my favourites but i have to say you get plenty of pigmentation off this one.....

Plum:  ok i have to point out that on the US site this shade looks lighter and sparkly (which is NOT what this looks like at all) and on the UK site its exactly what this shade looks if you are buying from the US site take a look at the UK site first for the true colour look before buying...... Anyway this shade is a Brownish Plum in a way i was a wee bit disappointed with this one as its not really what i was looking for, plus it streaks and doesnt apply as well as some of the liners........your best bet is to use this with your own liner brush to get a proper effect from it....this too would be near bottom of my list.....

Midnight:  Again on the US site this looks lighter and sparkly.......I love this shade its one of my favourites.......This is more like a gone off black with blue undertones even tough on my swatch picture it looks purple believe me its not......I still like this liner its beautiful on the eye and the pigmentation is good not great but good you can work with it :)

Stardust:  This is a wee bit disappointing looks like it has lots of glitter in the bottle but when using it you have to keep dipping the brush into the product to get a proper does look pretty and eventually when you have you look finished it looks good but i cant be bothered with the hassle of dipping the brush the whole time i have other Glitter eyeliners that has more pigmentation than this one........

Coffee:  This i like its perfect for when you are wearing a brown smokey eye......Its a medium matte brown....but i find if you are not careful and learn to work with this first you will end up with it everywhere its quite watery i find using my own liner brush better and detting it with a brown eyeshadow but again it sound like alot of work eh?? 

Copper:  Ok this is a bit more pigmented than "Stardust".......nice goldy glitter liner........this is lovely for nights out i dont really understand why they call it "Copper" tough as its gold but hey im not complaining hahaha

Picture taken with flash
My over all opinion on these is that they are not the worst product i have bought from e.l.f but not the best either.  If i was to rate them id give them 5/10 which isnt bad....The pigmentation on these are not too bad but you have to work on them.....most of the time i just use my own liner brush.....Dont get me wrong the brush on this liner is easy to use but when you are used to using your own brush its sort of a habit plus the brush on the liner is stiff whereas your own is softer.....If i was asked would i buy them again id say probably no simply my preference tough as i love gel there is better liquid liners out there....... I wouldnt say not to buy them but dont have high expectations for them 

well takes it from me my ladies....i hope you found this useful and please comment and follow if you like what you see so far...........can i also add all of these liners were bought out of my own pocket and im under no obligation to review these this is simply to let you know what they are like and give you my own opinion on them.......

lots of Irish hugs and Kisses 
Nina C xoxoxox

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

e.l.f Radiance Enhancer review

This multi-use highlighter instantly transforms and enhances features with its glowing veil of warmth and luminosity. When used or layered for optimum effect, it reduces the appearance of dullness, dark circles and minimized discoloration. The lightweight, velvety formula provides a fresh and silky finish for a healthy and natural looking lit-from-within glow.  By e.l.f
In Shades "Golden and Sunrise"
Ok i am sure you have hear about these they are new on the US Site.  There are 3 shades available and i managed to get my hands on 2 of thoses shade hehehehe.......they are not yet available on the UK site :( but hopefully soon we will see them arriving on it......But i decided i should tell you all about them so when they are available at least you have some idea of what they are like and you can decide then if you want to try or not :)
ok and i bet you are wondering how how how did she get these like im from Ireland and cant purchase off the US site........well read on and i shall tell you hehe.....
so i will get started shall i ? 
Ok i probably know what you are thinking "they cant be much different to the e.l.f shimmering facial whips" well let me tell you the ARE in more than one way!!!!!!
The Packaging:
This packaging is amazing, it looks like you have paid more than $3/£3.50/€4.  Is a thick black tube which mean a nice bit of product thats going to last like forever.  It also has a little window in it so you can see what shade and product you are using and can i mention when you see the colour you can also see the beautiful shimmer its fab.......this is a click pen with a soft brush applicator something like the e.l.f luscious lipsticks in the regular line .  only fault is that the applicator brush can pick up bacteria so what i do is dab a wee bit on my hand before using it.  
Top is "Golden" and Bottom is "Sunshine" picture taken with flash to show the fab sparkle of these enhancers
 The shades 
Golden:  Well do i really need to explain lol it lives to its name....this is a fabulous shimmery golden the goddess of gold with this enhancer you really only the slightest slightest bit to have that beautiful golden glow......At first i thought "wow wow wow that is really gold lol how could you use this is so so pigmented"  but girls when applied its fabulous....

Sunrise:  This one is a favourite......this beautiful strawberry bronze just has the right amount of shimmer to make your bronze look stand out and make you look like a movie star....i mean you know those fab pictures you see of stars modelling their fabulous bronze looks and  they are just glowing??? well this enhancer will surely make you stand out :)  When blended out its very sheer and just has the incredible glow of summer oh i highly recommend this one really girls......

A Generous swatch of the Radiance Enhancers in "Golden & Sunrise"
Before you ask YES they are creamy this is what gives them a + mark against the shimmering facial whips :)  They feel super creamy on the skin and dont dry out whatsoever.....also thats what makes them super easy and manageable to use.   The consistancy of these are a tad bit thinner that the Facial whips and this is why they are more manageable.  
"Golden & Sunrise" in sunlight look at that beautiful shimmer 
My Overall Opinion 
I love them i actually dont think i have any fault with these....If i was to pick a fault it would be that they do wear off at the end of the day, even tough you can see it a little but not as much as when you have applied it!!! The only reason i dont have the third shade is because my good friend i got it from could not get it as it was out of stock in the US.....:( 
I do recommend you get them be it now or whenever its available on the UK site but am sure the UK will get it in soon as its too good of a product not to !!!!!

ok ok i can picture you all asking how and where i got them:  I got them of a ladie who owns a shop (a very good shop on ebay) let me tell you this ladies is an incredible seller, very reliable, kind and extremely generous.....I have purchased off her many many times and she is even getting orders for me... If i see something on the US site i ask her can she get it and she will do everything to get it for me of course you ARE GOING TO BE PAYING A LITTLE EXTRA THAN THE US & UK SITE .....but my advice to you would be if you are buying off her BUY IN BULKS it will save you more......but if you are an e.l.f freak like me you wont mind the few extra cents/pennies.  here is her link so you can have a look at what she has got:     she is 100% and the products are 100% always in their packaging and newly ordered:  Ive gotten so much newer products off her that i still have to review all new ones from the US site 

anyways if you have any questions please ask 
hope you enjoyed this review 
keep and eye out for more reviews about the new e.l.f products ive got 
take care 
lots of Irish hugs & Kisses 
Nina c xoxoxoxox

Sunday, 24 July 2011

A cause thats very close to my heart "Retinoblastoma"

Hi everyone i feel that i have to raise more awareness about this particular illness that is very common to children and it becoming more popular these days.....Its close to my heart because unfortunately my son Kian was diagnosed with it when he was 2 1/2 years old.  The illness is called "Retinoblastoma" 

First of all let me explain what this illness is in scientific words then i will tell you of our experiences with it....I will also share to you the signs of it and how you as a mum aunt grandma or just a friend can actually save a childs life!!!!!!


We all know that life is always not fair and that there are no guarantees. This becomes painfully evident when a child is diagnosed with cancer.
There are two types of retinoblastoma. Familial retinoblastoma is hereditary, is passed from parent to child, and is bilateral (affects both eyes). Familial retinoblastoma represents 10% of cases. It is associated with a long-term predisposition to other types of cancer. The second type of retinoblastoma, responsible for 70% of all new cases, is unilateral(only one eye is affected). It represents the non-heritable form of the disease, and carries no increased risk of a second tumor.
Ninety percent of all retinoblastoma cases are diagnosed within the first three years of the child's life. On average, children with familial retinoblastoma typically are diagnosed at four months of age. When there is no family connection, the cancer is usually diagnosed when the child is approximately one to two years of age.

Pediatricians can screen for vision and/or life threatening eye diseases. The minimal "well baby" screening for newborns is done during the first three months of life should include the following exams:
  • The Red Reflex: checks for a normal red reflection in the eye that occurs when light travels inside the eye, hits the retina and the blood tissue, and is reflected back.
  • The Corneal Light Reflex: when a light is shined into each cornea a symmetrical beam of light is reflected back in the same spot on each eye. This helps to determine whether the eyes are crossed.
  • An Eye Examination: to check for any structural abnormalities. From six to twelve months of age, the eyes' ability to fix and follow objects both individually and together is evaluated. Between the ages of three and five, the examination of the eyes is coupled with testing for visual acuity, color vision and depth perception.
Parents also may want to look for eye abnormalities by directly examining each of the child's eyes under good lighting conditions. Both eyes should appear equal in size, be aligned, and should be able to move together and focus forward. Parents can observe the red reflex can be seen by dimming the room lights and using a flashlight to shine light directly into the child's eyes.
Unfortunately, because retinoblastoma is a rare cancer, some pediatricians may fail to detect it early enough

Signs and Symptoms 
Often the first sign of retinoblastoma that is noticed is leukocoria, a whitening of the pupil that looks like a "cat's eye". This whiteness can be seen in certain lighting conditions. It is often noticed in photographs of the child taken with a flash, which usually causes the eyes to appear red in the picture. Instead of the normal red reflex, you may notice a white pupil in the photo, which comes from the white surface of the tumor itself.

It is extremely important that a child suspected of having retinoblastoma be evaluated by a team of specialists, including an ocular oncologist, a pediatric ophthalmologist, a radiation oncologist, and a pediatric oncologist within an ocular oncology center. Children with this rare cancer require the most advanced testing and management to ensure the cure of the cancer with preservation of the greatest amount of vision. Specialized testing is very important to confirm diagnosis, as there are no blood tests available to confirm a diagnosis of retinoblastoma. Unlike tumors in other parts of the body, a biopsy cannot be performed due to the risk of spreading cancer cells outside the eye.

The initial Eye exam

Before the initial eye examination, your child may need a MRI or CT of the brain and orbits (eye sockets), with and without contrast (dye). These tests help to confirm the diagnosis of retinoblastoma and look for involvement of retinoblastoma with the optic nerve and any cancer outside of the eye.
Before the ophthalmologist examines your child, an optometrist or ophthalmic technician may take a medical and family history. Your child will receive eye drops that will dilate the pupils of the eye, which allows the ophthalmologist to examine the interior of the eye. The ophthalmologist will discuss his initial findings and possible treatment options.
The doctor may recommend an Examination Under Anesthesia (EUA) and any possible procedures that may be necessary during the EUA. Before the EUA a routine blood sample will be obtained to evaluate the components of the blood. Blood is obtained by a small prick made in a fingertip and a few drops are drawn off. If any of the tests are abnormal, more tests may be necessary to find out the reason. Tests may be performed to measure:
  • Hemoglobin: the substance in the red blood cells that carries oxygen and is responsible for the blood's red color. Lower hemoglobin amounts than indicate anemia.
  • Hematocrit: a measure of the amount of red blood cells, expressed as a percentage of the whole blood that is made up of red cells. A low count may indicate anemia.
  • Platelets: the component of the blood that helps stop bleeding in case of injury.
  • White Blood Cell Count (WBC): the components of blood that fight infection. Children receiving chemotherapy generally have a lower white cell count than normal.

Briefly about our experience 
Kian After he had his operation and while going through his chemo

Kian a year ago after he had to get his eyesocket replaced 

I cant stress enough to mothers these days "to go with your gut fellings" when it comes to your child no matter if you bring them to the doctors and the doctors say "oh its nothing" if you are not happy with that answer dont ever ever go against what your gut tells your after all "YOUR GUT FEELINGS CAN SAVE YOUR CHILDS LIFE" 

That was the case with me!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew about 18 months before Kian my son was diagnoses something was wrong with his eye.....Often people ask me "But how did you know" and i reply " i just knew, my gut was telling me" i first noticed something was wrong when i notices my looking at kian he had a glare to his left eye sort of like a cats eye but wasnt on the right........I thought at first "Nah im imagining things" but i still brought him to the doctor to get check out and of course the doctor said "Nothing to worry about".  I took that as an answer but couldnt help walking out of the Doctors with the same bad feeling.....that went on for a year until one day i took a photo and looked at it.... IT WAS LIKE THE PHOTOS ABOVE !!!!!  I must have brought my son to the doctors about 10 different time and got the same answer!!!! 

until one day i was playing with kian and spotted something white in his pupil of his eye it was swirling around THATS WHEN MY HEART STARTED THUMPING AND MY STOMACH FELT SICK!!!! I knew i wasnt backing down now dont get me wrong i never dreamed it was going to turn out to be cancer but i knew it wasnt right........i brought him to an optician instead and the optician examined his eye told me to go straight to my doctor CAN I SAY ANOTHER WAY TO CHECK YOUR CHILDS EYE AFTER YOU SEE THE PICTURE IS COVER THE GOOD EYE AND GET TO CHILD TO FOLLOW SOMEONE IF THEY SEEM LIKE THEY CANT SEE THAT ALSO MEANS YOU ARE NOT IMAGINING ANYTHING BECAUSE A CHILD WITH RETINOBLASTOMA IN THE EYE LOSES SIGHT OF THAT EYE....i told the doctor i wasnt going anywhere until he examined him proper  , he did and then started making phone calls.  

We were sent straight to hospital and thats where kian was diagnosed.  Unfortunately Kian had to lose his eye because the Tumour had grown to big also the tumour was travelling to the back of his eye which ment he lost his eye socket too.  He bravely had the operation and had to have chemo to get rid of whatever cancel cells was left behind, that was hard on him he was very sick and tired all the time.  But today he is still in great health gets regular check ups and has to have his false eye changed maybe every year depending on his growth spurts......he suffers alot from infections from the eye he lost as its like an open wound but once he stops growing and gets the one eye full time he will be fine..........


I just Wanted to write to you all to warn you about this illness that i feel is not out there enough.......not alot of people know about it....even when kian was diagnosed we, my family even the community was shocked to hear about this illness..... spread the word about this you could save a childs life or even save a child going through such a hard time......thanks so so much for taking your time to read this and i hope you found this an eye opener........i hope in some way this helps families out there and get the word out about this.....

My son Kian to the right with his little brother today :) 
Can i also take this oppurtunity to  thank a few people while im writing this:
Professor o' keefe and the staff from Temple Street Childrens hospital in Dublin who Treated Kian and saved him from the worst.....They were and are incredible Doctors and Nurses in that hospital 

The doctors, nurses and staff of Our ladys Childrens hospital in Dublin who treated Kian while going through his chemo....they helped him and us sooooo much.  They too are incredible people and work so hard 

The nurses of Cavan General Hospital who looked after Kian whenever he was sick or needed anything cleaned

and also i would like to thank our family and friends who gave us support and helped us out at the time we couldnt believe the amount of help we got and really cant thank you all enough we will never forget it!!!!!!

ok thats it from me anyone who has any questions at all it doesnt matter what it is please ask i want to help in any way possible 

thanks for you time 
nina xoxoxoxoxox

Avon Haul & Review

Hey Hey Everyone i just wanted to share with you my recent purchases from Avon.  I Got all of these on sale but even at full price they are very cheap first of all i will list what i got then tell you what i think of them :) 

Starting with the top left: 

  • Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Duo in "Midnight Rose"
  • Avons Gloss Delight Lip juice in "Juicy Cherry & Succulent Peach"
  • Avons ColorTrend Great Lengths Mascara in "Black"
  • Avons Glimmer Stick Liqui-Glide Eyeliner in "Black"
  • Avons Glazewear Lipstick in "Coral Bliss"
Now as i said i ordered these off my Avon Rep but you can order online here are the addresses:

Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Duo 

This is a look using Duo Eyeshadow in "Midnight Rose"

Avon Says:   Incredible smooth, blendable powder that glides over lids, Gives dramatic depth of colour in a luxurious, silkly texture. Crease-proof colour stays true for up to 12 hours* 

In this Duo you are getting a Satin Baby Pink and a Dark blue/purpley shade with a hint of shimmer...... The lighter shade is highly pigmented and creamy very easy to apply, the Darker shade is highly pigmented but not as easily blendable.  I do have to say the colours really are fab together, if you have Hazel/green eyes this will surely make them pop.....This is a great duo for a night out look and is so handy to carry round in your handbag.....another thing is you dont need a primer with this shadow but if you did wear a primer it would definitely intensify the colours.  :)  
If you are looking to buy more than one Duo you are better off having a look at the True Colour Eyeshadow Quads as they have more variety and only cost €3 more.... have a look first at the shade before buying.... 

Avons Gloss Delight Lip juice in "Juicy Cherry & Succulent Peach"

Avon Says:  The Smart Buy! Available in limited quantities. A burst of juicy color…a blast of fruity flavor! For a glazed, lacquered look. Flavored with real fruit extracts. Ripe for attention.

I Got these 2 for €3 each there wasnt many flavours to choose from so i got "Juicy Cherry" & "Succulent Peach".  I was kind of sceptic about these as they were so cheap.....I was wrong!!!!!  
"Juicy Cherry" is a lovely cherry bright red with gold shimmer......tastes and smells a little of cherry 
"Succulent Peach" is a lovely peach shade which tastes and smells like peach 
I love these glosses and pleasantly surprised with them!!!! they are thick in consistency but not too thick, they make my lips look a little plump and they are not a bit sticky which i love.  They last 2-3 hours before you have to top them up but the best thing about them is that they dont leave that unwanted dried in line you get on your lips with some glosses they just disappear which I LOVE LOVE LOVE 

Avons ColorTrend Great Lengths Mascara in "Black"

Avon Says:   Get fluttering with gorgeous lengthening mascara! 7ml

This Mascara actually shocked me honestly i thought because this has comes from the cheaper range from Avon that it would only be suitable for the younger teens who are starting to wear make-up......Well actually this is brilliant i mean the picture above is literally 1 application.  Look at the length of my bottom lashes i was delighted......This is not a waterproof mascara but it doesn't smudge, doesn't clump or doesn't flake.  Now i wouldn't wear it on hot days or days i think is going to rain but on normal days or evening outing its great.....and easy to take off with make-up remover.  This is definitely worth having in your collection.
Avons Glimmer Stick Liqui-Glide Eyeliner in "Black"

Avon Says:   This smooth, pencil liner gives the look of a liquid. Smudge resistant. Long wearing.

Ok its true it is smudge resistant and long wearing....It also does give the look of a liquid liner.  Im still not really pushed about this one simply because it made my eyes sting and actually made my eyes blood shot.....Maybe there is some ingredient in there that doesnt agree with me but im not won over......but that is just me.......Its super creamy and you have to be very careful with it as you literally only need to lightly touch your eye with this and the liner is on to me its nearly too soft and creamy but i can work with it........its not suitable for the waterline it smudges and you will end up with it inside your eyes.........but in all its not the worst product ive purchased but not the best either.........
Avons Glazewear Lipstick in "Coral Bliss"

Avon says:   Glossy vibrant lip colour that last for hours*, and has the high shine of a lipgloss. Sweetened with a peachy flavour, has a slimline design which is ideal for handbags.

There are 5 shades available for €12 i got this on  a 1/2 price sale......I love the goldy packaging on this lipstick it looks so sleek and expensive :) i love taking this out of my handbag and "showing it off hehehe".  This is definitely along with my top favourites from the Avon Products i have bought so far (i must actually do a separate review on my top 5 favourite Avon products :) keep a look out for that ) anyhow ye this lipstick is fantastic.... This smells so yummy kind of peachy scent only thing is that the scent doesn't last too long.......applying this is a dream it simply glides on so easily......the texture is so creamy and thick and the finish is a nice glossy finish its highly pigmented with means a little goes a long way......overall you wont regret buying this lipstick i probably wont pay €12 each for the rest of the shades simply because you are only getting 2gr for it but if they are on sale again i will certainly get the rest...... 

So everyone that is it from my little Avon Haul....If you have any questions please ask away id be happy to answer and please comment below and please please hit the follow button :) :) id love to see and follow your blogs 

Until next time 
lots of Irish hugs & kisses 
nina xoxoxoxoxox

Friday, 22 July 2011

Competition Time with Sarah Butcher Makeup Artist

Hey Hey Ladies how Do you Feel about been in with the chance in getting a FREE Pro Make-up Application with false lashes 

All ye gotta do is:

when she reaches 1,100 'likes' she will randomly select one lucky lady to recieve a complimentary Pro Make-Up application with false lashes.

Exciting Eh??? 
so what ye waiting for??? GET ENTERING AND SHARING!!!!! 


e.l.f 32 Piece Eyeshadow Collections Review

"Our 32-color Professional Eyeshadow Palette is the all-you-need eyeshadow assortment, perfect for on-the-go beauty! With endless colors & textures to choose from, this professional eyeshadow palette lets you create your own personal look whenever you wish, wherever you are! All the must-have eyeshadow shades are here, along with a built-in mirror and double-sided applicator for flawless application". By e.l.f 
Starting from the left "Everyday Basics, Everyday Bright & Everyday Classics"
I am a very proud owner of 3 of e.l.f 32 piece Eyeshadow Collections......
Everyday Basics 
Everyday Brights
Everyday Classics (Limited Edition) 
Over a Period of time I purchased these off for £9.00/$6/€10.....Everyday Classics was a Limited edition and is not available anymore to buy off the UK or US sites.........
Im Going to start off by talking about each one individually and then share my honest opinion about these.....let me just add that i purchased all of these out of my own pocket as i do with every product unless stated otherwise....oooookkkkkkk :) let me begin :) 
Everyday Basics Palette 

This Palette comes with obviously 32 shades of more neutral everyday wear shades....ranging from matte, shimmery and glittery shades.......I Think this would be my Favourite out of the 3 for Pigmentation i mean only one colour out of the whole palette i have to practically scrape to get some pay off.............

In this Palette you are getting in the 1st and 2nd row:
 some highlight shades which are glittery and shimmery, 
some browns light, medium and dark which are nearer to matte than shimmery
in the 3rd and 4th row you are getting:
a few blues, a couple of silvers, purples and dark shades which are both shimmery and matte .
The 1st and 2nd row
The 3rd and 4th row 
As you can see by the photos these shadows are highly pigmented and literally a little goes a long way, these swatches were made without primer.  If you use a primer with these they colour payoff is incredible and very long lasting. They are not the highest standards but they are excellent for the value.  One Downfall i have about this palette is that there is only one matte shade which is a brown shade on the top row the rest are glittery or satin shades but i suppose its not the end of the world eh all you will be crazy to pass this without buying it. In all i would give this palette 9/10 

Everyday Brights Palette

Dont it Look Pretty!!!! Now this is more Bright and Colourful :) Perfect for the Spring and Summer even nights out :) :)

In this Palette you are getting in the 1st and 2nd row:
 A Couple of highlight shades the white has chunky glitter Some Neutral, which are satin shades.  You are also getting some light blues and greens which are satin shades and a black glittery shade.
in the 3rd and 4th row you are getting:
We got a couple of light pinks with glitter in them, some satin purples, a couple more blues.  You are also getting some silvers, greys and dark greys one black on the bottom which are satin.

The 1st and 2nd Row
The 3rd and 4th Row 
 I do like this palette mainly for its bright colours.  There is no matte shades in this one only glittery and most satin shades......the bright colours obviously are not going to be as pigmented as the dark ones......but if you wear a good bright base the bright colours will come out nice and vibrant!!!!! I use my shadow stick in "Glow/pearl" as a base to bring out those beautiful bright shades even more. Another thing was i found about 5 of the shades on this pallete i practically had to scrape a little with my nail to get some payoff. In all i would give this palette 6/10.

Everyday Classics

If your havent noticed This Palette and the Everyday Basics are somewhat similar the two top rows are practically the same shades all more neutral shades.....but the 2 bottom rows are totally different......

 In this Palette you are getting in the 1st and 2nd row:
 some highlight shades which are glittery and shimmery, 
some browns light, medium and dark which are nearer to matte than shimmery
in the 3rd and 4th row you are getting:
A couple of satin pinks, purples, greens and blues and then some silvers greys and darker greys some satin some glittery....

All 4 Rows as you can see the top two are exactly the same as the everyday basics palette 
To be honest i was a wee bit disappointed that i paid money for a pallet that was almost identical to another palette.......but i suppose for the price i cant complain and they colours that are the same i will definitely use more as they are everyday shades so i suppose i cant complain.......The last two rows are definitely not disappointing they are very pigmented and a little goes a long way....i know you are probably thinking but the last row shades she has got in the other palettes YES i do but these shade are much more pigmented !!!!! But as for rating this is definitely the lowest rating at 5/10 just didnt excite me at all so the fact that its a limited edition girls dont be disappointed if you dont have it the EVERYDAY BASICS is better !!!!

My overall opinion   

Well dont get me wrong i know i rated some of these at a low rating simply because i was comparing them to each other but these are still good for the value and i think they are perfect for anyone who wants to play around with colours and get used to different looks........they definitely wouldnt be suitable to makeup artist or anyone who is used to more expensive not regretting buying these palettes but it probably would have paid off waiting to get the 100 piece palette which is still on my wish list.  But if you are not an experienced makeup artist or dont expect big expectations when it comes to these palettes i say grab them as they are cheap and fun to play around with :) also very handy to carry around in your over night bag :) 
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